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Fear non although tantric

This is related my previous article concerning Drake and Wilcock interview, read it first.

Sarkar about fear: Such groups perpetuate exploitation in the social sphere…by creating fear complexes in others’ minds…inject inferiority complexes in them and superiority complexes in themselves. Thus a well-knit society can never develop… People are forced to enslave themselves to the powerful countries or groups because of their fear complex born of their impotence or poverty…The rule regarding fear is the more you surrender to it, the more it will increase.

If one day you summon up all your courage to oppose that person, you will find that the tyrant retreats ignominiously. Similarly, under the spell of fear, a community may allow itself to be exploited by another community. But if the exploited community turns against the exploiters, the tyrants will take to their heels. There is a great need for courage. Never surrender to fear in individual or collective life.

A Tantric guru assigns to his disciples tremendous responsibilities for social change. The disciples’ participation in an activist movement aimed at a just and spiritually-based society forces them to confront sometimes physical fear, but more routinely the fear of social censure and the fear of the overwhelming task before them… The very first night that a Tantric goes to the burial ground he is stricken with fear; there is horripilation all over the body. But when he returns home after finishing sádhaná, the mind is much lighter than before. When he goes out for sádhaná the next night, he is much less fearful. And thus the Tantric steadily and slowly overcomes fear.

Extreme fear causes excessive tension and pressure on the mańipura cakra…The tension in the nerves caused by the fear travels through the nervous system and reaches the brain, so excessive pressure does not occur. However, when a person becomes extremely afraid the balance between the afferent and efferent nerves is lost, and there is a build-up of tension and pressure around the mańipura cakra.

Even today we can observe that many teachers use fear tactics to compel the students to prepare their lessons. The day such teachers are so unfortunate as to fall sick and miss school, their students go into raptures of joy.

Those who run flourishing businesses, those who have plenty of money, are always haunted by the fear that one day they will incur a heavy loss… A man suffering from a fear complex cannot think properly. And if the thought is defective, the memory will also be defective. So you must never suffer from any sort of fear complex.
Behind this reluctance to accept the new in place of the old lays a fear complex. Fear, in most cases is baseless…Fear none and hate none. All are One. The word “fear” should be removed from the dictionary of mankind. “Where there is no fear there is no love”.

The scriptures say, “If you do not do this or that you will go to hell.” Due to this, the scriptures are the worst enemy of human society; because in this way, scriptures create fear complex in the human mind, and that fear complex creates disparity in the human society…Love is the first word – Love is the starting-point, and Love is the last point. ..Spiritual superstitions of hell and heaven and fear of God make people lose their mental balance….Since the Supreme Father is with me, why should I be afraid of anyone? Why should I fear at all? There is no reason to be fearful. I have to move forward. Fearfulness is not my duty. Let the fear fear me, I will not fear.

It is a fact that the population of the world is rapidly increasing, and consequently many people have become frightened. In capitalist countries there are sufficient reasons for such fear…But there is no reason for such fear in a collective economic system.
Regarding Drake and happenings in the world: 4/4 update Drake: Mass arrests could begin within days: . Drake update: Someone comments; On a recent roundtable conference call,, Tim Turner has said he would like to challenge this so-called 'Drake' on your radio blog. Drake:

Someone concerned ab Drake asks:1. By sending some paperwork to the Hague? And same people that sent the paperwork are now in charge? By what authority do you overturn constitutions and elected governors and parliamentarians? 2. The military and federal marshals will take orders to arrest hundreds of people from these people with something with a stamp from the Hague?

Someone answers; The paperwork follows the established Constitutional law of the US; something our elected officials have been ignoring for decades. Also our Constitution gives us the power to challenge the current government if and when they do NOT follow the principles set down establishing this nation. With this position they can compel the specific law enforcement (US Marshalls, Military, local sheriffs, etc) to step in and arrest the individuals that break our laws. The power is being stripped from the American people (if you haven't noticed) with NDAA etc. Now the President feels he can control the Supreme Court! Drake is just a messenger, not the Anti-Christ.

Question: Who voted for him? Who authorized him? Congress can issue currency, who is this mob? The Hague International Court is a creature of the U.N, the very people that Drake is opposing. Neither does the Hague/ICC/UN have jurisdiction in our country. Answer: Drake is a free citizen of the US allowed to say or do anything that is allowed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, etc

Alex Collier says that the Cabal is behind all this mass arrests. [Moderator: Channelers can say whatever].

Zero Hedge: I do know that the Fed and TPTB understand they are fighting for their lives. They will pull out any trick in the book before they die. Until one day the whole thing will end seemingly overnight.; Talented folks who want to take the struggle against tyranny to the next level.

Someone: The problem is that the same crooks who have been spreading biological mass murder weapons and carrying out countless other unfathomably evil acts are now saying they will be doing good.

“Thrive: Deconstructing the Film”: Thrive highjacked by the illuminati: THRIVE film not psy-op?: Mr. Gamble addresses to stop the aerial spraying. And I can’t imagine why an illuminati cabal member would recommend local banking, taking corporate money out of politics, ending the fed, and creating independent schools…

The alien false flag event likely to occur in Australia. Easter Sunday mainstream media station in Darwin: [Moderator: This IS interesting.... but Divine Intervention has been ongoing since 2010 to insure ET intervention will never be allowed to occur.]

"Delaware strips county sheriffs off arrest powers"

Wikipedia; nations claiming their own rights: Must watch:!

[Moderator: "Former White Hat"].
Sistine chapel.

The Project Camelot with David S; Chemtrails being sprayed to shield our activation.
Time to FLY! [Moderator: The "chemtrails" fear, some of this is undoubtedly true -- but people are not bursting into hospitals in epidemic numbers.

Full transcript and video: http://leeharrisenergy.blogspo...power.html

Foster Gamble's rebuttal to the Huffington Post article:

Fed Bank of NY Sack will step down on 29.6, 2012: WSJ:

Ufo sightings skyrocketing 2011: et races: Regressive races:

Article states standing up to reclaim their sovereignty. I'm going to call the Secretary of State in my state (NC) and ask them if we are a part of this.

Biden &Pelosi Party funding scandal:
CNN Europe; about Bo Xilai, who is equivalent for Pelosi. Foreign Secretary of UK - briefed and BIDEN calls for a Congressional hearing, The Telegraph. Arrests of the world's 27th richest family - the Kwok brothers.

Republic for the US:
http://www.republicoftheunited...a2011.pdf .

UN Agreement not to use Weather manipulation? Dutchsinse and Alex Jones:

FRAN Disclosed Coming arrests of major public political, financial, and corporate figures already on Nov 29th, 2011: http://www.ascensionwithearth....rding.html.

Here is the MP3: 11_sml.mp3.
Divine intervention right now:

George Carlin who tried already tell us the truth in 2005, died: Pocono Record Writer; A loud boom, heard by Pocono residents throughout northeastern Pennsylvania the night of March 30, remains a mystery.
Pentagon providing “cast-off” military hardware to local cops at an unprecedented level.
Saturday, April 7th, 2012, call (209) 647-1400 (Code #108487)
This call has been setup to provide ideas and strategies for starting your own County Relocalization Project, exact opposite of globalization. The Business Alliance for Local

Urbansurvival: Killshot or Pole Shift? latest work from 2012 researcher Patrick Geryl (link back required) to report the latest research into the possibility of a large solar event in Dec. Patrick: I found some very disturbing facts... (NASA) "... a smoothed sunspot number maximum in the Spring of 2013. We are currently over three years into Cycle 24, the smallest sunspot cycle in about 100 years. " Small Solar Cycles MAY be correlated to large EMP-like CME's suggests Geryl.Scientists in Japan have figured out how to make a meat-substitute from that stuff you flush.

First Man Arrested With Drone Evidence US News: The tiny town of Lakota, N.D becoming a key testing ground for the legality of the use of unmanned drones.
Army and DEA Trafficking Drugs and Guns.

5 Billion on Elite’s; MIT predicts half of humanity to be culled in post-industrial crash. Only global government can save humanity, researchers claim while echoing MIT/Club of Rome model for collapse by 2030.

Russia Today; Saakashvili is getting ready for a war with Russia, says Georgi Gugava, the Georgian opposition Labor Party. Obama Invests $5 Million In Bullshit Energy. Zero Hedge; Sorry folks. We only wish this was a joke.

The Transnational Financial Parasites: Make-Believe Gods Of A Global Insane Asylum. Saman Mohammadi: Many artists and poets have said that our planet is an insane asylum where the craziest people are the authorities in charge of enforcing the rules, not the patients.

CONFIRMED: Terrorist Organization Trained on US Soil by US Military. Tony Cartalucci; Series of mainstream admissions of US & Israeli state-sponsored terrorism.,
UN Soft-Kill Depopulation Agenda Exposed with Jurriaan Maessen. 1: Rockefeller Foundation Developed Vaccines For "Mass-Scale" Fertility Reduction In its 1968 yearly report, the Rockefeller Foundation

www.alcuinbramerton: On Monday 20th Febr 2012, confirmatory intelligence emerged from Japan, a widening rift in geopolitical loyalties is developing between the older and younger members of the British Royal Family bloodlines, extending in countries such as The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Romanov Gnostic has also said that Prince Harry of Wales has agreed to take over control of the British Royal family from Queen Elizabeth II in connection with her covert Chairmanship of the Committee of 300 and other geopolitical machinations. On Friday 21st January 2011, Edward Falcone reported that Mitt Romney (a Mormon) had a $400 million slush fund account at the Vatican Bank in Rome.

Fulford: Bernanke and Geithner are running around now claiming they have 600 trillion dollars inside the Fed Board computers ready to be used for “humanitarian projects worldwide. They and Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild bosses last week approached Japan Ministry of Finance boss Katsu and BOJ Governor Shirakawa and pretended they were the dragon family. We have identified them specific individuals who were working for the Feds in Japan and are now being asked to back off. The problem is that the same crooks who have been carrying out countless unfathomably evil acts are now saying they will be doing good. The Falung Gong movement is financed and run by the US as a psychological warfare front against China. While it is true they teach traditional Ongoing practices, they are structured like the Freemasons. The top people are Khazarian satanists, not Chinese.

50 Top Astronauts, Scientists, Engineers Sign Letter Slamming NASA For Promoting Man-Made Climate Change Dogma.NoTricksZone; Eventually the sham is going to give, and the latest letter signed by 50 NASA experts, is a sure sign the gig’s about over. Amount of ice in Bering Sea reaches all-time record. The Register.

Alien threat scheme was pushed over the Easter holiday on Australian television by Professor Paul Springer from the U.S. Air Command and Staff College. Springer said the government and the Pentagon have plans for an alien invasion. Mars Attacks: Pentagon Plan to Fight Aliens. World government push.

European stock markets rocked by panic selling as debt crisis reignites. London Guardian; Investors demanding high premiums for holding Italian and Spanish bonds as fears of double-dip recession grow.

Bloomberg: Death and taxes seem to share a same deadline in the U.S., according to a study that points to the role of stress in fatal accidents.

London Telegraph; On the second anniversary of the ash cloud that grounded Europe’s flights, Iceland is facing further volcanic havoc, warns Andy Hooper .

April 01, 2012, Group called Republic for THE UNITED STATES of America. This group is in contact and have filled all the REPUBLIC POSITIONS in effect dissolving the illegal corporation defector government in which Drake speaks of. All states are now free and the REPUBLIC is back. 4:20 PM

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#55 joghurt (16. Dez 2009 11:26) @, some concerns about Drake. Also Ron van Dyke spoke of it
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Terence Mckenna's time wave zero ends 21.12.2012:!.]!

All this was related my previous article concerning Drake and Wilcock interview, you better read it.
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