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Meditation Fast Forward Towards Ascension

Many spiritual minded people and so called starseeds believe that the ascension process into fourth or fifth dimension doesn’t need any prepping. They think it is enough as they are getting help from their guides, ETs and angels, but actually personal effort could greatly add to the speed of ones progress. Commonly mother earth and humanity is riding on the wave of spiritual upliftment, but person’s speed depends on how one rides the boat.

Sadhguru explains simple way how meditation makes difference?

Human being can develop oneself on the three areas, physical, mental and spiritual. The progress in any of these areas depends on the progress of each area, thus yoga postures, healthy life style and spiritual practises matter equally. In the past yogis struggled tremendously to achieve enlightenment. At present time it is much more easier due to higher vibration commonly, and as many people are having the same higher goal and attitude of service in their lives.

Yoga asanas have effect on human glands by balancing their secretions, and thus asanas balance even the human psyche. Healthy lifestyle and a bit self discipline add to the all round wellness. Besides good company and positive thinking are helpful to the mind.

Meditation can be highly beneficial or just a simple effort to calm down the thinking process. Teacher and good meditation system can make meditation sessions enjoyable, change the life profoundly, and eventually aid speedily to final self realization.

The positive ‘side effects’ of meditation - when people take it seriously – increase their capacity to enjoy simple things and understand and help different kind of people – while interest for materialism and using addictive things decrease.

Ascension is thought to be rather about gaining psychic and occult abilities, and astral travelling skills, but I think those are too much emphasized. Many also wander if we loose physical body while ascending to fifth dimension – and will those who don’t want to ascend die? They will certainly die natural death although a bit earlier if living in a negative state while the vibration is high.

All the dimensions will still exist on earth, inhabited by humans, animals, plants and rocks, but the population may decrease as many human beings loose their interest for reproduction. Animals and plants advance also forward, and the day may come in the future, when animals are able to practise even meditation.

Everyone is eventually ascending, only the speed depends on each individual. We are here to learn after all. One should take care of ones speed, and help also others to increase their speed of spiritual movement.

This short movie is based on the real happenings for meditating family

The Scientific Power of Meditation,

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