lauantai 30. elokuuta 2014

Uniting the selfless, decent people

Today, 62 servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces turned to Russian border seeking refuge. They were provided transit on the principles of humanism, after leaving their weapons on the Ukrainian side. Total 500 Ukrainian troops crossed into Russia since July seeking refuge and medical help.

But Ukraine capture the lost Russian paratroopers in Ukraine. President Putin hoped it won’t be blown out of proportion, since Ukrainian troops regularly cross into Russian territory, sometimes in armored vehicles and were never charged with anything and always allowed to return to Ukraine freely. And Canada Trolled The Russian Army; Russian soldiers getting lost and 'accidentally entering' #Ukraine." In the official satellite channel Rossiya 24; Mr. Zakharchenko said that many former Russian soldiers had come to Ukraine as volunteers; Is Russian Invasion of Ukraine a Hoax?  

New jet fighters; Russia's new air force a mystery. And And Protesters demand ouster of Ukrainian president and DM. BBC, Ukraine crisis: The leader of the Right Sector (Nazies) threatened to withdraw volunteers fighting on the government side. And; RT: Ukraine must ensure gas transit to EU – energy chief.

RT: Ukraine’s transition to EU trade €165bn; Switching over to EU trade standards and closing duty-free trade with Russia will cost Ukraine €165 billion over the next 10 years, Putin warned to President Poroshenko. Russia cancel its duty-free with Ukraine.

The latest Western lie from NATO, is that Russia has invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops, Dr. Roberts. And RT: Poland closed its airspace to Russian defense minister’s plane, but then allowed it to fly over, after the plane changed its status from military to civilian. The Polish Civil Aviation Authority believes that the flight of the Russian DM was not a civilian one, but a military one...Reuters. So Slovak premier Fico said that Slovakia will oppose any new sanctions on Russia at EU meeting on Saturday as 'Economic sanctions based on unverified data are unfair.'

Ukraine MH 17 false flag; on Why MH17 disappeared from the news? And who benefit from the disaster? More speculations; And Malaysia Airlines will fire 6,000 of its staffers...; Finnish Defense Ministry; Russian military aircraft violated Finnish airspace — third such incident in six days. And no wander; Finland and Sweden are signing the HSN and MOU agreements with NATO next week in Wales (newspapers found out the secret plan earlier). NATO, new commander of Northern countries; 'NATO have the legal authority to conclude HSN Memoranda of Understanding MOU'. They have mislead Finns to believe that the they are only “offering pea soup” to NATO troops. Wikileaks in 2011; the adviser for present PM Stubb, had promised to US councilor that during next government Finland will join NATO. These agreements are effort by NATO to surround and have transportation access to Russia; And And Source;

Before Iceland red alert somebody was pulsating tectonic wep signal... trying to cause blow and also split Atlantic Ridge. Rumor that ships and aircraft are leaving there en masse; And; plumes bubbling up from the seafloor spotted on the U.S. Atlantic Coast. Amazing Methane Seeps. And GM mosquitoes increase dengue fever in Brazilia, state of emergency renewed
Sun’s energy is produced by proton-proton fusion in its core. Scientists have detected subatomic particles called pp neutrinos, Nature. The Sun consumes 600 million tonnes of hydrogen every second, reaching temperatures of over 15 million degrees and generating over 384.6 yottawatts. Quantum Energy Generator; we have received the funding we need for the completion of QEG!

Lindsey Williams; Elite Not Ready to destroy the World Yet! Because the common people are not yet bankrupt. An Oklahoma-based satanic group called Dakhma of Angra Mainyu has leased space in the city's Music Hall, for a black mass on Sept 21: And

Dow climbs and gold, silver down. The important thing for TPTB to do now is to reinforce the negative thinking on anyone with interest in physical metal as they want it all for their one world currency backing - at low price. We are going to begin to see foreign governments coughing up physical into the market and embrace paper with promises of far greater returns and protection from inflation while watching the DOW eclipse. Martin Armstrong says DOW into 20,000, maybe even 30,000? All will seem well in the world of paper until merely days before the planned economic collapse of the world’s derivatives, bonds and currencies;

Gordon Duff at the 13:00 minute claim that one of the main members of “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” actually planned the 9/11 attack! This information comes directly from the Department of Justice. Veterans Today Radio; Who will believe this; Sister Of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Arrested For Alleged Bomb Threat. Ailina Tsarnaeva alleged said to some women; "I know people who can put a bomb on you." The New York Post.

Psychic Focus; Q & A XXXIV: Huge rise of people opening up, becoming more spiritual. People want change, and realize change starts with them. The government dislikes this because self empowered people are much harder to control and are able to see through the media stories. They do what they can to keep people "asleep" by fluoride (huge), cheap unhealthy food, through medicines (sweeteners) banned in other countries (and prohibiting healing medicines). They can't prevent psychic abilities, but they can make them cloudy and label psychics as "crazy. ("80% of the Packaged Food on US Groceries Contain Ingredients Banned in Other Countries).

Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon area geographically very different in 50 years time and people moving away from those areas. Rain, ponds and marsh, sink holes filled with water. Signs of this are happening and continue to get worse. And Greg Palast; The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans. Katrina case; why residents had to leave, what caused the flood and why they aren't returning;

Bobby Dee, CNN; CDC whistleblower states he hided a vaccine-autism connection. In, rocketed to 45,232 views in some hours. CNN removed it! Thompson, PhD, Senior Scientist, stepped forward and admitted the 2004 paper [which found no link between the MMR vaccine and autism] was a fraud.

Ferguson Gang Leader; “Eric Holder Paid Us To Start Riots”. These government-sponsored terrorists infiltrated peaceful protests with the intention of inciting riots. A local gang leader came forward - after being arrested during a night of mass-looting - to bargain for a reduced sentence.

Web bot, Clif High; World’s first cFF (cyber false flag) coming in Sept! USA politbureau will be shutting down banks in response to a cFF and use this as excuse for order to try to save some zionist bankster butts from death, as the revolution heats up. Their ‘target’ of cFF is Russia. Computer hackers targeted JPMorgan Chase & Co and four other banks in a coordinated attack on U.S. financial institutions, Bloomberg. And The WSJ.

British Muslim and Jewish leaders calling for interfaith cooperation and condemnation of civilian deaths in Gaza, saying they should not “import conflict,” but rather “export peace.” RT: British Jews, Muslims joint call for peace. And RT: Holocaust survivors pen open letter condemning Israel’s Gaza war...but 190 influential people in Hollywood condemning the actions of Hamas. And Mohammed becomes most popular name -- in Oslo...

And The Event Chronicle; I’ve decided to no longer post Neil Keenan updates. The following comment on Jean's blog by the Dr. Aidun (aka “Judge” Naidu, Keenan team member) was the final deciding factor; “My Marshals have an Arrest Warrant for you and Ellen Gonzalez...Typical retard you are! DARE NOT post my comment, eh !!! Get a life, you ungrateful wretch !!!.” [source]. I cannot support any team that calls a 75 year old woman a “retarded wretch” and passes off a gold dollar bill obtained from the Internet. (The comment refers to Keenan showing ‘gold dollars’, identical to novelty gold dollar bills on sale on Ebay, Amazon etc. )
And King of Hawaii response by Silva, Jr.; Nothing Jean or anyone has said about me will deter the sacred work before me. Judge Naidu acted alone... not representing the wishes of the kingdom nor its King. Aloha Ke Akua, Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr. (The King of Hawaii).

Jean; In no way — do I approve of Ben’s statements concerning Kevin Annett. IMO, Ben Fulford’s research appears to be totally lacking in any depth. Kevin and I email...~J. The Irish government has agreed to extradite visiting Kevin Annett to UK to face imprisonment, according Ireland's police, the Gardai source. In order to avoid the arrest Annett will cancel his visit to Ireland and UK. Sept 1 the Common Law Court is opening an inquiry into the apparent sacrificial murder of children by Ninth Circle cult in Ireland. Annet; ITCCS court case has compelled the upcoming removal of Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis): the second pope indicted by our Court. ITCCS.

And Fulford; More dramatic actions planned concerning gold, silver and lead? Fake events; fake beheading of a journalist Foley, orchestrated riots in the US Ferguson, cold war waging with Russia, treat of global Ebola pandemic, and to blow up Chicago, LA and New York etc. One million or so US cabalists want to flee on the coast of Patagonia, but Argentina refusing. (Neil claim; People moving out of NY fearing something will happen).

Neil Keenan claims Richard Armitage, B Clinton and Japanese imperial family are attempting to steal gold from Indonesia before anti-cabal Widodo assume power 20th Oct. Also Vatican linked P2 lodge try to gain access to S-Korean gold to back their financial system, connected to the visit by Pope Francis in S-K, hinting he might resign or die, 3 his relatives died in a suspicious car crash in Argentina! Kevin Annett, ITCCS, who calls Francis a criminal, received death threats from the Italian Ngdrangheta mob. 

This writer did research in Canada to determine the truth of Annett's claims of genocide. Ab 4000 children died in the schools mostly from fires, not 50,000 from murder as Annett claims; And The Canadian government has paid compensation to the victims.

Nazionist cabalists trying to bankrupt EU, using mercenary armies to seize EU energy choke points in the M-East and the Ukraine. ISIS is run by a Mossad agent, Simon Elliot to create one world religion;
Obama allow Hawaii to secede?, and form sovereign kingdom, run by native Hawaiians; and Proposed Rulemaking. In US; 375,000 pending immigration cases. By the way; Polygamy Legal In Utah. Kissinger; Free markets would uplift individuals, enrich societies and substitute economic interdependence for traditional international rivalries. This effort to establish world order has in many ways come to fruition...The affirmation of America's exceptional nature must be sustained;

Video ab the murder of Foley, top forensic experts concluded it was staged, also Infowars’ analysis. Foley was killed a year ago. We and UN has the information,” Shaaban, Syrian government.
Psychic Focus on James Foley; James is still being held by a rogue group backed by US military (not ISIS) come out for something else. The video was falsified to give further justification for involvement into a conflict in Syria.

Wilcock; Rumors from 4 different insiders; Cabal has to pay up before end of Sept and they don’t have money, so they might create maximum chaos before the deadline. We’ve heard this story before, so you never know, but the USG will be forced to shift from the Fed Note (FRN) to the TRN (Treasury Note). FRN might be redeemed at full value (or 16 % less), but only up to 10 K and short period - to get free of “black cash” and tons of counterfeit 100s printed by Iran to try to destroy the US. But the “bad guys” want 86 % downgrade, in order to 'permanently resolve the problems', hoping to cause social breakdown.

The Cabal sent provocateurs into Ferguson to start race war. They are also trying to create a West Versus Muslims war with ISIS group. But ever-growing alliance and “Divine Intervention” will prevent these things. The Cabal has been successful in using their HAARP-type technology to dry up California in order to create mass starvation
by creating energetic wall to prevent rain; The Cabal is also using HAARP to trigger volcano in Iceland to destabilize EU. Heroes needed, now is the time! Iceland evacuates amid eruption fears. And 2010 Eyjafjalla;

Zero Hedge; French court has put IMF Lagarde under a formal probe for negligence in a corruption investigation as finance minister. From the WSJ. The question is why and who is angered by her policies over the past three years...Merkel; “US Can’t Solve All The World’s Problems Anymore”. Zero Hedge; First Russia and China, then UAE, Egypt, Turkey… and now Germany.And German FM Tells EU Leaders: Free Money Party’s Over. bring Ebola bodies and not bury them well?” Ebola Among Health Workers: 240 Sick, 120 Dead. London Independent: Pulitzer-winning scientist; wildlife face a ‘biological holocaust’.

A 7.0 earthquake struck southern Peru. RT: state of emergency as California hit by largest quake in 25 years, man made?; Because depth of 10 KM. The earthquake weapon is usually tuned to a depth of 10 km, natural quakes ab 30 kilometers to the surface. And bright flashes.

Dutchsince claimed that the march 20 quake in Mexico was man made. I was skeptical, but then took a look at very well advertised earthquake drill matching the exact same scenario at the exact same magnitude at the exact same time. This matches to Fukushima quake. Mails from Japan; all the quakes were happening at a depth of 10 KM. Fukushima report. And THIS!!! Note - The newspaper La Voz Del Norte has banned all access to its article. But I made a back up! And Nanobots out in the wild now.

Aliens; HuffPo/YouGov poll, 48% of Americans believe UFOs have possibly visited our planet. A lots of alien contact stories; Some here:; massive green colored UFO craft following an Ohio man for over 2 months, appearing in the same spot every night. Secureteam corresponded with 3 other witnessses, follow up video soon.

Erixx Haxx, 11 hours ago; again, 3:00 am. 8.28 its about north of Dayton OH. Maybe the same or 2 different ones. Nonya B, 2 days ago; I also saw this object a few weeks before this video came out. We attempted to take cell phone footage, but it vanished. Secureteam10, 2 days ago, The object appears to know when it's ab to be captured via camera. But it stayed around long enough for this man to record.

UFOS filmed by Shuttle: Houston News: of people from Houston Texas, took to social media with pictures. Definite UFO; RT; China believes it’s figured out how to design an underwater vehicle that can traveling from Shanghai to San Francisco in two hours; South China Morning Post.
Some predictions from; Q: Is Los Angeles going to be hit with big earthquake? A: Yes 8.9. Q: Is there a link between this immigration situation and Ebola? A: It can be used as a cover for deliberate spreading of virus. They may have a "Frankenstein" on their hands. Q: Isn't there going to be a big earthquake in California? A: Wait for a really big outgassing event! Q; Is Putin going to play the 9/11 card, if forced to do it. A; Eventually. All of the efforts to support Putin will help the revelations to come sooner. Q: What is causing the Earth Changes? A: Electromagnetic wave changes. “Heating up” of earth. Vibrational frequency changes. A; Wave generated...throws the earth magnetic axis off. Destruction. A; Nibiru is cluster of comets as single body. Q: Where was Lemuria located? A: around Easter Island is remnant of Lemuria.
Some touching songs; Finnish melancholy; How do you know real friend?; Russian; And Polish singer; Ukrainian songs; More And; Ukrainian girl; Finnish singer Kalinka; Millions roses; And Ural; And Kiirtan;

Didi Annapurna

P.S: Good, people trying to make difference, Keenan and others, but they often fall into using similar means than those that they want to take down. Really selfless, moral, fair, just, decent, righteous people are needed to come forward to make change, to unite the moralists, the decent, the selfless. Only true spirituality can make people selfless as one looses the need to acquire own advantages, or own group's/nations advantages, and only then one can see wider in the perspective of universal welfare. But also spiritual people need unite with the practical, intellectual, fighters and all sorts of people with good intention.