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PM Modi’s Service for India

Recent demonetization in India (ban of 500 and 1000 notes and depositing to bank account or converting to new notes) is done with intention to save the country from black money and corruption according Prime Minister Modi. ’Demonetization will cause inconvenience and hardship, but I believe, the nation will come out victorious from this test by fire. The whole country is with me to rid the country of black money,’ says Modi.

And indeed, when Modi arranged opinion poll for common people about demonetization, more than 90% respondents supported demonetization move,

Modi’s initiatives has been received with great appreciation also outside the country, but attacked by Indian opposition; Narendra Modi says that political leaders behind multi-crore chit fund scams are attacking now him.

Incredible chaos in front of bank, seems like India is not going to survive, but…

…but after all, this video explains how the real estate prises will go down and become affordable to common people

Sadhguru ab Modi’s move; Though these unprecedented steps may cause temporary difficulty to some, this strategically-planned surgery is necessary to set the nation on stable footing for the future economic blossoming. Sadguru mentions also bright future of India, (By the way he says ab business president Trump; ”now is the time to change the global image of America into a land of wellbeing, wealth and ideal ways of living, rather than a source of war”.)

Yogi Ramdev also have praised Modi’s effort, although thinking that Modi may face threat to his life from drug mafia, terrorists and economic offenders during this “historic” move. According Union Minister Naidu, the poor people look at PM Modi as “messiah” after his decision.

Bill Gates has said that Modi has made “bold move” which will deflate India’s shadow economy. Gates also praised Modi’s Aadhar Card effort (identification card for everyone) and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, which aims to provide affordable houses to all poor by the year 2022.

At this moment everything seems still just crazy. The biggest problem might be that only half of Indian population have bank account and identity card in order to deposit or convert their savings, and any over $500 deposit will have to be explained or one may get penalty. When over 90 percent of money transactions in India are cash, business is suffering. Some people are returning to barter system – which might be a good side effect after all.

Modi has promised to ease or mold the conditions regarding demonetization as per the convenience of the common people. Besides common problems this has caused great political cohesion in India. The Supreme Court on refused to stay the Modi government’s notification demonetizing… and is giving steps to be taken to ease inconvenience faced by citizens. And polls Show People Support Notes Ban,

Prior to the latest move Modi government raised millions through a tax amnesty allowing Indians to declare hidden income and assets. Washington-based Global Financial Integrity estimated that India lost $344 billion to illicit fund outflows between 2002 and 2011.

Modi’s ban of 500 and 1000 rupees explained in English

Digital banking option with mobile now recommended on Press Conference
All about demonetisation in the news

Nobody knows yet where this demonetization is going to end, but the best way Modi is doing service to the whole humanity is that he has initiated the yearly International Yoga Day, which brings different yogagroups together and inspires common folks to practice yoga, meditation and service. There are also voices that are concerned about Modi and his intentions commonly, one is Arundhati Roy,

PM Narendra Modi pitched for an All India Judicial Service, linking it with the inclusion of casteless Dalits and disadvantaged sections “in this system”.

Modi helping poor with housing, /india/2016/11/prime-minister-launches-housing-for-all-in-rural-areas-2449340.html. Nostradamus for India in 2014, Modi as PM,

Not everyone is service minded in India. I was once in a situation, when some man became unconscious in the street due to malaria, nobody helped him until I asked someone to call a taxi, which after getting payment took him to hospital. You may want to watch how nobody helps bleeding man to death on the street,

Macedonian Mother Theresa was needed to be as example in India, Mother Teresa found an order of nuns dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poor and was honored with a Nobel Prize in 1979. The order established in 1950 in Calcutta has grown to more than 4,000 members worldwide as of 2014. The order runs AIDS hospices, orphanages and charities throughout the world.

Amma, a simple village woman, had never guru nor studied the Vedas, yet she speaks with great wisdom and true insight and serves the poor. When the homeless come crying for shelter or the sorrowful crying for emotional solace she gives them care and love. And for those thirsty for spiritual knowledge she gives wisdom. We enjoy helping others – Amma;
Shiva propounded “self-realization and service to humanity.” Shrii Shrii Anandamurti emphasized also those principles to be practiced hand in hand. He has stated; ‘If you are successful in rendering selfless service to the world, certainly you will make progress in your spiritual life. With your spiritual force, with your intellectual force, with your physical force, you are to render selfless service to suffering humanity. In meditation also there must always be the feeling that you want to serve Him. If this is the feeling, immediately the mind gets concentrated.’

‘When you render service to anyone, you must mentally address Him with sincere devotion, “O Lord, you have appeared before me as a living being to offer this very precious opportunity of rendering service to You.” By maintaining such sentiments, conceit will not arise in you, nor will you be bound by the reactions of your actions’.

‘When you help someone, if you help him a great deal, then that fellow will become an invalid. You help him a little, then let him stand on his own, and he will automatically take up activities in his own spirit and with his own ideas.’
‘When you give, but do not take in return, it is termed as service. Selfless service is karma yoga, the only motivation for service is to promote the welfare of suffering people. Those who serve the poor in order to convert them in some way, or get their votes, are not the true benefactors of human society, but devious traders’.

‘From those who are physically, mentally and spiritually developed, society will take maximum spiritual service, less intellectual service and still less physical service. As far as social welfare is concerned, those endowed with spiritual power can render the greatest service, followed by those endowed with intellectual power. Those having physical power, though not negligible, cannot do anything by themselves. Whatever they do, they do under the instructions of those endowed with intellectual and spiritual power’.

‘At the beginning of the Vaeshya Age the vaeshyas (capitalists) use their money-making intellect both for social service and for accumulating money, but by the end of the Vaeshya Age they become irresponsible due to the intoxication of accumulation. They use their money-making intellect solely to exploit society’.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti was not happy also with those practicing meditation in the Himalayan caves without rendering any service to the human society. According him they should work among the common people and render spiritual service. Their plea that the world is unreal and simply taking food and drink from fellow human beings – those days should be gone forever.

‘And science should be just like art: science for service and beatitude. Science should always be utilized for the proper progress of human society. The real service is the service that you render to others for their spiritual upliftment. The spirit of service comes from the spirit of serving the Supra-Mental Entity.’
When I was recently in Finland I had so many experiences of others helping me, it was overwhelming and inspiring. Interestingly my Christian friend prayed after helping me; “Thank you God for giving me chance to help someone even today.”

And I still remember my poor home village in the middle of “nowhere” in Finland, where people used to help always each others in troubles, and in need. “Please take this”, “please don’t give me so much”, “how can I pay this back…” they used to plead.

I think humanity is commonly becoming more service minded now. One can just imagine how wonderful our world will be after some decades, when people rather want help others than take for themselves. The hunger and poverty will be gone and we will see grateful, smiling faces instead of careworn outlooks.

Edgar Cayce emphasizes constantly the importance of helping others, And Good health,

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