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Revolution, Gandhi and famous Subhas C Bose Spiritual Soldier

Subhas Chandra Bose
, Netajii disappeared after Independence struggle in India. There have been explanations by Indian government and others that his plane fell down and he died. But Sarkar has told that while Bose had to leave the independence struggle, he took another more important mission in this planet. (I think Sarkar also gave idea that Netajii was in Himalayas doing meditation). That’s why he disappeared. Later the researchers in India has admitted that Bose didn’t die in the plane accident. May we know one day what was his mission!

Subhas Chandra, Netaji, and his elder brother Sharat Chandra Bose were Sarkar´s mother's cousin's (called maternal uncles). Sarkar lived in Kolkata during the same time that Netaji was under house arrest in there in Elgin road house (1940) and probably Sarkar (19) had chances to speak with him. Sarkar had also much respect for Netaji´s brother the late Sharat Chandra, because Sarkar dedicated one of his most important books; "Yogic Treatments and Natural Remedies" to his sacred memory.

Later Indira Gandhi tried to destroy Sarkar´s Prout movement, the reason was that Gandhi and Russian Communist Party kept Prout dangerous for national security in both countries; India and Russia. On the other hand Sarkar´s support (adviser?) to Independence movement of India and Sharat´s idea of an undivided Bengal, were probably also part of the reason.

Sarkar writes also: The post-independence period can be divided into three main phases - the Nehru era, the Gandhi era and the Janata government. All these three eras came within the jurisdiction of Vaeshyan or capitalist rule and they all had one thing in common – they had a soft state policy towards the capitalists. Pardoning… can be practised in individual life only, but it cannot be part of collective sádhaná…Mahatma Gandhi should not have pressed one government to pay fifty crores of rupees to another government against the interests and sentiments of the people of that country.

He should have said, “No. I do not support the communal award.” He did not say this because his party workers and party leaders were eager to become ministers, so they pressed him for provincial autonomy…He committed a great blunder. What has happened in the country after this is the result of what Mahatma Gandhi did. At that time he should have said that we can neither split the country nor disintegrate it. As a result of the communal award, the country was trifurcated into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

They (Gandhi et all) should have engaged themselves in an economic fight instead of starting a political movement. The British took advantage of this blunder of the Indian leaders. They got the opportunity to divide India into two parts. They infused in the Muslims the idea that the Hindus formed the majority, and that therefore if the British quit India the government would naturally go into the hands of the Hindus, and the Muslims of the whole of India would remain as their subjects.
(Divide and rule, policy).

Had they (Gandhi et all) started a movement for economic independence instead of accepting the partition of India, it would have been possible to form a united and independent India… When the British would have realized that their exploitation was not going to continue, they would have been compelled to grant political independence to India...

But the Hindu and Muslim leaders came from the bourgeois class and so they did not like this idea. They wanted liberty keeping capitalism (social, economic, psychological, etc.) alive…

The struggle for economic independence might lead to mass revolution and bloodshed at any time. And there was every possibility of young leaders appearing among the revolutionaries. The leaders did not want this. They tried to check the sanguinary revolution by preaching the theory of non-violence…Still, in the struggle for independence, the English language and the anti-British sentiment had made India one nation. With the departure of the British there is no anti-British sentiment, and so the Indian nation has died.

4 May 1986, Kalikata:
On the eve of Indian Independence the method of struggle which most obviously stirred public opinion was a special technique of political warfare evolved by Subhash Chandra Bose. The time has now come… to make a proper assessment of this controversial issue. Without showing the least disregard for the leaders of the Independence movement (Gandhi etc), I would like to say that those leaders did not have any social awareness or revolutionary zeal, or had no clear cut constructive political strategy or socio-economic program.

The philosophy of Gandhi died before India got independence – it died long before Gandhi died. This difference in the style of functioning between Gandhi and some of his followers became very noticeable to outside observers…Subhash Bose never allowed this question of the difference between himself and Gandhi to interfere in their personal relationship. Gandhi also did not allow this to happen. But some ambitious leaders of the Congress exploited this situation. The expression of their personal animosity and the serpentine noose of so-called Ahimsa was one of the main reasons why Subhash Bose had to leave the country.

What wrong did Subhash Bose do if he, as the representative of a freedom loving country which was trying to attain Independence and which was devoid of any military force, sought the help of the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan)? If anybody criticizes him, we can conclude that such critics wanted to make political gains by taking the least political risk – without even risking the least scratch to their bodies. While the Allied powers (Britain, France, and the USA)…declared Tojo a war criminal, was it justifiable for those Indian people to criticize him and join in the propaganda chorus of the Allied forces?

This is some description ab war time by Sarkar
: This was towards the end of British rule; the Second World War was in full swing, with the fiercest fighting in Europe and Southeast Asia. Most of Southeast Asia was then under the control of the Japanese. Japan had conquered Burma. The Indian National Army under the command of Subhas Chandra Bose had taken possession of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Subhas Bose had given them new names. The Indian National Army had entered by then into Manipur (Imphal) by land and the war had reached its final stage, the stage in which one already knew what its outcome would be…

The coastal areas of Bengal were fortified so that Bengal could not be invaded either by land from Burma or by sea from the Andamans. Bengal’s clocks were also moved ahead one hour from Indian Standard Time for work convenience. The submarines of the Indian National Army were spotted from time to time off the coast of Orissa. Most of the cycles and boats were removed from the Bengal coast so that the enemy would not be able to make use of them. Although this created difficulties for the common people it was necessary for defence purposes. Bombs were falling on Calcutta and in several other places in Bengal.

Despite the strong fortifications of the coastal area, the Indian National Army was making hectic preparations to wrest control of the coastal areas of Chittagong, Noakhali, and Bakharganj. The INA had nearly surrounded Kutubdia, Sandip and Khulna District’s Sharankhola. That was the military situation of the country.

Blackouts were in force from city to city. In most places there were careful preparations taken against air attacks. Naturally, moving on the roads after dark had become extremely troublesome, so people used to finish work quite early and go home and close their doors and windows. Yes, even the windows had to be shut, otherwise the light from inside the houses would leak out into the streets and make it easy for the enemy to locate the site. People would be back home by dark and crowd together in one room to listen secretly to the radio news about the Indian National Army. Those who didn’t have a radio in their house would go to the house of someone who did, making for quite a crowd….In my town there was a daily blackout. Low-power bulbs had been fitted in the street lights and the lamp covers had been painted black so that the light would not be diffused very far.

Some famous people from Rahr the cradle of civilization: Rashbehari Bose, a flame of revolution, an outstanding man of action, who laid the foundation of the Indian freedom struggle outside India and who founded the Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauz). Subhash Chandra Bose, to whom Rashbehari Bose, in his old age, confidently turned over all the responsibility of the Indian National Government, this thunder like jewel of manliness…. Dr. Professor Satyendranath Bose (famous for the Bose-Einstein theory).

When India first began to receive Western education, a crisis of conscience arose and the people of India were caught in a dilemma as to what path to the future they would follow. They tended to consider whatever was Indian as bad, and whatever was foreign as good. In that transitional period of illusion and emotionality, the rustic man who appeared before his countrymen with an earthen lamp of enlightenment was Gadadhar Chattopadhaya (Ramakrishna Paramahansa) of Ráŕh.

The monk who epitomized manliness, spiritedness and valour, and struck at the root of the timidity of the youth of India of that time, Narendranath Dutta (Swami Vivekananda). Shrii Aurobindo Ghosh, a pathfinder in the realms of revolution, intellect, philosophy and spirituality. Mahaprabhu Shrii Chaitanya brought about a great stir in the realm of ideas, in the practical realm and in the social realm.

Gandhism is example of defective philosophy.
Instead of guaranteeing liberation from exploitation, it favours the interests of the exploiters, hence it is a negative philosophy…The co-existence of the exploiters and the exploited can never lead to a society free from exploitation. No revolutionary organization can accept Gandhism as an ideal philosophy. If any organization does, then it will no longer be a revolutionary organization, and it will break apart within a short time. This is an historical inevitability. Thus, the revolutionary organization must adopt a positive philosophy which is without defects.

Prout, The Progressive Utilization Theory, blends spiritual with socialistic idealism – a formula familiar in Eastern India, where prominent nationalists such as Vivekananda and Subhas Chandra Bose also made use of the present Ananda Marga slogan – “Liberation of Self and Service to Humanity”. Prout is the social side of a total philosophy that blends concepts of spiritual and social liberation.

In Gandhism, we find two defects – psychological and material. Although Gandhism is not pure capitalism, it is undoubtedly a way to protect capitalism.…Secondly, Gandhism always tries to avoid fights and all sorts of struggle, including class struggle. According to Marxism, there are two main classes – the exploiters and the exploited. Gandhism does not recognize this sort of division… According to Gandhism, it is possible to transform the exploiters through persuasion. Theoretically, this view may be acceptable, but it is neither natural nor practical. If a goat tries to persuade a tiger, won’t the tiger eat the goat? Struggle is natural and indispensable. According to Tantra also, progress lies in struggle. The denial of struggle is the material defect of Gandhism…if persuasion fails, then the application of force is indispensable. We can conclude that the golden rule is: “Protect the virtuous; punish the wicked.” Humanity can be secured only if this principle is followed.

Those who are established in Yama and Niyama and have accepted the Supreme Entity as the goal of their life are capable of safeguarding the interests of human race. Such people alone are sadvipras and only they can represent humanity – they alone can serve all creation selflessly. Sadvipras will be identified by their conduct their commitment to service, their dutifulness and their strength of character…Only these sadvipras can warn the exploiters with a thunderous voice: “No exploitation of one human being by another! No exploitation in the name of religion!” Such sadvipras will become the trustees of society…They will only ensure that the rulers do not exploit society, thus they will rule the rulers.

September 1960, Ranchi: There is also a group of leaders who have genuine sympathy for the masses and who do not in their hearts support the Sarvodaya movement or Gandhism; but they nevertheless believe that the vaeshyas (capitalist exploiters) will be removed from power without a struggle through their plans for a welfare state. A change from one age to another can also occur through evolution.

However, although it is theoretically possible to establish a welfare state or genuine economic freedom through evolution, in practice it will not work. It is true that in Great Britain some of the minimum requirements of life are being provided to the people, but how great the difference is between rich and poor! Because rich people have the opportunity to purchase votes, it is not easy for leaders who are genuinely concerned about the people to become members of parliament.

Some of the philosophical interpretations of janmántaraváda [the doctrine of transmigration of souls, or reincarnation] also oppose revolution; that is, they argue, “You are starving in this life because you committed many sins in your last life, so what is the point of launching a movement? Destiny cannot be changed.”

I have said that kśatriya- (fignters) and vipra-minded (intellectual) shúdras (root level) will bring about the people’s revolution. For this, these shúdras will have to be thoroughly prepared, suffer a lot and make great sacrifices. They will have to fight against opposing groups and doctrines.

This is interesting what D Savitananda writes in his book about Subhash Chandra Bose:
DS: India got independence actually on 15.8.1947 at 12 PM. British left before dawn of 15.8, but India’s independence is celebrated only on 24.1-1950. Why? There was fear in army that a revolt against British would happen. British were afraid of their own lives.

Here are the details of his writing:
Britain allowed Gandhi and Nehru to spread rumours against Subhash, who was kept under house arrest. But somehow he escaped from India to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Germany, where he met Hitler, who send Subhash to Japan with letter to Emperor of Japan to support Subhash´s plan of army to attack the British in India. Subhash met Emperor of Japan and got help. Subhash contacted Indian workers in Malesia, Burma and Singapore. Subhash recruited these workers as soldiers to (British) Indian army, which was that time under British control. The new soldiers were given statements to share in the army: 1. We should not fight with an army of Indians. 2. We should control India, and not the political party. 3. British controlled army should be terminated in India.

The campaign spread like wild fire. Subhash created Azad Hind force (INA) against British in India. The Indian army soldiers started joining the Azad Hind due to the three point statements. British Lord Mountbatten called to Nehru and Gandhi on 15.8 and demanded that they had to hand over Subhash Chandra Bose either dead or alive, only then they would give independence to India. Subhash Chandra Bose had also won All India Congress president elections defeating Gandhi’s candidate.
The Indian army was now out of British control. So British had to escape in the mid night of 15.8-47. So in reality India got independence on 1947, but it was declared only 1950 in order to save British from shame; Britain with the lead of Mountbatten had just defeated Germany as super power.

When British never got Subhash so they spread in the news that he died in plane crash. Nehru dismantled Indian army and the credit for independence was given to Gandhi and his non-violence.

Nehru also divided Pakistan from India and created the Kasmir problem. Subhash went to Himalays as his life duty for Indian independence was reached and he didn’t care about public recognition or fame. Subhash Chandra Bose was in close contact with Sarkar earlier (Sarkar also attended once paramilitary training). Sarkar might have something to do with advising Subhash for influencing the Indian soldiers to fight for independence from British. While Sarkar was still working in railway workshop a report was sent to Nehru every day about Sarkar´s doings. Nehru was that time afraid that Sarkar might help Subhash taking over India. To prevent that Nehru also offered Minister Post for Sarkar, but Sarkar refused.

1951 Sarkar showed in a demonstration, that Nehru was in his past life great spiritualist, but he got a strong desire to enjoy the world, so he became a famous leader in this life, and after death he became a dog in Britain brought up by Lord Mountbatten! Later Sarkar also demonstrated (helping someone’s mind to alter Subhash mind) what happen with Subhash. He was meditating in Himalayas for many years and enjoying the divine bliss, while Gandhi became a monkey in African jungle. Sarkar explained that Gandhi's life was hypocrite due to him walking half naked around in order to gain poor people’s votes, but in reality he was working for British and rich capitalists like Tata and Birla. Gandhi had on his wall monkeys with covered eyes and ears  and he was teaching through those monkeys the non-violence philosophy; not to see or hear, to be blind. Gandhi opposed Subhash´s economic-freedom movement.

In a surprise departure from tradition, Swami Sai Baba asked a few elders to speak on Independence. And Sai Baba spoke himself:

“None of you asked me to speak. But it is my love for Bose that made me speak today. Such people must be born again in Bharat (India). Never forget Bose….Such glorious personalities are not to be forgotten.”
’Swatantra’ (or freedom) as it is called does not relate to the body or the mind. It is in reality ‘Swaatantra’ where ‘Swaa’ means the ‘Atma’ or Self. When you follow the ‘Atma’, there is nothing else left to be achieved.
Bose knew what it meant. The patriotic fervor that he displayed is worthy of emulation. Without the patriotic spirit one is more dead than alive! It was only Bose who fought for ‘Swaatantra’; others had selfish agendas. They were the ones who divided people...”
- Baba on India’s Independence Day, 2000

“Once when Subhas Chandra Bose was a student of the Calcutta University, a British Lecturer spoke disparagingly about India and Indians… He sprang to his feet, swiftly jumped across the benches and pouncing upon the Lecturer, thrashed him with his shoe. In a few minutes the news spread like wild fire throughout the University Campus. The authorities held an emergency meeting and passed orders debarring Subhas from the University for a period of five years.

Thus, Subhas sacrificed his education for the sake of upholding the honor of his motherland. Consequently his father sent Subhas to London for his higher studies. Subhas returned to India after passing I.C.S. (Indian Civil Service) examination with a high rank and entered politics instead of Government service. Students should follow his example and sacrifice their “swartha” (selfish interest) for parartha (the welfare of others) and attain Paramartha (the supreme goal of life).”
- Baba 1990

“No one acts. Everyone delivers speeches. I feel a stabbing pain that there is not a single Bose today. Tell me is there any one? One Bose is enough. Bose truly understood the plight of India."
- - Baba on India’s Independence Day, 200

Bose was very strong and powerful, in body, mind and in spiritual splendor. He always desired that India must be foremost, pure and grand. There is none equal to him in wanting the progress of the nation. Other prominent leaders at that time were actually jealous of him and they did everything to keep him away. They say that he died in an accident. At that time he was actually in a steamer…
- - Baba on India’s Independence Day, 2007

He travelled to Saigon and from there to Taiwan and then he disappeared. People keep saying that Bose died in an accident. That is wrong. He never met with any accident. He was the greatest. He authored a book, ‘My India’ and that was later translated into English. He was married and his daughter was Lalita Bose…She often lamented, ‘My father was a patriotic Indian. I am so proud of Bharat; but today the unity has been shattered, there is no unity among people.’
- - Baba on Independence Day, 2007

Some information about Subhas Chanda Bose, her daughter tells:

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-In 2011,At a Sant Sammelan, Revered Sadhus boldly proclaim been working under the supervision of Netaji,The Mahakaal!
-Mysterius man

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News, comments related to previous

ETs: A former Chinese official reveal new evidence that ETs walk on Earth, everywhere. Speculations on: The Telegraph: Houses built on farmland in Wukan, China, villagers have chased away local police.

Russia and Putin said to be heading with ab hundred other countries to start the new global economic system. Is the Russian vote-protesting showing just a sign that when someone turns better, then one gets more opposition? Anyhow can´t believe voting in Russia without fraud, but some "voting fraud” videos, seems to be made before elections and claimed; putting thousand ballot slips to box - would take 15 minutes, says Vladimir Tshurov. TASS/ "Fox videotape wrong: NOT in Moscow." Russia Today: Golos-org planned Russian vote sabotage with US gov. CIA secret prison Romania Bukarest finally found, ARD-tv.

Tell your friends, or do something, to get Nikola Tesla's research released. On Jan 7th 2012, anniversary of Tesla, we will demand his research, harnessing electricity from the ionosphere, to be released. The Energy Crisis is a lie; the problem was solved 100 years ago by Tesla. Upon Tesla's death on Jan 7th, 1943, the U.S. Gov confiscated all of his scientific research from his lab - greed has bought our gov to prop up corporations of oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power. It is time Tesla's Research be released so that we can finally become a sustainable society. (Recent scientific article confirms: Antimatter found - could bring new energy source for the space crafts.

Pentagon now working with American Patriot Militias and Intelligence agencies to achieve orderly regime change in US: The desperation of illegal Washington DC private corporation became nakedly visible at the end of Nov 2011 with an amendment (SA-1107) to The National Defence Authorization Act (S-1867)…The Pentagon et all now seek the abolition of the W DC corporation and the return to American Constitutional governance, to achieve US regime change peacefully through legal channels.

Sen Feinstein Confirms President and Military Can Detain US Citizens Without a Trial. Senator Levin: Despite reports that Obama is planning to veto the NDAA, administration itself lobbied to remove language from the bill that would have protected American citizens. Wood,, running a petition to oppose the signing of the bill. Protests and funeral marches for the death of freedom. The permanent martial law, on Bill of Rights Day. CNBC: Americans leaving country from 1 % to 5.1 %. Activist Post: Drones Flights For Domestic Law Enforcement - from conspiracy theory to admitted fact. Opposing NDAA: Heads of Defense Panetta, CIA Petraeus, FBI Mueller, Nat Intelligence Clapper, WHouse Adv Brennan.

PM Harper and Obama sign strategic border initiative under a veil of secrecy. It will give US law enforcement powers to operate in Canada and nothing in popular press - And then comes NDAA..

Kerry Cassidy: Obama in order to stay alive and play the game…may in the process have been compromised. On the other hand he may at some point reveal himself to be on the side of the light….and get himself killed doing it. Elenin and YU55 are controlled by someone - changed course. Fulford: Soros, Obama under investigations.

AFP: CSPOA, US Sheriffs, are being invited to gather on Jan. 30 in Nevada. Sheriff Mack; we can stop the UN or the New World Order boys at the county level with educated sheriff, when 200 sheriffs begin to behave constitutionally… The Daily: $500 million more of military gear to U.S. police in 2011 to help fight terrorism etc despite a 40-year low in violent crime, police hardware orders up 400 percent.

LOS ANGELES vote against that ´Corporations are equal to persons´. Fielder: I hope this voting will inspire other 3,000 Democratic mayors. Bank of America moved 70 tr (more than global economy) derivatives to a BoA holding company.

The Daily Bell: BIS Calls for Hyperinflationary Depression - attempt to create Great Depression? Bloomberg: Who Took $586B, half tr, in Fed Swaps. Fed lends dollars to other central banks without tracking where the dollars end up; and EU officials don’t share info of borrowers’. Sen Schweizer: This is an opportunity to leverage your position and enrich yourself, your friends, and your family!

Swiss banking secrecy: Swiss Saga, Part two. Correction Corp of America, in Tennessee, owns all private prison systems in US, selling its commercial bonds with the help of Walmart, Hewlet Packard, GM: the prisoners are called Goods and jails Warehouses., And

A majority of people still support Occupy Wall Street even after weeks of disinfo and repression. Occupy Helsinki had economic forum. So many good ideas and positive approach to try to make difference. Ab 8-10 people are still sleeping constantly in Helsinki tent village. More and more tents and things are appearing like mushrooms in the rain. It really demands now Finnish sisu.

Merkel, AFP: “few months ago concrete steps toward a EU fiscal union would have been considered crazy”, (some still consider crazy?) “Merkozy”: Time to Strip Countries of Sovereignty. Returning back speculations; Ireland prepare backing into own currency, and rumours that Germany reprinting its Mark. ECB got bonds with €1000 bill and now printing more thin-air money for banks. Slate: "Eliminating paper money could end recessions." But Italy banning large transactions of cash! A Daily Mail: “Rise of the Fourth Reich”. Der Spiegel: the run on Greek banks accelerating. Greece: 100,000 businesses closed and a third of the population in poverty. EU to change the EU treaty - to ban vital public spending: But Geithner; progress in Europe. Interesting statistic; Soros and Sarkozy: Disintegration EU

Seems Iran avoided US provocation and thus prevented false flag attack. DebkaFile: Iran exhibits capture top secret US drone undamaged. US - Israeli intelligence shocked. Reuters; Iran’s FM spokesman: Obama should apologise for downed drone. Reuters: Iran says oil over $250, if its oil exports blocked.
Reuters: Member of INSC: Iran will practice closing the Strait of Hormuz. Brookings–institute; UN report: Which path to Persia becoming real? BBC: Hu Jintao; China to be ready for war. And Bill Gates Nuclear Reactor to China?" Middle East expert, Press TV: The UK and US new unlawful biological weapons for terminating certain races. US Special Forces On Syrian Border, airlifted from Iraq.

Celac, Community of Lat-Am and Caribbean States, which Chávez has called ´the most important political event in America in 100 years,´ planning common fund in global economic turmoil. And demands US to respect UN decision and finish its sanctions against Cuba.

China or Russia could launch a high-altitude EMP weapon which could get USA back into the pre-industrial age in a nanosecond. ( And solar flare potential.

Web bot predictios: See,, realistnews etc.(Short cut written hastily from video, sorry if mistakes and don’t take too seriously, predicting is not developed yet, Sarkar said, DA): RASH and RESCUES common. Market rise still, but then big crash in March (not in Dec) 2012: return to nature. Rescues of people and countries. Euro crash first, people put assets to US dollar, which crash in two weeks, then metals, then also metals crash. (Have different currencies and food for months). Blond suing big banks, the only one. Damaged documents, secrets out. Judge rises up on foreclosures. Israel, Vatican crimes, killings – ending to death of religions. Emotional turmoil Jan-March.

Floodings, winter - mega storms (added with home made?), hunger, riots, deaths - north of US and EU. Flights - pilots resign - insects and radiation; impact crop and oceans, due to rains, war, chemtrails, from space - hiding problems - cancer deaths, thus “sheep” wake up. Fukushima; new evacuations - deaths. Cultural, infrastructure destruction due to electric failure, but new electrics. New device no need oil, elites desperate to stop it. Sabotage, false flags, war March. Lover class of elites don’t get paid - reveal secrets, scandals. US fascism.

Looted underground storages by ETs. US military staff left stranded abroad. Sovereign movement EU, Global social evolution. Major person opposing criminals - a temporal marker. Economic criminals hiding - group trials. Nov 2012 OWO gone. Secrets space, ab human origin. Unknown energies from space. Dreaming the future into existence. Incredible to see this time…

Opposition Soini keeps track: Finland crises backing grown by 7000 percent. If Italy, Spain and Greece fall each Finn has debt 50 000. Poor people in Helsinki, Eurostat . Copehagen and Brag better. Worst Budapest. Riga, Lissabon, Athens - polluted. New American: EPA: $1M in Green Grants. And S. African activist’ : UN’s “Green Climate Fund”- keep poor nations poor. Kofi Annan: The global financial crunch no reason to avoid climate-friendly investments…. Joemat-Pettersson: “We must end this dictatorship of climate change.” While Cern nearing Higgs bosom! And "The Russian survey in Siberia; terrifying discovery - huge plumes of methane bubbles rising to the surface, 100 fountains, some kilometre across, said Dr Semiletov; scale not seen before. xzz1gTX0wFci, xzz1gSR8h6jJ

Landry: IMHO, get prepared for the next decline, or could they hold it up for another year? Ure: A new trick EU; Some opt out. Everyone thinks it will work out, but next March end stuff. And March next EU summit ... how convenient! "Due to MF Global Corzine bankcrupt farmers no money to buy fuel, seeds for 2012!". The Detroit News: "Farmers testify to losses in MF Global collapse". ZeroHedge: farmer saw three days in advance his wire transfers of money out reversed. While MF Global, Corzine; sorry I don´t know where the missing money is. Hot money flowing into Indonesia, from broken economies. Commodities hot: gold, nickel, tin anything. Korea and China hiring English teachers like there's no tomorrow. Damn the volcanoes and Five Year Floods expected! The Blaze: The Wall Street Journal. MF Global found one investor willing to buy $2 billion of EU bonds at rock-bottom prices - George Soros.

Times Live: Butter half kg 350 euro in Norway. Reuters: Some depressed do worse on drugs, placebo helps more fifth of them. UK Daily Mail: Flu jab narcolepsy vaccine, but still GlaxoSmithKline deny. Under the USDA, regulators are training the Monsanto, BASF and Syngenta etc, to conduct environmental reviews of their own GM seed products, called NEPA project.

2010 and -11, more US suicides than died in combat, Next wars: A computer virus Agent.btz collected secret info to unknown external receivers. NSA team neutralized it.

Something unusual has happened: CIA OPENS BOOKS (and FBI is notifying former intelligence agents and officials that the release is official): Lee Wanta, White House intelligence coordinator: George H. W. Bush was “defacto” president while Reagan a “doddering fool. JP Morgan (Rothschild partner), worked with Gaddafi on Banks for the African Union and moving some oil cash into private accounts. Gladio operation set up groups across EU in case of Soviet invasion, Libya as staging ground. The “crash the ruble”- trading scheme run by Wanta netted trillions that Reagan intended to pay off the national debt. Court filings are backing it all up. Treasury had $23 tr, leaving $4.3 tr to Wanta less $1.7 tr in taxes – big power for someone jailed, greatest private fortune. The known OWO families looted these accounts, proved by bank security photographs of high gov officials. Wanta: How Gaddafi, cooperating with Rothschild, Bush, Baker was attacked by NATO? The reason is still classified. The 1986 bombing of Tripoli Gadhavi agreed, as needed cover. And SCUD missiles at Italy and US were blamed Gaddafi, as Osama bin Laden was blamed for 9/11 - though on the CIA payroll. Former Bush envoy, Welch, supported Gaddafi to the end. Will we ever understand Gaddafi, who may well be alive and, under some circumstances, still have a role to play?
Didi Annapurna

More world secret pouring out, Part Two

Update: Dec 14th: Many insider groups are pledging to protect Wilcock now, after death threat related to Part One release. got 400,000 hits in ab 5 days. Spreading like wildfire on people’s own websites. Due to interview the American Freedom Radio's server for the first time in their entire history collapsed. The lawsuit is now 122-nation campaign bringing down the "OWO." This secretive cabal has been destroying our planet with bubble money - backed by nothing but hot air. This is what we have been led to believe. It turns out that the nations of the world actually are on a gold standard... kept hidden from the public. Talking about this is dangerous.

Part Two: "Bigger Picture" with totally new info. How this Nazi-type OWO mentality could exist? Denial has kept this story secret for so long. The majority of OWO members are miserable, trapped, and want escape. Changing the world is done only by changing the people in the world with love. They will typically build their identity by being "strong" and resent those who are "weak"seing others easy targets to be exploited and manipulated by alternating severe "punishment" and love-bombing. Stockholm Syndrome.

This type of people actually exist with goal of worldwide control. Now imagine that you could create money, out of thin air, the ultimate magician. People will do whatever you tell them just to taste some of the magic. When endless gold is out there, people reject your "worthless paper". In order to prevent gold-backed financial system, you've got to take that gold "off market" and hide it. For that you will need to use violence and convince the world's leaders of “their best interest”.

Once you've got control of the worldwide magic printing press, it doesn't matter what the world leaders think. You tell people; atrocities are a sad but necessary in order to reach a New World Order of peace, prosperity and happiness. All of this really got started with Fed money printing 1913, and Bretton Woods in 1944. Then 1954 the 77 "non-aligned" nations came to know that the intended humanitarian programs were turned into military machine.

For thousands of years Asia was producing the most highly-regarded stuff and accepted only gold as payment.”You want to give me a piece of paper, get out of here!" So according Fulford´s sources trade was main way that 85 percent of the world's gold ended up in Asia.

High-ranking Asian insider Jade Lion has now given totally new info. I questioned this new insider the day after my death threat, in detail: China is sitting on top of colossal gold mine (also Cambodia, Laos and SE-Asia), being under the control of a Dragon Family or the Elders. Also responsible for building 100 pyramids in the Xian province.

Elders live in the Forbidden Zone of China in tough mountainous region, but having worldwide network of contacts. JL and others: Elders eat an extremely pure diet, herbs and may know healing by gold - secret why some Elders live 300 years old. They might be direct descendants of humans from another planet. Chinese legend tells pyramids were built by "the Ancient Ones who descended to Earth in flying metallic dragons." The Source Field Investigations.

The Elders are peace-loving, highly evolved people. They wish to see our world transform into loving and prosperous place for everyone. Elders might have brought spices, silk, ceramics and technologies from their home world. Possible also that the Elders brought a gold-making technology, which could explain why other insiders said; if such secret gold mines really did exist, they surely should have known about it.

JL's data gives also new context to the story of China's October Surprise 2010. China told in negotiations, if OWO didn't pay up their debt and surrender, China's ET allies would begin destroying their ability to take over the planet: followed by inexplicable failures of military equipment ( i.e 50 missiles offing, while UFO hovering over the facility). With the 122 countries alliance they are preventing the G5 "Illuminati´s” planned genocide and fake alien invasion.

JL is in contact with someone who lives with Elders and has been working directly with FED/BIS The Elders sued the Fed in Sept 2010 for hundred years old gold contracts, in a secret world court of BIS (not same as 1 tr court case in Part One). They won in Dec, and Fed got $286 Trillion dollars payout. Many top insiders confirmed, and it will probably go public by the Spring, the time of major changes "Reset Point" – on Earth. The illusion that gold is rare commodity was kept due to China's national security. (Sounds also like manipulation of money markets???, DA).

How did the US, few ragtag colonies, become the world superpower? JL; US was built up based on Asian gold. America was a rebellion against colonial, monarchic rule in Europe - and for the Asians this was investment for their gold and security.

The Dutch, Portugese and British were fighting out for supremacy over profitable Asian spice trade 1500s. English E-India Company, the Dutch E-India Company in 1602. Wikipedia:1670, during King Charles II, The E-India `corporation became a nation´ (an early foreshadowing of today) and was invading Asia, bit by bit, right in China's backyard. For security shiploads of gold, 2000 metric tons per trip/month was sent to the US, with contracts, for almost century and secretly used as collateral by the US Treasury to issue currency – (ab 2 million tons gold total???). The US kept the gold in many mutually agreed places. Without receiving this gold American currency would have been built on hot air, hyper-inflated - causing the American Dream to come crashing down.

Chinese also worked as highly-skilled professional builders in US: . Many thousands emigrant workers from China, referred to as "Celestials" and China as the "Celestial Kingdom." The traditional name for China was Celestial Empire. Celestial: 1. heaven. 2. spiritual, divine: bliss. 3. celestial navigation. 4. the Chinese people. They came from another planet.

The Celestials idea was to build US as huge industrial power, profitable enough to repay all the original investments. But as soon as the US had this critical piece of infrastructure running, they tried to kick all the Celestials out by adopting the term "Coolies", "slaves", while passing laws; illegal to live in the US: Anti-Coolie Act of 1862: The foreigners citizenship of the US is dangerous to the well-being of the State. Asiatic coolieism is human slavery, prohibited in this State.

JL, the Celestials fully realized they were being screwed by 1911, as the US moved to create its Fed. (The Celestials were not aware that the Fed was planned since 1700s?). All gold shipments were halted. (But strange, according Part One; During Kuomintang dynasty in China Japanese tried to steal Chinese gold, some gold was sent to the US for safe keeping in 1938. JL is not aware of any of those shipments ???) The ultimate goal of the Fed banker’s secret society was to eliminate the gold standard and create "bubble money".

JL told that the Elders have the full support of the Chinese military - that’s why there is "absolute terror" in the halls of US gov, unwilling to pay this massive, outstanding US debt. They know this has to go public soon.

[DISCLAIMER: (Part Three will follow). Bear in mind that Keenan and Scott (in trillion-dollar lawsuit) are unaware of the information provided by JL. And I do not wish to damage their credibility. They are not also aware of extraterrestrials. I'm presenting you according the information I am receiving, so you can make up your own mind. Very little can be proven at this point.

Although I believe there are ETs among us - Wilcock told once that the ancient Aryans who came to India from Siberia were highly developed beings and had sophisticated devices etc, but Sarkar who knows very well the history of India, told that Aryans had wild imagination and used to make strange drawings of non-existing things.

So to think that Elders came from other planets? SAnd some may have kept their blood more intact than others. Whether they have sophisticated techniques to make gold etc might be possible even just if they were in contact with ETs.

Wilcock´s articles rises many questions, In some ways elders seems to be helpless victims, wander why they didn’t get any help; military or more sophisticated until now? Why China allowed them to hold such fortune of gold in their territory? Why the whole military of China is obeying them,, if they are just small secret group? May be ETs helping so military has surrendered. The time will tell us more. I will wait with great curiosity things to fold open, and great thanks for Wilcock and Fulford for their love and sacrifice for the sake of humanity.
Didi Annapurna
Sarkar writes: Some people are of the opinion that the people of ancient times used to address as deva those beings who had arrived from other planets. The truth of their opinion should be carefully verified… The history of the earth however reveals that humans are not causeless. They are not even the first living beings that came onto the earth… The thought of other planetary civilizations remains outside the minds of those who only think about the various nations of this planet. It is not possible for such internationalists to establish universalism. When inter-planetary conflict begins, then internationalism will assume the same role as nationalism does today…

The English colonialists were also cunning enough to discern the práńa dharma of the people of India. The British colonialists applied the same tactics in China The Chinese people, before the Kuomintang regime, were laborious and dexterous as well as religious(China had Tantra before, but the British imported a huge amount of cheap opium into China and made the energetic and pious people idle and indolent. As a result, it was easy to mislead them onto the path of communism. In ancient times tea used to grow wild in the eastern Himalayan regions, as it does today. The Chinese were the first to cultivate tea

(I tried to find the part mentioned about Aryans drawings, but couldn’t this time, but something I found, DA): Sarkar: The level of intelligence of the Aryan mass at that time was so low that it hardly merits any mention… To distinguish themselves from the masses as the upholders of Aryan culture and Vedic religion, the Aryans started wearing a pigtail.

After the Aryan settlement in India a great man was born into the non-Aryan society. He was a great Tantric - a great yogi, Shiva. As the result of His Tantra sádhaná He attained extraordinary powers, which He employed for the good of humanity. To this Self-realized Mahápuruśa there was no distinction of high and low. People of all classes, from the highest to the lowest, were dear to Him. As far as we know from the history of spiritual sádhaná, Lord Shiva was the first to propound it, and He gave this spiritual cult the name Tantra. Tantra is the secret behind spiritual progress. (Sarkar also told that Shiva reached even Alps in Switzerland with his jack!)

For those who are humans both in mind and body, the style of practice is called viirácára. Our avadhútas and avadhútikás practise viirácára. Viira means brave. North of the Himalayas – in Tibet, China, Siberia, etc. – the practice taught by Shiva was known as Ciinácára, that is, “the Chinese style”.

The basic problem in China is that despite considerable agricultural progress, China has not been able to feed its huge population. Moreover, in China there is not even sufficient land to accommodate its huge population – and its population is continually increasing. In the industrial sphere China has already exhausted most of its natural resources. It hopes to preserve its remaining scant resources for industrial development, thus preventing a dark future.

In exchange for these commodities, which required a large space in their ships, Bengali merchants used to bring back merchandise from overseas countries. In exchange for exports which required very little space, Bengali merchants used to bring back gold coins.

Everything has been created with particular types of mental waves. If by a scientific process we are able to create differences in the waves, then we will be able to convert this into that, iron into gold. Mercury can be converted into gold very easily by removing the difference in the waves.

For instance, gold is used as a catalyst in the preparation of makaradhvaja [a type of áyurvaedik medicine]. Once it has been prepared, the gold can easily be separated out…Though the catalytic agent itself has no direct role, its presence makes the whole process work very smoothly, and thus it is a great help. Gold is not mixed directly with the makaradhvaja, but its presence in the process is essential.

During the Buddhist and Puranic eras, indeed, even during the Pathan era as well, the Dákrás used to gather gold particles from the sand of this river which they would then melt down to remove the base metals and extract the pure gold. During that time many of the archaeological artifacts made in this Suvarnarekha valley were fashioned of pure gold…

Much later still, paper notes were introduced in China. Since the Gupta Age, buying and selling has mostly been undertaken through monetary exchange.
History tells us that from ancient times vaeshyas [capitalist, rich) have, by monopolizing trade, frequently degraded themselves and betrayed their humanity, and that since the Buddhist Age, they have accumulated most of the wealth in society.

Many people are under the wrong impression that perhaps the people in ancient times lived long lives. Had it been so, then why is it maintained in the shloka, “you should aspire to live a hundred years”. It is not true that many people lived a hundred years.

The sun’s material energy brings into existence the living being’s inner development through mental clash and spiritual practice.
Update 26.1-12
David has added more to his page recently:
Didi Annapurna

World secrets pouring out Part one

Part one from Wilcock based on interview with Fulford, but first Update13.12: Wilcock got very agitated after this writing, which short cut you can read here (there was also scary rumours concerning Fulford). This proves exposion seems to be causing desperate actions…In order to help them survive it is good to forward this info, and everyone also should know. (Wilcock will put soon out part 2 and 3). (Sorry if some repetition from previous reports).

Part One, Wilcock: 12.11 About the courtcase by a vast international alliance of 117 countries meant to “free the Earth from financial tyranny”. Background: The Dragon family gave gold to US and Fed Bank against Bonds, worth $1 trillion. From those $134 billion in US bonds was seized at the Italian border. The only follow-up story has been by Fulford. And lawsuit on Nov 23, 2011 became a reality -- validating Fulford. He was also amongst first ones to expose 9/11 inside job - conspiracy too big to consider possible, so people deny.

Dragon Family has Thousands of Trillions of US Dollars value of Bonds!!! David has got 300 photos and dozens of documents from Neil Keenan, and Keith Scott. “The Chinese”, Asian secret societies (within 77 non-aligned nations) including The Dragon Family is based on meritocracy - to help create a better world and trying to convince the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, KGB and Freemasons to join for better… Rothschilds group plan: a huge battle leading to mad gog Armageddon. Israeli tried to set up cold war for armageddon between the Soviet Union and the West. Freedman confirm:].

Romans and Spaniards (with Aztecs and the Incas gold) – bought silk, etc from Chinese. About 85 percent of the world’s gold ended up in Asia. Part of World War II was about to grab this gold. The Rothschilds with Japan wanted to get Chinese gold. The Kuomintang gov send the gold and silver to safety by 7 US warships to US (ab 1930) and the US gave 60-year bonds by the Fed. Chinese gold evacuated: The Taiwanese took also with them gold etc when they fled China.

Western oligarchs 1934, (Roosevelt) banned the private ownership of gold. The Jews refused and were sent to concentration camps. The Fed confiscated everybody’s gold (doing that now, too). According 1944, Bretton Woods; Britain, France and the US supposed to develop the planet, but did fascist coup. In 1955, the 77 non-al n. did Marshall Plan for Asia and Africa, using gold as asset base, and Kennedy: But 1968 the cabal made fake signatory for these (Marshall Plan) funds (Kissinger, Rockefellers, Bushes) and used that fund as a basis for creating dollars.

In 1994, the Bretton Woods expired and no any global agreement was made since. 1998 the Chinese sued the Fed. International Court decision ordered US to give the gold back. The first shipment supposed to be on Sept 12th, 2001. And the World Trade Center got blown up 9/11. !!! Cantor Fitzgerald Securities and Treasury police, handling the paperwork, was blown up – and employees killed. The gold in the basement was shipped to California and then to Paraguay. And the Patriot Act, (`Nazi constitution´), five inches thick of paper just showed up coincidentally!

The cabal was thinking; we start World War III and get ourselves out of this mess. The war against terrorism involved also plan of limited nuclear war between Iran and Israel. The Israeli newspapers openly referred to China and Russia and Iran as Magog, and the G5 and G7 as Gog. There is a map plan to divide China. Pentagon realized if they started WW III, 90 percent of humanity would die – including most of them. So they constantly prevented attacks on Iran and stopped Israeli air raids. Haaretz wrote openly ab it. Pentagon - Asia planned counter operation and needed to cash bonds previously given by Fed, thus the bond case: Evidence of i.e Berlusconi trying to cash them, and bribing efforts videotaped. Sukarno’s nephew gave the power of attorney to sue over. (There was also the story that US sent tons of gold covered tungsten to China.)

There are two financial systems in the world. One on the official government statistics; the world GDP is 63 trillion dollars. And then we have these bonds that are supposedly worth many thousands of trillions. 95 % of the money in the world exists only as numbers in a computer. The Western powers; Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc have codes and they type billion dollars and bingo – there’s a billion dollars. The problem is because no any BW kind agreement, different groups started creating ridiculous numbers - quintillions of dollars in the system; 33 times more than there is of real world economy.

According BW central banks were forbidden from directly trading with one another. They had to have civilian bond holders – 80 percent of the yield, suppose to go into humanitarian programs. When we open these screens (We have the access codes now) – court will realize that the money wasn’t used mostly for humanitarian purposes.

The Book of Maklumat by Suharto has account entries that will open up this can of worms and prove that money was stolen (used for military-industrial purposes). A lot of the world leaders have been bribed and blackmailed. After we are entering into a kind of vacuum and need to set up new structures, a new way of running the planet. IMF doesn’t have any money and legal mandate (no BW). No one gave the rights to just a bunch of them. Most of us ordinary humans, on the street, will say, “End poverty, stop environmental destruction, and make everyone rich and happy.” But they want WW III and slaves.

So there’s this massive amount of gold that could put us back on a gold standard. What I personally support is we need multiple different groups planning the future. If you grow wheat, that wheat exists. And a receipt says “This money is good for wheat.” But, if you just put out a receipt that is backed by nothing, it doesn’t exist. It’s just a fact of nature.

So you need some educated people to act in a realistic manner. Many groups to create new projects for the future: i.e the CIA guys and some Rothschilds that are now helping us, they want new offshore centres where they can carry out their projects for the planet. And that’s fine. (CIA guys, who sold drugs during Vietnam War, started helping us as realized being fooled by fake anti-communism.)

The potential for a boom never been seen before is right there due to suppressed high tech. They are still threatening with war, to attack Iran. They are planting nuclear bombs in the seabed in Japan to create another tsunami. And we have to stop them.

These incompetent gangsters at the highest levels don’t know how to run a country, or the planet. Obama among others… just a puppet, folded by the pressure groups around him. It’s one thing to jail them and get rid of the old system, but if you don’t have anything ready in place, you end up with chaos, loss of civilization and collapse of order. That’s we don’t want. There has got to be a transition towards a better way of running the planet, but while US, Wall Street and EU acting like Hitler: “I will let Germany collapse before I will leave power,” there is going to be a tough winter for US and EU unless you get these guys out.

Canadan research; “paid armies” of fake commenters in China: The Internet Water Army to inundate the Internet with comments, etc content to build up or demolish credibility might argue, that if this [Asian] group actually succeeds, it’s the NWO, Illuminati, martial law, FEMA camps and all scary things. But the reality is stronger than the propaganda. Bush was trying to flee to Paraguay, but they stopped him. He takes his card, and he goes to the store, and they say “Sorry. You can’t buy anything. These guys will be just street trash once their money is frozen, and it is.

Islamic countries are afraid of ending up the way Ghaddafi did – keeping low profile, but they are essentially with us. The Jewish people need to realize that their leaders were a part of an insane cult, also behind the Holocaust story. The atrocity is too boggling for most people’s minds to even wrap around. But all this is provable.

Regarding the 1 tr courtcase. Judge Mulligan gave an official statement confirming that the lawsuit is genuine, which should be opened to the public. Davos World Economic Forum is involved, because of tape recording evidence of a conversation. OITC is a joke! The front man RC Dam, raised by the CIA, is lost. Wikipedia; defraud of an entire country Fiji, where the equity of the world’s banks is.

Discussion will be going on at the forum of 117 nations about the new financial system. Need to get the G5 to participate, so can quickly come up with new global structures to replace the corrupt UN, World Bank, BIS and IMF - common set of rules for the planet. Also Malaysian war crimes tribunal found Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes - just another sign that humanity is waking up. Many people in these cabal groups don’t want to anymore be working for the bad guy. They want to save the planet, so let’s do it!

Ban Ki-Moon, the head of the UN without authority, tries to take over African countries. As well US people under threat: bill to murder and imprison Americans without trial. The criminal cabal in W. DC. and Wall Street may plan setting up a fascist dictatorship in the US, but that effort will only speed up the Pentagon militia and the agencies to take action against Obama and the Senators. The same in EU were Freemason and Bilderbergers make moves towards fascist control, but will ultimately fail. They simply do not have anymore money to bribe people and hire bully boys - mathematically doomed. Signs of imminent revolution and the Senators being confronted by angry people.

The military has told Obama to buzz off, so he ran off to Hawaii....Fulford: But people in the Pentagon and the agencies are so used to taking orders that they do not know what to do when their leaders become dysfunctional…there are enough votes in the US Congress and Senate now to impeach Obama, but the problem is nobody can agree on a replacement. The temporary military government - armies are not good at governing. The new financial system has already promised generous financing to ensure a restoration of US economic might.

Don´t let all this to freak you out. Life on Earth is being guided by a Universal consciousness to a coming Golden Age of peace and prosperity. It is remarkable to see mass international uprising coinciding so neatly with ancient prophecies. The downfall of the OWO will be a key part of the process of 2012 Planetary awakening. The Source Field Investigations, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound.

Full article And White Hats report, at darkcabal. com. PDF file court case: . And article:

And Wilcock Death Threat: Adam Smith on Wealth of Nation, wrote; if countries hold gold they are risk to world, they can take over other country, gold has to be kept out of the international market. Nobody expected endless inflatory thin air money to be created: Germans needed money in wheal borrow to buy bread. The wealth in gold can be placed to back all currencies of the world. (Expected the gold prise first high due to gold is scarce -belief, but later down and the currencies can be restored?). Anonymous “alien’s” advise to Wilcock after the death threat: Put out the second part, we’ll be watching. I’m so faraway you can’t believe...Death threat psychological rather. Simply tell thruth, don´t compromise, you are safe.
Didi Annapurna

keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2011

Whom to blame the economic crises and exploitation

If the economics collapse, whom to blame? The capitalists, the NWO, the gangsters or the banksters? And does it help, make things better? Yes we have to see what are the reasons, but have you done something yourself to stop the exploitation? Everyone experiences daily exploitation and injustice. I.e. the boss is demanding to work during free time. Or the boss is nice to you, but exploiting others. You will do something? Or are you scared that you will loose your job?

Now what is moral-courage? One should try to do something while seeing injustice without fearing loosing job etc. When you do righteous things at the end you will always be protected from consequences in one or another way. You might even loose your job, but don’t think it doesn’t work for the best, because you don’t know in which sense it might be at the end better for you to really loose that job. You might get better job, you might get time to change the direction of your life or just the boss will call you back to work with better conditions.

Still if you are not ready to test with your job, do instead something; go to demonstrations, or help those who are enough couraged to demonstrate or write to politicians or net, use your creativity.

It needs always courage to try to stop exploitation. Moral courage is not that easy thing. There wouldn’t be any exploitation if it would be easy. Finnish people seem to have lots of sisu(Finnish word for obstinate strenght), but where is our moral courage? Sisu comes only after we have got really enough about something.

But how far a way the things have to go before we get into sisu ? In some countries we see people more easily protesting, but at the end they might not have that much sisu? We are a bit different in different cultures.

Spiritual practises anyhow give more moral courage, so everyone can change oneself. One can be at the beginning good ksatriya, fighter, but not having qualities of intellectual or capacity for money making. But anyone of us can gain these different qualities and become stronger.

Spirituality also increases the consciousness and awareness, so that one can see much wider and deeper. Already now, due to spirituality rising awareness commonly is growing, that’s why people has started to question the leadership structure, decision making processes, money creation etc. I.e. the Occupy movements are growing globally.

Sarkar: Hatred is not an expression of moral courage. For doing something bad you do not require any moral courage, or any spiritual strength. But for doing good work you must have moral and spiritual strength. Before punishing a person you should consider whether you love him/her or not. You do not have the moral right to punish one whom you do not love.

Today all over the world a grim fight has started between the evil forces and the benevolent forces. Those who possess the moral courage to fight against the evil forces, it is they who alone can give a soothing touch to the struggle-torn earth with the balm of peace.

The practice of Tantra requires a little courage – it is not for cowards. The revolution which terminates the capitalist era requires the united struggle of the disgruntled workers. Shúdras can never be the actual revolutionaries because they lack sufficient moral stamina, responsibility and fighting spirit. They are vulnerable to many vices and are not well-established in human values, hence they cannot develop the requisite revolutionary character. The vikśubdha shúdras develop into genuine revolutionaries because they acquire the moral courage and discipline to oppose exploitation. An Ánanda Márgii will have to be Vipra (intellectual), Kśatriya (fighter), Vaeshya (creation of money) and Shúdra (labourer) all at once.

To rescue a person in distress, or to compel a person moving on the wrong path to come to the right path, by one’s strength, physical capability and courage is Kśatriyocita Sevá.

To help human society in its mental and spiritual development by application of Parájiṋána (intuitional knowledge) is Viprocita Sevá.

Remember that the value of each service is the same. Whatever kind of service is most necessary at a given time should be rendered.

When the Sádhaka or the spiritual aspirant will stand untrammelled and resolute, with the courage of his conviction, and self-confidence, all snags and dangers will gradually wither away – will timidly disappear from his path.

It is an ingrained human trait that generally people do not have sufficient courage to undertake those tasks that require courage. But if someone takes the lead courageously, then others will cooperate. When a brave person comes forward, other people become brave due to his or her example. This is also an ingrained human trait. That is why whenever a righteous person undertakes a noble cause, honest people willingly extend their unstinting cooperation to him or her. Hero-worship of this sort is quite natural. If anyone opposes this natural thing, it should be understood that he or she suffers from a fear complex and criticizes hero-worship just to hide it.

You should always be very vigilant that no complex – be it superiority or inferiority – find a place in your mind. What is desirable is that you move ahead with courage, maintaining all the while perfect tranquillity of mind.

Didi Annapurna

lauantai 3. joulukuuta 2011

Any light at the end of tunnel in economics?

The word is in big turmoil. We need to prepare ourselves, but not to panic and not to be negative and get depressed. The light is always there at the end of the tunnel. Sarkar said that capitalism will explode like firecracker - it might do it, but when the old worn our skeleton has gone we will get better; “lightbody”. More spiritual, more human and more righteous times are ahead. Here are some recommendations first and then alternative news, which sometimes has proven to be more accurate than the mainstream news:

Finnish economic newspaper recommends in EU crises: You should have 1000 € in cash, besides 1 - 2 salaries on account, some small notes in Swedish, Swiss, English, Russian etc currencies. Besides food and other necessities for couple of weeks, if not for months. NSA has released stunning information about alien civilization. Strange 29 transmissions were received and verified extraterrestrial origin. And Quantum Levitation in Tel-Aviv university:

Lunar eclipse on 10.12: It is not the gravitational pull from eclipse, that cause earthquakes, volcanoes, etc, but the rapid cooling and heating. Specific to solar eclipse is magnetic flux on Earth's core and significant shift in ocean and jet stream currents and tectonic plates.

US wind turbines expensive and inefficient, thus 14,000 have been abandoned. It costs too much even to remove them. Daily Mail: Global warming hysteria overplayed for profit by corporations.

Climategate 2.0. has published 5,000 emails in addition of those two years ago, called Climategate. Main stream media has cached them quickly this time. Searchable database of the emails at or; all 5000 emails. The Guardian, Big countries given up Kioto. IPCC:n report; extreame weathers.

Activist Post. On Dec. 6, New York’s Suffolk County gov hearing to ban aerial spraying. Dilovasi, Turkey, concerned ab mysterious substance covering cars and vegetable gardens. Milliyet, Digital Journal: cancer rate 30 times higher than normal.…. The Santa Barbara county water agency hereby gives notice of intention to conduct a weather modification program NATURE: to help water supplies. Clouds would be seeded by Silver Iodide (AgI), air and ground based. Nov 15 - April 15, in 2011-2012 through 2015-2016, operated by a licensed weather modification consultant and Texas Dep of Licensing and Regulation…. Texas town running out of water. Tyler;18.78 inches of rain. Sand Antonio; 20" annual desert category.

Airport engineer ab chemtrails: I quickly realized that extra tanks and piping … ended in the trailing edges of the wings and horizontal stabilizers of the plane. I figured out…while guys are emptying the waste tanks, they could easily be filling the tanks of the spray system too. They probably program the control unit to start spraying after the plane reaches a certain altitude. The spray nozzles in the fake static wicks are so small that no one in the plane would see a thing. God help us all. - A concerned citizen.

PRESS TV, middle East expert claims: 'US used nukes on Iraq and Afghanistan' Atomic bomb dropped on Tora Bora created an earthquake??? Expected in US: 1quarter -12, GDP: -7.98%, 4Q-12: +0.00%, 4Q13: +3.45%. Unemployment: 2Q13: 13.05%, 4Q13: 12.76%. U.S. Dow: 1Q12: 7,576, 4Q12: 5,668, 4Q13: 7,618. EU Real GDP: 1Q12: -3.49%, 3Q12: -6.91%, 2Q13: +0.35%, 4Q13: +1.50%.US Economic Data Reporting Officially A Farce: Zero Hedge. Bush and Blair found guilty by the The War Crimes Tribunal in Malaysia. Publicised to all signatories of the Rome Statute. Symbolic Malaysian trial finds Bush, Blair guilty. Next year hearing; Cheney, Rumsfeld and Alberto Gonzales.

Business Insider: BANK DOWNGRADE: Goldman, BoA, Morgan St, Wells Fargo, And Citigroup from A to A-. by Standard & Poor’s. And 20 weakest EU banks: I.e. Deutsche Bank PIIGS risk is 3,3-times its GDP. The most risky are Italian Unicredit, BBVA 1562%. Allied Irish Bank, 33338 %.

How is the EU: (AP) Portugal credit rating to junk and massive strike? The UK outlook dimmed. The Financial Times: the end due to labor strikes? London Telegraph: UK Contingency planning for extreme scenarios including social unrest. Embassy staff to keep cash in case of bank failures. GDP to half, mass unemployment. Governments are preparing: you should also; money , bartering , post- trade skills, and preparedness. The Eurozone has 10 days, Münchau. Financial Times: International companies preparing for a possible break-up of the EU. Sunday Express; At least 100,000 British dependent food handouts. Natural News: Financial implosion could wipe out the bank accounts, if no EU deal on Dec 9. Athens News: Greece politicians hide money in Swiss banks.

MF Global stole client funds, in Latvia same at the bank level. Businessweek. And Krugman: Finland´s (Eurozone) interest rate higher than Denmark´s, because Denmark has own national currency which usually keeps the interest low. Merkel, Sarkozy, Italian PM Monti; If Italy fails – means end of Euro. The OECD: growth is shrinking globally …

Many of the present European leaders are former officials of banks: ECB president Draghi; Goldman Sachs Int, World Bank, Bank of Italy, BIS, and the Asian D Bank. Italy's new PM; Goldman S, Trilateral C, Bilderberg and Spinelli, (2010 integration of EU). PM of Greece was banker, Trilateral C. Obviously EU is on making the bankers' solution with the banker-controlled EU Commission. Global Research: In EU each new player is a GoldmanSachs’ alumnus. Germany, Merkel spoke just firmly that EU is on making to become federation - that has been the plan since time immemorial of NWO! They always use the critical situations to drag their ideology forward.

And Central banks on rescue mission for time being? To save EU by printing. Zero Hedge: Reason for the massive central bank intervention from China, Japan, Switzerland, ECB, England and the US: Forbes: “EU banks rely heavily on funding, liquidity need. Forbes: Central Banks would have never taken coordinated action like this, if there was not some sort of imminent threat; Commerzbank collapse threat to take down the EuroZone? (Rotchild Commerzbank, capital destruction 81% in nine months). The authorities not going to make the same mistake again; not rescuing Lehman Brothers. Zero Hedge; Peter Schiff: Central banks bell ringing to buy precious metals and to prop up failing banks in EU and the US. Inflation will rise. Gold up $30 today, dollar got crushed. The Economic Collapse: The Dow up 490 points, “warm and fuzzy” for at least one day. The impact is psychological. CNBC. Every experiment with gov issued fiat money has ended with the destruction of that money.” The Central banks action: The world is going to have a major inflation - takes gold and silver up. "Liquidity" means making money with cheap central bank rates. The debt-holders get screwed on a purchasing power basis. And Fed avoids deflation by printing… Ann Bernhardt, BCM hedge broker tells; I could no longer tell my clients that their monies and positions were safe in the markets – because they are not. A firm, led by the Obama regime, stole all cash held by customers at MF Global. The exchanges and regulators made it worse; they froze customers while the markets continued to trade. Notice: Barnhardt on YouTube against Islam and Bin Laden raid conspiracy. Web bot data suggest (short cut The desperate PowersThatWere will, start WW III in order to cover their crimes. Economic depressions tend to end into peak wars, but no wars till EU Collapse; until all possible money has been stolen from "the people", March or later next year? Further web bot prediction: This week will end into release language, expecting something as ugly as in fall 2008: amounts to "free money for the bankster class." The new prediction report out next week on: Surprises expected: "turn of things for the better" in a few years. But, before lots of crap to wade through: Manufacturers' “Resource Wars", false flags, drug-profits, oil and gas control? (David Wilcock says the economic collapse seems scary, but at the end it will not be so bad.)

The Senate last night codified into law the power of the U.S. military to indefinitely detain an American citizen with no charge, no trial and no oversight whatsoever with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. ACLU website; legislation gives the US military the power of courts. Supporters Sen. Graham and Sen. Ayotte: homeland is part of the battlefield!” The Times reported that (the preliminary) vote took place in a closed session and the text of the legislation was not made public.

RT. Wikileaks has begun releasing sensational information on the multi billion dollar global spying industry. The database contains hundreds of documents shining a light on the methods being used by secret services all over the world.

Fulford: Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20111128: As the financial fraud unravels chaos in US, EU and their slave states. A lawsuit filed; claiming the assets of the global financial system belong to the people of the planet and not a powerful religious cult. (Concerning Fulford telling ab court filings against UN, OITC, Berlusconi, Someone confirms: The law firm and judge that stamped it are legit. But might be 'Initial Writ'. BPS, Richard J Holwel, the Judge). Background: 2 Japanese Carrying $134 Bonds were Detained in Italy 2010. - New financial system on making...

CNBC; Tea Party BUYcot. The Occupy Wall Street protests into retail stores, anti-consumerism movement. Retailers, not allowing shoppers to pitch tents. Customers fighting with pepper spray. And we can barter. Violense against peaceful OWS protesters. Freedom of Information Act request show federal involvement to target journalists. The New York Times. Journalist Hayes; leaked memo; $850,000 contract to smear Occupy. Why OWS have a violent federal response? It’s the OWS messages; get the money out of politics, reform the banking system to prevent fraud and close down loopholes of laws. Occupy movement expected to get electorally organized. DHS helped Police to Crackdown Protests, WashingtonsBlog: Further Evidence. Our national leaders making war upon us. The Guardian: shocking crack down of Occupy.
OWS people have lots of educated middle class people US. (In Finland in many cities and also spiritually minded people attend, last week they had bank demonstration). Http:// Honolulu – APEC, gala: Hawaiian guitarist Makana spent almost 45 minutes repeatedly singing his protest ballad; “We'll occupy the streets, we'll occupy the courts, we'll occupy the offices of you, till you do the bidding of the many, not the few.” Presidents Obama, Hu Jintao of China, Indonesia, PM Harper of Canada, and over a dozen other heads of state were listening.

SurvivalBlog: long-term storable food costs gone up over 60% in the past year. While US Super Committee project, for balancing budget, isn't well. And are there enough medicines available, if some factory goes down or so: Fimea, Linnolahti worries already as Orion fire caused medicine scarcity. Orion Oyj.
As Sarkar said that the depression will spread to all countries that are connected with trade to each other, barter trade would help to avoid crises. Also Sarkar said in ab 1990, that the coming depression will arrive with inflation. Seems housing was the first step into recession, and following with banking and monetary crises and will move perhaps to industrial side while sinking down into real depression: companies laying out workers, due to people lacking purchasing power to by goods and banks being unable to provide liquidity.

Staticity with money circulation is increasing. Merkel´s message about EU-federation on making, means only more centralized economy thus people loosing the last grip of democracy and voice. Political democracy has never provided justice either, as it has been controlled with the most vocal and money minded leaders. Sarkar wanted economic democracy and local decision making, so that people are the masters of their own lives locally, but EU seems to be going into opposite direction in the name of crises; fewer and fewer people controlling on the top, without any authorization or votes from people.

Sarkar: In nearly all countries of the world economically privileged or advanced groups are mercilessly exploiting other economically backward groups and sucking their vitality, gagging their voice and closing all the doors of their future progress. To overcome this tyranny and exploitation, movements will have to be launched for those suppressed people so that they can stride boldly forward, fight against all exploitation and attain economic independence. Nobody can deny the need of such an approach, of such movements, because such an approach is truly humanistic.

The main task of revolution is to overcome the barriers of staticity and inertia in the collective psychology of one age and establish the next age in the order of the social cycle. Society moves according to the inexorable laws of the social cycle, yet those who are concerned for the collective welfare will always endeavour to accelerate the speed of social movement by fighting relentlessly against exploitation so that all can move forward together in unison.
Didi Annapurna