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Happy New Year 2015

But first about christmas; Christmas Questions; I asked Psychic Focus; how Father Christmas or Santa Claus happened to settle to Lapland, Finland...I suppose Santa's example of generosity helps the humans to be more caring for others - or does the commercialization of Christmas negate it?

Her answer; I see this town or settlement of "Santa" started many years ago and is based on religious beliefs. Dedicating a holiday to saints that did great deeds was felt to bring luck, protection and positivity back to them full circle. The people in Lapland kept the energy alive by dedicating so much to their town.  I view it like a wall-less "church the size of a town."  Rather than having a physical church, they have an entire town.

Over the years the meaning has been lost. It was once used to remind people of sharing, caring and selflessness. I see it now more like a vacation spot where people can sightsee and hear stories of the "way it used to be." I also get the image of the people that built this (I see 5 men standing in front of two buildings) shaking their head back and forth as if they are disappointed that something that was so great and meaningful turned into what it is today. I also see them collecting a pile of money and burning it as if to say that money is what "changed" this place that they loved.
Many groups claiming there is loads of money and gold to change the course of planet earth; Interesting to hear also from Christoffer Story's lawyer Mr Cottrell, short cut of his claims; Bush-Clinton-Fed cabal (rat) gang has been torturing him; theft of his name, passport, signatures, and authorities for Pennysylvania Investements Inc and Niagara Securities Inc, stolen by Jeb, Sr and Jr Bush, Cheney, Obama, H Clinton, O'neal, Paulson, Levy etc.

Since Dec 31.2010 after failed attempts by the G-7 and G-20 to implement the new transparent banking system, Queen Elisabeth...The G-8 and China have taken a tack to eliminate the Bush-Clinton-Fed “rat” cabal and the bankrupt fiat and derivative system that has been destroying the world economy. On ab 21 March 2013 ab 200 countries signed a “gold treaty” and in Aug 2013, G-20 meeting; China and Russia included additional steps. Cottrell was assigned for “gold treaty” implementation.

Bush-Clinton-Fed delayed and destroyed the implementation of the treaty by bribery, murder and fraud. Payment of funds are in Wells Fargo Bank, but no access to said funds, US treasury gave no code. The “Gold Treaty” suppose to delay the collapse of the fiat and derivative system. No payment as of this moment. Michael C. Cottrell 20 Dec 2014.
Fulford - Dec 23, 2014: US regime under unprecedented attack. Growing calls for the arrest of the top figures of Bush regime, even by MSM; Puppet Obama has only 15% support inside the US military, he has confirmed his role by repeating the Nazi lies about 911. Abe “won” the Dec 14th general election in Japan through massive fraud, there is extensive proof. But Richard Armitage, chief US Nazi agent in Japan, expressed WDS; peaceful exchange of power in exchange for amnesty. 
UK politicians were blackmailed (pedophilia) so that they signed UK to the Nazi/Bush EU. So UK could declare its EU treaty as invalid. Fascist control of the UK is centered on Jeremy Heywood, Chief Cabinet Secretary, linked to PM Tony Blair, who drag the UK into Iraq war. The UK Nazis try to fight back; bets the Queen was about to announce her resignation;

A lot of action last week, fighting
s to start the new financial system; I.e Michael Cottrell, who helped bankrupt the Soviet Union wrote letter. Then Neil Keenan claiming he had gained access to giant underground vaults of gold and treasure in Indonesia. Another person in search of the world’s treasure, Italian P2 lodge head Marco di Mauro, has gone missing in the Philippines. Arrested by cabal?

IM Lagarde gave the US until Jan to relinquish voting rights over that institution. Saudi Arabia promising to bury the hatchet with the Iranians. Signs of high level secret attacks against the US; power was temporarily cut off to the State Department and the Fed last week amid rolling internet black outs. Now even the MSM is blaming the US for shooting down MH 370.

The US against N-Korea,
but IT experts say; “The Sony breach was an inside job. 100 terabytes is too big to transmit over the Internet”. Now the US is trying to indict N-Korea for human rights abuses, to deflect world attention from its own widespread use of torture? The N-Koreans; “the U.S. is being reduced to the dregs of history.”

The WDS acts when life and civilization face an existential threat. Now is such a time.

From Keenan group short cut; There have been many opportunities to cause Neil Keenan to walk away – incredible offers from the Cabal, multiple assassination attempts, and leg injury. But he stayed the course and kept pushing until the doors opened. And now they have, the world can now see what is behind them. Here is history in the making. 
Neil's team entered one of the gold bunkers in Indonesia;16-acre, 4-level cavern filled with treasures of the (Dragon) “Family”. Neil and the team saw boxes filled with gold, jewels, artifacts, currencies (including 2015 US dollars printed by the Fed). Upon exiting the bunker, the Elders gave one box for Neil compensating his expenses, in this box were 1kg gold bars, value of ab $50K. The ravages of time, have created oxidation and mold on the bars.
Gabal has hided the existence of Global Collateral Accounts based on gold. But here is undeniable proof and now righteous and positive global events can manifest to transform our world, through humanitarian projects. There will be no hand-outs but only real work to be done to restore our civilization and live up to our potential in a reality where our species will thrive in harmony and prosperity. 

For their part, the West must make a stand with courage against all that is corrupt and bring real meaning to their lives with action...By example Neil has shown how one man can make a tremendous difference in this world. It is now time to be known for your actions; for leaving this world a better place; to be known for the great potential that is inside each one of us. 

Soon the forthcoming ventures into the bunkers itself will yield video footage for all to see. But for starter see video; Christmas present to you! The Opening of the Box” Video Part Three;; and Jean who thinks Keenan is cheating has gone totally quiet, I hope she is OK; (She is seriously sick, DA) Update 1.2.2015; Neil Keenan under more attack;

The Red Dragon family ambassador; Neil Keenan treated me by saying; see you in prison... what comes to accounts, assets in bunkers... this family has to deal with it. I'm servant for Red Dragon Royal family...My family crest sign appeared into crop circle.

Ukraine's Gold Swapped for Lead. Bloomberg; Ukraine opened a criminal probe after several gold bars at the central bank’s storage in the southern city of Odessa turned to be painted lead. Fabrice: Gold terrifies the pundits and powerbrokers...They’re terrified of gold’s eventual return at the core of the future international monetary system. And this is why they openly bash it. Fabrice Ristori, But; Yan has IMF blessing; China offers help to Russia; While Central Bankers suppressing Russian economy.
Zimbabwe; President Mugabe’s administration, is reportedly sittings on wads of a new Zimbabwe currency to be backed by a gold standard, issued at a moment’s notice. Gaddafi wanted common gold currency for Africa; 10 things ab Gaddafi they don’t want you to know. And Telescope News. But is he finally right; And Oil crisis reached Britain.

RT; Russia’s Investigative Committee; Ukrainian witnessed the deployment of a Ukrainian warplane armed with air-to-air missiles on the day the MH17 was shot down. The investigators used a lie detector during the interview, which showed no evidence of the witness lying. He personally saw the plane piloted by [Ukrainian military pilot] Voloshin armed with R-60 air-to-air missiles.” Markin said that the Investigative Committee will continue gathering evidence, with the international probe,“if they are really interested in establishing the truth.”IMF hesitates new loans for Ukraine; Doubts that Ukraine could be bottomless pit.

USA Today; Bush Sr, 90, was taken to the Houston Hospital in an ambulance as a precaution after the former president began to experience shortness of breath, his staff said in a statement. A federal judge dismissed a civil claim filed against George W. Bush and other high-ranking officials in planning and waging the Iraq War, and immunized them from further proceedings. Comar Law; “This was a serious attempt to hold US leaders accountable under laws set down at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946. I am very disappointed at the outcome...The decision guts Nuremberg; that domestic immunity was no defense to a claim of international aggression. This Court has said the opposite.” Two Secret Service experts are worried about the safety of Obama because of mounting disclosures of misconduct and lapses in protection.
Direct Action Force will forcibly stop child trafficking and make arrests at the Vancouver Club and on private yachts moored in West Vancouver and the inner harbor,, but then claims that Kevin Annett never held a 2012 trial in which he (Alex Hunter) participated, says ITCCS's former ‘juror’ Alex Hunter; ” And then Bogus "jurors" false claims ab ITCCS: A enormous black ops campaign against the ITCCS and Kevin Annett; two opponents of the ITCCS are posing as former "jurors" and falsely claiming that 2012 trial ever occurred. The simple truth is that none of these supposed "insiders" have ever had access to the ITCCS courts as they claim and posted by Alfred Webre etc misinfo specialists;

Stew Webb saw decades ago US Presidents attending sacrifice event of 21.12; "The Navarre”, where the Illuminati Council of 13 sacrifice an infant on the Summer and Winter solstice every year, on Dec 21. US Intel last year parked a special satellite over the event and saw 12 hooded figures sacrifice a baby. Local news; And; Plantain is almost a panacea for the human body, treating everything. Western Research Team Builds Drone To Seed Rainclouds; California communities suffering from extreme drought could soon get help. And 15 claims hard to debunk about chemtrails;
And lets not forget aliens; Whistleblower of alien take over efforts; Dulce alien base detailed info; Learn about how the Rochilds assassinates think, on Project Camelot; Supersoldiers, DarkSkyWatcher; secret UFO footage smuggled out from Area 51, from Febr 1989. DSW assumed the footage he was going to look at would be bogus but assures us, it is worth of research; And exposing UFOs;
Many has claimed that Earth is under guarantine, then NASA finally also found a 'force field' over Earth; whether our planet has been under spiritual and physical quarantine. Galactic Federation of Light - Earth in Quarantine before First Contact occurs 2012 2013. Dr. Steven Greer : Earth is under Quarantine; Van Allen radiation belt; End of quarantine; Earth quarantine; And

"Something big is about to happen." Western secret group of power elites is finally being opposed successfully by vast international alliance - as well as a huge coalition of benevolent ET humans. The ratio of good ET s to bad ET s in earth is significantly in favor of good ET s. 

Illuminati or the planetary cabal, are being manipulated by negative extraterrestrials. US and Russia fight, is ultimately a proxy war between factions of extraterrestrial groups that are providing intel, strategy, and even intervention actions. There's a whole lot of interest in our planet right now. Ultimately we're dealing with a spiritual battle.

Alliance, good guys; there are multiple groups all over the world who have had to sort out their differences about what they are going to do and how they are going to do it. Consensus has been reached about two months now, before great deal of disagreement; uprooting a structure that can use murderous force. This international alliance includes a major factions from the East, Russia, Europe, lesser factions from S-America, the Middle East, Arab countries.

The reason I'm leaking this before it happens is that when it starts to happen, the propaganda matrix is not going to be able to make this look like a coup. Coup over the US government happened in 2000, we've got to reverse now.
Michael Prince currently on trial in the UK, disclosed the PLAN by the illuminati to incite racial violence in the U.S. as their next move. Go here to view; James Casbolt aka Michael Prince. disclosures:

Sarkar explains orgin of svastika (which Hitler also used); The first tantrics (spiritual scientists) observed the horizon and drew a horizontal line to represent the Supreme Cognitive Principle (Shiva). Then he gave a vertical line crossing it to represent the causal matrix or Supreme Operative Principle (Shakti). The cross was the symbol for the sound "ka". The English letter "k", and "ka" in Hindi and Sanskrit is like a cross. When clockwise handles are added to the cross, the swastika of India is formed. It symbolizes the preservation of Creation. The arms represent the anti-clockwise movement of kundalinii. Sarkar also said it means “good existence”; a symbol of victory. (Sarkar explained this while visiting in West Berlin, 17 May 1979. He also stated that Berlin wall will be taken down one day.) So this svastika was created ions of centuries before Hitler, but he used it for wrong purpose.

Didi Annapurna

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Predictions for 2015

It is not easy to predict the future, because human beings have free will and nobody knows what they are going to do, and the future depends on that (timelines to be chosen?). Anyhow certainly some people get better 'hits', what is going to happen, than others. Some may just use common sense, or their wide knowledge of things to predict. So lets see what these prophets say, looks heavy, but light is there;

Santa Claus goes bankrupt, he can't scope with with all the new technologies and capitalism. With 3 D people printing their own organs. Cars will drive themselves. Drones deliver over night packages. More on technology;

By Jim Willie CB expecting global reset,; The centers for global financial reform are the BRICS nations, the G-20 Forum, the Shanghai Coop Organization, and GATA. US is heading into the De-Industrialized Third World, when USDollar is no longer widely accepted for trade payments. Global reset means Return to Gold Standard. Go Gold!!”

Amazing Kreskin on video;; Youth violent leisure activities dangerous 3-4 years. More shootings in schools, in houses of worship, restaurants, sporting events. When Raul Castro dies, Communism will disappear in Cuba. You may find more, DA.

For some countries:; The UK: year of upheaval, revolt led by the citizenry. Some royals in hiding. Irish IRA attacks Russia. France bitter resentment, Eiffel tower down. Revolution? Germany: bomb attack. Merkel pushed down of stairs. Rioting. Switzerland: outcry for holding Wall Street bankers in asylum. By 2017 most arrested. Economic and environmental fragility. Italy: Major upheaval in all areas of life. Catholic roots will be expunged, poverty. Vatican back into Italy, fail. Women will offshoot work and force their men to take responsibility. Sweden: For Anglo Saxon ok, but non-white face Hitler type racism. Spain: Catalonia with massive civil war successfully declare independence. Greece: Austerity protests more devastating. Invasion by Russian forces? Instability, starvation and death. Effects all nations on Earth? Unscrupulous individuals rob national bank from citizens. EU: The Euro is a bust. Failing NWO agenda, Rothschild/Rockefeller era. A new continent wide monarchy, not any better. Assassinations. Sad EU.

N-Korea: Kim Jong Un assassinated in 2016 by Chinese. N-and S-Korea will have a merger in 2017. They will overthrow Communist Chinese in 2018 or 2019. Japan: A major tsunami next year will submerge most of the continent into the sea. Deaths, million category. Indonesia: muslim violence. Terrorist attacks from an Al Qaeda offshoot. Civil war in 2016. Malaysia: muslim violence, will hurt ISIS forces in Afghanistan. Vietnam: invasion risk by the Indian or Muslim Brotherhood. Pakistan: risk of war with India's Modi, could hurt India's economy. China: economic power illusion, inflation, economy crashes, major Umbrella Revolution. The citizenry assisted by Korean and Japanese. Israel fighting and bombs going off. US year or revolution;; Supreme Court will throw out gun confiscation, but elite plan disarmament, face massive resistance. January US government plan to begin deportations to Concentration camps, anonymous will expose and dragg major media outlets to prove their existence, public will erupt into mass chaos and armed revolt in the Jan/Febr 2015.

2015; The Eurasian Union and possible future expansion; Finland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, China and Mongolia. The first phase of Eco-Masdar city completed in the United Arab Emirates. World's first carbon neutral, zero waste and fully sustainable city. Electric car ownership reaching over a million. Microsoft launches Windows 10 operating system. Skipping 9.0. The deadline for the UN Millennium Development Goals. From;

Web bot predictions 2014-15; Transition of everything. A housing crash in 2015 and reneissance? Dynamic protests and 5 new charismatic leaders. Self-Organizing Collectives of like-minded people. There will be Earth expansion effects; (Psychic Focus also) the energy from the Sun goes to the center of earth and expands it). Also multiple magnetic poles effects on; minds, tides, quakes, drought etc. (In the future ice age?). Destruction of mechanized food basket areas in US, China etc. N-US; due to hunger people mining gold 2016, gold wars. Both hemispheres; food shortages, crises. UFO/ET/Sentient Outer Space connections, but also ET wars. River course changes. New alternative health care. Abnormal births due to GMO food, chemtrails, radiation. Electrical lines, pipes, vires will have problems globally. Gold high Jan, silver up 340 %, suicides. Hyperinflation, planetary rebellion. Dollar etc fiat currencies collapse. 

International trade into 1300 level, then new economics; participatory democracy, self organizing. Asian money backed by gold for international trade, dollar rejected. Banks ceasing accounts. Oil disaster. Famous famous banker/politician kidnapped. China new ET communication, new electrics. Renaissance of farming, networking, geniuses popping up. When we get free of few rich elites from controlling the planet, then free energy solutions etc will come up. Russian starts making/selling high powered devices. Some agencies provide suicide assistance. (Dow down to 3,000 in 2-3 years).

Basiago becomes a 'planetary-level whistle blower'; In 2016, President Basiago; And recent interview;
Lindsey Williams;; When there will be no more bail outs, it is a sign that dollar and gradually all the fiat currencies will be taken down in 2015. Physical gold and silver will secure your savings. Elites plan to take down Russia and China, although Lindsay says Obama collapsed the ruble by making contract for cheap oil with Saudi-Arabia, and thus going actually against the plan of elites. Similar solutions than in Cyprus expected in US, New Zealand, Japan and Australia, the retirement funds etc will be confiscated. Medical system designed to bankrupt. They have plans for world wide new e-currency.
Lada ab this decade: MASSIVE tectonic shift in consciousness and global structures. So, anchor and fasten everything in your life, and build your structures solidly, if you don’t want them to be blown away!” Predictions made 5/1/2014; Obama's reputation sliding down more due to bad karma. Obama has a similar configuration in Febr 2015 – Jan 2016 to Saddam Hussein’s in 2003 and 1991. However, in order to avoid worse president to come up China might help Obama in trouble.
USA collapse: Some problems may be visible in 2015, but more so in 2016 and real collapse 2018. China, Russia and EU value stability, they would rather support US to avoid global crisis. Ukraine; Striking Geopolitical Similarities: Georgian War – Beijing2008, and Ukraine – Sochi2014. USA’s and West's global historic and karmic role – to be expansive, aggressive, and to export problems. Some people are awakening – the world as a whole will be rebalanced.
No invader is able to invade Russia. While West is overly yang and East overly yin. Russia is designated as a scale of balance, east- west -headed eagle, stretched between EU and Asia. Global Consequences: Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn. Moving towards greater yin-yang balance in the world; West must become more yin and East – more yang. No World War III. However, ongoing war between major powers for control. Lada;
Psychic Focus; ET disclosure; UN (?) giving announcement and Obama has to respond, televised "State of the Union". UN agreed to hide their interaction with aliens... giving countries a chance to come out gradually. UN time frame ending.

Energy across the world active and aggressive; Tensions exacerbated by events - crimes against humanity - in order to evoke fear to stop the "unruly" behavior. People are desperate for change. Saudi's against US, but for money they sell oil cheap, (higher oil prize ab Easter). The US is constantly fighting off cyber attacks from China. Lot of threats of nuke attacks, but nothing comes to fruition. Attacking through weather; hostile situation and extreme weather is no coincidence. Breaking out of Spain new country Catalonia but takes time.

What's Going on in the Sky? Sister solar system (sister sun for our sun) is approaching Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, causing orbits and rotations to change. This happens in Cycle of 10s of thousands of years, and usually Neptune and Pluto jump into our sister sun's system. Happening now and ten years. Our day gets lasting longer 30 minutes?

Earth growing larger... thus spinning slows down...wobble increases and causes erratic weather; quakes, volcanoes etc. Sister sun solar system (with "red comet") cause the earth gravitational fields pulled, so earth stutter slower. Autoimmune symptoms worsen due to solar flares. 2015; Hawaii devastating storms, Taiwan and Japan; chain reaction of storm. New Zealand many warnings and alerts of tsunami type. California heat records, forest fires - polluted food (due to Fukushima) chemtral experimenting. New York clean water crises due to flooding. Gulf coast sinkholes, N-West mudslides. Australia; New South Wales safe area. Sydney worrisome. QLD coast; volcanoes beneath the water will erupt and earthquakes. 

Monsanto will be huge in 2015 as they knew that we would be having some devastating weather. It will be viewed as a necessary evil as many farmers struggle with their crops. Marijuan legal, Philip Morris new version "cigarette" in the US, "the lobbying has already begun. EU; flooding during the spring huge issue, some lowest elevations lost to the water rising. 
Collapse of the dollar is bound to happen ab Christmas 2014 or first quarter of 2015. When BRICS bank if fully functional, other countries join in. It is becoming a strong (reliable, backed) alternative to current banking system. For NESARA it is too late. Other countries take over what the US cannot provide (trade, jobs, financing, investments). US; skimming from stocks, tax etc and from anyone with $1 million (?) ending to rage, revolt - the government promise then tax breaks. Rich get some warning to pull their money to another country.

The UN/IMF to create a new world currency. China wants to control it because China has the gold to back it. Irak dinar will also stay - backed on oil. The US will get the checks and balances forced on them. It will be a big adjustment and humbling to elites. Old US dollar (USD) is replaced by new US treasury notes, USTN (and still backed by nothing), announcement to public. Beginning of 2015 transition happening to a credit or electronic based system that bridges the gap between the dying dollar and new system. Huge push for people to use and carry credit.

When a new world currency goes into effect, can change dollars with less value. Bitcoin start to fizzle out. Gold and silver will reach high value. See when stocks start to decline. Another (or reinvented) of a man-made "zombie virus" coming in Sept-Oct of 2015, tied to Ebola (or same as Ebola) used to "test" the reactions. Much propaganda to immunize against it- not tested. 

 US; Fema camps will be used for man made, natural or pandemic, flu type situations. They try to get people to camps willingly, but they evolve into manual labor camp paying little in exchange for "protection," food and water. Homeless people are disappearing into drug experimentation already now. Homeopathic and natural healing in US increase greatly, because Obamacare too far to reach. Also herbs, oils, massage and energy work. Talking, reading and hearing about meditation will be everywhere.

Euro unstable, the other currencies in EU more stable. No country "allowed" to leave the current monetary system, but some start using own currency as well, Germany? Venezuela; things are bad with Maduro, but they could be worse with someone else. The main focus on worldly turmoil; Saudi Arabia and surrounding "oil producing" countries. The next battle will be for oil. 

In the world most of the negative behavior is controlled by the Reptilian influence, and mindset, even the "Powers That Be" themselves. If we as humans could get away from their agenda of materialism, (need to buy this, have this procedure, look this way, etc) we could take back this planet. American people want a new face as president, Caucasian man?
….................... Predictions posted Nov 27 for 2015; 1/4 Million Mexican and C-American Refugees Mass Emigrate to the US – April-Oct. Chemical Weapons in Syria - April. US Team Killed - April. Cardinal Hostage - March. Plane Crash Kills Major Singer and Turkish President - Febr. Air India Crash, mysterious Death in Indian PM Modi - emergency election, Sonia or Priyanka Gandhi win - Jan. Argentine President in Danger - July. Destruction of US Warship in the Pacific - May.

And Posted Dec 6 for 2015: Stock Market, Economic Collapse Worldwide - Oct. US or Israel attack on Syrian or Iranian Nuclear Facility – Sept? Russia Space Weapons - Moon - Sept-Oct. Revolution/war in Russia – Oct. Macedonia war. SpaceShipTwo Crash. LA Earthquake, "Big One" ? Putin and US Biden treaten. Supernova in N-Hemisphere. Mass Murder of Eight Women. US Warship Attacked in Persian Gulf. Great Global Famine. Syria-Iraq War, Arab-Israeli War. Nuclear Destruction of NYC.
Graig, posted 11th Sept 2014: Predictions for 2015; Major volcano Japan and Hawaii. National Health and Police riots in London. Royal family member death. Fluctuations in the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Nuclear submarine problems, Russian? 'Titanic' type disaster (book.) Russia and China; economic and military pact. India's economy rising fast. Mota president of Mexico, economy improves. Psychic predictions for China and Middle East. Source;
…..….............; Saturn rules structure and restriction, while Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter; means freedom and expansion. Two opposite energies coming together. In Sagittarius, Saturn will restructure our attitude towards religion, faith and new meaning in our lives and everything. The driver is no longer accumulation of wealth. Education is going through a major restructuring. Scientific breakthroughs of great magnitude, ie evidence that change our views about life and death, and mind connection to healing etc. New innovative ways of travel and energy. Space travels, actual proof of ET’s. Square to Neptune in Pisces; smashing of old ideals and illusions. Saturn in the last degrees of Sagittarius brought in Oct 1929, Oct 1987 stock market crashes - next Oct 2017?
Barbara Goldsmith; The US dollar sharp drop 2015. Overall economically worse next few years. More flooding, tsunamis etc. More compassion and love with people coming together and helping one another through the changes. And; huge event impacting the Atlantic in August 2015, starting northeast S-America, to Caribbean, US coast, eventually UK, affecting the entire world directly or indirectly economically. Cheryl Lynn;; published in Febr 2014: equalizing the sexes; men expressing more emotion, women more masculine traits. Gay marriage flourishes, hetero declines. Pope, long time and will do much good. Violence and revolt in China, Japan and India. From 2015 on, no American is safe in the Middle East.
Nikki's best world Predictions; At JFK and O'hara airport and in Washington DC planes collide. Terrorist attack Washington DC and fire at the White House. Terrorist attacks London, Mumbai and Delhi. Castles burn Ireland and Canada. Russia invades other countries, UK and US invade Moscow, Putin in danger. Kerry, Biden, Obama (Air Force One) and Michelle in danger, also N-Korean president, Canadan Harper, Queen Elizabeth, William, Harry, bomb. Famous Canadian win the Nobel Peace Prize. Shooting at Rockefeller Center. Attack on the Vatican and the Pope. A plane disappearing between Singapore and Japan. A train highjacked. A power blackout N-America. Ship sank in France and hijacked in San Fransisco. Dalai Lama health. Meteorite hit plane, also New Zealand. Bear escapes, Toronto. Treasures found Florida coast. Shocking virus in Sweden. Mysterious fog around the world. Earth's magnetic field affected by solar flares. Quakes, volcanoes around world. Space tragedy.
At Psychic Source, celebrity predictions; Psychic Cory; domestic violence and sexual assaults by celebrities will continue to happen, but will be exposed. Beyonce and Jay Z both might get off in 2015. Psychic Kimberle; large number of steroid scandals. Some Finnish spiritual people predict; Scandinavian people becoming heroes while helping in the worldly crises. And you may go and search all shorts of predictions of your own interest; More on here;

See the CEOs are predicting better care of workers; Daily Beast; higher salaries. Careerealism; companies keeping top talent workers, here. Yahoo Chair; increased productivity, newly gained time and resolve to give it back to the world. PBS; recognizing the human need to be a part of community. The Tapscott Group; people start own firms. Campbell Soup CEO; people use digital health care. And
David Wilcock predicts, its a lot good news for coming year;;
A bit here; "Something big is about to happen." Western secret group of power elites is finally being opposed successfully by vast international alliance - and huge coalition of benevolent ET humans.
27.1-15 update; earth on quarantine, reptilians too, nukes offline, cabal try to ship out, Snowden got everything to be seen yet. See more on Sister sun and Thisman.

Very many ancient prophets, and also those some decades back, told that huge calamities, moral and religious decline, wars etc will occur ab until 2015 or so... but after that sometime, each of these prophets were also waiting for golden era to follow; (You may see about the golden era on my other page; The Future Super Power India and its Kalki Avatars?)

Bheeshma said; At the end of Kaliyuga (Dark Era) righteousness will decline, vanity will augment. Kalki Purana; Kaliyuga is the confluence of falsehood, vanity, greed, lust, violence, materialism etc...
Shri Swami Aseemandji; There is a possibility of a portion of the world’s population decreasing due to natural calamities, strife, in - fighting etc. 
Nostradamus; At the end of the 20th Century Mother Nature will show Her ire as never before. Water will enter land and land will enter water. Some places will experience floods and at other places there will be dire droughts. Many volcanoes will erupt and an army revolution will be seen in many countries.

Mr. Radheyshyam Rawalji; between 1971 to 1973 A.D a war-like footing. from 1971 A.D; Natural and oceanic calamities will increase in the entire world. humanity will be terrified.
German philosopher, Spangular’s book; The 3rd world war will definitely take place and then western culture will be destroyed from its very root”. (A few extremely wealthy men live in pomp and harass the predominantly downtrodden men of society. People forgot true religion and faith in God, source lost.)

G. Vegelatin in the 1926 issue of a Spanish magazine, “Science Westminister”; after 56 years, the atmosphere will become poisonous and hence Mother Nature will become wrathful. This ire will augment from 1971 to 1981 A.D. Man will never have seen this ferocious face of nature; floods, famines, volcanic eruptions, magnetic storms etc. At certain places, earth will be torn apart. New islands will emerge in the ocean.

Saint Ramchandra; Sun’s heat vanishes one day, life on earth will cease to exist. Thus modern scientists are at a loss as to how one can escape this dire situation. The southern half of England will submerge into the ocean. England will experience extreme cold. America’s wealth will be shattered. Gigantic turbulence in Mother Nature; calamities like earthquakes, wars, epidemics, famines, widespread atheism your house with a broom. By the end of the 20th Century most probably, this phase of turbulence will end.

My own predictions, heh heh; First I predict that most of the things predicted here doesn't come true, some yes. Some people are predicting other people's death. I think shouldn't, as if the person see, it may scare so much that can even fasten person's death, especially if old or sick already. On the other hand it is good probably that there are predictions of some artist going to be killed, because if the plan is real, those planning may not do it, when someone exposes it beforehand.

ET s might not so up in fleets, but most of the people starts to become aware of alien existence. The year will be golden times to whistleblovers and conspiracy theorists, as so many secrets will pour out, due to taking down process of so called cabal, but power struggles will continue. The dollar may collapse indeed and euro and other currencies may rise up for a while until they also could face serious crises. These will cause lots of all sorts of turbulence in US and world. 

Bad guys are loosing the game, but I don't want to say good guys are taking over, rather they may be just better. Lots of those, that are now building the new financial system, has been before making NWO policies and waging wars, so I don't expect that they have totally changed, although amongst them there are also very selfless people, so I just hope all the best for the coming finances and new year!

New free energy and sophisticated technological solutions will finally show up in real life, but so desperately slowly. Keshe will continue his struggle to survive and bring out those, as well as others. Spirituality will strengthen its dawning in quality and quantity - quietly - as people are tired of material junk and desperately search for quality of life and peace of mind. This means that we are making it into the new age of wander and gratitude more and more to be seen!
Some predictions by Sarkar (but notice these are not only for 2013). Sarkar told in 1977, that there will be coming massive man-made and natural calamities where millions of people die. And in 1983, Sarkar started talking about the end of Communism. Later; "Communism is a matter-centred philosophy and it is dead. Now the bell is ringing for the self-centred philosophy - Capitalism”. It will burst like fire cracker. (Grow huge and then collapse).

"The worst sufferer will be the Arab countries." (Lets speculate: All Saudis Petro-Dollars are either deposited in western banks, stocks or real estate. If these collapse and their oil finish, suddenly their wealth is wiped out. And the oil prize may drop very low... Having no other source of income and depending on imports...).

This coming collapse of capitalism may strengthen Islamic fundamentalism, blaming the West for all their troubles. The Islamic world will be engulfed in war within themselves and with outside societies. This will bring about the end of Islam. (Also other religions will die, but spirituality will rise). He has also predicted the involvement of China in this wider conflict. 

There are not enough good people to fight the battle, so the battle is now the battle of the evils, going to destroy themselves. Sarkar said, that don't choose sides in the conflict because that battle is not of us. I think soon this battle of evils is over and there are more moral forces rising up. "Unite the moralists" said Sarkar. 

He also spoke about "revolutionary psychic changes" taking place; 'When Cosmic Mind will think that the time for establishing spiritual philosophy has come, then all the unit minds will also start thinking accordingly'.

After capitalism and communism are gone. Then the new era will evolve. When these economic theories fail, Prakrti does not like a vacancy. So PROUT will fill up the gap. People will follow the path of Dharma (spirituality). 'The spiritual people will lead the society. It will be a spiritual world.'
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