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Sisters Acarya Training Center


Sisters Acarya Training Center started in Poland WWD Master Unit and Yoga Wellness Center


In this Training Center trainees learn meditation practices, yoga philosophy, asanas, health instructions, practical work ie in garden, sewing, etc, and disciplined yogic life style.
The trainer already arrived from India, where she has trained hundreds of sisters.
Educated Acaryas are dedicated for working in any country in this world, teaching yoga and meditation and doing social service; running children's homes, schools, giving relief aid or what ever is needed to serve the society.
I myself, am assisting Training Center and have been working previously as children's home assistant rector in Kenya, in Romania and in London kindergarten, besides teaching yoga, meditation and healthy life style. 
While the training center in Poland is just in the beginning stage, we need some assistance for the maintenance, starting small business, etc. If you are able to help even a bit, that would be greatly appreciated. Helping us, will benefit humanity. 


We have started gogetfunding campaign, if you can donate some so we can get our info introduced in their web page, here is the link;


Thank You!


If any problem you may also donate here;

Ananda Marga W Polsce

Address Glebock 37, 58535 Milkow, Poland

Account; PL61 2130 0004 2001 0240 9258 0003



Facebook Yoga Wellness Center Gize,

Facebook Master Unit Wwd Poland

Didi A Asha



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Lecture; Yoga Psychology, Meditation and Service


Welcome on 28.11, at 17.45-18.4 in Redin 

Olohuone, Kalasatama, Helsinki, Finland

Acarya Dada Bhavottarananda Lecture; 

Yoga Psychology, Meditation and Service

Yoga is the way... for glandular, bodily and mental balance.

 Meditation together with service uplifts ones spirit and the society.

 You are welcome to join and enjoy yogic wisdom and company.

Dada Bhavottarananda has been teaching yoga and meditation 

in India, Taiwan and Finland for ab 30 years. Besides he has been 

doing service such as taking care of children’s home and providing

 free guidance in healthy life style practices

Didi A Asha

lauantai 22. heinäkuuta 2023

Wibracje Festival

We are lucky to have again Wibracje Festival in our Poland ecofarm Ananda Ashiisha on 26-30.7.2023. Setting up tents is going on. It is a beautiful festival with different spiritual and alternative groups. This is the third summer that we are having it here. There is going to be again perhaps about 5000 people attending. We have also two lectures in their program tents and yoga, kiirtan and meditation evenings in our house for anyone to join.

Wibracje festival producer:
Świadomi Mimochodem Sp. z o.o. street Grójecka 214/81
02-390 Warsaw
KRS 0000871232  NIP 5213913595 REGON 387636790


keskiviikko 22. maaliskuuta 2023

Happy Day in Ananda Ashiisha


Our respected Guru Baba, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, was a very special person. He left us physically in 1990. He was a mystery and will be a mystery forever. However we have amazing experiences with Him and still are having in dreams, visions etc, which we are ready to share in our Spiritual Gathering on His Birthday, on Sunday 30th April 2023 at 12-16.00 in Ananda Ashiisha Master Unit, and now also a Training center for LFTs and Acaryas in Poland. 

You are welcome to join our kiirtan, meditation, Baba’s stories session and have a nice lunch. You may bring some sentient food, if you wish. Besides you may have nice walks with Luna and Yogi dogs, summon UFOs, and stay even over night.

Address; Ananda Marga, Gize 40 (next to tourist place Marzak). Let us know couple days before if you are coming, email

Trainer Didi A Rudraviina and Didi A Asha, Ananda Ashiisha, Master Unit


https// wwd poland


Experiences in Ananda Marga development project Ananda Nagar, where Baba said; I am Shrii Shrii Anandamurti of Ananda Nagar


maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2023



  AMURT GLOBAL – Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team GlobalAMURT GLOBAL – Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team GlobalAMURT GLOBAL – Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team Global

Our spirited yogis, acaryas and margiis, of AMURT/EL teams rushed immediately to help the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Although our organization is not that wealthy, the members donated immediately as well as collected funds from public in order to make the relief work possible.

As I am running eco-farm project and running training center in our premises with Indian trainer, I feel sad that I am able to provide so little help, but at least I try to spread the word:

Our selfless, service minded, acaryas, fully dedicated for the welfare of humanity, need financial support for their efforts to save people’s lives in the affected areas.


Global AMURT Co-ordinator Dada Unmantrananda is leading the response of the earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria. AMURT volunteers from many European countries has reached in the earthquake zone to provide first aid and material support for the earthquake victims in Turkey. Medicines, winter clothes, blankets and even tent hospitals are provided. Also psychological training for relief workers and victims by AMURT volunteers is going on in Turkey. The fundraising is done by AMURT Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Donations may be sent to the following AMURT accounts:

AMURT Deutschland, Postbank Berlin, IBAN DE60 1001 0010 0069 6961 06, BIC: PBNKDEFF 


AMURT Italia, Banca Monte Paschi Siena, IBAN: IT47 U010 3012 7030 0006 1619 452, BIC: PASCITM1784


AMURT UK, Triodos Bank UK, IBAN: GB88 TRIO 1658 1020 3677 59, BIC TRIOGB22


Here more details:

AMURTEL Romania has sent a team to Turkey for relief response together with other AMURT /EL teams in EU. Five makeshift tent hospitals on making. More info and you may donate easily;

In Kahramanmaras the local hospitals were damaged. People are now helped in mobile tent hospitals, by teams of doctors working around the clock. Those clinics are running out of critically needed supplies...You can help by providing money for delivery of supplies. Italian AMURT team is bringing generators.

What your contributions can do: 50 euros will fund medical supplies for one day, 200 euros will buy them a water boiler, 1,200  euros will buy 2 month's worth of extra supplies. Full costs for equipping one clinic are 1500 euros.

Photo link,,fit:max/NpEvhcxFSKynbUJakUrA

You may share the info to other networks with this link;

Or you can donate to account: (Mention donation to Turkey)

Asociatia de Ajutor AMURTEL Romania,
Strada Almas 16, Sector 1, Bucuresti, Fiscal code: 7411127
Bank: Banca Raiffeisen, Address: Calea Vitan, Nr. 58
Bank account in EURO: IBAN: RO82 RZBR 0000 0600 0851 0570


AMURT Italy: It's cold and it's snowing. A very difficult situation. AMURT Italia is fundraising to purchase basic necessities to the earthquake area. You can make easily a donation on this link:


Dada Atman established local teams from Lattakia governorate. This has helped them reach a large number of affected families. Many people still sleep in the streets because of their intense fear of falling buildings. One woman who lost her daughter suffers body pain and cannot sleep at night. She became very active with the AMURT-AMURTEL team, helping others in distress. AMURT/EL teams are working day and night to offer relief…

Strange stories are not unusual, when we do service, as we get divine help. AMURT-AMURTEL team assisted to pull two children out from under the rubble due to a woman insisted to get two children out. The rubble removal team told to her that the pulse detection device can’t find any living people under the rubble, but she was sure and insisted to get her two children out. Indeed, after digging, they found the two children alive, but when they told the children that your mother, who had left, insisted to dig you out, the children told that their mother had died years ago. Syrian Voluntary Team / AMURT-AMURTEl Dada Atman & Team


Didi A Asha, thank you for your concern and possible help!

Ananda Marga Meditation and Service to Humanity

Yogis in Service of Humanity Gather in Germany

Master Units for starting new spiritual life style on the earth?


perjantai 17. helmikuuta 2023

Greetings from India

I became Avadhutika which includes a special meditation process in Ananda Marga. I used to go to India ab 7-8 times when my Guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, was still physically present. I had always some special experiences with Him. Since He left, I have visited probably almost ten times there and still the mysterious experiences continue.

This time it was about speaking with my very weak voice. I had to give suddenly a speech in our meeting when other speakers didn’t show up. There were about 200 people listening, and for my and everyone’s surprise, my voice was suddenly so beautiful, by His grace. Our Guru, Baba, used to do this type of dramas although also gave many other kind of blessings. 

Here a bit what I said; Namaskar….Baba has again shown his grace by accepting us five didis as Avadutikas in His tantric mission. Thus He never forgets His workers, but always keeps on developing us further in order to fulfil His worldly and universal goals to uplift human society and all created beings. Baba has described long ago how humanity is facing tremendous crises and now we are seeing it happening more. He also mentioned especially the crises of leadership. How grateful we are, how fortunate and at the same time inspired and humble to do our part in His mission.

We had Rawa art practices before the New Year program, I also made Finnish flag and it was with just blue cross and white base, such a speciality comparing to countless other flags. I remember, how I once asked all Ananda margiis in Finland to make Rawa art, paper flowers, which I brought to India and when Baba came from hospital, He was happy to see them.

This year in Ananda Nagar we went also to one tantra piitha, ancient meditation place where some sannyasiis have sat perhaps for years and got samadhi. Even some of Ananda Marga acaryas had left their physical body while doing meditation there.

Our leader, Purodha Pramuk spoke (here shortly); Humans are restless to develop more and more physical things to have more pleasure. Sadhaka (meditation practitioner) enjoys bliss and positive restlessness. Baba was in Jamalpur and sat on His cot. Margi Dasharat came. Baba gave short talk and then asked margi, Dasharat; you want to see God? D: Yes, Baba. Baba showed God to him in different objects. Later Dasharat told how he saw glimpses of divine effulgence in everything. God is effulgence…

Dada PP told also; Always be prepared to serve the Marga, don’t just safeguard your own life. Also marriages should not be costly, then one can use the money for service purposes. Indira Gandhi attended in 1966 our marriage ceremony. She was very impressed, and praised us. Only later on she became critical.

Women’s Welfare Secretary; We have to be moralists, disciplined and spirited. Follow satya, truth, take concrete target…

Dada General Secretary, when starting Ananda Nagar project, there were snakes, so we had to have mosquito nets inside our sleeping bags. A lot of stones, also stone hard wild rise for eating. No trains. We brought a tractor full of dinosaurs bones to our museum.  

Ananda Nagar is the oldest place in the world. 


Central worker, Dada Swarupananda, one scholar was thinking that Baba must read many books. I told him, Baba doesn’t need to read books. One day the scholar came to offer flowers to Baba, Baba started resiting a poem. Tears started flowing from the eyes of the scholar. Dada asked later, why he became so emotional? The scholar told that he wrote a poem 20 years ago, now Baba was resiting it. The scholar didn’t even remember it himself and although he had not finished that poem, now Baba completed it.

Many others had inspiring talks; Baba is always behind us, supporting us… In society morality is lost. Unite the moralists of the world. See bright side... When new leaders will take over, our organization will go forward… Even village kids understand our ideas, they will become the future spiritual leaders... We need inspiration to change the direction of the humanity, we have got the tools from Baba… We all workers and margiis are Proutists. One must be spiritual moralist and universalist in order to be successful in changing the direction of the world. Please everyone help to spread the ideas of Prout…

Wherever you are, never think of your position, but work sincerely. When you make mistake, correct internally and externally. Youth are looking for guidance… Nobody in this world even knows what is real ideology, only we have tantric ideology. First time in human history, Baba was the one who wanted universalism… Baba trusted us.

We acaryas had chance to work with Baba. We will be remembered as revered workers. Here police say they can trust only Ananda Marga... If you are convinced, you can convince the whole world. Human has self-reflecting ability, plants and animals don’t have.

Baba has given universal BNK mantra. When you sing BNK, He gets attracted. So easily you can reach Him. During Meditation both move towards each other… Sons and daughters help Baba in His mission. Create new workers. Overcome negativity… Baba loves everyone. More important is how much we love Him... 

Gathering in Germany to inspire EU workers, margiis and everyone

In EU a lot of relief work is going on in Romania and Ukraine, now also in Syria and Turkey. Global AMURT Co-ordinator Dada Unmantrananda is organizing the relief for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Medicines, winter clothes and blankets are going from Italy. Psychological aid by AMURTEL Romania. Fundraisings initiated by AMURT in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway etc.... Poland Master Unit is still having 14 refugees...I

Our so called LFTs, local full timers are assisting acaryas in different projects, feeding poor, giving lectures, helping Ukrainian refugees, giving classes, selling in market. Teaching yoga, translating, inviting people to programs, fundraising, helping with renovation etc, helping project in Italy. Taking care of cows etc,

In EU, Sectorial worker Didi A Manika is arranging meditation days where everyone can meditate maximum during that day... Sweden training center Dadas are having 8 trainees to become acaryas. New Year time there was 168 people celebrating... In Poland sisters Acarya training center has started in master unit Ananda Ashiisha. So far three sisters have been taking part, not sure if they will all continue. Luna dog almost died, but is now recovered and happy.

Dada Vimaleshananda tells his special experiences while teaching meditation; I met in Mexico a psychic. I asked if he wants to learn meditation. He agreed so I gave initiation. He told after that he saw Baba in Varabhaya Mudra. One guy was telling about his meditation. Then he wanted Dada to initiate him. The guy then fell into samadhi (exstacy). Dada had to wait long time before he woke up. Dada was wandering how he himself has been doing meditation for long time and have not fallen in samadhi like that. 

My name is now Didi Ananda Asha Acarya

Ananda Nagar area ancient history, Rahr, the Cradle of Human Civilization

Sarkar About History of India

Prediction of China - India War

The Future Super Power India and its Kalki Avatars?




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Collective meditations

We have collective meditations every evening at 6 in Oodi, central library in Helsinki. The place is on third floor railway station side staircase.

On Wednesday is special day, when there are more people and mats for anyone to sit down. The occasion starts at 6 in the evening and one may attend for 15-20 minutes or stay to the end, when there is possibility for questions and booking time for individual meditation. 

Everyone can use their own mantra or our universal mantra Baba Nam Kevalan and concentrate on the divine love radiation from the Cosmic consciousness...Ommm.... mantra can be also used.

These meditations are organized by Dadas from Ananda Marga and Amma coordinator Taavi Kassila, Rishi.

This way we are creating peaceful atmosphere in the library and giving possibility for everyone to join free meditation session. Collective meditation increases the spiritual capacity of individual.

Human being is not only physical and psychic being, but also spiritual. Be the pioneers for creating more spiritual future!

May be an image of 6 people, people sitting and indoor

Meditaatio tuokio kaikille kiinnostuneille ja uteliaillekin, Ananda Margan Intialaisen joogin ja Amma järjestön vetäjän johdolla. Tilaisuus on kirjasto Oodissa kolmannen kerroksen rautatieaseman puoleisella porrastasanteella joka päivä18.00.

Tilaisuuden jälkeen voi esittää kysymyksiä ja sopia ilmaisen mantran ja meditaation opetuksesta. Näin pyritään luomaan rauhoittavaa ilmapiiriä kirjastoon ja suomaan mahdollisuus jokaiselle Helsinkiläiselle ilmaiseen meditaatiotuokioon osallistumiseen. Yhteismeditaatio moninkertaistaa henkistä kapasiteettiamme. Jokainen voi toki käyttää tilaisuudessa omaa mantraansa ja OM mantran käyttöön ohjataan lyhyesti alkuvaiheessa.

Ihminen ei ole vain fyysinen ja psyykkinen olento, vaan myös henkinen. Siihen puoleen tulisi panostaa näinä aikoina, jolloin henkisyys maapallolla on kasvamassa. Näin voit olla edelläkävijä luomassa henkevämpää tulevaisuuden yhteiskuntaa.