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German wings

Update 18.4; See; (if you have no time see this shortcut, by DA;) Official story doesn't mention that advanced flying crafts followed Germanwings. Those would be normally called UFOs vessels. GW was taken over remotely, made co-pilot helpless, similar method than in other events like Malaysian flight.
It is rather curious that the reason for the crash was brought out 48 hour after in New York paper, then French prosecutor's result was also fast - not normal so quickly. The co-pilot was used as scapegoat in this false flag event. There was one lady on the plane who had important info, doubts she could release and give great damage to US covert operations. Also another reason to target German Lufthansa; it was message to Merkel. Germany has been leaving Westersn power group, looking to Russia, joining BRICs. AIIB. (France too.) 
Two following crafts and their technology made the co-pilot mind controlled drone. When the pilot left cockpit, they neutralized the co-pilot, he locked the door and proceeded to descend. He was like in hypnotized state; when the cabin door was banged he didn't react. So it was not the intent of co-pilot himself to crash the plane. Claims the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was depressed...girlfriend is fabricating, part of the deception, part of the cover up. 
Despite having codes that could override the lockdown on the cockpit, the door still would not open. There was an attempt from the pilot, to use the satellite phone to ask for the plane to be taken over and flown remotely, but this device could not make the call.

There are those agencies of the US and other governments that have such craft and that many of the reported UFO sightings are not ET craft. These craft can fly silently and it was not reported by people on the ground that they heard these aircrafts. These planes dampen down the communications field to divert and prevent fail-safes from working. Now 2015 lots of those who control. They have done this hundreds and thousands years. Many false flags this time especially.

This attack was preconceived. Also mass manipulation of the human mind, to keep the masses at high levels of anxiety and fear. Bookings on the Germanwings aircraft, will drop just as with Malaysian Air. Critical and crucial time for the Powers That Be; 2015 is their last window of opportunity to affect the planet. By 2016 many, many more will become aware that things are not as they seem. Be open to suggestions, that are made by ones who are being demonized as “conspiracy nutters”. The public should be aware, neutral observer. Report and investigate.

Update 12.4: The autopilot system was hijacked remotely. Mossad did it. It was a warning to "authorities" in various governments, that planes they travel can be so easily manipulated! Eyewitness heard an explosion - that was diversion. A "warning" had been given in advance...

Another plane had to land in an emergency on Italy. And in Russia
(?) and one more... will get worse. In Amsterdam there are reflective events of 4D, caused by very high ups in Mossad, closest to 4D STS. They feel the pressure of the Wave (change of era).,37872.msg567240.html#msg567240
Updated some also earlier Cern and Germanwings God Particles. 

Update 7 April from Neil Keenan; I received information from my French Intel source (top of the intel chain). I have been asked to report to the public immediately what actually happened to the Germanwings A320 Airbus. The crash occurred at NATO training, during which they were using a secret weapons beam from the US Air Force Defense’s “High Energy Laser Area” (HELLADS) at their military base at Aviano, Italy.
In the plane sat two US radar systems experts from the Pentagon. This is why the FBI has taken over the inquiry. Obama is aware of the danger that this secret weapon creates for commercial aircrafts.
At the same time, CERN had a power shut down. The report states that two jets were seen right before and during the crash and that the beam which came from these two aircraft is being investigated.

According to senior sources in European intelligence, the CVR cockpit voice recorder, which is pointing the finger of blame at a depressed and suicidal co-pilot, was transmitted by the BEA to the NYT prior to French investigators’ arrival at the scene. The apparent planting of false evidence seems to have been bungled in this case, leading to strong speculation that a possible rupture may occur in the NATO alliance should this information become public. Sorry the link doesn't work, you have to google, Neil Keenan, Germanwings crash. See also; Worldwide Alert: Neil Is Pissed Off And Is Releasing His Weapons 

And more: In terms of the way Germanwings 'investigation' has been handled, it bears similarities to the case of Egypt Air Flight 990. That crash was most likely the result of an anomalous weather event that proved too much for the mechanical constraints of the aircraft, but from Boeing's point of view, a "suicide pilot" is a much more financially-appealing explanation, so they went with that and opened a criminal investigation, much to chagrin of the Egyptian authorities. (Sounds familiar, DA)

Jimstone doesn't also believe the suicidal pilot story: The flight data Black box was found first without data card??? and second time found with card???:

New troll proof Cockpit door video posted no one can debunk. The video proves there was no real cockpit voice recording ever. There are now increasingly theories to muddy the water which is a classic psychological warfare tactic.

If the door alarm never sounded, when it always sounds when someone tries to open the door, then no one tried to open the door, and the cockpit voice recording and subsequent suicide pilot meme are total frauds. Cockpit door opening for dummies:

Experienced airliner pilot comments, (short cut, by DA): The Germanwings pilot is being blamed for something he did not do. First of all the story changes from day to day, they usually start out close to the truth and then modify the story as necessary to account for discrepancies. For this reason pay close attention to the first versions of the story.

There was early version of the cockpit voice recorder....Then they added the fictitious part about the pilot conversations prior to the last eight minutes: co-pilot was polite and respectful until near the end when his responses got "curt." Then other pilot went to toilet... (“had to” if they crashed the plane together, they would have spoken on tape).

So then the co-pilot was left alone and crashed the plane!!! Since then they had to add things to make it more convincing: somehow at the first recording Captain wasn’t yelling: "Open the door, dammit".

If the flight was taken over remotely, it might be possible for it to lock the cockpit door with no access for anyone. Also no car manual tells about remote system, which was installed for one reason only - so that any car driver could be assassinated.

Captain doesn’t leave the cockpit during two hour flight usually. Getting out and going back is a hassle. When you arrive at the plane, the toilet is free for use, as there are no passengers yet to occupy it, as is often the case during flight.

Several French jets were behind Gw before it began its descent (how comes?) Obviously it would be more easy to remote control Gw by following it and confirm it downed. The pilots might have been gassed out, as there was no speech on the recorder, breathing can be just air noise, and fight attendants knocking the door???? (I think a bit strange conclusion, DA).

Personally I find the cockpit recording strange as I would expect more efforts to ask the co-pilot what is the problem, and try to convince him opening the door. Anyhow I coudn't even listen it (due to net problems), neither the claimed passanger mobil video, which is hard to believe it could survive in such a crash intact.

Here the transcript of the cock pit discussion and new video taken by passanger of suicide crash: (It was released on 1.4 so I thought may be it was just April First joke):

Some friends and neighbors of Germanwings flight 4U9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz don't think he intentionally crashed the plane. Co-Pilot's Backers Have Conspiracy Theories On ... - Vocativ. And

And how comes:, see the screenshot on 22 nd. and Focus reported on Germanwings false flag five days before it happened. A screenshot on Alles Schall und Rauch blogspot shows Focus reporting in Live Ticker that all 150 people are (dead). (May be can't rely on google datings???)

How pilots are scoping with passangers after the crash:
............. Russians have made research on downed Polish airline already 5 years, how comes Germanwings crash results came in week or so...just wandering. Either we are seeing a case of extreme cheating or extreme conspiracy theory. You decide.

More Germanwings. God Particles. 

In a village in the northern part of Bihar, India, there was a severe outbreak of cholera. At one point, as many as 25 people were dying every day. A long time before the outbreak of this disease, the local devotees had planned an akhanda kiirtan as part of their pracar activities in the village. The date for the akhanda kiirtan was approaching and preparations were made for the event.  The organizers started talking about it to other villagers and inviting them to participate. The Initial reaction of the villagers was that they became upset.  They started asking what kind of people are these sannyasiis who can go around singing while the whole village is counting its dead. This became the talk of the village.

The devotees of the unit took a determination that they would follow the rule that an announced akhanda kiirtan cannot be stopped. They invited other devotees from neighboring villages to join. The next day the kiirtan commenced according to schedule and procedure. It supposed to last for 24 hours, but it was extended to 72 hours. It became apparent during the first 24hours that the number of those dying from cholera started decreasing by the hour. Then, during the final 24 hours of the kiirtan, no deaths were reported at all in the village. The whole village recognized the glory of kiirtan and how positive microvita (vibration) are attracted to neutralize the effect of negative microvita. 

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