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Biopsychology of Cakras, Lymph, Gender Issues

There has to be balance between different aspects of yoga - physical, mental and spiritual. The word “cakra” means controlling nucleus. Everything in this universe has a controlling nucleus and each nucleus is controlled in turn, by a superior nucleus. The controlling nucleus of the universe is the Cosmic or Universal Mind, commonly called God. 
The cakras or controlling nucleii of the human body are formed in two ways. The human backbone is composed of several small bones piled one on another, separated by discs. Through the center of these backbones runs the spinal cord.

Inside the spinal cord there are three subtle nerves. One central nerve descends from the brain, through the spinal cord to the base of the spine. The second starts at the root of the right nostril, crossing at five points in the trunk of the body, until it reaches the base of the spine. The third nerve starts at the root of the left nostril, crossing at the same five points, reaching to the base of the spine. The first five cakras are located on these crossing points within the spinal cord.

The first cakra is located two fingers above the anus, the second at the root of the genital organs, the third at the navel, the fourth at the center of the chest, and the fifth at the vocal cord. The sixth cakra is located at the pituitary gland and controls all the five lower cakras. The seventh and highest cakra is located at the crown of the skull and is the controller of all the six lower cakras. Around these controlling centers, there are glands associated.
Each of the glands, or small factories surrounding the nerves, produces a particular hormone which activates a special feeling or tendency within the mind. Therefore, the cakras are physico-psychic; that is the body influences the mind.
The brain is the tool of the operator-mind. The three nerves mentioned earlier are the extensions of the brain. When a particular thought, memory or idea arises in the mind, the glands respond accordingly, certain hormone is released into the blood activating the particular emotion. 
This network of seven cakras, with related glands, hormones and nerves, acts like a transmitter and receiver. Everything in the universe is sending and receiving peculiar energies in different wave patterns called vibrations. The cakras, as a whole, act as an antenna, receiving and sending these various vibrations. These vibrations stimulate the nerves which activate the chemicals of a particular gland, causing the mind to experience an emotion or urge as a result.

These various vibrations can be categorized into three qualities: sentient, mutative and static. When the positive aspect of energy dominates the negative; we call it sentient. When the negative aspect of energy dominates the positive, we call it static. There are times, however, when neither positive nor negative dominates, but rather each is struggling to dominate. This dynamic situation is called mutative.

Each of the cakras is being activated by external and internal energies. If the received vibration activates the two lowest cakras, the stimulus is negative or static to the mind. If cakras, located at the heart, vocal cord or at pituitary gland, are activated, the vibration is positive or sentient. When the navel cakra (third) is stimulated, we call it mutative. Our cakras are being stimulated by these external and internal vibrations day and night, whether we are aware of it or not.

When a gland is stimulated too much, it becomes overactive. Special hormones become dominant in activated glands, and dormant in unstimulated ones. Some glands are stimulated very seldom. For example, the pineal gland has become often calcified, which means it has not been active at all. 
The combinations of these dominant and dormant glands makes up our character, our personality. When the negative glands of our body dominate, our behaviour commonly is static. When the positive glands are dominant, then our behaviour is sentient. 
By understanding the function of glands and cakras, we can apply the techniques of yoga to progressively control and direct the energies of our cakras for deeper mental and spiritual achievement - for the benefit of all.

Yoga postures called asanas, exercise and massage the glands to reduce overactive hormones and to activate the dormant hormones. Shyness, depression and fear can be overcome by performing yoga postures prescribed by a qualified teacher. Asanas can stimulate compassion, hope, rationality and determination. This positivity helps individual to move towards the Supreme Goal of life.

Also if we think courageous, compassionate and benevolent thoughts, the hormones of the glands stimulate these emotions. However, if we entertain fear, hatred, jealousy and doubt, then the glands that control those emotions will grow stronger.

We develop the cakras also by controlling the food we eat. The body chemically refines food for various uses. Foods containing chlorophyll are especially important in the production of lymph, and hormones. Lymph is the food of the nervous system, especially the brain. 
There are three categories of food: sentient (positive), mutative (neutral) and static (negative). Positive food activates sentient glands and hormones, and negative food stimulates static behaviour. Food stimulates glands, glands activate emotions, emotions build personality. Therefore, we should be very careful about the kind of food we eat.

Static food will undo all the efforts we made in practising yoga postures to control and activate the glands. Static food will not produce lymph needed for the hormones that develop the higher levels of mind.

The collective interaction between these psychic urges forms our unique personality. It is very important to control thought. Thousands of years ago yogi’s declared, “As you think, so you become”. Controlled thinking lead to positive, peaceful and joyful life. People with similar thoughts like to be with each other. 
It is the mind which is our best friend or our greatest enemy. We should choose our thoughts and company carefully. Our thoughts should attract only those living beings in the universe which will help us in our effort to reach our Supreme Goal. We should take a direct and sincere path under the guidance of teacher.
Meditation practices bring elevating changes in the nervous system and glandular secretions. With this process, a person goes beyond the periphery of the common human psychology. Without spiritual practice there cannot be such a change. If both sides of the pituitary plexus are fully developed, one becomes self-knowing, and even all knowing.

If one does not attain salvation in this life, in the next life one will become a spiritual aspirant. Those who have already attained salvation may or may not remember their past lives according to their own sweet will.

Biopsychology, Svadhisthana Cakra, Reptilian Psychology

Here what I feel is our stand in different matters

Homosexuality. one should not encourage homosexuality. Marriage is meant to unite female and male, even if we just think of reproductive purposes. On the other hand we should not be negative and exploitative towards any type of genders.

Transgender issue. The upper portion of female skull is smaller than that of male. If a male becomes a female by biological processes, he will have no difficulty. But if a female becomes a male, she will have difficulties because the cranium and brain is smaller, she may suffer from headaches. Those who are eunuchs by birth have still smaller craniums, and love for children is lacking. (ETs channeler Barbara seem to get that increasing transgender issue is due to chemicals, which bring past life memories of being a different gender!!!)

Birth control. One may use methods of birth control that doesn’t cause bodily damage. Sterilization is not recommended due to following hormonal imbalance.

Sexual behaviour. Pre marriage sexual activity is not recommended, the result is often lack of sense of responsibility, single motherhood, venereal diseases etc. For married couple sex four times a month is sufficient. Excessive sexuality uses the lymph that is needed for intellectual and spiritual elevation. Greed for sex and money can become a disease itself.

Sources, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, Biopsychology 1987 and leacture by Ac Pranakrishnananda

Learn meditation. The most important practice.
Meditation is all you need,

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The Quantum Info by ET Whisperers

"Cooper's Treasure," documentary on Discovery Channel started April 18. Astronaut Cooper was given magnetic detection camera on board of the Faith 7 spacecraft. His mission was to locate secret nuclear sites, which could be considered a threat to US. During the search Cooper became aware that the detection camera also captured pings of shipwrecks on ocean floors. He mapped the shipwrecks on sea chart for his friend treasure hunter, Roger Milkos. Now Milkos is searching these ship wreck treasures??? Astronaut Gordon Cooper about ETs,

Power outages in US due to Sun? He took video of the strange acting sun just days before power outages. Was Gotham Shield drill timing due to them knowing that sun will have outages? Elites are going underground, Another video of Sun going crazy! The viewer who watches often Spain skycam was very surprised by seeing multiple bright pulsations from sun. She recorded it with her iPad, Insider confirms outages are due to sun,

Rosemary Guiley is expert in the metaphysics, with 60 books about ET contactees, entity attachments, afterlife and spiritual development. Most ET encounters nowadays have positive effects on people, increasing consciousness, awakening kundalini. People are leaving religions. The contactees have often also near death experiences, and gain clairvoyance, teleportation, channeling etc skills, but according yoga these powers can be dangerous if ones ego and selfishness is rising. Global mind is also developing through net, And

Robbert summoning UFOs and finding crop circles. On 18 th of April a feeling was pushing him to go outside. He saw white mothership where from small orbs came out, and big and small crop circle. He says people can take spiritually uplifting energy baths on crop circles. Humans are now in revolution to get ready for contact with ETs. Because ETs are more aware of god consciousness, they are able to guide us forward. Robbert is grateful to share this and wishes love for all,

Dennis and Christo summoning ETs

Psychic Focus describing recent crop circle’s message; "When the moon aligns with the earth, another object (looks like a comet) slingshot around the moon. The whole earth rumble (like a mini earthquake). Its quickly over. Energetically it's a huge shift (of consciousness). It will come on December of this year... Not scary, but curious and exciting."
Psychic Focus also comments about blacked object in Google Sky; "there’s a comet, they’re hiding it because they don’t want any hysteria. The sister sun or something else is nearby and by seeing this region it might enlighten people.”

Brad Johnson for 2025-2035, new governments, economics. Guantum, portal and stargate technologies. Big pharma going out. Acoustic levitation and new transportation in Germany, EU, Russia and India, across world in minutes. Interior of the planet known. For coronal mass ejections back ups created, new power systems; zero point, Tesla and torsion energies. People engaged with AI, digital world, transhumanism, but others live in ecovillages, rebuilding inhabitable areas and nullifying nuclear radiation. Fourth density complete in 100-150 years. In 2035 earth will join galactic society.

Previous 2016 – 2025, people don’t trust corrupted leaders. New education, poverty removal. Vegetarianism. ET datadumps. Grassroot organizations changing the world. Vibration high, Russia will prevent WWIII. Important to do inner work as shake ups are coming. Youth of Russia, China and India will bring innovations,
Easter time Schumann resonance rose to 90 Hz. Since 1954, Schumann resonance between earth’s electro-magnetic waves and ionosphere has increased gradually from 7,83 hz. Humans have low delta hz in deep sleep, theta 4-8 hz during meditation, and high awareness state gamma 40 hz. Likely the earth 90 hz can bring more high awareness, but for people with “tamasic”, negative nature, it will cause more anxiety. You can benefit from 90 hz by doing meditation, being positive, sleeping and eating properly. How high Schumann resonance still will reach???  

Human aura before and after meditation

Corey Goode, David Wilcock discuss Tompkin's flights: 'When I was just a boy, seven, nine years old, I used to fly a lot. I didn't have an aeroplane. I'd just shoot out into the galaxy. One time I flew into Reptilian space ship. I flew around the Vladivostok base into Sergey Gorshkov's office. Wilcock; I was only able to do it once when I was a kid. Corey: I was doing it in a previous life. More advanced ETs can do it. Military can cause people to astrally project by inflicting extreme trauma upon them. 
W: Builders of the Adytum has a room that has an altar with a sacred book inside. You can't get in (to read the book) except in your astral body. Corey: You can't astral project into secret bases, they are protected. We're going to continue to be sort of isolated (from ETs) until we go through consciousness renaissance. See more,Cosmic Disclosure”. And

Reptilians take humans as slaves. Ann’s family was abducted; They wipe human memories, humans have no means to escape. If each with heart centered action accomplish full disclosure we can quickly collapse the alien agenda. How to keep your head with ETs, The Small Greys 3 April2017,

Open Forum Questions for Aridif and TReb; The moon was originally natural, but ETs restructured it and made movable. One Roman Rothschild became friend with rich Greece person in year 300 BCE. Their children got married and started the take over world economics by giving loans and by religion. They were channeling ETs and learn manipulation techniques. You may ask questions,, label "Forum Question, Anonymous". 
Barbara Marciniak, The Pleiadians. The earth was covered with ice 13 000 years ago, then ice melted, coasts were 400 meters further than now. Anunnaki has given us pedofilia, increased million times. Even young kids learn sexually abusive behavior from the net, causing shame all their life. Take away Annunnaki tools from your kids. Especially the royal pedophilia in UK will be exposed, also in US. Humans have to learn to control sexuality. Religions credibility reducing. Putin or Pope will do disclosure? WWIII is prevented by ETs. Many companies by ETs, like Monsanto to destroy life, but humans will start growing clean food. Discipline in life and taking care of body is important.

Niburu has debris field, but ET technology is shielding earth from it. Mars and moon have comet craters, earth not. Anunnaki may turn the shield off, but it depends on human consciousness. Some gravitational effects by Niburu. Coastal areas more water possible. Big changes due to planet Yarnes (?) moves to Taurus 2018. Anunnaki uses moon for observation and weather control of earth. They build movable planets. 
Globalists have many plans, but awakening will prevent. Love the earth and yourself. Plant your own food on time of dark moon, harvest on bright moon. Increasing transgender issue is due to chemicals, memories of past life gender wake up, not good to change gender. It is an agenda to reduce reproduction. In Atlantis same and mixing humans and animals 13 000 ago.

Pyramids built by giants are activating, stabilising energies. Atlantian giants, the read headed Kelts, migrated to Ireland 13 000 years ago. The elites do weather manipulation all over the world, and increase climate change, preventing spiritual growth. Cern building portal for transportation. 
The priest will bless you even if he is a paedophile. Or you don’t want last rites and go with your guilty belief to Anunnaki’s recycling center. Antarctica disclosure; in Mars ice caps are seasonal, in earth designed to keep people away. Jade Helm was to prevent slave trade through portals underground.
Indian yogi P R Sarkar said that Mars name is Kuja in Sanskrit. Ku means earth and Kuja means born out of ku. When going to the moon or Mars, the body and mind should be properly adjusted (there is no Schumann resonance). Asanas, pranayama [yogic postures and breathing], etc, helps in this environmental adjustment.

It was the opinion of ancient astrologers that a moon broke away from earth and went into orbit around it. The portion of the earth from which the moon broke away was Pacific Ocean. The old Sanskrit name for the Pacific Ocean was ksiirodarnava. Thus we even find in the moon’s dhyana mantra ksiirodarnavasambhavam; 'The divine, snow-coloured conch born of the Pacific Ocean. I salute the moon with devotion, the one who adorns the crown of Shiva'.

On Ekadashii [eleventh day after the new moon or full moon] fasting is recommended, due to moon having rising effect on liquids of the body. One should spend then more time in meditation. The moon moves around the [earth] and sounds are created. It may or may not be audible to you. If the moon does not move around the earth, no question of days, months or years can arise. 
Basil grows on moon light. 

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Meditation Inspiration and Practical Advices

In Ananda Marga there are six lessons, which automatically help us to do most efficient possible meditation, but still everything depends on us.

Be serious, set meditation the most important thing in your life. And it really is, because through it you can reach everything else with ease. So close your mobile, lights, record players and even windows in order to have peaceful environment. Let others know your meditation is important.

Every time you sit down for meditation, be grateful that you have found meditation practices, start with positive mind, and with intention of serving not only yourself but the entire humanity. Let your Guru to guide you. If you don’t have your own Guru, ask your guides to help you if needed. There are also negative spirits ready to misguide you, but you are the boss to choose a positive one. My Guru helps me amazingly even to find my eyeglasses, medicines and important papers, why shouldn’t He hep me most with meditation?

Don’t miss the regular meditation time, your Guru/guide is waiting in order to help you. If you always meditate at same “holy” place and same time, twice a day, it becomes more easy to concentrate. Your meditation time should not be after food, but if very hungry take something to drink. 

Teacher is a must, you may struggle alone and learn through books and hear says, but you may also do serious mistakes, such as doing pranayama with negative ideation. If you want to learn higher mathematics, find good teacher, same with yoga and meditation.

If there is emergency situation, naturally first take care of that, but don’t eat before you have then done meditation. This way disciplining oneself is necessary. Many people have way over too much duties or hobbies. Relax you have whole life to do those things, which you may find gradually loosing their importance. Besides when you meditate you become more efficient to manage other duties, and need less sleeping time. 

Learn to meditate anywhere – on the bus, on station, on lunch break, as you will certainly get into situations when you can’t do it in regular time and place. Learn to sit legs crossed as it helps with meditation.

Weekly collective meditation is a must. Take also a duty or service task, it will make you feel oneness with others and be inspired. Meditation should not lead only to own gain or selfishness, its benefits should be shared to others life and for the humanity.

Read and watch spiritually uplifting books and videos, what you learn through meditation becomes thus more understandable. Inspire yourself, listen and dance kiirtans, make your own tunes, learn to play and teach others. Kiirtan is very helpful to start meditation with. 

Don’t expect much about meditation in the beginning, mind is uncontrollable, naughty, wild and lazy. Also don’t talk to others anything about your practises, otherwise they will have expectations which makes meditation more difficult for you. Control your mind with great determination, breath slowly but strongly, don’t just try, but do it.

The beginning is most difficult, later on meditation become routine like any other daily thing. Also later on you find meditation more enjoyable, when you have burned some of your karma, your body has become more sentient due to vegetarian food and yoga asanas, and while you have perhaps gained inspiring company. Meditation alone is not enough, you have take more holistic approach, including service, solving alcohol and computer addiction problems etc.

Remember you are also tested, when nothing seems to be happening, be patient. Besides the peaceful feelings, the permanent benefits of your meditation may not show up, but you might see them on the others more easily. Ananda Marga acharyas are trained and dedicated for teaching anyone and serving the humanity, you may find one!

Meditation Introduction by Indian monk 

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RAWA Artists Serving the Humanity

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti created many departments in Ananda Marga, all for the service of humanity. RAWA, Renaissance Artists’ and Writers’ Association is one of them. He stated, “Art for art’s sake” is not acceptable; rather the expression should be, “Art for service and blessedness.”

How is the present day art related to service? Often the motivation for creating art seems to be fame, money and fashion, but we find also really inspiring and uplifting paintings, DA. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti mentioned that whatever sound has been produced on this earth, whatever song has been sung, will continue to reverberate in the cosmic hub for infinite time.

What comes to literature, he said; ‘the true writer is not only a creator but a sage as well’. He explains; ‘long ago, before the advent of printing, separate letters used to be moulded from clay which was then fired like a brick. The handicraft that uses fired clay is called “terracotta” in English. The terracotta industry originated in Vishnupur, India. This handicraft was copied by other places and so the industry spread.

Latin liter is the origin of the English word “later (red). When clay is fired it turns reddish, thus reddish soil is called “laterite soil”. The art that rose up on the basis of these clay letters is called “literature” in English. The Sanskrit word sahitya is not identical to the English word “literature”. For it to be sahitya it must imbibe the thought of welfare. All sahitya is literature, but not all literature is sahitya. Literature takes us to the real path of benevolence, to the path of growth and fulfilment.

Valmiki’s Ramayana has sahityik value, but no literary value. Vyasdeva’s Mahabharata is almost cent per cent sahitya, but it has more literary value than the Ramayana. Amongst English writers we find in Shakespeare an unprecedented fusion of literature and sahitya. In George Bernard Shaw’s and Milton’s compositions we find also sahitya. Kipling’s compositions are more literature than sahitya. However dazzling pure literature may be, it is transitory.

Rabindranath Tagore’s compositions demonstrate an unprecedented blending of literature and sahitya. He was such a great poet, but he hardly utilized 10% or 15 % of his entire capacity. Had we saved him from all troubles, perhaps he would have produced much more literature. It is my personal opinion that we should help those people who have some genius to maximally utilize their potentiality. Before Rabindranath was awarded the Nobel Prize, there were many scurrilous attempts to belittle him in every way. The anglicized surename “Tagore” is derived from thakkura.

Wordsworth’s compositions do not have that much literary value, but they have great sahtyik value. Romain Rolland’s works have profound sahityik value, but while their literary value cannot be sneezed at, they are not that wonderful.

Sahitya does not in any way mean that something has to be written down. Sahitya can be oral as well, and the Vedas are an example of this. There are fifty letters in Sanskrit, called aksamala, the garland of letters...held together on the chest of Parama Purusa through the dance of Parama Prakrti.

Even after the invention of written script people did not write down the Vedas and other scriptures. Out of the 108 extant parts of the Vedas, fifty-two had vanished, never to be recovered. Apart from written form of the Vedas, the unwritten portion was oral sahitya.

King Alfred encouraged written English literature, therefore he is called the father of English literature. During King Alfred’s time the educated English in the higher rungs of society preferred to study French, a matter of pride. They used to go to Paris, from time to time in order to perfect their French accent.

There is a story connected with this. England’s Henry the Eighth was an unruly king. Once he came to Paris with his family. One day, while under the influence of liquor, he beat the queen, (princess?) so mercilessly that one of her legs became practically crippled. For several days she was obliged to drag it behind her as she walked. When the time came they returned to London (Londre in the aristocratic French language). The residents of the city fell head over heels in the nooks and crannies of the royal residence trying to see whether or not the king and queen had brought back any new fashions from Paris.

They saw [Princess] Elizabeth dragging her leg and thought perhaps that this kind of walk was some kind of ultra-modern French style. Within three to four days most of the women in the aristocratic households were dragging their leg behind them when they walked and taking a lot of pride in it. Elizabeth’s style of walking while dragging her leg was called the “Elizabethan gait”.

These texts were short cut and edited by DA from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s books

A Journey in Joy and Service

In 1527 King Henry injured his left foot while playing tennis, and the resultant swelling led him to adopt a single loose black velvet slipper, rapidly prompting a new fashion among his courtiers. Eventually Henry was forced to return to Westminster unable to walk due to his grossly swollen legs and morbid obesity. He was carried around his palace in a chair. Further bouts of fever and cautery to his leg ulcers followed, and he deteriorated rapidly, and died in 1547.


Tagore;From the lotus of beauteous forms I have drunk the nectar of the formless. In the depths of misery I have discovered infinite bliss. I have listened to the message of the infinite silence. Although a mere microcosm I am not just a joke of Providence, Surrounded by limitless Macrocosmic wealth… I am a traveller, the path is my resting place. My coming and going are one and the same”,

George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Prize winner; “Animals are my friends...and I don't eat my friends.” People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.”

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” “A pessimist is a man who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it.”

William Wordsworth; “Life is divided into three terms - that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present, to live better in the future”.

Romain Rolland; “It is the artist's business to create sunshine when the sun fails. If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India. 

His (Swami Vivekananda) words are great music... I cannot touch these sayings of his, scattered as they are through the pages of books, at thirty years' distance, without receiving a thrill through my body like an electric shock”,

To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it is a criminal. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse.”

Some seemingly spiritual minded authors

Neale Donald Walsch wrote an angry letter to God. He claims that God answered him, and he wrote down the answers. This was the birth of a series of books called Conversations with God. All his CwG books have made the New York Times Bestseller list since 1995,

Marianne Williamson is a spiritual author and lecturer. Time magazine, “Yoga, the Cabala and Marianne Williamson have been taken up by those seeking a relationship with God that is not strictly tethered to Christianity.” A Return to Love, A Course in Miracles.

An Indian-American Dr. Deepak Chopra specializes in spirituality, Ayurveda, mind-body medicine and holistic healing. In his many books he combines the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. 20 million copies sold worldwide.

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s Purpose. “The secret of life is, ‘to die before you die and find that there is no death.’” The Magic, by Ronda Byrne, about gratitude. Many lives, Many masters by Brian Weiss, about reincarnation. Sadhguru’s wisdom is endless.

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Incarnating Humans Adopting Earth

NASA thinks they own the earth. NASA invites you to help us celebrate Earth Day 2017 by virtually adopting a piece of Earth as seen from space. NASA's Worldview website. To adopt your piece of Earth, visit:

Web bot, weather changes hot cold sudden, hot summer, Italy quakes continue, Scandinavia, Australia, Germany battle immigrants. Eastern EU tighten boarders, breaks EU. UK scandals, China riots, inflation, Cern? France Le Pen wins. US division, battles, gold, silver rush, destruction of economies, local communities. Antarctica new tech, ancestors,

Psychic Focus looked a bit to the next future life of PTW. Soros has dark creature inside controlling his actions, and he will not incarnate ever again. While David Rockefeller will incarnate as all white llama and Bill Gates will come to cure cancer. See more;

The religion of the future? I don’t see any one dominant religion. There will be pockets of various religions everywhere. I see some (not all) of the intensity of belief changing as people awaken more (and all forms of churches struggle with keeping attendance up).

Iran captured two US drones by Keshe technology about 9 years ago. In Ghana soon prototypes for these devices will be demonstrated. 50 Plasma Power Units, off-grid generators, were given in Ghana to government and science people. In Ghana Keshe technology is approved by the highest scientific and political levels. 

One trader of the previous on grid Magrav units comments; my discontinuing to sell these units was driven by my concerns over how the units were being made in the Italian factory, not over the technology. Keshe Foundation is now taking over manufacturing there. The health area continues to progress rapidly... read more from Dr. Richard Presser,

Hucolo, Grindal channeled about earth and seasonal changes. Seasons are changing. I.e spring is colder, summer cooler etc, as the earth axis is changing, and rotation wobbles. (I have made observation, that seasons are changing later, as P R Sarkar says in his discourse). Jet streams dives low and high, sun’s devastating activity is partly protected by Venusians. Electric cuts not only for few minutes, but getting longer. Deserts get green and again become deserts, off and on. Some hot climates become more hot, cold areas more cold but also opposite. Californian quakes prevented most part by ETs,

Pole shift news, Maverickstar says that weakening magnetic field is causing jet streams, and hot, cold on and off. There is only one jet stream instead of two intermingling. He doesn't expect ETs to help but fearing scarcity, Also Dutchsinse, Pacific Northwest USA... Large EQ watch. Others have different theories for hot/cold and seasonal etc changes, like sun's increased effect to earth, expanding earth etc.

Amazing Ancient Pyramids Discovered All over Europe, in France, Bosnia, Canary Island etc, Sun is bleaching coral also, besides traffic signs, etc Earth entering in Debris Field. Three near Earth asteroids in 3 days! This present time can be compared to the previous solar minimum, when millions died in India, and during two years there was no rain in India at all. Europe suffered also a lot,

Graham Hancock about ancient civilizations that died during extinction level event. Not only due to ice age, but also due to enormous comet impact with sea rises, heat, fire, storms, earthquakes etc. N-American ice cap was hit by fragments of comets 12000 -11600 years ago, having effect also to N-European ice cap up to Syria. This could explain why the ice age ended suddenly. He thinks it could have also caused crustal displacement. 

There is very advanced megalith Gobekli Tepe in Turkey from that time, being 7000 years older than Stone Henge, and agriculture on the area of hunter gatherers. This advanced society was very fragile when the devastating comet hit, but the hunter gatherers survived with their simple self sufficient life style. Graham’s message for us is to search for the spirit in everything and love with unity,, and the Impact Event that Wiped out Our Advanced Civilization,

Anomalies found during research on Antarctica decades ago, tropical past, ice free waters, man made structures, fossilised forests, magnetic anomalies, food storages. Although Antarctica is under peace treaty, Nazi, US and Russian military bases operate openly and secretly,

And a bit about politics

Fulford; Trump’s excuse to order an illegal missile attack against Syria. But the real reason Trump ordered this illegal attack to Syria is because he is being blackmailed with an abuse video, Pentagon and CIA sources say. Another reason for Syria attack is; Russia won the energy war, as EU dropped its opposition to the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline to Germany.

Trump handler is son-in-law Jared Kushner, who bought the building 666 Fifth Avenue. What we are witnessing is a desperate offensive by the Satanists of Israel. Trump ordered also a carrier to N-Korea.

Hezbollah, Syria and Iran may be heavily rearmed by Russia. Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon are joining Russia and the US military to force the Israelis, Saudis etc. Fulford: Khazarian Satanists turning Trump into a zombie slave.

According to White House sources who spoke to Infowars, Trump is under pressure from top neo-cons to prevent Russia from dominating the region as the fall of ISIS nears. Trump does not want to directly attack Assad’s forces in Damascus.

Some claims MacCain responsible for the attack in Syria, FBI whistle blower; Syrian False flag is a distraction created by those who fear a federal investigation, McCain, Graham, Schumer, Al Nusra behind it,, and Putin knows the rest, false flag to set up Assad, chemical weapons is crock of shit, And jimstone, Trump and Obama delivered the same gas attack speech, which proves nuclear blackmail Israles’ fukushima report

BBC, explosives in Swedish nuclear facility were found on top of the fire extinguisher. In Sweden truck drove to mass of people,

Bombard’s Body Language sees Bashar al-Assad innocent

Her another video, Assad on the Chemical Attack. She states; 'we are not seeing deception (by Assad)'. If you want to see,

Sarkar has said; Say a certain incident took place in your life at the age of eight. Now we know that there is nothing identical in this universe, only similarities. If similar circumstances reoccur after a gap of say eight years, a similar incident could take place when you are sixteen. You have to ensure that people are not put into an environment which is similar to one that caused them pain and suffering in the past, as this may adversely affect their progress in the spiritual sphere. This also applies to the physical and psychic spheres.

Take the case of this planet earth which is composed of the five fundamental factors. when, the earth's environment will become uncongenial for habitation...under these circumstances the planet and its atmosphere will gradually get condensed. When its internal factor reaches the nadir point of crudity it will appear to be non-existent outwardly. At this stage it will experience jad́asphota causing an immense explosion. That tremendous energy release converts the solid body into the ethereal factor. The celestial bodies of the universe which are unfit for human habitation are all moving through the process of jad́asphota and are hurtling towards a catastrophic explosion. This is the inevitable fate of each and every celestial body.

In today's world large animals are on the verge of extinction. Environmental conditions do not support the existence of big animals any longer.

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