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You want to fly on MH 17?

(with Updates, 24 July, 1 Sept, 9 Sept and 5.1 and 12 April 2015)

Commonly claimed pro-Russia separatists shot down the passenger plane with a Russian-made BUK ground-to-air missile system. Two falsified videos trying to prove Russia shot it down.
Whistleblower: U.S. Satellite Images Show Ukrainian Troops Shooting Down MH17

But Jimstone lets his imaginations run, as stories are circulating; MH 370 has been disposed of (not MH 17), Russia will be blackballed, and Israel did it, to hide that The ground invasion of Gaza has started. The bodies were dead for days before the flight and rottening according to top military commander, which would be expected, if they were actually from flight 370. More on Washington Times. And Hollywood's "The Strain" which aired on July 13th on FX, just 4 days before MH-17; BOEING jetliner arrives @ JFK from Europe with everyone dead on board, drained of blood & already decomposing!!! Doctor from Holland, who visited damage side in Ukraine confirms the decomposed bodies. 

Update 2 Oct; From MH 17 investigators; "For the more than 100 remaining unidentified victims, experts have to rely solely on DNA for identification...Many of the DNA samples gathered at the site do not correspond to victims and could be from rescue workers." Problem: How does a rescue worker send in his own blood, a part of a spleen, a finger digit, etc for DNA analysis? If the samples are not matching, it means something is amiss.
MH17 returned immediately to normal flight schedules after this shoot down. Flight 370 was canceled for weeks after the jet supporting it disappeared, why not the same scenario for MH17? And Eastern Ukraine is NOT the correct flight path for the real MH17, which is why MH17 is now flying perfectly on schedule again! I sure would like to see the published route, but the page it was on has been removed. Censorship is ruling the day. 100 top aids researchers were on flight MH17, how comes so many from small country in same flight and too early. And when the discount flights and the official airline serving the conference is Emirates Airlines. Someone; Usually the first air disasters coverage is reporting on familiar's reactions; relatives of passengers complaining, crying, etc. I have seen nothing...have you?"
Immediately after the shoot down, foreign people entered the control tower at Kiev Airport and removed the normal workers... to front the official story? The normal control tower staff reported the presence of two fighter jet escorts via Twitter and it was removed by Twitter; two Ukrainian fighter jets. New link (but vanish for some readers). Three news outlets released 3 different departure times for MH 17. has non existent departure time, THE MSM. It is highly probable that flight 370 was substituted out, zombie flown either via remote... Buk missiles produce a very noticeable plume, and no one documented any. This points the finger at the fighter jet escorts which have always been completely scrubbed from the mainstream media and altitude too high for any witnesses. 
Come on now, two Malaysia 777 aircraft downed in four months. And Flight 370 clone in Tel Aviv? and 777 was stopped by the Dutch from crashing the nuclear summit right after flight 370 vanished. And New Democrat propaganda New Republic.

Update 24 July; Proof that the plane shut down in Ukraine was MH 370. In paint jobs, things do not always line up the same. The position of the flag on MH370 puts the leading edge at the first window behind the door, and on MH17, that flag instead lines up with the second window. You have to look at the correct side of the plane to see it. You may see yourself;*6KdolRNMaBa/mh17starboardcrashsceneconclusion.jpg. From

And Putin: “US Sanctions Will Boomerang And Cause Very Serious Damage”. While; Israel Firing Experimental Weapons at Gaza’s Civilians, Say Doctors. And Ukraine's security services (SBU) have leaked alleged conversations between rebels who are discussing the downed plane

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister asks good questions from Ukraine on RT: Immediately the Ukrainian authorities, accused the self-defense forces, based on what? Why were Buks deployed, seeing as the self-defense forces don’t have any planes? Why not setting up an international commission? Why did Ukrainian allow the plane to deviate from the regular route? Why was airspace over the warzone not closed for civilian flights? Spanish air traffic controller tells two Ukrainian military planes flying alongside the Boeing 777, why??? Why did Ukraine’s Security Service start working with the recordings of communications without waiting for international investigators? 
Ukraine air traffic controllers instructed MH17 to fly lower. Although blaming Putin; Putin’s Approval in Russia Soars to Record, America’s Plunges to Near Zero.
And And rote taken not safe; 

Australian Burrows have barely recovered from their March 8 loss, and now two more losses in the family involving the same airlines. Maleysian PM rescued the black boxes to Malaysia, but it only helps them conspire more..

But lets see what says Psychic Focus ab MH 17. Starting from MH370 being taken over by Chinese and/or Malaysian government / military. Malaysia wants to be in solid with new superpower China. (ET involvement - not so sure). The most advanced ever defense technology and intelligence was stolen. Some of the people on board the MH370 formed a private group developing this very high technology. So they were the asset, but the plane also became important.

After the MH370 was taken, it was "hidden" and guarded on the Great Cocos Island and prepared for its next mission (to get the technology back to the main country in disguise). Mechanics were doing work (wires pulled out, soldering etc). Islanders were protective for these distraught MH370 passengers (group of ab 5 hiding amongst islanders). In the next phase passengers were moved in some kind of a huge warehouse in a hot and dry desert?? They are looking up to ceiling with tiny windows surrounding the top perimeter of the building. (Detrimental to the passengers to go further with reading?)

China feels obsessed with getting this "earth changing" defense weaponry. Chinese military flew the old MH17 to the Great Cocos Island and flew the MH370 (painted
as MH17) back into circulation. People in Amsterdam boarding the MH17 didn't know of it being the MH370 in disguise and were killed in the explosion. The pilots were normal pilots. They were not suspecting of anything being unusual. Then during the flight, they realized something wasn't right. The feedback the pilots were getting ab directions was somehow false, something different was occurring. The plane was directed into a war zone, where it was shot down. Someone was flying this plane like on remote control. The final objective was to get the MH370 (disguised as MH17) back into the country.

didn't know ab the plot before the MH 370 went missing, but red flag went up, when they realized there were some important people on the flight. US military at Diego Garcia base had an idea of where the plane was, but couldn't "see" it.

The US
(Ukraine?) military finally gained info once the "swap" of planes occurred and that this defense weapon technology was on board. (The plane was flown into the warzone remotely, on purpose to test the effectiveness of the "new" technology and failed???.) US and Ukraine couldn't risk the Chinese gaining this technology.Then the plan was to drop original MH17 parts in the ocean and call it MH370 wreckage, but as the mission failed, they try to use now the original MH17 to test the defense weapon second time.

Russia will be made
as scapegoat and Ukraine will strengthen its position amongst allies. It will enhance the current tensions with Russia and the Ukraine. Russia is upset, and China is furious.
Psychic Focus says some foreign govts have her site blocked.
MH17: to MH370 reading:

Update 24 July; Malaysia and China were both knowledgeable of the MH370 and the MH17- and everything to do with it. Russia was brought up to speed later on board. The US and Ukraine teamed up to stop this defense technology from getting back to China. (and may be some other reasons). When the plane was prepped, there was a convenient way of disposal made on board in the baggage compartment. The plane wasn't as full of live people as they said.

Fulford claims different; The downing of remote controlled Israeli owned so-called MH17, filled with decomposing bodies, was turning point against the nazionists Bush and Netanyahu by global agencies and governments. “Dead HIV scientists” to try to fool the US military into attacking. The plane was the nazionist response to the announcement last week by the BRICS nations, they had set up a development bank and a financial stabilization fund. Nazionists to be arrested soon.... They have already been banned from traveling to over 180 countries. Also, the campaign to rebrand the Muslim Brotherhood as ISIS is falling apart.

Neil Keenan new report claims the same Germany and France to join BRICS and leaving EU and NATO. He also have inside story of MH 17;

660 pedophiles were arrested in the UK. The Vatican has also fired over 400 pedophiles. The Vatican bank, which was used by the cabal to bribe world leaders, has shut down over 3000 corrupt accounts.; Fuhrer Bush Sr. appears to be resorting to his old trick of acting senile, which he is not.
 Someone; There has been another incident; Algeria airliner missing from Burkina Faso. And yesterday one in Taiwan crashed. Is there something wrong with the atmosphere? An open portal that is interfering with airline engines and signal. And the relatives of "MH 17" victims in Amsterdam airport, artificial???;
The Chinese Government has expressed its shock. The Chinese foreign ministry also offered its condolences to the loved ones of the 298 people on board Flight MH17. Qin also expressed China’s “hope that the cause will be found out as soon as possible.” ; And article in Xinhua on Putin's statement.
And; OUR HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES. With saddened hearts, we express our deepest condolences to the loved ones of those on board MH17. Our prayers go out to the families of all 298 passengers, friends and colleagues. Let us come together in prayer for the precious lives lost.

8.8 update; MH 17 cockpit showing the entry points most likely that of a 30 millimeter caliber projectile. All wreckage of the sections behind the cockpit are largely intact. Only the cockpit part shows these peculiar marks of destruction. The cockpit of the MH 017 has evidently been fired at from both sides: the entry and exit holes are found on the same fragment of it’s cockpit segment! An SU-25 COULD NOT have shot down MH17/370 and leave the type of debris seen.

Update 1 Sept; Ukraine MH 17 false flag; on Why MH17 disappeared from the news? And who benefit from the disaster? More speculations;; MH17 was shot down while flying above Dnepropetrovsk, where Israeli Kolomoisky is the governor, involved in aviation companies. Furthermore, Israeli Yaron Mofaz, oddly took a photograph of MH 17 for Reuters at the airport in Amsterdam before the MH 17 crash. Mofaz works with a company that owns a similar Malaysia Airlines plane in a hanger in Tel Aviv since Nov 2013. And Mofaz family company works closely with a company in Florida that owns a former Malaysia Airlines airliner, virtually identical to MH370 and MH17. (Which one Flew towards Hague?). Malaysia Airlines will fire 6,000 of its staffers...

Psychic Focus; MH370 and MH17 Updates...The Chinese (and their allied governments) extracted important intel from some key passengers and implemented it onto the MH370. To test this intel (sophisticated cloaking technology) they camouflaged the plane to look like the MH17.

Once in the air I see the old MH370 (disguised as MH17) being taken over by another party on ground, controlling it remotely. The pilots were not aware that they were flown over a war zone (the instrument panel was malfunctioning). Black box will never be publicly furnished, because there is evidence of the talk; plane not flying right. Ukraine shot it down with the US support in order to keep this intel out of the Chinese hands.

The REAL MH17 is in a hanger in Great Coco, and the Chinese are trying to frantically replicate this new technology. I get the error in the way it worked at “MH 17” was you can hide from above, but on a flat plane they can be seen.  Now they are trying to see how to hide on that horizontal plane.

The real MH17 is going to reappear repainted, some "shock" factor, sudden and abrupt to it? Some eye opening events will be tied to it ???? Many passengers to the MH370 have passed away. I see 'Hitler mass gassing the Jewish people', many passengers were put in a room and the oxygen was cut off!!!. The bodies were put in the cargo of the “MH17”...downed in Ukraine.

First the plan was to take these bodies on the ship and put them at sea in a location where they would most likely wash onshore or be found. They allowed the bodies to age post mortem to give the illusion that they were at sea for a while. When the plan failed, the bodies went down with the plane. Some passengers that have proved to be useful are still being held at this secret base around Great Cocos. They look to be clean, well fed and kept sharp mentally.
Amongst victims were also dutch family from our organization, peace be with them. DA

Update 5.1.2015; I still put the third Malesian vanished flight; Missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501. Lot of confusion, noise and scuffle in the passenger area, dark feel, three Muslim men with fake Malaysian passports took control over passengers. Then one of the men broke into the cockpit area to take control of the pilots and the plane.  They advise the pilots of the new coordinates. They use the excuse of the weather as to the scattered communications, and eventually communications are cut.Black briefcase presented - said to have a bomb in it. In reality it held some kind of a jamming device for communications and "auto pilot" features that were being used, so the plane was flying solo. A hijacking situation in which the goal was to steal "a small junk plane”. It was taken to the Bangka Islands, south east of Singapore, temporarily. This plane will fly urgently northwest to 'way "home" [desert]. Layers upon layers of cover-ups going on.

The Muslims are ISIS - made up by the US and UK, (just to spread fear)? The passengers are emotionally rattled on "wait." The captors will release them, but keep few as hostages. They will eventually call it a crash as they don't want this drug on like the MH370 or MH17. Update 12/30/14: I heard the news that some wreckage and people have been found. This is a cover-up. Psychic Focus.
Dutchsinse also claims it landed near Singapore; See; “missing”Air Asia shows as taking off at 22:35GMT on the 27th (535am) and landing at 00:29 GMT (729 am) on the 28th in Singapore. FlightTRACKER has the same flight deleted... which is contradictory...because if the plane travels every day, then it should show on 12.27 on flightTRACKER. So it has been edited, or censored. There is a group of people working together to accomplish a secret goal... missing planes from Malaysia 3 times in 6 months??? (SIN) QZ8501, see 22:20 22:35 00:30 Landed 00:29.

Cassiopaean ET s; Higher entities wanted the PTB to back down from Crimea and Russia, but the PTB revenged by taking down MH 17. The cockpit of MH17 was shot first to take out the pilots, so that they couldn't communicate, and then the bomb in the plane went off. It was to demonize Putin and to distract from Palestine massacre. Change in MH 17 course was instructed by Air traffic control at Kiev, top STS (service to self) and MOSSAD. Nazi business has been going on there for decades. Claims that there were already dead bodies in MH 17 is not true.,34301.msg481380.html#msg481380,

MH 370; 
And German wings
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The next US president?!?

Here he comes; Andrew Basiago!?! With teleportation technologies Obama (then Barry Soetero) and Basiago were both identified as future presidents;

In 2016, Andrew D. Basiago will be a candidate for President of the US under the banner Andy 2016 – A Time for Truth. President Basiago The Chrononaut? 21Oct2013; And recent interview;

And Web bot Alta predicts; Basiago a 'planetary-level whistle blower. The truth campaign of American whistle blower Basiago will raise him public profile “to a very high level within the mainstream media and will climb over the next 9 months to a planetary level”;

And Basiago proves life on Mars; Basiago's paper achieves over 50 “firsts” in science. ALTA report states; 'This person who would make a planetary impact of such magnitude that a second wave of other whistle-blowers would be drawn into the public view includes descriptors that are currently being fulfilled by reports about Andrew’s paper. The linguistics both around Andrew D. Basiago and by him reach to almost 34 % of the predicted linguistic set'.

Remote viewers ab Mars; In one of the NASA's photo, human beings can be seen standing, to the south of the Home Plate Plateau.

Basiago: I am a lawyer, and I can say that the evidence ab MARS already published on the Web is sufficient to convince any jury in the US that Mars is an inhabited planet. And Mars belongs to the Martians! If we fail to recognize this, then we will fail our first major test of cosmic citizenship. The 21st Century will see something that human civilization on Earth has not seen for 500 years - the discovery of a new world;
Tesla teleportation;; As of 1980, 97,000 people were already sent to mars, and only 7,000 have survived for 3 years. Teleportation and time travel have been hoarded by the Defense Dept, instead they could be used to transfer goods and services;

Basiago worked in DARPA’s Project Pegasus (1969 to 1972) and disclosed it on August 31, 2009. He visited past and future via teleportation and chronovision, but it was also used to send people from Earth to Mars. If US government would declassify its teleportation method, it could be used for common traveling in the earth, thus reducing the pollution and saving everyone's time.
Basiago warn; US becoming police state under two last presidents. And 300 congress members (?) are CIA agents ??? He expects some kind of revolution 2015...2016. Two whistleblowers independently report teleporting to Mars and meeting Martian ET s.

Henry Deacon claims he teleported to Mars as part of project Camelot and that he met Martian ET s. And there was effort to recruit granddaughter of Eisenhover as a member of the secret Mars colony.
CEOs who all resigned earlier in the year, are they on mars? 
And here another prediction ab ET disclosure? Global organization, UN (?) giving some kind of announcement and Obama has to respond. Obama addressing the whole country, televised like "State of the Union" on 2015. I don't see that Obama wants to even bring up the topic. ET s start to make more obvious sign of their existence. UN agreed to hide their interaction with aliens for a certain amount of time... giving countries a chance to come out gradually and advise their people, and this time frame is coming to an end.

And Buzz Aldrin asks 'Where were you?' when Apollo 11 landed on the ...Anniversary on 21.7, so 45 years ago Aldrin went to moon or did he? There is lots of speculation that they didn't go, but never mind, if or not. They have been in moon for sure. 8, 2014. And Robert Dean breaks cosmic top secret oat;

ETs have made treaties with governments and secret bases with various nations for android and trans-humanism development using advanced cloning, hybridization etc. Cosmic Space War is ongoing… Soon the ET’s and their Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs) will be revealed to the World. US Gov has had a Fleet of AGCs for over twenty years (Operation Whitestar). AGCs photographed by police and many witnesses in Belgium:

And Veterans; Several top insiders, including Gordon Duff have claimed that a very serious warning was delivered to Super-elite Oligarchs; they must quickly clean up the house (worldwide) or suffer a Final Judgment/Cosmic Reset? High official in the UN, communicated to Super-elite Oligarchs on behalf of certain benevolent ET group.;

And other Web bot Alta odds;; Earth grow by 5% in diameter, and in mass and gravity. (Psychic Focus also says so). In the Expando Planet model, the continuous stream of energy from the Sun goes to the surface of the planets, but also to the center of the planets, Phillippines. Coffee trees getting root disease and coconuts trees sick 2015. So that coffee might cost soon same as opium. China's 'infinite rehypothecation of metal assets' will be getting most of butt down by mid July. 'Missing metals', and 'panic striken banksters'. And breakaway civilization are already on Mars with antigravity ships. Also most of Earth's gold and art treasures and the best NASA scientists are there. Alfredo BremontJuly 29, 2013.

Long summer rain of space debris in major cities? The web bot expected attacks on satellites; Video UFO attacked and destroyed Russia's rocket. US Navy's Space War Center intrigued? Perhaps en-lighten-ment will be shinning down upon us starting this summer (northern hemisphere)? Unknown energies from space.

Other news and speculations;
US Housing Market - hits a loosening of standards, laws and inventory? It will produce a backlash of prices across the continent, banksters hoping opposite. The loosening will expose banksters with stolen wealth. Precursors to July 7 starting 'shift of ages', derivatives? US Bonds start hitting bad luck after June 13th. Dollar dumping in Nov is accompanied by a bonds pop up in USA in unsure conditions. Political blunder will trigger tipping point. Precursor to Fall (northern hemisphere). And the Great 'saving' discussed. The bonds bubble pops in Keiser Report. And revolution with Russel Brand;

The US Army has declared war on independent media through hacking, blocking communications and sabotaging radio broadcasts. Computer security teams working with Veterans Today traced a pattern of attacks to Fort Huachuca, headquarters of the US Army Intelligence School in Arizona, home, not only to this spying operation but also to America’s drone program as well. There are also “pilots” trained at Fort Huachuca and drones tested there.
No fly;; Britishair warned that even a new mobile bought in the airport will have to be charged up or the passenger will not be allowed to board at the gate. Turning on an electronic device show that laptop's or mobile's batteries are not hidden explosives. And RT; If the battery of your mobile device fails to power up on the request of a TSA agent, you won’t be allowed to take it on board a US-bound plane.

Russia Rushes To Seal Ukraine-Bypass Gas Pipeline: Bulgaria Visit. Zero Hedge; fireworks in Bulgaria and the other South Stream countries. And Egypt Raises Fuel Prices 78% Overnight July 8.
US; Dr. Henderson has just left the Louisiana 26th Judicial Court…  He, as the head of the World Court, has presented demand for all of the land…??? And why was there a contract put out for receiving and transporting 65,000 illegal children per month by the DHS already six months ago, to start now? Jimstone...; We will see in a week’s time the signing in of the powerful BRICS gold bank. Now do you still believe these two puppets of the City of London Corporation are going to India just for investment? Could be an official warning, threat or blackmail event; And Pope Threatened as the House of Cards is About to Crumbl July 8.
Fulford from his sources: Major show-down this month as new BRICS bank set to launch July 14-16 as alternative to the cabal IMF and World Bank. The cabal already show-down by blowing up a bridge in Brazil. The cabal try to pre-empt the BRICS, by using the Abe slave government in Japan. World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes was in Tokyo sending messages to over 70 governments falsely claiming Japan would provide the gold needed to back a new financial system???

The Abe government
obeys Nazi Richard Armitage and Mossad Michael Green. Green lied to Asian gangsters in attempt of murder contract on me. The plot mentions the 311 nuclear and tsunami mass murder:
May be connected to the cryptic occult numerology press conference by IMF Lagarde for July 20; Also high level insider gives concrete evidence the cabal., expects a new financial system by August.
Anyhow take always predicted dates with a grain of salt, this too; Coup in Indonesia after Presidential elections on July 9 ? Because Indonesian non-cabal Widodo might win, supported by the 177 nation BRICS alliance. The Bush J.P. Morgan having unannounced deaths of 5 more bankers. Now J.P. Morgan chair Dimon says he has cancer in order to fake his death?
On the other side purge of cabal; death of Fed Richard Scaife, follows Rockefeller, several members of the Warburg family etc, and former French PM Sarkozy arrested. And British cleaning up their political system, press full of articles about a major pedophile scandal of politicians; “ And Child sacrifice might be far worse in Washington D.C. but nothing is done.
Christian Noyer, head of the BIA, called for the Euro to be split from the US dollar. ECB via Euroclear recently bought $200 billion worth of US Treasuries and prevented the bankruptcy of the Fed............
Japan 'once in decades’ typhoon. Forecasts showed direct hit at Fukushima plant; http://www.tatoott...super-typhoon-neoguri...strongest-typhoon/ …And Where has all the light in the universe gone? London Telegraph; Astrophysicists say 80 per cent of the light in the universe appears to be missing. (No wander so much chemtrailing, comments someone). Brazil Announces Dengue Fever Emergency in GMO Mosquito Trial Areas; Civil society groups expressing alarm.; Fed's Janet Yellen, speaking at IMF said something quite surprising; 'It’s not the Fed’s job to pop bubbles'. So could the Fed be preparing to do exactly that? And in the recently released Annual Report to it’s member banks, the BIS: 'Pop this bubble now.' Bringing forward the downward leg of the cycle or suffering a bigger bust later on. 
Steve Quayle: IMF Lagarde's Warning! (Someone; Global reset on 20.7.2014?). Jewish Prophet Prophet Deckard Warns Christians to Flee America Now!!! He has been 100% accurate (?). The Next Financial Crash will be the End of America. The only way to impeach Obama is through civil war. Steve Forbes predicts a Stock Market Crash worse than 1930's. And  Global reset and Financial Meltdown is Underway, Created By The Elite.
Indian M N Roy came across communist books in Mexico and became so inspired by those ideas that started an organization based on communism 1919. Same time Lenin happen to sent his comrade to Mexico to propagate communism. The comrade sent message to Lenin, that some Indian already started communist organization in Mexico. Lenin was surprised and called M N Roy to Moscow. Lenin and M N Roy developed a close bond of friendship. Thus M N Roy became the right hand man of Lenin and played major role in spreading communism in China and India. 

Later when he came in contact with Sarkar he understood the defects of communism and propounded 'Radical Democratic Party'; Sarkar started Renaissance Universal, contemporary Socio-Political teachings, and M N Roy and Subhash often participated either in Calcutta or in Jamalpur. They had also long walks on Kali Hillock. 

See some articles; Bose was in Russia after August 1945. Beginning 1960s rumors, whispers and claims became rife in India that Netaji was alive in India as a holy man. I have reasons to believe that the possibility of Bose being in India was indeed very real. In my book I have reproduced over 200 images from rare documents. Of these some 90 are from still secret Government of India records. Russian diplomats in different countries were speaking about Bose's presence in their country. And 

 Explains details of his life until 1983...and over?;
Didi Annapurna