keskiviikko 25. heinäkuuta 2012

Leaving you for a while!

I´m leaving now somewhere countryside and may be out of reach to computers, so continue to follow the news, there are lots of things coming up and changing the world - eventually for better.

Try to see your fellow beings as divine beings as the story goes of monastery and monks asking help from wise man how to scope better with each other. The wise man is enough wise not to give solution, but mentions that one amongst you is Jeusus Christ. So the monks got home and each figured out wisely, that as I´m not the one Jesus, so then it must be someone else. So eventually they ended up dealing respectfully with each other, so they lived happily in peace forever.

The other story is about sharing. In the future the only spoons that there are, are so long that you are unable to eat with them, so be clever and start to practise feeding your neighbours and you will soon notice that there is always someone to feed you up too.
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but be cautious as not all are correct and as human beings we make mistakes and have out own interests.
Didi Annapurna