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News never end, nor tornados

Evidence of the Tall White Aliens; And here is the person who told about them at first place; The Tall Whites - ET Experiences; He also worked with aliens;

Channeling Pleiadian High Council;; They are talking ab rising of the colony of Atlantis unto the surface. They study on earth; make observations of the "Earth changes" and orchestrated disasters. They have held meetings with our cabal heads ab bringing peace to earth. and George Noory on CoastToCoastAMDisclosure about UFO's is actually in progress.

Urbansurvival web bot predictions; Major Earthquake, Solar Flare, Geomagnetic storm, Meteor, WW3, US False Flag and Martial Law watch!!! N asteroid threat. Back in last Oct we had a "shaking Moon" report...could be "Cosmic Bullet", Moon got smacked. May 26th we had a alignment of Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury. Possible major West Coaster/Pacific Northwest earthquake. New York unseasonable snowfall, like January re-run...Clif's main worry date; May 26 is safely over. Washington Examiner. This seems to be constant; Sky EXPLODES w/light!/Antarctica; Neumayer Station camera catches again crazy sky...

Mexico transitioning to the cell towers, why as the small antennas worked so well. Source; there are 220,000 cell phone towers in USA, and cause adverse effects. With computerized control you can get ALL towers in a region to focus their energy right where some evil bastard wants it (?) JimStoneFreelance, And

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn, 1000 acres.. Media Blackout Over Anti-Monsanto Protests. And The Protests are Working: New “Enlist” GMO Corn Delayed. Senators in US voted against a key GMO labeling bill. Facebook censors children rallying against GMOs? 2 Million People In 52 Countries March Against Monsanto.  And China Destroys 3 illegal US Shipments of GM Corn. “Harbin 115 kgs“: China Daily; the consumption of GM soybeans is already universal in China. Over 50 million tons in 2011 alone. Is tide turning? From GreenMedInfo.

Environmental Scientists Mallove, Mojica and Stang murdered after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animals. USAF Chemtrail Manual – Audios; And

Mind control and weather modification article; 935 LIES told by the Bush-Cheney Junta leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Tornado came out of nowhere, and in 16 minutes exploded into one of the most destructive? NBC: Obama Scandals “Take a Pause Because of Tornado; Political opportunists hijack natural disaster. 1975: Tornado Outbreaks Blamed On Global Cooling.

Some scientists believe we are nearing sixth mass extinction which could wipe out most life on Earth. Here are seven signs; 1. Earth Is Bubbling with Super Volcanoes. This super-volcano could blow any time. LIP, Siberian Traps, erupted 250 million years ago; “The Great Dying”, 95 percent of all life died. 2. Invasive Species. 3. Climate Change. 4. Ocean Acid levels. 5. Extinction now Higher Than Average Rate. 6. All the Megafauna entirely gone. 7. Amphibians Dying Out; frogs. Source: io9.

Greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide false, according to new data by NASA’s Langley Research Center. The vast majority of energy released from the sun during coronal mass ejection (CME) was reflected back up into space, blocked from entering lower atmosphere by CO2. The result was an overall cooling effect that completely contradicts claims made by NASA’s own climatology division that greenhouse gases are a cause of global warming.  This is huge embarrassment for NASA’s chief climatologist, Dr. James Hansen. Here NASA Saber study;

German Firms Flee to U.S. to Avoid Staggering “Green” Energy Costs. Merkel’s “renewable energy revolution” is killing the German economy. EU and China are debating the issue of solar panel dumping. Mystery ship spawned a website, "Where is Lyubov Orlova? It disappaired; located briefly in Febr. Secretly Drafted; Sandy Hook Details Would Remain Blocked.

Making change and peace; Sheriffs and peace officers will be meeting with like minded supporters for a national convention focused on one goal: restoring constitutional rule in the USA;
the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association meeting in St. Charles. Sheriff Mack says, the CSPOA will be the army to set our nation free... many Americans are searching for solutions, effective and peaceful. Sheriff Joe Arpaio KFYI Radio; federal government is going to have problem if they expect him to confiscate guns from private citizens. (But Judge rules office of 'America’s toughest sheriff' racially profiled Latinos).

May 1-11, 2013, International Peace Delegation going to Lebanon-Syria alongside with Nobel Peace Laureate Maguire, from Ireland, and 15 others.

Fulford; PM Abe's envoy Iijima visited N-Korea, but N-K was not willing to negotiate through the Japanese FM's Zionist slaves who have sabotaged before. Internal Revenue Service is under take down. Richest Americans panic to turn their fraudulent fiat dollars into gold, real estate etc. Pope Francis is expected to make a speech on financial tyranny and the global collateral accounts when he visits S-America in June. Obama admitted the US government had gone rogue.

The recent mass burning of cars in Sweden, the “beheading” in the UK, the stabbing in France etc, all part of a desperate cabal effort to provoke planned Muslim/Christian war. Battle for control of Japan, the recent Japanese election was stolen for Abe? King of Saudi Arabia, Isreali ally, is dead; China's Li Keqiang went to India, Switzerland and Germany to formalize relations between the 180 nations BRICS alliance and the EU. In Signs of end game in Washington D.C. and in N-E-Asia. 
Youth rioting rocks Stockholm; The police called for reinforcements from other Swedish cities bracing for further unrest...90 different blazes. Reason; social exclusion in immigrant-dominated suburbs...but “In Sweden you’ve got access to welfare, educational system, public transport, libraries, healthcare – to everything. And still [immigrants] feel they need to riot...” Swedish Democrats MP Ekeroth, RT.

Last year Vatikan had six money laundering cases. L-American economies growing steadily.
German SAP manager Delgado want to employ more autistics to work in his company, they are good in computer work and innovation, BBC.

The Zionist (Jew) whistleblower; Zionist Jew admitting they want to destroy non Jews. Jews were highly respected in Germany until the elite Jews (EU, US) started world wide boikot against Germany and caused also their defeat in WWI. More And Brother Nathanael jokingly ab IRS: Kissinger predicts that Israel will not exist after 10 years...Kissinger in Russia to Cut NWO Deal. And now he told the Asia Society; how to build a world order for the first time in history on a global basis? 

Holohoax? Six million Jews were supposedly killed in the Holocaust, when not even such an amount existed in Europe. In 1939, there were nearly 15,700,000 Jews in the world. After WWII that number had risen to 18,000,000... which astound biologists everywhere! ( The Germans were fighting against typhus and head lice spreading, which was the real reason for shaving heads, fumigating buildings, cremating corpses. (I think they gassed many, but as it was so slow process, they couldn't gas millions, DA)

Trustworthy witness: The American Red Cross investigated the camps and corpses, and made reports on their findings: 'In the chaotic condition of Germany during the final months of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims. The German Government at last informed the ICRC on Febr1st, 1945... In March 1945, Relief was distributed by the ICRC. Germans strove to maintain lives.( 

Red Cross; we have been shown piles of bodies from WWII, but most died of typhus, starvation or Allied bombings and many of those were murdered Germans - the equivalent of ten football fields should be packed full of gassed bodies to present as evidence. 

The Soviets claimed that the Germans used gas chambers in Austwitz labor camp, NY Times. May 8, 1945; "in gas chambers" at Auschwitz; 4 million persons slaughtered in a single German concentration camp - at Oswiecim in Poland, from 1939 – 1944...113 tons of crushed bones, woman’s hair were sold for industry...human experimentation. The timing of the report’s release just hours before Germany’s surrender – makes it impossible for the accused Germans to refute Stalin’s claim.

US; Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless, Etc., no aid, but over the last several years US have provided aid to....Hamas - $351 M, Libya $1.45 B, Egypt - $397 M, Mexico - $622 M, Russia - $380 M, Haiti - $1.4 B, Jordan - $463 M, Kenya - $816 M, Sudan - $870 M, Nigeria - $456 M, Uganda - $451 M, Congo - $359 M, Ethiopia - $981 M, Pakistan - $2 B, S-Africa - $566 M, Senegal - $698 M, Mozambique - $404 M, Zambia - $331 M, Kazakhstan - $304 M, Iraq - $1.08 B, Tanzania - $554 M ...and they still hate us!!!! Deadly 'superbug' MRSA now being found at U.S wastewater treatment plants.

Defense News; In 2010 Germany and France sold guns to Greece with billion euro as part of bail out deal. Finnish court demanded Finance ministry to open up the files containing Greece backing agreement. Finally they are open, and confirms that the negotiated special conditions by Finnish ministry with Greece is rather nothing, but empty words.

You may see what is this about; US government claims 100% ownership over all your DNA and reproductive rights; genetic slaev. And Breitbart News, Wikileaks; John Brennan is the person behind White House witch hunt of journalists, leaked email. New York Times; attacks targetted US oil, gas, electricity firms for months; sabotage.

If  "Immigration reform bill"becomes law, it will give the DHS near-dictatorial powers. noted that in seven instances, the measure grants "unreviewable" powers (here). The Treasury Department once again is taking retirement programs. Over half of Americans are now IN poverty. OECD; “inequality has increased by more over the past three years than in the previous twelve. Good will;

UK Independence Party Draws Attention To Bilderberg 2013. Member of the EU parliament Gerard Batten has written to all major mainstream media outlets in the UK, as well as submitting a freedom of information request asking, who is paying for the expenses of all this policing on Bilderberg? And why the mainstream have chosen not to report on them since 1954. So British taxpayers pay ‘millions’ in Bilderberg meeting security.

A group of journalists and activists, including Assange, filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense and the military judge, demanding access to the Bradley Manning secret trial; Soon you can print anything with 3 D printer?, pizzas, guns - why not houses, wind mills and trains!!! 3D printers - Scientists can now print human 'tissue' and functional ears. And Navy considers 3D-printing future fleets of drones.

Shortly after SOPA, and Boston Marathon bombing, CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act was passed. WH concerned ab CISPA. It doesn’t specify how and when it will spy on the internet - a terrifying prospect. And 11 countries having a secret meeting in Peru about copyright offenders of Hollywood’s content. In a leaked chapter; TPP wants to add further restrictions on fair use. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is calling this the “biggest global threat to the internet since ACTA; “the law without bringing any of the fair use protections.”

About three months ago, the Obama regime’s DoD gave itself the authority to use U.S. military troops to police America without permission from the President, state or local government. And Shocking! U.S. Creating YOUTH Corps?

The New York Times: Government investigators have found that JPMorgan Chase devised "manipulative schemes" and gave "false and misleading statements". Warning of a potential crackdown by nation's energy markets.

US; FEMA, the Red Cross, and the DHS using taxpayer money to educate children in public schools about ‘getting ready for disaster’ - and going to Fema camps? FEMA disk And:

Former IRS director admits taxes are voluntary in US:

Seven months before the Benghazi attack, a top State Department official described multi-million-dollar U.S. effort to secure anti-aircraft weapons in Libya. Western-backed rebels did not want to give up the weapons - and so the U.S. special mission in Benghazi was attacked. The UN; weapons from Libya to extremists in African countries in “alarming rate”;

Ongoing AP scandal, birth certificate, people leaving US... Tornado casualty counts. It went from 4-10-37-51-91 dead, now down to 24 dead? Another strange thing. Yesterday, they were interviewing a guy, saying the FBI was kicking people out of the area. Why would they be there?? NY Times mentions the FBI patrolling the streets? But all reference about the FBI has been removed. FBI shoots Chechen dead. Father; "They come to your house like bandits, and they shoot you.”And FBI killing: using excessive force? Shot several times, although he had no any weapon! 2 FBI Agents Involved in Tsarnaev’s Arrest “FALL” Out of Helicopter and Die. And

Something’s up article; Around the world, markets are behaving strangely. And And The Russians Prove Small Scale Organic CAN Feed the World. But GMO wheat escapes experimental fields planted across 16 states. A planned trip by Bush to speak at the Switzerland-based United Israel Appeal has been canceled after human rights groups called for Swiss authorities to arrest Bush. He has traveled widely, but not to Europe;
Sarkar; Marching ahead is life. Crushing the pebbles of hindrances and obstacles with a stroke of your feet, disdaining the frowns of winds, tornadoes, meteors and roaring thunder, and rendering all superstitions to ashes without any second thought – march on and on. The Supreme Consciousness is with you. Victory is yours. May 1968.
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