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Time to Observe the Sun Set and Rise Positions on 21 June

Verifiable Data, NOT Doomsday Antics; Someone is making observations about the sun set and sun rise times and places. I don’t know how correct he is with his incredible measurements. It is good, if we each of us start to observe what is happening on our planet, as the scientists doesn’t seem to have interest or courage to do so. He seems to expect also partial axis shift, which doesn’t mean upside down earth, but just formation of poles in a new place.

Here is some info from his page; ‘My only interest is the truth. If I’m wrong I will correct it. I simply measure the sun each year & keep track of the changes (during the summer solstice). Everyone can see the sun is not where it is supposed to be. But there is no point in panicking. You can look outside each June 21st and verify what I have posted.’

Here he has changed the sun position from degrees into clock times;


‘I have said the axis will eventually shift the Earth onto its side….this would create Tsunamis & other problems. But this can be a survivable situation… This site only addresses the shifting axis tilt of the Earth which we measure each year on the longest day (the summer solstice) when the sun is at its furthermost north position.

The galaxy & universe have universal constants of magnetic fields & gravity which keep the solar systems & planets aligned & orderly. Unfortunately, it cannot prevent the axis from shifting as the Antarctic land mass Gyroscopic counter balance anchor loses weight or mass as the land based glaciers melt. This loss of anchor weight allows the planet to physically shift further on its axis.
The earth may shift over in the next 10 years or it may not do so for 100. This is why I measure the sun’s position each year & post it. I also invite others to do the same. June 20 & 21…be Ready to take measurements’.

You may see the whole article and the interesting details about the position of sun during each year summer solstice, and also follow up the postings of this summer solstice observations; Earth’s Axis has changed on

Myself I noted down the sun rise and -set positions 2015 in Poland, but only starting on 20 th of July. It seems the sun must have risen more north on last summer solstice time comparing to this year. Anyhow as I didn’t take the sun positions starting on 21 June last year, I can’t say the exact measures.The sun set times seems not so much different now than last year. My purpose here is not to try to prove yet anything, but to encourage everyone to to make your own observations. It is easy, just take a pen and paper and draw the landscape and put the positions of the sun on rising and setting times.

You may want to see short video; Wobble! Pole Shift?

Sarkar about Pole shift shortly on 1989; ‘You know, human existence is not only an existence of physicality, an existence in physical structure, it is a [mesh] of vibrations of so many wavelengths. So if the physical waves change (poles shifting place), if the climatic conditions undergo a certain gigantic metamorphosis, certainly the emanations and perceptions of nerve cells and nerve fibres will be changed, and disrupted. In the case of such a change in the physical order and also in the physico-psychic order, the change is sure to take place in the realm of spirituality. That is, humanity in that developed condition will be more spiritual-minded than it is at present.

And you see as a result of such a change, especially if the change takes place very fast, then another ice-age may occur here on this Earth. Between the pre-condition and post-condition of the ice-age there may be a long gap. The human intellect will be able to overcome such a catastrophe and arrange for shifting the population to some other planet having suitable environmental conditions and a better ecological order.’ He told that poles started shifting a bit already before 1990.              ………………………………………

Psychic Focus has said that earth is now having actual poles shift, but very slow and gradual. Around poles what is now water it will grow ice, but the pole will melt. Shift of axis will also lead to massive floodings or rise of land masses. I see the tilt turning counter – clockwise about 5-6 minutes, having big impact. Ice age – not necessarily, but altered climate; some places heat some freezing.

Recent videos;
Cananda Observatory – Proof – The Earth is Tilting;
WOW Pole Shift Confirmed !!
Nasa Quietly Admits Pole Shift Nibiru To Blame;

WSO Jun 14 - Earth Wobble Captured;

You may also want to see Zeta talk cropcircles about Niburu, pole wobble, tilt etc;

And lets not forget Maverickstar who is researching the magnetic pole shift; Remarkable times;

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A bit Asceticism Makes the Day – Proves also Science

Commonly asceticism means just disciplined and simple lifestyle characterized by abstinence from worldly pleasures for the purpose of pursuing spiritual goal. It may sound hard, unnatural and joyless, but it is not meant to be so – and definitely it doesn’t include self torture. When one attains inner satisfaction through meditation practises, asceticism becomes quite natural process due to lack of interest for worldly pleasures.

Partly asceticism is a result of collective effort to use best means to gain spiritual progress. Regular life habits, meditation and simplicity make actually the daily routine smooth, and helps to upkeep good health. These habits are learnt easily in retreats and training courses where everyone follows the same schedule and rules. There is also scientific evidence of the benefits of yoga practises that one may call ascetic.


Bhante Gunaratana, Buddhist nature of asceticism


According yogis waking up for so called Painja Janya at five in the morning is considered to be beneficial for meditation practises. World is still quiet, the calm vibration helps to enter meditative state. As a result memory is better and concentration more sharp during the whole day.

Scientists consider that waking up early keeps the body more in tune with the circadian rhythms of the earth, which leads to deeper restorative sleep. Improving Sleep: A Guide to a Good Night’s Rest, by Harvard Health Publications.

Students who are morning people maintain higher grades. The extra time makes it possible to plan and engage in regular practises such as meditation and exercise, that brings more joy and health. …………………………….
Eating garlic or onion is prohibited in yogic sentient diet. According to both yogis and Ayurvedic doctors, onion and garlic agitate the nervous system and mind, and definitely harm concentration. It tends to overstimulate the mind and then crash it down.

According Dr Beck Dsc, the sulphone hydroxyl ion in garlic penetrates the blood-brain barrier, and is a specific poison for brain cells. Dr Beck discovered this when he was the manufacturer of EEG feedback equipment. They had to give people instructions not to take garlic before the test, because those who had eaten garlic looked clinically dead on an encephalograph. Also when Dr Beck was in flight test, they were instructed not to take garlic 72 hours before flight, because garlic would double or triple the reaction time. According him even a study at Stanford found that garlic is a poison. Eating Garlic Is Very toxic for the Body,

Yogic Half Bath is a simple system of refreshing the body several times a day. It calms the vagus and other nerves, stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Half bath can be done as a regular habit before eating, sleeping, meditation and asanas, as well as when emotionally “heated”.

The system of half bath takes just few minutes: Go to the toilet and wash genitals with cool water. (Paper is not also otherwise enough to keep the parts clean.) Wet the legs from the knees down to the feet, and the arms from the elbows downward. Splash cool water into your face, eyes and nose several times. (You may leave the nose and eyes until someone shows how to do it.) Cool the navel, neck, and behind the ears. When taking whole bath, start by pouring water over the navel area, then your body is more prepared to receive cool water all over.

The vagus nerve originates in the brain, travels down the from the neck, to the digestive system, heart and lungs. This nerve is a major player in the parasympathetic nervous system; the ‘rest and digest’ part.

Scientists advice how to tone the vagus nerve: Washing your face with cold water; slowing diaphragmatic breathing and humming. Meditation causes a significant rise in vagal tone, and obviously Pranayama more so, as vagal tone is even measured commonly from breathing rhythm. .………………………..

Mushrooms take their energy from decaying matter instead of photosynthesis as plants commonly do. Mushrooms are considered detrimental to meditation, and even as a food they consume the energy from human body.

Interestingly athletes take cordyceps mushrooms to get energy and muscles. I don’t know how to explain this controversy between yogic and common beliefs. It may be that mushrooms help more effectively to take up energy from the high protein diet that the athletes usually consume.
Herdsmen in ancient Tibet noticed that their yaks became energized when they grazed on cordyceps sinesis. It sprouts from the body of dead caterpillar. Mushrooms contain heavy metals, they are the last on food chain, not live food; ……………………

Alkaline, sentient and chlorophyll-rich food is recommended in a yogic diet to support overall vitality and healthy lymphatic system. It has a positive effect on the mind too. According to a study conducted in Gambia by a team from the British Medical Research Council, babies conceived on rainy leafy season enjoyed much longer, healthier lives, and were dying seven-times less prematurely than those conceived in grain season. Mother’s green diet activated even the genes and the immune system of their babies. ………………

Yogic guidelines recommend one day fasting twice a month without water, according the cycle of the moon. Just as the moon effects the tides, it also affects the liquids in our bodies which are 65% water. During fasting the whole digestive system is able to recuperate and clean itself, which thus destructs less the mind. I think scientists have common understanding that moon has effect on our bodies and minds.

Fasting, massage and relaxation have been well researched commonly. When asanas are done, it is a regular habit by yoga practitioners to do quick self massage and relaxation. What comes to sexual restriction – only four times a month for family people – the present loose sexual orientation in the society might not courage research on that, but something at least is done; Having too much sex can make you unhappy study finds.

Body hair has an important role in regulating the body temperature, glands and the lymphatic system. The parts of the body with most lymph nodes are near the places where body hair is growing. If the hair is removed, these lymphatic nodes tend to become over active, having corresponding effect in the thyroid gland. At young age the pubic hair grows in order to regulate the increasing energy and heat in the body. Removing armpit hair often results in more sweating.

A study by Anderson Cancer Centre concluded that women who shave their armpit hairs are ten times more likely to develop breast cancer. Armpit hairs protects the body from various toxic substances – and provide larger surface area for evaporation of sweat. Some surgeons have also noticed that shaving prior surgery actually increases infections.

Body hair follicles provide a necessary environment for certain skin microbiome. Some of them help to regulate the body temperature and some to fight off infection. Should You Shave Your Pubes?    …………….

According yoga psychology pineal gland is very much connected with spiritual development and the subtle spiritual experiences produced through meditation. Dr. Rick Strassman proposes that the pineal gland produces DMT, a natural psychedelic. DMT relates to melatonin affecting primarily our dream state… which is like slipping into other parallel realities. When DMT is synthesized in a laboratory, it emits massive bursts of coloured light.

David Wilcock says that presence of light sensing proteins in the pineal gland may be a cause for visual events on “third eye” similar to psychedelic and near death experiences, and dreams. Also as planetary frequency is accelerating, third eye allows to see into other realms more easily.

Sources; A Doctor’s Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences. P.R Sarkar; Biopsychology of Yoga, and Yogic guidelines.

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Diet for Spiritual People

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Astral Travels and Astral Photos

Robbert van den Broeke from Holland takes photos of dead people,  appears in astral to others and invites ETs to make crop circles. Astral visits happen when some people are in need of help. Many tests are done even by M.I.T, B.L.T, about his ability of photographing spirits and dead people's faces with the camera given by researchers, showing clear evidence of paranormal phenomenon.
In 2005 Robbert got Pope John Paul II image to appear on a film at the presence of TV crew. In 2010, he photographed angels with strange dark band across the forehead. He also received an image of film maker Aaron Russo, who expressed that he had wanted to change the world better, but couldn’t do much. Once he was even able to photograph an apologetic diseased sceptic. Photo of crop circle maker ETs, and Robert with an astral being


In 2012 a Dutch TV crew was filming Robbert inside a crop circle in Holland. Robbert received photos of blue ET. In 2013 he received images of Jesus on top of the earth. In 2014 Robbert’s friend Stan documented Robbert obtaining photo of astronaut, Neil Armstrong. Short video, Robbert is tested

Recently Robbert witnessed an UFO with 10-15 group of people, while visiting a crop circle.  Robbert’s credibility is confirmed by video testimony with seven witnesses, who saw the UFO above the crop circle. Robbert says that he is able to know before UFOs appear and communicate with ETs, and that ETs have expressed to him wanting to show up to groups of people. One crop circle even appeared on his request near his place.

Besides five persons in the same video are claiming to have received Robbert for a visit at their homes in a spirit form, bringing love and healing in difficult moment of their lives. One of them, Joran didn’t even know who Robbert was, before requesting his lawyer to find out. In his next encounter Joran gave a code word to the spirit of Robbert, which Robbert confirmed later by sending it in e-mail. You may see yourself this amazing video

Robbert appears again to somebody, posted yesterday, Thirdphaseofmoon just posted also amazing UFO from Holland.

Robbert visiting many crop circles;
Most beautiful Easter message by Robbert;
Research proof pages,

Psychic Focus got ETs to make crop circle in Ohio. They make them by sound. See her fascinating reading; Erik appears as an orb and when her mother asks him to come to his hand, the orb touches her hand twice;

A lot of people are now putting videos about orbs to Youtube, they are taken with infrared camera. Here some; Taking Pictures Of Spirits,
Real Spirit Orbs with EVP Validation Proof in my home. PROOF Orbs are intelligent beings NOT Dust Particles #2;

This was from Finnish friend's article, short cut

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