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Benefits of Marathon Kiirtan

About 150 margies and acaryas, has arrived to small village Ydrefors in Sweden from about 40 different countries. They came just for kiirtan, which started on 27 th Dec and is continuing until 1 st Jan morning.

What makes 150 people to arrive even from other side of the world to attend? It is very unique occasion, one really feels such a bliss, unity and harmony, which expands and ‘recharges the battery’ for one year forward. Everyone comes to feel the power of kiirtan, but besides individual benefit - singing the mantra is meant to attract positive microvita, which helps more widely human society to go forward in a spiritual path. Thus self development and service to humanity go hand in hand.

How Kiirtan works? Kiirtan dance is done with keeping on touching the floor with tips of big toes by turns, when it works similar fashion as zone therapy, namely relaxing the brain. Singing at same time mantra with ideation is uplifting. The universal mantra, Baba Nam Kevalam; love for all and everything - makes us to think that love, which should be also more our daily thought while dealing with the worldly objects. Love increases the more one thinks about it. One will become more loving. Even short kiirtan can be very beneficial.

Here you can see how to do kiirtan

Meditation after kiirtan becomes much more easy. If one has mental tension or problems one should do longer time kiirtan than meditation. I myself have changed mountains of negative worries and anxieties into positive loving feelings and even solved my problems during kiirtan. Baba Nam Kevalam mantra can be used also during meditation just by anybody, though one can get also individual mantra from acarya.

The live audio kiirtan from Sweden if you want to join, go to the channel and click the live kiirtan. I don’t put the straight link here, because it is changing sometimes, this is the channel... update 3.1 the kiirtan videos are obviously under editing process and will be posted here,

Short Extra Powerful Kiirtan from Taiwan

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti about kiirtan
This collective movement (kiirtan) will benefit both the individuals and the collectivity. This synthetic movement towards the Supreme One will surely reduce the degree of complexity in the society today. These days many psychic diseases have appeared as a result of this mental complexity. Many people are committing suicides etc. 
The human brain is limited, and its nerve cells also have a limited capacity: they cannot tolerate these growing complexities. Kiirtan brings joy to human beings both individually and collectively; it leads them on the path of welfare and frees them from all these complexities. It removes all the diseases of the intellect.

When people, due to psychic complexities, cannot find the solution to their difficulties and they are at a loss what to do, if they do kiirtan wholeheartedly for a while, their psychic complexities will be removed and they will easily seize upon the solution to their problems. Thus if you have even only one minute’s time, do kiirtan for one minute. If one thousand people assemble together, then also they can do kiirtan. 
I have already said, and I repeat it again, that now the time has come to manifest the glory of kiirtan. And I also want to say further that those who wish to attain spiritual progress in their sadhana will have to do more and more kiirtan. By kiirtan, the mind becomes pure, and with this pure mind, one can do sadhana; you will surely attain spiritual progress. And because of your spiritual progress, you will come closer and closer to the Supreme Consciousness, you will come in contact with His psychic waves. And in that state you will be able to render still better service to human beings, animals and plants.

Those who are devotees they will never be afraid of work. They will do maximum work. One should be as humble as the grass and as tolerant as the trees, one should give respect to those whom no one respects, and always do kiirtan to the Lord.

The Supreme Entity lies covert in the small “I” feeling of all living creatures. So He is not far from anything; rather, He is the very “I” of each and every microcosm. With this idea or feeling in mind, spiritual aspirants should start their spiritual practice. To be ensconced in this supreme idea is the culminating point of all sadhana.

When kiirtana was first invented, the psycho-philosophy behind it was this: at the time of kiirtana, the vocal cord sings, the ears hear, and the hands and feet dance, and thus all the organs are kept preoccupied with the divine. Kiirtana is therefore most beneficial as it keeps all the organs fully engaged in a spiritual pursuit. A remarkable science lies in kiirtana. 

Kiirtan purifies the mind. ‘Where my devotees are engaged in kiirtan, I reside there’.

Didi Annapurna 

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Live kiirtan started on 27 th of Dec and will continue until 1 st of Jan 2019, 9.30 AM. Join the flow and enjoy kiirtan. Happy New Year! Go to Youtube search and put Live New Year Kiirtan Ydrefors 2019, so you will get there.

Update: The live kiirtan is done, the recorded kiirtan videos are obviously under process and will be published later here:


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What to Think; Hypnosis Research about Chemtrails?

Calogero Grifasi, a regressive hypnotist, has made investigation to chemtrails with the help of many volunteer hypnotists and their hypnotized customs from 7 different countries. Unfortunately I don’t understand most of the languages in the hypnosis sessions. I could analyse somewhat only ab 15 cases with the help of short transcript below the videos, which some also I had to google translate.
Calogero warns that before taking the information as a fact, a lot of experimentation with different people unknown to each other is needed to be done. (Now there are about 60 cases). According him the information gained by hypnosis is highly contaminated by dimensions, beliefs and apparently by conclusions made. 
Lets see what the hypnotized people express. The most common official reasons for chemtrailing seems to be pesticide control and climate change prevention. The hidden purposes are; to stop evolutional process, to control human beings, to slow down the rising consciousness of humanity, to replace human race by new experimental creatures, to prevent plant pollination by killing bees and hybridization and mutation of DNA. One of more of these hidden purposes are mentioned in every hypnosis session, some are caused by physical means like chemicals and some by etheric means, like vibration and energy shots, and other dimentional viruses.

I don't know if the hypnotized people were avarage citizens, or more or less activists interested of chemtrailing. Either, still the results are very disturbing, and the more so, because almost every chemtrail project seem to be etherically or dimentionally manipulated by reptilians, grays or other aliens. (This etherical manipulation might have been done without the knowledge of the factory making the chemtrail compounds. The substances come from different countries around the world). The pilots are often not aware, but suspicious what they are spraying.

Here some examples

Ilona, LT, the reason for chemtrails is to control or influence people by poisoning food. People get sick, depressed, and toxicity, birth defects and mental illnesses increase. Aliens are involved. The pilot is unaware.

Ryanair spraying heavy metals. Behind the project are Grey aliens, Reptilian, Anunnaki. The goal is cause Morgellons disease, energy suction, and to control people. Ten percent of population is aware. Pilot not caring making money.

Vaida, LT, spraying fertilizers for better harvest. Swiss company producing the powder, and aliens in spaceship labs with reptilian boss are installing special programs, which changes the genetic code of all microorganisms. On humans it disturbs the cell metabolism, and weakens etherically. Ecosystem gets contaminated with strange info. All people, animals and plants are affected and damaged.

SAS pilot suspects official reason; to prevent global warming. Etheric content is done in aliens spaceship to stops evolution process. In humans it inhibits pineal gland. Purpose is to control humanity, take energy, slow down the consciousness of people. 57% know secret purpose of this contamination.

Beata, LT, compound same as in ammunition, to kill mosquitos, ants and spiders that are harmful for vegetables. Powder is made in Vietnam and Japan. Purpose is to delete all life on the earth – because they want to start a new experiment on the earth. 10% of pilots know secret purpose,

Cristina, RO, the pilot is a clone. There are 17443 laboratories producing AMSHAL33X221B 3, in USA, Australia, UK, Quatar, France, Germany and Japan. Ethereal treatment is done by reptiloid, mantide, aviary, K’TUB, monk Cymex 7. Low vibrational energies added; to raise criminal rate. In humans lowers fertility, increases disabilities. Keeps humans in low vibration. Killing bees.

Hybrid pilot of ELFEX knows, subordinated to PFIZER. Ethereally treated on artificial planet Kartux, by Asheheran. Leads to the extinction of entire species of insects and small animals. The humans are ethereally dried, diseased and mentally controlled. Those aware 4%,

Lacramiora, RO, meant to eradicate vineyard bugs, made in UK, Russia, Africa and Europe. Ethereally treated with insects on planet Falis by Reptilian Cratos. The substance lowers the vibration, mutates human DNA, and makes them remote controllable. Target is to control the Earth.
Airforce? pilot is suspicious. Powder mutates plant and animal DNA. Etherically: contains hatched eggs of insects, which eat human energy, created by insectoid Parca, from Gulius planet. Hidden objective is to change the Earth vibrational level for future physical inhabitation,

Adina, RO. In Romania 40 pilots are chemtrailing, with a liquid herbicide, by military and Agriculture Ministry, but produced in Switzerland, Germany, Austria. The substance is enchanged by reptiloids, humanoids and devils, to poison terrestrial life. It stops the biological cycle. Humans' neurons and hormones are the main target, to lower the vibration of humans, mental control and hybridization.

Ani, RO, toxic powder made in Holland, Belgium, France. Humanoid Hamsam in charge ethereally, causes plant and animal genetic mutations, climatic imbalances. In humans creates entries for entities, lowers the vibrations. The objective is control over the Earth.

Here some examples about Hurricane Florence in US. The stories wary, and especially the names mentioned are very different, but some similarities there are also.

84-RO Adina, its etheric cause was a pulsative low-frequency sound emitted by the marine ships antennae, and coordinated from triangular alien ships, affecting atmosphere's lower masses to rush chaotically. Main person responsible was Egregor with an Australian and Theresa May, under the command of the Queen in order to facilitate mental control,

85-RO Lacramioar, two cloud shaped energies collided each other and formed an electromagnetic field. A ship with device generated the energetic field amplified by chemtrails. Airplanes and spaceships (owned by US) were used for chemtrailing for 3 months on east coast before the hurricane. Hybrid Umberto Bari, chemist, with 3 other reptilian entities were leading the operation. The energy from disaster was used in alimentation etc,
87-LT Vaida, a device manipulating energy caused the hurrican, connecting with chemtrails. Etheric energy fields were created by two special machines, taking energy from space above water and converting it for hurrican in one day. Reptiloids and Amfibioids forced USA and Mexico to cooperate with them in order to damage USA. Johnson, 70, in top level of military, made contract with a snake reptiloid and hologram humanoids. Purpose was to create false belief that government can help citizens to solve their problems,
86-RO Ani, it was linked to chemtrails; metals, caustic and toxic substances spread by military aeroplanes to east coast for 4 months. There is fight for power and control going on between government and army forces. The leader was US military person Nichols interconnected to Reptiloids and falconiform humanoid Wishdown. The reason was to control - they wanted even more victims,
83-IT Elettra, chemtrails were sprayed 16 hours by 75 US airplanes, along with the waves of HAARP from different countries. US aim is to subject the population to the submission. Responsible Ian Stoldler, Russian-American who works in a military base in NewYork.
88-IT Daniela, military organized planes to spray chemicals. They have done years this to manipulate the climate. A man of a big pharma and mason with mantid Urus, provoked low vibrations, terror, despair, in those overwhelmed by the hurricane. The intent was to spread wave of low frequencies,
93-IT Laura, Insects, Mantids, Military and World Governments created event that would slow down the awakening of humanity. Heavy metals were scattered by airplanes 2 months, and activated with electromagnetic waves in USA and Paris. Obama (perhaps his clone) with a reptile is responsible for Florence. The goal was to create despair and divert attention from spiritual growth,
75-RU Валентина, physical power plant for launching it was on the ground next to water in US. Chemtrails affecting the formation of the hurricane were sprayed. Physical esotheric crystals of non-terrestrial origin were used. The US President is associated with humanoid Suris. For him, this is just an experiment how extraterrestrial energy interacts with the earth,
76-RU Татьяна, two cyclones met creating a huge whirlwind. Above UFO orb started some kind of impulses of magnetic radiation, attracting unearthly particles and chemtrails sprayed with passenger and cargo planes. The US government, 20% of senators and the president, with an UFO and 5 biorobots, were involved. An alien Bert-Ashtar was arranging huge energy intake for themselves and UFOs,
77-RU Наталья, green reptiles were behind the control panel, connected with chemtrails. Hurricane was caused by unearthly substances on the etheric plane from airplanes and satellites, which changed the structure of matter. Over the Pacific and Atlantic spraying has been going on for months. Few people in US were responsible, but not the president. Reptoids, gray, European EKB and dragon Ashtar were involved. This was done to control US population,
92-RU Ангелина, a station provokes a hurricane deep down into the ground, and the upper part is at sea. The radiation propagated by station formed waves in the ocean. Incompatible types of frequencies used by ETs, Reptiles with Grays,
98-RU Тамара, it was created by some triangular-shaped spacecraft... to evict people. The US government is involved, but rather done by the amphibians, insectoids, reptiloids, grays,

In order to understand more about this investigation, and if you know languages Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, France, Ukrainian, Liethuan, go to see all 61 videos!!!

Besides you will find 37 videos about Hitler.

Didi Annapurna, link it here if you post, thanks!