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Ascending Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Yogi Kids

Nobody talks about Yogi children, but there are many assertions about Indigo children been born on the earth since seventies. Indigos seem to be labelled often as ADHD cases, due to short attention span and speedy actions. Many of them have fallen also to antisocial, and even suicidal behaviour, as they have difficulties to adjust on earth’s lower vibration, due to having lived their past lives on other planets. Anyhow with their rebelliousness they have caused revolutionary changes on thinking and on the society commonly.

Crystal Child (Indigo?) with learning disabilities

Telepathic, creative Crystal children seems to have started reincarnate around millennium and are having more interest on supernatural. Being more easy going, they are able to adjust better – if not getting engaged with alcohol or drugs – and bring new ideas in a more positive ways. There is said to exist still also rainbow children, born recently with huge load of wisdom, happiness and positivity.

Small Crystal Child and her past life on Saturn

I don’t have much experience with these children, but I do have come to know many Yogi children. They are kids whose parents have been practising meditation and yoga regularly in one or two generations. These parents are also lacto-vegetarians, using mostly natural treatments and having simple life style.

Yoga Kids Presentation

These children learn basic meditation and yoga practises at home, and most of them also participate daily on family meditation and asana sessions – at least somewhat. Besides they attend local collective weekly meditations and retreats. Like other new age children, they seem to be very creative, fast in their actions, and having positive attitude. When observing them, I’m surprised to see how they seem to be aware of every moment and everything going on around them. They seem to be somewhat telepathic, relaxed, independent and joyful.

Two Year Old Yoga Teacher

In the school mostly they are loved due to their helping and happy nature, but they also get bullied easily by some jealous children. Anyhow they have skills to overcome it with ease, and some other children often protect them. Mostly they succeed in school very well, and are often the ones inspiring teachers and inventing new ideas.

They don’t seem to have much attachment to computers, mobiles or food. When they become older, they may skip family meditation sessions, and start practising alone or leave it for some years. I have seen also some amazing cases. One ten year old boy practises meditation two hours or more daily, until parents interrupt him when it is time for eating, sleeping or other duties. Another teenager is serving everyone constantly, and practises meditation very sincerely. One five year old girl may listen mantra music for hours. Some do also have amazing spiritual experiences and memories from their past lives.

Recently in Finland a collective meditation occasion was organized by two families. All the five children from five to seventeen years participated on the meditation session, and besides sang some spiritual songs, served the food and collected dishes away. These children’s parents arrange vegetarian lunch for them in the school, and even if someone tries to feed them meat, in most cases they refuse to eat it.

When they become older they may neglect the collective meditation sessions during retreats and spend the time with other youngsters. They love to practise dramas and make songs for the cultural programs, and have some adventures or discussions together.

They may experiment alcohol and drugs once or so, but they never seem to get addicted to drinking or smoking drugs and cigarettes. They use quite simple clothing and are not interested of make up. Sometimes they may rebel against parents or society, but they seldom seem to have any anger attached on it. As they are somewhat telepathic and clairvoyant, they seem to be often the ones to “educate” parents and teachers with their behaviour since childhood.

In the school as teenagers they might start to feel boredom on concentrating to study things that they don’t see valuable or enough realistic for them until they find motivating vocational or scientific studies.

These Yogi children have similarities to Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, but naturally they seem to be more healthy, grounded and balanced due to yoga and spiritual practises, and while having spiritual minded parents. Often I see also leadership qualities on them. They are the future pioneers and light bringers along the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children.

Students meditate at Taipei University, International Yoga Day

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