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Finnish scientist about chemtrails

Alternative movements and medias have been years concerned about chemtrailing and HAARP. Now researchers of Finnish Meteorological institute and University of E-Finland, Kuopio are also getting concerned. There is no international laws to control geo-engineering, though the environmental regulations should limit it, according professor Tuomas Kuokkanen. The geo-engineering is meant for preventing the climate change, but the results are uneven and unpredictable globally. So researchers confirm that the worry of citizens about chemtrails is well grounded.
CHEMTRAILS UPDATE: 18.4-13. No chemtrails since last watch 24.3, except 3 single ones I have seen! Probably it has been enough cold, so there was no need to spray colder! But storsks came and ducks so there there is plenty of things to keep watch,. Didi 

CHEMTRAILS UPDATE 24.4-13; Yesterday and today the sky is full of chemtrails since morning to evening ab 25-30 all together. Difference to normal chemtrail day is that I have seen several 'con-chemtrails', while the plane flies, first the contrail disappear as normally, but then continues like chemtrails, staying in the sky for hour or so and spreading. Sometimes opposite. Difference to normal is also that they are so many, normally you see here about 10 airplanes flying/day, but now together contrails and chemtrails are about 30-40. Difference is also that the sky becomes all over hazy at the end. Sun is not shining brightly anymore. So what do you think? Any explanations? Didi

CHEMTRAILs UPDATE: 25-26.4; Suddenly no chemtrails at all. 27.4-2.5 I was in Germany and it was also mostly cloudy...

CHEMTRAILs UPDATE: 3-7.5; Where have the chemtrail planes gone, nothing nowadays, so how does it happen only on certain days and - when it happens then they are so many? Some intelligence behind them, can't blame just the winds or low pressure etc.

CHEMTRAILs UPDATE: 1.7-13. Interestingly the chemtrails used to come in early spring/winter between 12-16.00. While spring time they started to appear more early. Now summer time they have been coming throughout the day, but mostly before 8 AM, which time I'm not so often following the skies, as I do my meditation and yoga asanas regularly. And surprisingly once the chemtrails came in the night ab 10 PM, which might have been just a joke? Some days ago the sky was really full of them, but usually it has been quite seldom also as it has been raining and cloudy so often. 
Here my previous writings about chemtrails: Now I am in Poland, which is also NATO country, I find something is going on here also. I live in countryside and have been keeping watch now couple of weeks, means checking the skies regularly on sunny days. About half of the days I don't see any so called chemtrails. I see usually just one normal contrail plane every time when I peep out to see all over the sky. I do that usually about 6-10 times/day. 
How the contrails look and how about chemtrails? Contrail looks somewhat like if you watch needle in the sky. It takes ab 5-10 minutes that you are able to observe each "needle" on the sky, and the tail part of "needle" disappears almost immediately, when the plane flies. Also I never see more than one or two of them at same time in different sides of the sky, sometimes going up or down, sometimes moving from near to far, until can't be seen anymore. So most of the time sky is almost empty. 
But there is huge difference with chemtrails, when they come, the sky becomes eventually quite visibly covered by them. And they come about the same time, usually within one hour, all of them. I would describe them in the beginning stage as a white rope across the sky, then after 20 minutes the chemtrail has become broad tapeworm and after 30-40 minutes like long gossamer cloud across the sky. In 1-2 hours the show is finished and the chemtrails have usually spread together or fallen behind the skyline. This chemtrail show starts usually between 2-5 PM and I have never seen any before 1 PM. 

So there is huge difference between the needle and a rope, or the tapeworm and even more with the final hazy cloud. Strange is that chemtrails come ab same time, and strange is that they go across the whole sky in one direction, except few times seen crossing and forming square formations. Strange is also that those planes fly always very high. Usually they can be seen ab 4 to 8 at same time, but one day in near by city Olecko the sky was full of them; I counted ab 25. 
I have to do more observations, and I hope everyone would glance a bit to the skies, it is so easy to see them, and we should spread awareness and take responsibility of our planet each of us by at least questioning authorities if not even fighting against those spraying. Their intention probably is to prevent climate change, but seems they might be making it gradually worse, and not only that, but also poisoning the environment.

One article on chemtrails and reports and videos related to them, short cut from; 
The chemtrail programme that we see today began in earnest in the 90s. Britain - from the late 50s through to the 70s - sprayed chemicals for germ warfare experimenting, recently released to the public. Guardian link, really awful stories; Asked whether such tests are still being carried out, Sue Ellison, Porton Down: 'It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research!” More recently the Chinese government publicly used cloud busting technology during the Olympics to ensure that the skies remained clear, based upon the same technology deployed historically.

In the 1990s, people began to notice that the “contrails” were lingering in the sky and blocking out the sun. People got their rainwater and soil independently tested; high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium were found in areas affected by spraying. Some of the countries in which tests have been done link. There are also countless patents which are for chemtrailing and geo-engineering.

Chemtrail plane turning on and off its spray; Low-altitude spraying over London; Compelling evidence; Pilot warns by making chemtrail:
Former US Air Force environmental engineer; chemtrail programs have being operated out of bases she worked at here. And Here is the testimony of a Polish flight mechanic and; Project Cloverleaf, commercial airlines in releasing chemicals into the atmosphere. US Air Force weather observer here. Former FBI chief here. Ex-US government employee here. Swedish politician Hagberg admits chemtrail programmes exist here. The German Air Force were caught spraying here national news. National Geographic here. Council of Foreign Relations, geo-engineering programmes to fight global warming here.

Climate scientist propose dumping millions of tonnes in the atmosphere to “fight global warming” on Feb 2010 link. Although in reality these programs have already been ongoing for over 10 years before this conference took place. Let’s stand together and stop this mass poisoning of our planet. Please start by sharing this article with your social circles! Andersen, Ishtar’s Gate forum here. Government documents; Hanging Gardens of Babylon site. And Massive spraying continues over nearly the entire Eastern Pacific...preparation for yet another engineered snow event, which the Weather Channel will turn into theater trying to convince us all we are in the grips of a ferocious winter... Artificial/chemical ice nucleation accomplished by aircraft dispersed materials which appears to be new standard for this winter in the Northern Hemisphere... Huge temperature fluctuations will continue to be the norm as geoengineering devastates the climate system as a whole.
Quite scary conclusions, he might exaggerate a bit, but could this explain perhaps what is happening also in Poland, at least we have now lots of icy snow with freezing winds? There has not been any chemtrails though in few last days - getting too cold perhaps, so no need for spraying, just guessing!!!

Here is basic info, if you are not yet aware of chemtrails:

Lots of links to chemtrail pages and videos;
Sarkar: Human beings must ensure that their water and air remain pure. The purity of the Earth should never be neglected. As a result of air and water pollution, the number of these types of krimi – particularly disease carrying germs and bacteria – is on the constant increase and getting beyond the control of human beings. 
If the degree of pollution continues to increase at the same speed as today, a day is sure to come when the polluted earth, water and air will be the cause of the collective death of humanity. Purifiers... will be invented in the future to remove water and air pollution.

And; Removing mental pollution: Those who are very greedy for money should form the habit of charity, and they can serve humanity through such a practice. Those who are very angry or egoistic should inculcate the habit of being polite, and they should serve humanity through that practice. Therefore, selfless service to humanity, and the effort to look upon the world with a Cosmic outlook, alone can lead a person to be established in mental purity.
You may google also; Proutscandinavia, Daniel explains chemtrails and Poland GMO free?

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