torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011

Occupy Helsinki

Proutist Universal arranged; Discusssion ab Prout and spiritual values in economy, organized and inspired by the Occupy Helsinki-movement members. Dada Rasabuddhananda spoke about Prout and its direction in Finland; about teaching spirituality, love, participation and caring to move forward. Sarkar has said that we need just genuine love for humanity, not so complicated financial systems. We had nice discussion and finished it with short meditation session.

Occupy -movement in Helsinki.

First 15.10 there was open meeting on Kamppi square, where anyone could express and ventilate their feelings against money power, capitalism etc. And people spoke one after another altogether 5 hours, which is incredible in Finland, where people suppose and used to be shy to open up their mouth. Personally I was surprised positively how wise and conscious people are - those who came forward to express. But the majority of people are still shopping and sleeping.

Tent camp rose after few days ab 20.10, and has been now already one week next to new music hall. People are getting upset in EU. European banks are bailed out while at same time public services and social security is taken down. Peope´s purchasing power is going down and creating only more deep crises. As Proutists we fully support activists from different groups sleeping, cooking and spending their time there. We have kept some lectures and given food donations, etc.

I am walking now daily around city with posters, placards, in front and behind me while advertising the camp. I don’t feel any embarrassment or fear to do that - we have got our strength through meditation - but it seems to be more difficult for other activists to face the public.

Who are those participating in occupy movements? Not only left extremists or leftists, but spiritually minded, intellectual, eco-friendly etc people with concern, awareness and dedication. I´m surprised to see that almost every day some group is doing meditation either there or near by places.
October 24, 2011 From "Information Clearing House" page short cut : In US the problem is also the settlements of the homeless, who have been treated with far less official forbearance than the occupation encampments of the “American autumn.” LA’s Skid Row endures constant police harassment, for example, but when it rained, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had ponchos distributed to nearby Occupy LA.

All over the country, in the last few years, police have moved in on the tent cities of the homeless, one by one, often without possessions. To be homeless in America is to live like a fugitive. They are not supposed to soil public space with their urine, their feces, or their exhausted bodies. They are, in fact, supposed to die, and preferably to do so without leaving a corpse for the dwindling public sector to transport, process, and burn.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is also taking up the cause of the homeless as its own. Homelessness is not a side issue unconnected to plutocracy and greed. It’s where we’re all eventually headed -- the 99%, or at least the 70%, of us, every debt-loaded college grad, out-of-work school teacher, and impoverished senior -- unless this revolution succeeds. Barbara Ehrenreich, TomDispatch regular.

Update new financial system: (Short cut, added with some things or changed words to make more understandable, DA): Russia, China, Brazil, India and S-Africa, the BRICS started this movement. From this seed, now involving some of the leaders of 80 nations -- and it's growing. New finance system has a goal to crush the ability to create money out of thin air. Coin money has already been made from real gold and silver by Putin and his military. This plan was devised mostly by people who had worked within the old world order (so called NWO, OWO Illuminati, or Shadow factions) -system at a very high level, and have since broken away, (besides Asian marshal artists called White Dragons are on it.)

No currency in the world will be issued unless it has the direct backing of hard assets -- held in storage as collateral against the value of the money, "tethered to a basket of commodities." This one simple move will utterly crush all shadow factions. Legitimate wealth will not be affected by this change. All of this is but a brief transitional phase as we move into moneyless system...

The rich got richer. As a result, the Occupy Wall Street movement is now growing exponentially fast. Even in the public media; in 900 cities around the world. The OWO have been preparing themselves for public uprising, discussed at secret meeting on Sept 28th in Congress: "What the hell do we do now?" The 12-member supercommittee. (Politico).

The Old World Order appear (pretend) now to support the Occupy Wall Street movement.
But the skeptics minds will not allow the truth, because it is too unbearable to contemplate. This fear-induced denial is, exactly how this financial conspiracy has persisted for so long. But there is absolutely nothing to fear.

Our plane is being protected very high-level ETs oversee the evolution on Earth. Ten-mile-wide spherical UFO is now parked in upper Earth orbit. Over 200 smaller craft have been seen coming and going from the mothership - witnessed also in the International Space Station.

There will most likely be an announcement....and time for us to absorb this news before we move on to a full UFO Disclosure...When this new financial system is announced, will you buy into the mountains of fear mongering telling you that it is a diabolical plan of NWO, (OWO) to establish their population control, martial law and concentrations camps etc? When ETs are announced, will you embrace them as our brothers and sisters, or think they must be shape-shifting demons ready for alien invasion and utterly to destroy human civilization?
David Wilcock original page see:

According Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20111024: Private highly secretive “trading platforms” have been shut down in preparation for new financial system, according to sources in the CIA and in Japanese military intelligence. This took place earlier than announced Nov 11/11/11, in order to prevent any possible sabotage by the old system. Over 100 countries have now subscribed to the new financial system. Mass arrests of people linked to the old system are supposed to begin by November 15.

Anti-exploitation slogans resound all over the world. The great concentration of wealth beyond the influence of ordinary people has made global capitalism look like the Nexus of Evil. Closing down the leading institutions of an exploitative system is a good first step. (Money needs to be kept rolling. Otherwise it loses its practical value). However, the following steps are even more important…The world and its people need a decentralized consumption-oriented economy where profits are for developing the economy of everybody and not only of a few. It will be the job of lawmakers and the people to evolve such a humanist system.

Some things related?

"US Nukes underground Texas Base after 'false flag' terrorists captured."

Web bot linguistic predictions
: "resign/out of office" expectations for this period. Gorbatchev (NWO, OWO) has recently criticised heavily Putin (new financial system, BRICS coalition). Gorbachev made reference to riots and Occupy Wall Street etc: “he said: “Others, including myself, have spoken about a new world order, but facing the problem of building such a world order…Problems of the environment, of backwardness and poverty, food shortages…all because we do not have a system of global governance. We are seeing almost in all countries protests, people want change, he said. “As we are addressing these problems raised, we will gradually find our way towards a new world order”. In Sept 2000, Gorbachev called for UN Soviet-style “central authority” to control the world’s business and environment. For decades he has been calling a “new world order”.
Gorbachev and Brzezinski are clearly trying to hijack the global disenfranchisement to accomplish the long-held pursuit of global governance, handing even more power to those responsible for the financial collapse in the first place.

Iran is preparing for possible attack by Israel and US, NATO et all; preparing hundreds health centers with electric generators, and the Bushehr nuclear plant has be taken down only after few weeks of use. The United States launches a large-scale exercise over the Middle East deploying 41 giant transports of the 22nds Airlift Squadron… US transports will drill landings in Israel and Saudi Arabia, according Debkafile's military sources. The Israeli, Egyptian and Saudi armies are on a high state of preparedness. In parallel, The USS JStennis aircraft carrier is on its way from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. The US officials accused the Iranian government of directing a plot to assassination the Saudi ambassador…

San Jose churches, organizations and residents are divesting millions of dollars from big banks due to their unethical policies and practices. Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church is moving all of its accounts out of Bank of America. The City of San Jose has moved money out of B of A following its social responsibility investment policy. PACT is divesting from Wells Fargo.

Didi Annapurna

torstai 13. lokakuuta 2011


We had meeting last week in our biological farm in Poland. All our more or less Prout-workers in Europe gathered together to share good news about our projects, to discuss problems and make plans for the future.

Future what kind of future? Proutistic, of course. We really believe soon it is time for Prout. People are becoming more spiritual to realize the need for economy that is based on spiritual values. Spiritually minded leaders will appear and will be dragged in the frontlines.

Spirituality is the first, then only mental and physical things will be beneficial, as spirituality guides with its every step for selflessness; taking care of others, sharing and loving. Isn’t that beneficial for all?

Service mindedness is the spirit of the future. Who adopts it in this stage will become example and inspiration for others.

We enjoyed with full heart spiritual satsanga (togetherness), meditations and fresh organic food. For a while in Poland I could forget the world crises, but here I’m again listening radio and thinking what is going on in the world, what to do to make difference?

The world elitist leaders are calling for crises management office for EU. Their strategy seems to be to drumbeat the crises and utilize it for getting the people to accept their solution the United States of EU. And after that the next step could be the world government. But I don’t think they will succeed this time in their effort, it is too late, people and governments are awakening. The idea of US of EU or World government itself is not bad idea, but who will materialize it? Those selfish, power hungry, greedy exploiters, who made up the crises at first hand?

Awakening? Becoming conscious: politically, economically and spiritually. That is happening and changing the entire power structure.

Sarkar about awakening:

Among the common people a new awakening will come, a keen intellect and wisdom will emerge, and a new pattern of history will be the result. In fact, a new pattern of history has already started to emerge, and in the future this development will undergo further change.

Human intellect is indeed awakened through various kinds of natural, social, psychic and economic struggles. Those who seek the awakening of their intellects should not be afraid of struggle.

Kriyálopa is when a ritual, observance, rule or regulation is abolished due to an awakening of or a development in the faculties of judgement, intellect or wisdom.

All over the world women are awakening. No longer are they willing to remain silent in the face of oppression. They are finding their voices and the strength to fight. Men, too, are realizing the importance of women’s long-overdue awakening if society is to progress to its next evolutionary phase.

It is for the awakening of this intuitional consciousness that sádhaná or spiritual practice is necessary.

With the awakening of nityánitya viveka in human minds and the opening of the door of scientific knowledge, it will not be possible to deceive the people in the name of religion or by holding out the lure of happiness in the next world. The vested interests are quite aware of this fact and hence strive to keep the masses lost in the darkness of ignorance. Like parasites, they manoeuvre themselves to misappropriate, by injecting fear and inferiority complexes, a lion’s share of what the ignorant masses earn with their sweat and blood.

When people merge their individual socio-economic interests with the collective socio-economic interest, the outflow of economic wealth from a region will cease and exploitation will be completely rooted out.

As long as a human being lies inert in staticity, that is, remains engrossed in the worship of mundane things, it is said to be the Kali Yuga of that person’s life. When on waking from sleep the person realizes that he or she has to get up, this awakening or awareness is compared to Dvápara Yuga in his or her life.

A man engaged in bad things all of a sudden feels that “No, I shouldn’t do all these things. No, I should be a good man henceforward.” Such an idea all of a sudden comes in his mind. And this thing, this change of mental tendency, is brought about by samvit shakti of Vidyámáyá. Do you follow? This is what is called samvit shakti. “No, henceforward I must be a good man. No, henceforward I must be a spiritualist. I must not encourage any depraving idea.” Samvit shakti.

The reaction to one’s actions (karmaphala) will have to be experienced, and it is not within the authority of even the greatest of devotees (sádhakas) to stop this…As a punishment, suffering from a serious disease may awaken the desire for sádhaná (intuitional practice) to achieve emancipation. But many straying and ignorant disciples deprive people of the opportunity of arousing this awakening by relieving them of their suffering with the help of their sádhaná-begotten supernatural powers. They in fact do greater disservice than service to the sufferer.

Awakening the inspiration to get spiritual direction from Parama Puruśa with the help of this mantra is called “Vedic initiation”. Later on, when the person gets proper instructions in spiritual practice for moving on the spiritual path then that is called “Tantric initiation”.

Didi Annapurna