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The Quantum Info by ET Whisperers

"Cooper's Treasure," documentary on Discovery Channel started April 18. Astronaut Cooper was given magnetic detection camera on board of the Faith 7 spacecraft. His mission was to locate secret nuclear sites, which could be considered a threat to US. During the search Cooper became aware that the detection camera also captured pings of shipwrecks on ocean floors. He mapped the shipwrecks on sea chart for his friend treasure hunter, Roger Milkos. Now Milkos is searching these ship wreck treasures??? Astronaut Gordon Cooper about ETs,

Power outages in US due to Sun? He took video of the strange acting sun just days before power outages. Was Gotham Shield drill timing due to them knowing that sun will have outages? Elites are going underground, Another video of Sun going crazy! The viewer who watches often Spain skycam was very surprised by seeing multiple bright pulsations from sun. She recorded it with her iPad, Insider confirms outages are due to sun,

Rosemary Guiley is expert in the metaphysics, with 60 books about ET contactees, entity attachments, afterlife and spiritual development. Most ET encounters nowadays have positive effects on people, increasing consciousness, awakening kundalini. People are leaving religions. The contactees have often also near death experiences, and gain clairvoyance, teleportation, channeling etc skills, but according yoga these powers can be dangerous if ones ego and selfishness is rising. Global mind is also developing through net, And

Robbert summoning UFOs and finding crop circles. On 18 th of April a feeling was pushing him to go outside. He saw white mothership where from small orbs came out, and big and small crop circle. He says people can take spiritually uplifting energy baths on crop circles. Humans are now in revolution to get ready for contact with ETs. Because ETs are more aware of god consciousness, they are able to guide us forward. Robbert is grateful to share this and wishes love for all,

Dennis and Christo summoning ETs

Psychic Focus describing recent crop circle’s message; "When the moon aligns with the earth, another object (looks like a comet) slingshot around the moon. The whole earth rumble (like a mini earthquake). Its quickly over. Energetically it's a huge shift (of consciousness). It will come on December of this year... Not scary, but curious and exciting."
Psychic Focus also comments about blacked object in Google Sky; "there’s a comet, they’re hiding it because they don’t want any hysteria. The sister sun or something else is nearby and by seeing this region it might enlighten people.”

Brad Johnson for 2025-2035, new governments, economics. Guantum, portal and stargate technologies. Big pharma going out. Acoustic levitation and new transportation in Germany, EU, Russia and India, across world in minutes. Interior of the planet known. For coronal mass ejections back ups created, new power systems; zero point, Tesla and torsion energies. People engaged with AI, digital world, transhumanism, but others live in ecovillages, rebuilding inhabitable areas and nullifying nuclear radiation. Fourth density complete in 100-150 years. In 2035 earth will join galactic society.

Previous 2016 – 2025, people don’t trust corrupted leaders. New education, poverty removal. Vegetarianism. ET datadumps. Grassroot organizations changing the world. Vibration high, Russia will prevent WWIII. Important to do inner work as shake ups are coming. Youth of Russia, China and India will bring innovations,
Easter time Schumann resonance rose to 90 Hz. Since 1954, Schumann resonance between earth’s electro-magnetic waves and ionosphere has increased gradually from 7,83 hz. Humans have low delta hz in deep sleep, theta 4-8 hz during meditation, and high awareness state gamma 40 hz. Likely the earth 90 hz can bring more high awareness, but for people with “tamasic”, negative nature, it will cause more anxiety. You can benefit from 90 hz by doing meditation, being positive, sleeping and eating properly. How high Schumann resonance still will reach???  

Human aura before and after meditation

Corey Goode, David Wilcock discuss Tompkin's flights: 'When I was just a boy, seven, nine years old, I used to fly a lot. I didn't have an aeroplane. I'd just shoot out into the galaxy. One time I flew into Reptilian space ship. I flew around the Vladivostok base into Sergey Gorshkov's office. Wilcock; I was only able to do it once when I was a kid. Corey: I was doing it in a previous life. More advanced ETs can do it. Military can cause people to astrally project by inflicting extreme trauma upon them. 
W: Builders of the Adytum has a room that has an altar with a sacred book inside. You can't get in (to read the book) except in your astral body. Corey: You can't astral project into secret bases, they are protected. We're going to continue to be sort of isolated (from ETs) until we go through consciousness renaissance. See more,Cosmic Disclosure”. And

Reptilians take humans as slaves. Ann’s family was abducted; They wipe human memories, humans have no means to escape. If each with heart centered action accomplish full disclosure we can quickly collapse the alien agenda. How to keep your head with ETs, The Small Greys 3 April2017,

Open Forum Questions for Aridif and TReb; The moon was originally natural, but ETs restructured it and made movable. One Roman Rothschild became friend with rich Greece person in year 300 BCE. Their children got married and started the take over world economics by giving loans and by religion. They were channeling ETs and learn manipulation techniques. You may ask questions,, label "Forum Question, Anonymous". 
Barbara Marciniak, The Pleiadians. The earth was covered with ice 13 000 years ago, then ice melted, coasts were 400 meters further than now. Anunnaki has given us pedofilia, increased million times. Even young kids learn sexually abusive behavior from the net, causing shame all their life. Take away Annunnaki tools from your kids. Especially the royal pedophilia in UK will be exposed, also in US. Humans have to learn to control sexuality. Religions credibility reducing. Putin or Pope will do disclosure? WWIII is prevented by ETs. Many companies by ETs, like Monsanto to destroy life, but humans will start growing clean food. Discipline in life and taking care of body is important.

Niburu has debris field, but ET technology is shielding earth from it. Mars and moon have comet craters, earth not. Anunnaki may turn the shield off, but it depends on human consciousness. Some gravitational effects by Niburu. Coastal areas more water possible. Big changes due to planet Yarnes (?) moves to Taurus 2018. Anunnaki uses moon for observation and weather control of earth. They build movable planets. 
Globalists have many plans, but awakening will prevent. Love the earth and yourself. Plant your own food on time of dark moon, harvest on bright moon. Increasing transgender issue is due to chemicals, memories of past life gender wake up, not good to change gender. It is an agenda to reduce reproduction. In Atlantis same and mixing humans and animals 13 000 ago.

Pyramids built by giants are activating, stabilising energies. Atlantian giants, the read headed Kelts, migrated to Ireland 13 000 years ago. The elites do weather manipulation all over the world, and increase climate change, preventing spiritual growth. Cern building portal for transportation. 
The priest will bless you even if he is a paedophile. Or you don’t want last rites and go with your guilty belief to Anunnaki’s recycling center. Antarctica disclosure; in Mars ice caps are seasonal, in earth designed to keep people away. Jade Helm was to prevent slave trade through portals underground.
Indian yogi P R Sarkar said that Mars name is Kuja in Sanskrit. Ku means earth and Kuja means born out of ku. When going to the moon or Mars, the body and mind should be properly adjusted (there is no Schumann resonance). Asanas, pranayama [yogic postures and breathing], etc, helps in this environmental adjustment.

It was the opinion of ancient astrologers that a moon broke away from earth and went into orbit around it. The portion of the earth from which the moon broke away was Pacific Ocean. The old Sanskrit name for the Pacific Ocean was ksiirodarnava. Thus we even find in the moon’s dhyana mantra ksiirodarnavasambhavam; 'The divine, snow-coloured conch born of the Pacific Ocean. I salute the moon with devotion, the one who adorns the crown of Shiva'.

On Ekadashii [eleventh day after the new moon or full moon] fasting is recommended, due to moon having rising effect on liquids of the body. One should spend then more time in meditation. The moon moves around the [earth] and sounds are created. It may or may not be audible to you. If the moon does not move around the earth, no question of days, months or years can arise. 
Basil grows on moon light. 

Didi Annapurna, channelings are not to be taken as facts, if you post link here!

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