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Hallow from the Hollow Earth!

Although the main news, scientists and governments deny the existence of hollow earth, still it doesn't prove anything. They don't care much about truths anyway as we have seen, but is the earth really hollow that is an another thing. There are interesting claims ab inner earth and its kindly (or less kindly) beings - true or not you decide! I couldn't. And anyhow disclosure is not only that UFOs suddenly decide to appear, but it is also that our consciousness and thus our capacity to see the higher dimensional beings increase.

According some polar researchers; There are butterflies, flies, mosquitoes, and even grass and foxes, the more north you go. The north wind brings warm winds and pollen. The temperature warms up when traveling to the poles from latitude 95, due to heat from the interior of the Earth. There are icebergs, which are fresh water (not salty) and frozen with extinct animals. Musk, gull ross, polar bears tend to go north when food is scarce. Eskimo myths refer to a sunlit "Northland". Cities of the inner earth have been named in different cultures; Agartha, El Dorado, Shambala. Famous polar explorers (Nansen etc) get lost and never find the pole. Gardner did profound research, his book tells it all; Ab other books;

UFO expert Palmer; Surely a present flight advertised as passing directly over the North Pole would attract many passengers who would like to have that experience to see real North Pole. Yet, strangely, no airline offers such a flight. Soviet discoveries a circular line, any point on this circle could be called the North Magnetic Pole, because here the needle of the compass dips directly downward. The Hollow Earth Theory holds that also other planets have polar openings and a "central sun". The aurora borealis... in the polar caps and clouds reflects light coming from inside the planet.

Researchers;; Pilot told there is hole in the pole; The inner earth entrance; Other hollow earth entrances; Inner earth history, research;

Inspired ab meeting with inner earth beings; See at the end; Love is all there is Baba Nam Kevalam; Most strange man born in inner earth! ; And more: You may ask more directly from him; Billie Woodard,

Admiral Richard E. Byrd. So many claim, he entered into the hollow earth. But his so called “diary” might have been taken from 1937 motion picture “Lost Horizon,” ab Dali Lama in Shangra-La, a lost city in Tibet. The Master tells that there “is a dark time coming”, but that: “You, my son “will live through the storm… but I see in the great distance a new world starting in the ruins … But in hopefulness, seeking it’s lost and legendary treasures, and they will all be here, my son, hidden behind the mountains under the blue moon, preserved as if by a miracle…” Now, lets compare to “The Secret Diary of Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd,”(HERE). The “Master” of the Arianni say: “Yes, my son, the dark ages that will come for your race will cover the Earth... but I believe that some of your race will live through the storm.... We see a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here my son, safe in our keeping… ”

Wilcock ab Admiral Byrd, who flew over magnetically active area of the Earth‘s rotational South Pole, which led to all sorts of fanciful speculations about the “hollow earth” theory, but in reality the pilot had temporarily moved through a portal in time that showed him an historic view of Antarctica, back when it was not covered by ice.

And Wilcock thinks there are habitable underground cities out of existing pockets within the Earth; This does not mean the center of the Earth is hollow and the core is like a sun -- but multiple, credible insider testimonies confirming there really are areas like this within the Earth. The centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation creates a force similar but opposite to gravity that allows you to walk 'upside down' in these inner areas, compared to the Earth's exterior. The Ancients designed bio-luminescent bacteria on the innermost side of these pockets to provide renewable light source, allowing flora and fauna to grow naturally within these mysterious interior areas. Many ETs can live and work closely with those on the Earth's surface -- safe, sound and totally undetected -- thanks to these living, breathing 'underground cities'.
But how is the Hollow Earth: Central sun, no stars, frequent rain, oxygen 62%, no pollution. Inhabitants 5 million, similar to us (and some our people living there), but tall and more developed, loving. They use flying disks and other advanced technologies with free energy. Mountains low, rivers and shallow seas, the vegetation is tropical, the temperature is constant ab 26 degrees, no insects but birds and fish, some bigger animals, mammoths. Entrance from earth through 8 tunnel networks and poles, but some claim they are protected from sight and entering. The crust has a width of only 1400 miles, 2,200 miles? The northern/southern lights that we see are reflection of the central sun of inner earth. Deros live in the cave cities underground but not in inner earth.
Lemurians from Mount Shasta, underground city Telos; Prior to the sinking of Lemurian continent, the inhabitants used their crystals, sound and vibrations to hollow out a vast underground city, in order to preserve their culture, treasures and ancient Earth’s history. The Lemurians have the ability to make themselves visible or invisible at will. They are graceful and tall with long hair, white robes. Dr. M. Doreal claimed that he visited the Lemurians inside their mountain. They control most of their technology with their mind. People see spacecrafts coming and going from deep within the mountain.

Researcher William F. Hamilton claims to have met representatives of this society. Over 1,5 million of them live in large 5-leveled, 20-mile long underground city. Bonnie says she was born in 1951 in Telos, she tells; “We work closely with the Melchizedek Priesthood (Mormons) to serve the Earth. In Telos, we are Spiritual Warriors, as you on the surface must become. We have developed our Inner Vision through meditation and prayer”. The tube trains are propelled by electromagnetic impulses up to speeds of 2500 mph. They grow food hydroponically under full-spectrum lighting.

When Lemuria sank there was only time to save 25 thousand souls. For the past 12,000 years they have been able to rapidly evolve in consciousness due to isolation from the hostile races that prey on the surface population. The surface population has now also been experiencing great leaps of consciousness. That's why they have begun to contact surface humans to make their existence known. (Sorry lost the links, but you may google, DA)

Here famous Adama from Telos, that everyone seems to channel; Telos & Lemurians from Mount Shasta; Caves to underworld;

Some groups around and in contact with beings of Mounth Shasta;, mtshasta,,,,,,,, Telos in Finland;
Dianne Robins voice of the inner earth, channeling;

Psychic Focus gets in her many readings that there seems to be ETs, like insect type ants, antennae on their heads - living in inner earth. The “ants” doesn't have feelings and they capture humans as their slaves. Humans are given enough to get by, but overall are worked very hard, like peasants. The ETs are dominantly the lower density ETs having telepathic ability - very intelligent, but the "feeling" side is absent, some kind of robots. I see the 'ants' taunting those on the surface with their technology, and we want it so bad that certain governments negotiate to trade people in exchange for learning some of their advanced technology. Inner Earth / Hollow Earth Theory.

The "ants" talk telepathically to one another, and make clicking sounds when talking to humans. How the humans got there; like Indian Tribe running up to Alaska, which doesn't look snow-covered, or cold - green and lush. Then "ants" come to the surface and from their ships "plucking" up random humans.

Earth structure; we have (starting from the exterior) the crust (we live in), mantle, core layer (not true core), where lava is housed. Then inner mantle, internal crust (kidnapped humans and ETs), and a large empty space with a mini sun. Center of gravity is in inner mantle layer closer to the core layer. The inner sun in the very center helps to equalize gravity also?? (The earth spins around inner sun). It is warm and very humid there like tropical rain forest.

Entrances; in Washington state mountain (Mount Rainier?) is a cave at the base, straight down. ETs are able to fly in and out of the location with their crafts. Near the north pole location appears to have some kind of energetic vortex that allow them to teleport back and forth from the inner earth. The other location is in the Atlantic Ocean. Once you get so deep the gravity and centripetal force of earth spinning holds the water in place??

Living in the hollow earth will only be accepted (by humans) if the external earth is uninhabitable, if we have no other choice. Right now the ETs treat humans how we treat farm animals, but when the surface of earth need to heal ? "good" ETs will pave the way (so ET war) for humans to enter inner earth. And we want to get the resources, as inner earth is very mineral rich.
Q: hollow earth; Adama of Telos? mount Shasta, California, Two friends of mine Dieter and Daniel speak to Adama in trance? A; There is like a cave, and opens into an underground city... It is some type of temporary housing for beings that come from the sun. Dieter, Daniel and ETs talk about the pyramids and then something about the sun. They are slightly more advanced than us. They use their space crafts to go back and forth between the sun and earth. They look like Maxillary Papus.

Earlier reading; Inner Earth civilization. Shamballah. The humans are mostly dark skinned, like Indian and the “bug people” are more Albino like. They are able to do the transporting. The humans are pretty primitive, do mining in caves in temple of doom, but the bug people live in more civilized city on top of the caves. Like everything is made out of rusty metal. The sun is like a bright ball and never night. Bug people when come here, they use like a human disguised. "I do not know how this stuff gets in my brain, if it is like bullshit or for real". And

Pleiadians: We don’t display ourselves [to humans] before you’re ready - Because what happens when you view us in your physical reality is that it shatters your sense of reality. So that’s why we wait until you’re at a point where your frequency is high enough where you can see us; Some more links; Our Hollow Earth Updated. Video Hollow earth: Another; And Giant Transporting Down To Earth - Stargates Opening Up.

Bill Meier has alien contact Asket, also Phobol Cheng, x-diplomat of the UN also talked with Asket;, and Billy Meier predictions; Beautiful UFO; and UFO Falls From The Sky Over Canada.

Some topics; The World Is Flooding Because Planet Changed Shape For Good. And Major Earthquakes Changed Tilt. And let's not forget Niburu; Nibiru/Planet X right Next to Our Sun Recorded By SOHO. John Medy; the Earth is battling a forced Pole Shift. Is a large celestial object orbiting closer to Earth every year? Nibiru perspective at 22:12. And this; Italian Ebola Virus Crop Circle. And Five planets where humans may be able to live;
Sarkar said about underground cavities!!!; Deep cavities have been formed in the earth after extracting subterranean resources, and these cavities should be properly filled. In some countries it is the practice to use sand to fill the cavities created by mining underground coal. If these cavities are left unfilled, the surrounding regions are more likely to experience earthquakes than other areas. Moreover, the unfilled cavities can severely weaken the surface structure of the earth, causing whole regions to collapse. (Just for joking sake, DA)
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Keshe: Clean up your own CO2 mess!

Keshe Foundation offers you solution how you can clean up your own CO2 mess and use it for recharging your batteries. And it costs for you only few bucks.

Leaves are collecting CO2 and it is solution for extra CO2. Keshe Foundation has managed to replicate the functioning of the leaf. One side of leaf is different than the other, between the layers there is magnetic gravitational field. Keshe does similar system as the leaf has, by creating nano layers with copper plates... In the leaf there is water and salt between the layers, so they replicate that also. When they connect the two plates electrically (practically inside a container), it will absorb the CO2 from the air. Then from that container you can extract the CO2 to separate jar. So try. Buy the package and put it in your own house - as you are responsible to clean up your own mess. Then the collected waste CO2 can be used to make energy. They offer this package, with all parts, to every man of the planet, with total 23 euro. After 2-3 weeks you can buy the recharger system to use the collected CO2 material to recharge your batteries; The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture KIT (part1);

Beautiful... but is the global warming caused only by CO2 as he seems to claim? Anyhow I suppose he might have given other reasons too in some context. Then someone says that the container uses as much electricity as it produces CO2 for recharging batteries??? Depends how long you need to use electricity for collecting the CO2. And I think it is good for everyone to learn the process, and may be somehow make it really free energy as he calls it.

Keshe family and their co-workers were again under murder attacks. One of their volunteers tried to poison them with arsenic and belladonna. When they came to know finally that they were poisoned, they are able to clean up their bodies with Keshe's healing system. Keshe says that when you get a gift and you don't want it, it goes back to that person who gave it...poor guy. Keshe says it is not karma, but something magnetic...

Japanese are cleaning up Fukushima mess and Chinese applying his technology for farming. Keshe is teaching every day for different groups his technology such as healing cancers, alzheimers, addictions etc, making reactors, cleaning environment, peace... He also gave Ebola clean up system, but WHO didn't want it, then some doctors in Sierra Leone tested it and found it curing 98-100 % of cases. So soon Ebola is gone also, cabal has soon nothing to do.

But people are still angry because Keshe promised and sold some plasma reactors some years ago and they never got the reactors. I suppose that might be true, as the reactors didn't get ready at time and then they started to make them in Italy as a study group, but nothing is yet ready for selling. I hope finally Keshe will explain at least what is happening with promised reactors. Otherwise people shouldn't take the “gift” and it will go back to Keshe...that is what he is teaching.

Anyhow I hope all the best for Keshe, he is doing extremely great and important work.... I think it is very difficult for him to get his inventions materialized in this world situation, where the cabal is trying to stop any progressive people or truthers. DA. Recent interview;

Pastor Lindsay Williams; MoneyBags73; Chaos approaches in 2015 on God’s 7 year time plan. (2001, 2008, 2015…). On his latest email from the ‘elite’ includes the confiscations of bank accounts as warned by Dave Hodges. Williams said “Everything is shaping up for Sept – Oct 2014;”

Dave Hodges,‘The Common Sense Show’; ‘The G20 Just Stole Your Bank Account’. The new rules that went into effect on the 16th Nov 2014; your bank deposits no longer have insurance. ‘Economic Policy Journal’; bank deposits will be considered paper investments. Russell Napier; Nov 16th as “the day money dies”, at ‘Zero Hedge’.

On 22nd Oct Williams said “the banks see what is coming and want to cover their losses”. US  FDIC has only about $25 billion in its deposit insurance fund. If a banking collapse were inevitable, the banks would not notify you because they would not wish to incite a bank run. Only the Elite themselves would be warned and quietly transfer their money to a safer haven, such as gold. The video by Williams; “Special Events Scheduled for 2015”. Williams said in Dec 2013 that “People must buy hard assets only – Not paper of any kind. The Elite are buying gold by the tons while prices are intentionally depressed" ’10 Steps To Avoid The Crash’.

Bloomberg article before this G20 Summit: And revieew after G20;

BBC News Australia - A Summary of the Summit; global agreement to try and boost global GDP by 2% to create more jobs and global tax avoidance and climate change. AU - G20 Summit, Was it all Worth it?; "Brisbane Action Plan"; Global growth for better living standard. Lift GDP with 2 % by 2018 for all nations. Infrastructure; global investments... Trade to lower costs...Equalize 25 % participation of men and women in workforce. Youth jobs creation. Poverty, increase jobs, income. Finances regulatory. Strenghten IMF etc with resources for developing countries. Energy efficiency and for all, climate care. Ebola, collective effort to eradicate. The IMF reforms. The G20 says if the US Congress fails to pass them, the IMF should proceed ahead with other options... without giving any idea what that means.

The Guardian - Final G20 lists 800 measures for Growth;
Communique Here. There is a reference to a report from the Financial Stability Board (FSB) attached; The G20 communique says " We welcome the Financial Stability Board (FSB) proposal... FSB report here. On page 16 of the FSB report, they state that "insured deposits" should not be used as part of this reserve bank capital to cover losses. However, there is nothing suggesting that "uninsured deposits" are protected. Under these proposed rules by the FSB even the insured amount could be subject to losses if a bank goes under depending on the "applicable resolution law". In a crisis times, who knows what the prevailing "applicable resolution law" might be.

It is also interesting that this report is basically buried in the official G20 Summit Communique, hard to find it
and to read. Also Russia not being independent of the banks and they are also in the same boat. Get into gold and silver;ETF Report’. Obama wanted the oil price to be low, but Elite do not want. Koch Brothers want the republicans to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and nutrition programs. U.S. losing 9.5 acres of farmland per minute; and this is worldwide. Even China has lost more than 40% of its arable land in recent years due to development, drought and topsoil erosion. Final summary of the Brisbane G20 Summit; Gunboat and Koala Bear Diplomacy!!!

New whistleblower ab Chemtrailers; And; Dr John Brandenburg, in his theory that an ancient civilisation of Mars, Cydonians and Utopians, were massacred in the nuclear attack by other race - and evidence can still be seen today. Were Ancient Martians Murdered by Nuclear Bomb-Dropping Aliens? An Investigation.

Russian secret space craft;; The possibility that these kinds of activities are preparing a major and unpleasant strategic surprise... space analyst Oberg, NBC News. Speculation is varying from refueling and repair missions to overriding and data interception. However most publications admit it could be an innocuous mission to test a new space engine or method of clearing space debris. 

US Air Force’s top-secret X-37B spacecraft lands after nearly two years in orbit. And Mistaken identity: French plane entered Swedish air space – not Russian as reported. “If all our plans are realize, we will recover the position once held by the USSR in space exploration,” head of Russian Academy of Sciences' space exploration, Lev Zelyony told journalists, TASS news agency. And Russian explosion, looks like UFOs saved Russia from nuclear explosion??? Or just new Russian weapon experiment; And

The Healthy Home Economist, stated the real reason for gluten intolerance was in fact poisoning from having roundup sprayed on wheat crops 3 to 5 days before harvest (to kill the wheat plants and dry them out so they go through the combines better). Pre harvest staging guide by Monsanto outlining this procedure which is called dessication.
In Finland one clairvoyant told me; I see your guide (Sarkar), who is very near and dear to you. Sometimes you feel his presence (he is no more physically). He is a leader of international service organization. All the rays are controlled by him. He is vigilant, energetic, wise and conscious. He is leading mentally and enjoys his mission. He is grateful of your dedication for service and that's why you have got chance to work in his organization. He will not accept proud, arrogant, selfish. You are not sacrificing your life, but you are living very significant, rich life. You deal with many levels and get the reflection. When you give you get.

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