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Homeopathy Worked Better than Antibiotics

We have a male dog which is quite wild being and I have no idea where is its origin. I have just heard it was brought by some villager more than six years ago. First time when I met it four years ago it run away and kept hiding some days, but after some weeks it started to let me touch. Since then we have become good friends and it loves to try to lick my face especially when I sit for meditation. I just call it "it" in order to protect its identity !!!

Some months ago it started to become sick. It started to whine every time it made stool. The stool itself looked normal for me, so I had no idea what was the problem. I started treatment by giving some homeopathic medicines for the irritated rectum, but no difference. I had to go then for one month traveling and the dog was taken care by someone who neither knew what was wrong, but the problem continued. The stool started to come out flat and in small pieces.

When I came back I gave again homeopathic medicines, this time for prolapsed rectum. It helped nothing. Next to try was cancer medicines. Why I didn’t take the dog to veterinary doctor, in order to get diagnoses, was that I thought the dog would become mad if I tried to restrict it, or put in car and as well try to bite the vet doctor. I even tried to put the neck band, but it managed to escape every time when I almost got it tightened.
Anyhow finally when I got translator to help, we went to talk with a vet doctor. He gave antibiotics straight a way and came after two days to see the dog. As he seem to speak some English, I was now took the dog downstairs next to boiler room, and hoped the vet doctor knows how to get the dog examined. Surprisingly the dog was not barking even, but was curious about him. After some struggle by me to keep it in one place, the vet managed to bind a rope around its nose and head.
During examination I asked him if it is the glands, as now I had finally come across the anal gland problems, that dogs often have. He answered just “hmmm” which could mean anything, or he didn’t understand my question, or he didn’t know yet, or he thought it is the anal glands.

He gave one injection and left me with three more injection files to be given every second day and antibiotics, which I had to continue giving daily. I thought to go this time along with allopathic treatment. Within second day a neighbor came to help me to get the injection given. After that the dog’s glands seem to become more swollen, so much so that one could see them bulging externally. On next day, christmas eve, the dog tried whole day desperately to make stool, but nothing came out. It was now whining constantly quietly even when not trying to make stool. Otherwise also it was very restless and hot.
I gave about 10-15 plums and magnesium powder mixed with sausage as I was thinking if it would get diarrhoea the stool would come more easily. Nothing happened so in the evening I finally decided to solve the problem with homeopathics. I gave first three times Belladonna 30 within one hour and it helped a bit as something smelly gas was coming out. The dog became also more relaxed and the heat was gone.

But as still no stool after two hours, I gave Baryta Carbonica and Mur both 30, and still Kali-Iod 30. After about hour I gave same as 200 potencies. I have learned to give easily many medicines in emergency situations, as something might help, and often it is the combination that helps - and the ones not helping doesn’t also cause much harm.
Then the miracle happened the stools started coming out. I could go finally to sleep at four a clock. Today at Christmas day, I took the dog for a walk and he made stool quite easily, although still whining. The anus side don’t look anymore swollen at all, except when he does the stool anus sides still bulge out for a while. He is also now more active running after some creatures that seems to live in our hay barn, likely rats. I gave once more Bar c and m and K-iod, and in the evening some Merc, Sulph and Arsenicum, all in 200s. I don’t believe “one medicine at time” policy in every case, although in some clear cases one medicine can do miracles also.

The problem is not yet totally solved, but I hope soon it will be normal again. I have managed most of our dog’s problems with homeopathics. Most difficult is to get the diagnoses done, as I’m not any doctor. Also dogs don’t speak (much) so it makes even more difficult to guess what they feel or experience.

I have no camera myself, but here is very similar looking dog from Ariana Prestes,

If you have a dog, and need to know more about anal gland problems, see this christmas video

Update 3rd Jan; doggie is much better now, but on the other side of anus the gland is still a bit swollen.

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Didi Annapurna

Update. Our dog died finally on Jan 7th 2018. It served us all those years by guarding the house. I feel gratitude for that. How it happened was that its hind legs got paralyzed on fourth of Jan. I kept it in the basement and stayed myself often there during two days. It didn't eat, nor moved much. On seventh morning sun was shining so I took it in a baby washing tube to the door in the sunshine. It started then coughing and soon died. 

Why I didn't ask vet doctor to give a shot for easier death, was because as far as I know our Guru didn't recommend killing animals, although they were sick. I think they also need to finish their karma otherwise it has to be faced again in next life.

Now I still have a female dog, who is now even more lonely, so I have to help it to find the rats, and go for running after birds, and even barking the visitors!!! We also continue to do meditation as we all have used to do every evening for years in the basement or outside.

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Not Only Bad News, but Good News!


I had forgotten to publish these news, but here comes a bit late, but still fresh

Quantum Santa Claus in the News. Scientists are finally able to explain how Santa Claus manages the Christmas Eve! UK physicist explains; Santa and his reindeer zoom around the world at such a speed that – according to relativity theory – they shrink, enabling Father Christmas to fit down chimneys. Such speed makes him also invisible for kids to see, Read more And Santa Claus caught on video, a real proof he exists!!!       


Finnish VTT scientist Lauri Reuter’s 3D-printed magic pot is growing healthy food from plant cells within a week. According Lauri this home appliance CellPod will offer soon consumers exciting way of producing local food in their own homes, and it will reduce poverty from the world. His team is now researching how to make food from the thin air, similar way than Keshe claims to be producing already.



“I work so that you could be happy” – Putin joking with young people, Zero Hedge makes up story that Putin Lashes Out At Obama: “Show Some Proof Or Shut Up” – meaning claims of him hacking US presidential election. By the way Putin got solved the territorial dispute with Japan, although he refused to accept their second ‘bribe dog’. The first gift Yume dog was given 2 years earlier, now barking Japanese journalists, ‘She is being a guard dog’ – Putin jokes,

Putin Ranks At Top Of Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people, for the third consecutive year. Donald Trump second, Merkel third and PM Modi ninth.

Trump’s Disciple Suddenly Shows Up In Russia, but Russia sources say he is just on his own business trip. Kanye West seems to have recovered, although confused, after mental hospital trip. Perhaps searching protection from Trump, who advertised Kanye to the press simply: ‘A Good Man’,

Someone comments; but..I thought trump was racist. why would he hug and have a meeting with a black man…jeesh, Then Bill Gates advertises Trump; Trump, the new JFK will unite country through innovation.

While McCain Freaks Out Over Putin & Trump, ( Patrick Bellringer comments Fulford’s claim; (Putin’s clone to be eliminated) ‘Putin, having shown his high standard of ethics, values and morals… We pray for his protection, for he stands today as our world’s greatest statesman…’

Aleppo is free after 5 years of hell, but depends on which side you are, And Let women drive says Saudi prince finally. Michelle Obama Reads stories at Children’s National Medical Center,


Earth dust is cosmic. Tiny particles dating back to the birth of the solar system have been discovered on rooftops in Paris, Oslo and Berlin.

Space X is ready for liftoff again, better luck, Space X wants to speed up Earth with 200 times faster internet,


Avoiding spiritual struggles and existential questions is linked with poorer mental health. And Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits. Even Scientists say time travel is possible, Archangel Michael; reincarnation is going to be hot topic at the beginning of the year, Have We Found The Fifth Force Of Nature?


Buzz Aldrin wants to tell about the moon, Mars, and mysteries of Antarctica. There was a mission (Kerry, Buzz etc) to explore the Antarctic base, recently abandoned by the Nordics. Buzz’s tweet, “We are all in danger. It is evil itself” was warning about the Nordic’s free energy solutions going into the wrong hands. More details, Bill O’Reilly Stepping Down Will Help With Disclousure,


Our cousins, Neanderthals built complex structures and hunted mammoths with tools. Ritualistic signs in findings make scientist to consider, Neanderthals were religious. For example in Uzbekistan, Neanderthal child was buried and encircled by goat horns.

Found 2,000 years old lead tablets about Jesus. According David Elkington, they show that Jesus was not starting a new religion, but restoring ‘a thousand-year-old tradition from the time of King David.’ The researchers write that the samples, ‘does not show radioactivity that is typically seen in modern lead samples’ but shows ‘decay within the metal oxidising and breaking down at atomic level’,

Queen Nefertari’s mummified knees found?…content=202805. As little as 6,000 years ago, the vast Sahara Desert was covered with rainy grassland. (Indian Sarkar has said it was once even under water),


Teenager built Africa’s first-ever private satellite. In May 2017, S-Africa will launch this private satellite into space to monitor shifting weather conditions. This satellite was built by 14 girls, as part of a high school science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) camp.

Norway has 100,000 electric cars on the road, the world’s highest number per capita, which save 200,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Plan is to increase to 400,000 in three years. (more) Solar car powers Your House When It’s Parked,…source=.


Neil Keenan advertises Bio-resonance system. Video One and Video Two. (I have personally gone through several check ups with it in nineteens. It was amazing, as it found even the smallest damage on my elbow, my childhood sicknesses, etc, without me having told in advance anything to the operator. Anyhow he couldn’t give properly the treatments, but it helped me to be able to recover with homeopathics by myself, DA),

Cute Baby Giraffe Born at Iowa Zoo

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Father Frost Happy with Russian President Putin

When we speak about people, lets not forget that humans are more or less both, good and bad – although seems like there is indeed “double” Putins. While the anarchists in Finland arrange their annual festival Father Frost against “nasty Putin”, the Finnish Father Christmas and the Russian Father Frost met to hug each other in Finnish – Russian border, wishing for both countries peace and friendship ― obviously inspired by “better Putin’s” effort to build world peace. I think we all are a bit doubles!

Finnish Father Christmas and Russian Father Frost met in Finnish – Russian border

A bit Putin’s history from 1992: Volodya Shestakov and Sharon Tennison, Center for Citizen Initiatives, met a ‘nondescript man in a brown suit’ in St. Petersburg. After the visit, Sharon tells; ‘I said to my colleague, “Volodya, this is the first time we have ever dealt with a Soviet bureaucrat who didn’t ask us for a trip to the US or something valuable!” He was Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’.

In 1999, the same Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin took over Russia. Sharon tells; ‘It was clear to me that he would never have the instincts or guts to tackle Russia’s overriding challenges. But almost immediately, Putin began putting Russia’s oligarchs on edge. Putin gave them his deal: They could keep their illegally-gained Soviet enterprises and would not be nationalized…. if taxes were paid and if they stayed out of politics.

In March 2000 my Russian friend since 1983 told; “I went to school with him!” My friend began to describe Putin as a quiet, poor youngster, fond of martial arts, who stood up for kids being bullied. She told; ‘As a president he would first let the criminals in Kremlin know that he is watching, and then put them in prison’. In St. Petersburg’s many CCI associates were being interviewed, “so what do you think of your new president?” Most answered similarly, Putin had registered their business, but he didn’t take any bribes.

Another Sharon’s friend a CSIS officer worked closely with Putin during the 1990s. He had no questionable dealings with Putin. Unidentified, U.S. official working closely with Putin, told there was never any hint of bribery, but respectable behavior and helpfulness. In 2013, State Department official stated, “No one has ever been able to come up with a bribery charge against Putin.” Sharon feels amazing how much progress Russia has made in the past 14 years.          …………..

Recently Putin sent kindly Stalin’s speeches to Finnish President Niinistö

Soviet Union had lost already one war against Finnish people, before Stalin started invasion of Finland in Nov 1939, called The Winter War (3 months after the outbreak of WWII). The Soviets claimed parts of Finnish territory in exchange for land elsewhere. Finland refused. The Soviets had three times more soldiers, thirty times more aircraft, and a hundred times more tanks than Finns. Finland repelled Soviet attacks for several months, but on March 1940 Soviets conquered 11% of Finland and 13% of its economy. Anyhow the heavy losses of Russian army made Hitler to believe that the Soviet Union would be easy to conquer.

So recently Putin sent to Niinistö the archived papers of Stalin´s speeches from April 1940, where Stalin analyses the Winter War to listening Russian officials. However Putin had censored (as he told in advance) some texts from those documents. Finnish Iltalehti newspaper with professor Manninen analysed these censored speeches comparing them to the copies of Stalin’s original speeches, received in Finland already in 1996, which Putin obviously wasn’t aware.

Professor Manninen says that the texts which Putin had censored are about Stalin’s two alternative demands – either Finns agree to the border changes, or will be smashed. Missing is also – how Stalin blamed himself and his troops, which were unprepared to the war – as if ‘going to picnic trip´. Some of the Soviet leaders also commented to Stalin of having envied Finland.

However Putin had included the text according which Stalin explained that he started the war purposely in the beginning of WWII in order to secure Leningrad, even with at a risk, as Russia was not ready for the war. Stalin still stated that if it was not done that time, the land exchange could have taken place perhaps only after twenty years. (!)

The (Putin’s) papers included Stalin’s negative comments about Finnish army – ‘hiding behind stones and hopelessly old-fashioned. Once or twice successful, but no more third time (Finland won once before).’ For Stalin losses in Finland was a minor thing. He was just happy of the land gain, and that they learned European style of strategy. Source,               ..…………….

Bulgarian sage Vanga predicted; Russia The World’s Only Superpower. “Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world.

Through Russia”, Cayce said “comes the hope of the world”. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”

Many psychics and friends of aliens say Pleiadians are helping Putin, although may be he is not aware it even, while Corey Goode and Simon Parkes; Putin meets off world races.…ce2d

Putin as friend, And Hero; And Master; And Putin the best; And hitler; But

A bit news, Russia delivered over 40 metric tonnes of gifts to the children of Syria, In a Sunday interview with the CBS, Kissinger called Russian President Putin a “cold calculator of the Russian national interest, as he conceives it.”   

Putin did not rule out that inflation in 2016 will amount to 5.8%, which is the lowest level in a quarter century. Putin has given a positive assessment of their cabinet’s work in 2016. Putin told Iranian Rouhani, to work together resolution for the Syria crisis as soon as possible.

 Recently Putin got solved the territorial dispute with Japan, although he refused to accept their second ‘bribe dog’. The first gift Yume dog was given 2 years earlier, now barking Japanese journalists, ‘She is being a guard dog’ – Putin jokes,

Vladimir Putin’s popularity scyrocketed among USA Republicans – 37 % say they view him favourably – ab 3 times more than feel happy about Obama. And Putin Ranks At Top Of Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people, for the third consecutive year.

Also sad news, Turkey-Russian ambassador shot in back. The gunman, former Erdogan policeman, shouted “Do not forget Aleppo!” The shooting occurred a day before diplomats from Turkey, Iran and Russia will meet in Moscow to discuss the situation in Aleppo. Putin comments, Russian ambassador’s murder provocation aimed at undermining Syria peace process. Al Jazeera, This will bring Turkey and Russia closer together,

Dec 9.2016, “I work so that you could be happy” – Putin joking with young people

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..but Stalin died.


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Yogi Christmas and New Year

My mind is not letting me to forget one small happening that made for me kind of christmas last year. Hoping that the one unknown traveler also and others like minded, would happen to read this... kind of offering of my deep gratitude. The story goes like this:

It is wintertime and I'm staying all alone in the middle of nowhere in Poland. Day before the Christmas eve I had spend most of the night on computer and eventually couldn't sleep at all that night. I did my morning meditation and during that time it came to my mind that it is Christmas time, and although I don't know if the dogs care much about religious events, they would certainly be happy to eat something special. Myself I eat just vegetables and grains etc simple - and may be peanut butter or something, and that's it, so I don't care much about shopping. So I decided to go to city that afternoon and buy some “delights” for the dogs.

During the daytime I started to feel sleepy and sick, but anyhow prepared myself and then walked half kilometer to the main road for waiting a bus, but it never came. A taxi driver passing to other direction stopped and I could understand that much from his Polish that the bus is not coming. Only then I realized indeed it was school holiday. 

I thought of hitch-hiking, but I knew usually it took me hours to wait for some car to pick me up. Obviously my trolley bag didn't inspire anyone to stop, neither my orange yogi clothes in heavily catholic country. I felt so awful and shaky that I couldn't think of waiting for hours. Mentally I told to my Guru; 'if you want our dogs to get some special christmas meal, then you may help me. If nobody picks me up in one hour, then I can't wait more, and our dogs will not get their christmas...' and on and on.

Almost immediately one car picked me up. Luckily the couple were from England, so I was happy that I could speak English with them. The driver asked where I was going, so I mentioned that I wanted to buy some christmas food for our dogs and may be some other things as well, because it was not easy for me to go shopping during holiday and winter time.

I didn't tell him anything about my shaky condition, but after asking me which shop I would go, he told that he will come to pick me up when I finished my shopping. He gave me one hour time, so I happily managed to buy all possible food stuff for the dogs; sausages, snacks, cheese etc. Besides I bought some food for myself and also for the members of our organization who come occasionally to take care of the house or visit. 

I didn't see the English couple before I was paying my goods, only then the driver appeared and carried my things to their car. He was a bit concerned in which condition the road up to our house would be, but he drove me home where the dogs were happily waiting. When he had made sure that I got door lock open, and still asked if everything was OK now, I just felt like tears starting to rise up on my eyes. 

I gave my deep Namaskar, which means; I greet the divinity within you with all my heart, all my mind and all my soul – and I really meant that. After they left I went with the dogs downstairs into warm central heating room and filled their cups with all sorts of “delicacies” and enjoyed by watching them eating. That would have been my christmas present...if I would celebrate the Christmas.

I got also my New Year present, when I struggled to go with one taxi, two buses and one car over the border to neighboring country. One family invited me there together with 75 year old yogi nun from Russia. We did about 5 hours mantra singing and more than 5 hours collective meditations during those two days. Two children of the family joined half of the time us and the baby made the days joyful with her smiling face. I always feel like babies can read a bit our minds, and they do remember their past lives too during some of their first years. It was also nice to hear others' spiritual experiences, cook and eat together, watch thousands of fire crackers zooming on the sky etc. 

The old yogi nun wanted to go parachuting with the family dad, who is a professional, but luckily we other woman folks got her to give up the idea as it was too cold, more than minus 10. She has done it several times before, but now she had just chance to make others to play mysterious games instead. On second Jan I came back to our warm house which was taken care during my absence by one kindly member.

Would you like to give a Christmas present (without giving any money) through AMURT Italy for relief projects around the world?

Here you have opportunity to practically help our projects just by taking few minutes of your time, and voting. Each vote will help our projects euro 2.30. The UniCredit Bank of Italy gives out total amount of Euro 200,000 and this voting ends on 16th January 2017. Here is a step-by-step instruction how to vote either via Email or Facebook.

You may see my article here about AMURT Italy relief work in earthquake hit area in Italy itself. Italy Earthquake; Tent Villages, Dog Rescued After 9 Days 

Video; Santa Claus Helps The Homeless: Christmas Miracle

'Can You Help Me?' Terminally Ill 5-Year-Old Asks Santa

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We Humans are Fortunate to Have Human Body

Psychic clash enables humans to make rapid psychic progress in the evolutionary process. Also when undeveloped mind comes in contact with developed mind it further accelerates the rate of psychic progress. Thus human beings should also avoid bad company. Even a pet dog is benefiting from the psychic clash resulting from its contact with human beings. Cows, horses, dogs and monkeys, living in contact with human beings, get scope to be reborn as human beings.

Clash and cohesion caused by the natural environment brought about the evolutionary change in human beings. One branch of primitive humans made significant advances in knowledge and intellect. These humans felt that they were something new, something different from other species. As the final stage of creation, they had unit consciousness reflected within completely, with the yarning to return to the Cosmic Consciousness.

Human brains compared to animals

Animals are mostly guided by natural instincts, physical needs and comforts, although dog can feel the pains and pleasures of its master. Dogs and monkeys can see also dreams. The speciality of human beings is that they are endowed with rationality, but if one becomes extremely materialistic – one’s intellect, rationality and conscience are all lost. Human beings have to be aware and move forward, internally keeping pace with the cosmic, divine flow. Besides human beings alone have the capacity to do service – to give and not to take.

Most human being wants psychic pleasures - to do something new. These things cannot be done by developed animals. Also if you call a dog, with an abusive name, it remains indifferent, but psychic beings, such as human beings get angry if you insult them. People who constantly run after crude physical enjoyment are no better than animals.

After their death all animals reincarnate in higher bodies of developed creatures, but humans can fall down. If one does not endeavour for the upliftment of his or her self, then one is bound to move downward, because movement is essential.

A monkey is a more developed animal than a dog or a cow, but as it does not live with humans, the speed of its development is less. A dog may experience a tremendous intellectual growth in contact with human being, and be reborn as a human being, bypassing the stage of a monkey.

Human beings have only one piece of tail bone inside their bodies, but the tailless apes have more than one. Erect human beings can perform meditation very well because all the five controlling points of the fundamental factors (cakras?) fall on a straight line, while tailless apes have curve at the end and require much more effort in order to meditate.

In the future, monkeys and dogs by learning from their human masters, will certainly acquire the potentiality to realize God. We should never threat them badly – and we sould never eat meat – but love each and every living being.

Dogs Doing Yoga

We must pay more attention to those people who have not entirely lost their human sense. If they continue to allow mean thoughts to dominate their minds, they will degenerate to the even cruder stage of inert matter, becoming bricks, stone or wood in next life. If we fail to elevate them, our social system will be futile. Spiritual initiation and education will bring about mental development in those who have degenerated to the level of animality.

Even those whom society respects as intelligent, may in reality be “polished satans”, or what the scriptures call “demons”. Our modern society is full of such people. They talk about universalism like parrots. They merely dedicate themselves to the deception of the human race as they strive to serve their petty self-interests by any means, fair or foul.

There should be specific psychic training centres in various places in the world, – not only for human beings but for all living beings. Teaching how to transmute, how to divert different psychic pabula.

We must avoid telepathy or clairvoyance which originate on the psychic plane. However, due to blending of the psychic and spiritual planes, subtler form of telepathy, clairvoyance exist. Other supra-occult powers such as omniscience exist only in the pure spiritual stratum, but there is no need to acquire such occult powers, one should only desire to be one with the Supreme.

In the gradual process of evolution we can observe that the crude physicality of creatures is being converted into subtlety – their physical strength is fast being metamorphosed into psychic vitality. This will be true of plants also. In this way the whole universe will gradually become predominantly mental. All the ectoplasmic and endoplasmic potentialities of the entire creation are fast being converted into psychic potentialities.

Human beings will gradually become totally transformed into completely different creatures: their psychic development will greatly increase, and they will engage themselves in the pursuit of higher knowledge and more and more psycho-spiritual pursuits. – Exerpts short cut and edited from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s talks.

Only human beings can say, ’I know, I exist’. Now, what I’m hearing, as if someone is whispering; ’We ETs also exist, and are fortunate to have 5D alien body!’

Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits
Avoiding spiritual struggles and existential questions is linked with poorer mental health

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Artist and Yogi Bears…
Galloping jump from evolutionary night to dawning light
The Future Human ET
Meditation Fast Forward Towards Ascension

Meditation Fast Forward Towards Ascension

Many spiritual minded people and so called starseeds believe that the ascension process into fourth or fifth dimension doesn’t need any prepping. They think it is enough as they are getting help from their guides, ETs and angels, but actually personal effort could greatly add to the speed of ones progress. Commonly mother earth and humanity is riding on the wave of spiritual upliftment, but person’s speed depends on how one rides the boat.

Sadhguru explains simple way how meditation makes difference?

Human being can develop oneself on the three areas, physical, mental and spiritual. The progress in any of these areas depends on the progress of each area, thus yoga postures, healthy life style and spiritual practises matter equally. In the past yogis struggled tremendously to achieve enlightenment. At present time it is much more easier due to higher vibration commonly, and as many people are having the same higher goal and attitude of service in their lives.

Yoga asanas have effect on human glands by balancing their secretions, and thus asanas balance even the human psyche. Healthy lifestyle and a bit self discipline add to the all round wellness. Besides good company and positive thinking are helpful to the mind.

Meditation can be highly beneficial or just a simple effort to calm down the thinking process. Teacher and good meditation system can make meditation sessions enjoyable, change the life profoundly, and eventually aid speedily to final self realization.

The positive ‘side effects’ of meditation - when people take it seriously – increase their capacity to enjoy simple things and understand and help different kind of people – while interest for materialism and using addictive things decrease.

Ascension is thought to be rather about gaining psychic and occult abilities, and astral travelling skills, but I think those are too much emphasized. Many also wander if we loose physical body while ascending to fifth dimension – and will those who don’t want to ascend die? They will certainly die natural death although a bit earlier if living in a negative state while the vibration is high.

All the dimensions will still exist on earth, inhabited by humans, animals, plants and rocks, but the population may decrease as many human beings loose their interest for reproduction. Animals and plants advance also forward, and the day may come in the future, when animals are able to practise even meditation.

Everyone is eventually ascending, only the speed depends on each individual. We are here to learn after all. One should take care of ones speed, and help also others to increase their speed of spiritual movement.

This short movie is based on the real happenings for meditating family

The Scientific Power of Meditation,

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Ascending Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Yogi Kids
No More Depression – It’s Time for Awakening
A bit Asceticism Makes the Day – Proves also Science
The Future Human ET

maanantai 5. joulukuuta 2016

ET Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

ETs say that humans have free will and nobody knows what they are going to do next, but ETs can predict probabilities better than humans themselves. Sometimes it seems though they predict only for the reason that we could avoid some possible negative outcome, or that we could call in a positive timeline. In any case use your own discernment as also some channelers skills might not be enough developed to forward accurate ET messages.

Men in Black (ET) predictions for 2017; AI (artificial intelligence) is going to increase to your benefit, will make you lazier. Bumpy economics next year, but no economic crash. Pleiadians are allowed to influence humans, but you will see them only, when you learn to love each other. The more you connect to ETs, the more quickly disclosure will happen. Spiritual guides will help your awakening. Sceptics have to eat their own a…s. You will become more happy and less angry. You are excellent…other worlds they don’t need to go through all this s..t – screwed up, sprayed by chemtrails, on and on…due to that – and reptilian influence – stress level is high. Ivan Teller,

Kryon ET – 2015/16/17. Profound changes in main stream news. You push now against energy, family and religion, but during new paradigm you don’t need to push. While you still have tendency to push, if there is resistance stop pushing, and try again different way next week. The door will open as you will get help and succeed. You will gain tolerance, compassion. You may not want to shift – and you have right for that, but why would you do that? You want to see whole message


World Predictions by Brad Johnson; 2017 is year of discussion and changing governments. US and Russia smoothing relations. No any war allowed by ETs, or they will sow up more. ESA declassifying UFO documents. World wide tribunals of shadow elites, datadumps from EU and Asia.
Mass sighting, spring time possibly like fenix lights, by Yahuel ETs. New education and energy solutions esp in India, UK, Holland, Spain, Russia. Fluctuations in global economics, and weather. Haarp expose possible. Sun energy increasing. Better understanding; plasma, consciousness, levitation. Channeling and contacts with ETs increase. Moving to 4 th density. June – July, telepathic broadcasts with ETs. Energetic change 2016-2024,

More from Sirian by Brad for 2016 – 2024. Lies of corrupt leaders can’t anymore hold people. New world currency, but corruption has to be weeded. Vegetarianism increase. Grassroot organizations will change the world. No WWIII, because vibration increased by Russia leadership. Develop yourself in order to overcome the shake up, ETs will help. More

Sirian ETs for 2017 by Ivan Teller; Power shift strugle in USA, opposition disrupting long time. Meditation is becoming a culture and entertainment. Global alliance based on friendship, Russia bringing lots of positive energy on planning globally. Syria no solution any time soon. USA health care reorganisation into better. Earth changes. No global disclosure. Connecting to quides and ETs bring happiness. Much love, be good to yourself! More


2017 is year of scandals, one can’t hide anything. Indigos will end the old paradigm, religions, bad schooling, and Crystal kids will rebuild a new system. Technology development faster than humans can follow. More charity, communities coming together. Guides, angels love you, you are not alone. See more from Cheryl Lynn,

World Revolution 2017. Fall out of old paradigms, including religious and dogmatic beliefs. People will suddenly realize they have destroyed themselves with GMO foods, as rats have tipping point in 3rd generation, can’t reproduce. Humans will learn the power of mind. People are afraid of economic crash, but awakened people are able to change things rapidly. Predictions made on 03/22/15, Media scandals, big lies, world religions credibility greatly reduced. Putin or pope might do disclosure. From Barbara Marciniak, and

From Pleaidian & Reptilian - ET Whisperer. Trump not in the dark old paradigm politics, people had desire for change. Huge shift, world will see that people’s word matter,

Pleiadian council, The New Law of Karma. Much collective karma of humanity will be burned in next few years. This release allows to raise human frequency collectively. Act unitedly. From Micheila Sheldan For the U.S; The change will happen only from bottom up, so it will not matter who is the president, From Wendy Kennedy,

Pleaidian Prophecy to The New Golden Age. Global economic collapse 50 % chance, then stability and equality will be reached between 2024-2028. Robot revolution in 2022 similar than earlier industrial revolution. Peaceful solution to war is to disarm enemy. 2027 no more wars and terrorism. Animals are now more psychic, but human intuition/instinct will increase, then all creatures same level with mother earth. Amazon link:

Pleadians for 2017 by Ivan Teller. Pumpy ride next year. Around June lots of disruptions in Middle-East. ISIS gearing up due to fear of being wiped out. Jerusalem and Jewish cities targeted – Sirians, Reptilians involved and also USA transitioning reason for skirmishes, but not in USA itself, except political system shaking. Peace efforts by Russian alliance, but Russia is forced to participate on military confrontations. No world war, although shadow elites try, nothing to worry.

Shake ups as younger generation taking over Bilderberg etc round table groups. Retailers go to net. More digital money, but no chips, humans are protected. People are tired to chaos, hostilities, so they go into inner healing, awakening, spirituality during 4 years, but some go more down into “black Friday”. ETs are not going to land anytime soon, but spiritual people coming more in contact with ET energies. On video 1.04.50,


11th Dimensional Beings. 2018 new systems implemented on to the human energetic force. 2019 ET&UFO first contact summit, and bureaucrats wrong doings exposed. 2020 everything will be restored. 2021 Massive contact operation, and free energy etc – new ET technology revealed to humanity. From Marina Jacobi,

Alien attack is not possible as it will be stopped in five minutes by good ETs. Different ETs councils will meet earth governments on 21 Dec 2016. Trump is expected to participate, but has fear of aliens. Clinton will be there. Discussion topics: first contact and governments dealing with ETs. Trump had humbling meeting with Obama, heard many frightening things related to presidency. Trump will be nominated the president. When light energy increases on earth the evils can no more control. From Hucolo,

Lyran ET for year 2017; shift to more positivity. Many therapists are becoming aware that some patients has connection to ETs or get healing. Some hostilities by Annunnaki, but nothing to worry about. New technologies will make people depressed (materialism, loosing jobs etc), but due to that many are going into meditation. Connecting to moon and sun energies makes you more universal. AI is nothing to worry about, it will eventually become part of your life. Much protection around you. Positive secret government bringing new ET technologies. Many people worry economics, but economics are becoming better although going up and down. When your society heals, the politicians will also become more positive and friendly. Unexpected surprises in USA also regarding ETs. Ivan Teller,

Arcturian ET predictions for 2017; Economy unstable, but next year this time economics better. People awakening into spiritual, getting to know oneself, see higher vibrations, more joy, less fears. Humans become more conscious of their guides helping them, because of turmoil and depression. Media will take more positive outlook, and also acknowledge ETs, as they see that nobody believes them anymore. Ivan Teller

Trump wants NASA to find aliens, not to spend money to going Mars. Trump to NASA: ‘Stop looking at Mars, I want you to find ALIENS’ and

Darryl Anka; Bashar – World Predictions 2016 – 2017. Global economic collapse will likely began in Greece and China. A new economic system will allow greater abundance for all. Likely new environmental ways of thinking. The Phoenix lights will reappear. Official governmental disclosure of ETs from an unexpected source, (once he said by NASA 98 % probability?). 

Ashtar Command Future Predictions 2017 2018 2019, (notice there are so many fake Ashtars, DA)

Lars “the future ET”. The shift will be completed by 2021. People who have reached fifth dimension can leave body and astral travel. Wars no more as vibration so high, people overwhelmed with love. Those who don’t ascend to 5D, after they die, they move to other 3D planets. Natural reduction of population due to lost interest for reproduction. Hank Jones session.


Trump has previous Playadian and Reptilian life times, and is having both sides; negativity and positivity. He brings people together, but indulge women and riches too. Father helping Trump from other side to change the world. Wars will eventually cease, but some try to bring destruction. EU, Russia and people commonly don’t want war anymore. Many living longer, not knowing what to do with it. Humanity is trying now hard to find oneself, and to be more united, happy. Meditation brings transformation of life – into family and society. Ask assistance from guides, angels. Prime Creator by Ivan Teller, ET channeler,

According Mr. chase, (book of revelation and Nostradamus), the alien attack will be in 2017. Jesus-Led Aliens to Invade Earth on 2017, Conspiracy Theorist …Steven Greer thinks Trump may disclose ETs. You may want to see also Meaning of The Economist 2017 Cover, Web bot, and

Cosmic brotherhood, Ever since the beginning of civilization, human beings have been struggling for unity and expansion. Individualism was prevailing in stone age, but later on human beings formed clans and tribal villages. At present, countries are bonding with each other. Due to technological advancement our search for unity is culminating towards friendship with interplanetary beings, bringing us eventually into the age of cosmic brotherhood. But according to P. R Sarkar our full participation on cosmic brotherhood is not possible until some basic factors are achieved: common philosophy of life, global constitutional structure, common penal code and the fulfillment of basic necessities for all.

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Predictions about the Bright Future of Humanity
Me too, I looked at the Crystal Ball for 2016, otherwise ok, but H Clinton deceived me! Heh heh!
ETs, Animals and Psychics – All predict for 2016