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Hermit life and adventures

It has been great times here in the middle of nowhere, when the show is falling, if not water... and the dears, foxes and wild pigs are roaming around, without talking about chemtrails falling from skies, but no UFOs still, not even one.

Winter time it is difficult to get people to stay here, so I'm much of the time alone, but it is rather fun. Actually could even do like those saints in the past who went to Himalays to enjoy just meditation, and attain enlightment, what ever it is. But I think I have still a bit attraction to the world also, so here I'm sitting with computer, dogs and making paper flowers.

Every day is a bit like adventure and challenge, whether you get frozen, or bitten by pigs, or the road sweeper forget to come. At least you have to use all your survivor skills in order to live a bit more ecologically sustainable way, while living alone in such a huge place, where there is  300 liter container of water to be kept heated day around.

As a consequence of saving wood and forests the floor is so cold that I rather dance than snail walk on the halls and staircases of the house. Besides I plugged off the fridge, which here is the most anti-eco apparatus, when you can't switch off separately the freezer, although you have nothing more than forgotten grapes to keep there. I rather see that the food doesn't get frozen in the entry wind box. And I prefer better to keep the whole kitchen for food and then neither need to heat the kitchen, nor to cool down the fridge. Simple as that.

Then comes the challenge with cooking, you have to do it in a minute in order not to get frozen in kitchen. So you put the whole pumpkin into pressure cooker and run downstairs to add fire wood, while leaving the doors all the way open, so you'll hear the buzzing sound, and rush to close the stove and then it is done - you climb upstairs with the buzzing pot and sit with all your hot water bottles in the bed and eat.

If I'm not adventuring around the house or forests, I keep on civilizing people about Prout and spirituality in the chat pages in the net without name and fame – and keep on heating the bed with 3 hot water bottles. Besides I do my yoga exercises in the bed, but I do my daily fitness dance kaoshiki in boiler room when I'm waiting if the fire is going to be flaring or not.

While I do my meditation inside the house nowadays, I feel like neglecting the dogs spiritually, who need some inspiration - and actually they like to sit meditating with me in the summer time and we do collective meditation outside. Although sometimes they are all gone suddenly in the middle, when the neighbor puts his meat stuff out, or the crows dare to come too near on the field etc.

Next summer I will teach the dogs also yoga asanas. Yuo see teaching asanas to bears in Finland, first one is the best:

There is some work also to do here, not only fun. I found ab 700 ancient jam jars downstairs, which I thought might be ready for emptying and making compost. But first I have to put the hot water bottles under my feet, so I can keep them warm while standing in my “fridge” kitchen. Then I have to quickly screw the bottles open and deposit the mess to some bucket and wash the empty bottles ready for the next preservation, hopefully with more humanistic manner - than just keeping as decoration on the selves.

The next business is courtyard cleaning from snow to keep the dogs running, otherwise they just get stuck on the hut, that I built for them with real window and styrofoam floor., the second room is on making. Now at least they can run to the road and ab ten times a day to the neighbor's rubbish bin to search something eatable, although I keep their cups full of real dog food. Often they come carrying huge junks of cow's heads or pigs feet. After I might hear the neighbor's dog has been beaten up by them again, I'm afraid.

Next I might short out garbage, although not anymore from ten past years, but the jars, the plastics and rubbish that seems to appear from nowhere. I try not to go shopping at least, so less to pile up for garbage collectors. Shopping is also otherwise heavy business, not only because the packages and bottles and other rubbish weighs, but I have no idea what is eatable for yogis in Poland, so I buy only those few things that I know for sure – no onion, garlic, mushrooms, meat, fish, eggs. Anyhow the garbage systems here is that you have to do shorting of your garbage, but the track which come to pick them up seems to mix all of them again together, so you feel really frustrated after all.

The rest food one can always grow in the fields. Heavy job? Not that heavy, you just let the nettles and goosefeet (?), dandelions and other grass to grow, while you plant some vegetables between, that is called mixed cropping. Then you eat the grasses or make juice and make dry for winter also. For that you need clothes drying rack and mosquito net. If you grow maximum pumpkins you can keep them nicely eatable around the year in the house - no need fridges, cellars or anything. Besides you may grow lots of carrots, which you can keep under high layer of soil (and snow) and go to dig by time to time - no problem if the voles have also eaten up some, you go and buy some more, everything is here almost organic anyway. Same with parsnips, beetroots etc. Potatoes get more easily frozen, so take to the cellar. Then you can grow something in the greenhouse also, but better to put some water circulating there. So make your farming easy.

Actually I started visualizing maximum utilization of our old 200 m2 leaking barn; to strip off the wall woods and let the logs and roof stand and then circulate the logs with plastic walls, so you can grow more eggplants, melons and may be some exotics too. Tomatoes and cucumbers could grow up 10 meters, reaching the roof. The other end has already automatic floor watering so would be easy and the roof is leaking anyhow.

The difficult part you may think in MU is survival financially. May be do that much crafts or other creative work...while your food is already almost growing itself, you need just some milk from the neighbor, and you might end up milking the cows on farmer's holiday time or something.... If you still want to travel you'll find always some EU funded trips. Like now (if you are young) you can get 80 % of your flight to Finland, if you just attend some young people civilizing training. The place is a beautiful forest mason with many buildings beyond nowhere, near my birth village. Just one case...

Now what more adventurous you you can do in MU? What about nightly sadhana on the iced bond instead of getting addicted to net. I'll already planned some decoration for that; some paper flowers, candles in jars and few snowwomen. Then need a sled to sit and of course the hot water bottles. Not enough exiting? Then can go to the forest near by where the pigs roam in the night....tantric no!

You want to do more service? What else, if not surfing in the net? Could make videos, go to share pumpkins for poor, arrange creative workshops and outings...I put also on the upstairs window so at least the post man, the road sweeper and some lost gotten soul can see and perhaps gets inspired to make the world better. Today I did service also for the forest folks - went to give them some hay bales behind the ploughed field.

And we have Finnish Sauna half way done, what to do with it? In camps in Finland they have saunas, which have walls and roof made from some kind of tarp. Or to get some Finnish person to stay for a while - they need always sauna, so it might be done quickly.... Actually I made once a sauna from logs with my friend in Finland, so why not continue this one with logs?

And we still have the white one building. Some toilets and showers and summer kitchen could be built, so spiritual tourists could bring their tents and camp out....

You may see the house:

Didi Annapurna

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