tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2011

World news and speculations

Worries of second depression are rising all over the world. The stock markets are unstable, civil unrest expected. Food and oil going up. Oil used more this year than produced. Derivatives quadrillion dollars??? Also Some talks about Bitcoin, an alternative digital currency - gaining favour.

Tv-joogi Baba Ramdev on hunger strike with many other well known people against corruption in India. China having food crises although last harvest was OK.

Amount of bigger earthquakes and volcanoes have increased. Lots of speculation whether Japan earthquake and tsunami was caused by HAARP or some other device purposely to cause nuclear accident. Even NASA highlights some strange atmospheric anomalies over Japan just days before the massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11. Now the same concerns are ab New Madrid Fault line, that is flooded by extreme heavy loads of water, which itself could cause earthquake.

It has come out also that Japan officials have hided the facts related to perhaps bigger calamity than Chernobyl.

Extraordinary sunflares have and further expected cause some damages to communication and electricity. M 2.5 flare peaked June 7, 2011. A flash of radiation - with a plasma eruption, might cause geomagnetic disturbances.

The so called New (or Old) World order secret gathering; Bilderbergers meeting in Switzerland, got lots of attention. Rumours are coming out in streams about worries over Euro and possible Euro collapse causing also uncertainty of their world currency plans. Several EU countries’ plan to abandon nuclear power - could also cause crisis for the Euro. Bilderberg’s planned EU single currency in 1955, which Bilderber-chair Davignon admitted. Also 2003 BBC investigative team confirmed.
After all Bilderber´s have worries they are loosing the game of global control and governance, which seems to be the goal of the day according many individual and politically motivated group speakers. I.e. Tony Blair just said that EU needs elected president to lead the EU on the world stage. Libya war was claimed to be planned extending into wider region and global.

They try to still upkeep the economies and letting only it collapse end of next year “in order to let down the standard of living in rich nations”. There are also considerable opposition for their plans by other factions and Asian societies ( i.e White Dragon Foundation, now registered by the Japanese government). New financial and monetary systems with advanced energy and technology solutions. Their aim is to remove poverty and exploitation from the world.

The Middle-East and N-Africa is said to be under the counter-revolution rather than real revolution. The US and Saudi-Arabia heavily involved in the conflicts for their own interests.

Climate Change is claimed to be caused by human greenhouse gases, but clearly that is not the only truth. There are huge changes in other planets too and the sun seems to forwarding the energies of the cosmos. Politicians are using the false scenarios for their own benefit and control purposes without caring of the planet and humanity. And the worse thing is that they are misleading the wider public to believe and get confused. I do not say though, that we should continue polluting this earth. For sure it should be stopped and taken in use the existing suppressed technologies, that doesn’t cause almost at all pollution.

Speculations of EHEC (Husec-41) as possible bioweapon? Concern is how e.coli could have become resistant to eight different antibiotic drugs and then suddenly appeared in the food supply – and due to unnecessary caution tons of perfectly good food was damaged.

At the same time than human beings are approaching spiritual upliftment the vibrational speed of the global grid will increase. When the global grid (network of lines) makes the realignment to higher vibrations, a magnetic pole shift might be expected.

GMO toxins make babies sick and chemtrails are altering the blood; aluminium, barium…and Gulf of Mexico fish and dolphins dying and so on...


Those who proceed to play “the leader” in attempting to build a benevolent society without having undergone meticulous self-preparation and self-discipline through intuitional practice, will not only bring about their own downfall but will lead the entire humanity to disaster as well.

In the end, those political hypocrits will have to depend solely on the strength of arms. In this way it is found that brute force is the only source of strength for such politicians.

The one who exploits the masses is also a person; this must never be lost sight of even for a moment.

From the first expression of moralism, to the establishment in cosmic humanity, there is a gap. The concerted effort to negotiate this gap is termed as social progress, and the collective body of those who are engaged in this concerted effort I shall call the “society.”

So your duty is threefold. Your first duty is to observe morality and do intuitional practices. Without this you cannot have mental determination. Your next duty is to unite the moralists of the world, otherwise righteousness (dharma) will not endure.

Let everyone enjoy as much as they like on the subtle mental plane. Let everyone possess as much mental and spiritual wealth as possible. But individual hoarding of mundane resources and wealth must be stopped, even by force if necessary. Really speaking, both physical and mental cravings are born of mental hunger. It is certainly possible to transform the craving for physical enjoyment into intellectual hunger by channelling it toward a different goal through proper education. Human society today is badly in need of such education.

This spiritual sentiment will keep humanity united for all time to come.

Humanity has a right to live not only in this small world, but also on every planet and satellite, meteorite, nebula and every particle of this vast creation.

The newly awakened humanity today is anxious to herald the advent of one Universal Society under a vast blue sky.

Europe, Africa, Australia, Mercury, Jupiter, comets, stars, and constellations - none is alien to the other, none is distant. Gradually everyone has begun to realize the vibration emanating from the One Mind.

The fact that the fortune of every individual, not only of this earth, but of the entire cosmos, has been wreathed together, will have to be admitted one day by humanity.

Humanity of the entire universe will unite, and we are anxiously waiting for that happy moment.

Let us move together, let us radiate the same thought-wave, let us come to know our minds together. Let us share our wealth like sages of the past, so that all may enjoy the universe. Let our aspirations be united, let our hearts be inseparable, Let our minds be as one mind, so that we may live in harmony and become one with the Supreme.

Didi Annapurna