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How homeopathy works

Homeopathy works on “principle of similars”; a substance which can produce symptoms in a healthy person can be used in diluted amount to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. Other than that, nobody really knows how the homeopathy works, although there are lot of speculations. I believe that homeopathy works in many different ways. 

In case of allergy for example to ragweed, basically the allergy can be cured, by taking the same plant in homeopathic (higher) form, called Ambrosia, – it will cancel the effect caused by the ragweed (lower form). This is basically explained by homeopathic experiment itself; if you take first low potency of homeopathic medicine, like 6 X and after that higher potency 200 of the same medicine, the higher potency tends to cancel the effects of lower potency.

Some homeopaths also claim that vibrational homeopathic element, opposite to an element in the body, neutralizes it. This might be similar to antidoting effect. According Materia Medica, which describes the nature of each homeopathic medicine, there are antidoting, inimical and “follow well” medicines for almost every medicine. Personally though, I feel most of them are just assumptions or could be explained in more logical way.

In case if one has lack of, for example, calcium, one would think the potentized homeopathic calcium (Calcarea Carb) would help the body to take up calcium from food – and it might be so – but as it also removes the excess calcium deposits from the joints, we might need another explanation too. 
Homeopathic thyroidinum helps with both cases hyper- and hypothyroidism. It appears to stimulate a normalising effect. We can compare it to yoga asanas, some asanas like Shoulder stand helps with hyperthyroidism, but the same asana also helps with hypothyroidism.

Common explanation how homeopathy works seems to be that homeopathic medicine creates vibration of the substance into body, so that the body can build up immunity to it. Quite similarly the conventional immunization method uses small doses of a weakened pathogen to enhance immunity and prevent what larger doses can cause. 

Sick body creates inflammation or discharge in order to throw out a disease. The normal medicines tend to suppress the symptoms and even push the disease deeper into the body. Homeopathic medicine first rather aggravates the symptoms. It might be that it actually brings the “disease” from chronic state to acute state, which is more easy to cure.

Interestingly Silicea has opposite functions. It is used in lower potency to suppurate a stick out from flesh, or to help abscess to suppurate pus out. Anyhow when the abscess is discharging, higher potency of Silicea is used for absorbing the pus and promoting final healing of the wound.

When I was in Africa I used to have constantly flea bites. A homeopath doctor gave me Pulex for that and I never anymore had flea bites. Pulex is potenticed medicine made out of flea. How did all the fleas run away, or how they no longer dared to touch me?

In India a homeopath doctor gave me Hepar Sulph for some inflammation. I was given on that very same day, by my higher authority, duty to burn all sorts of trash on fire in the courtyard. Only after reading Materia Medica, I understood that description of Hepar Sulp 'type of patient' includes impulse to set things on fire, or throw things on fire.

Coincidence one might think, but it was not the only coincidence experience. While once taking Calc Carb I saw swarms of nasty rats. (It should actually work opposite way, when you are scared of seeing rats take Calc Carb). I would put this phenomenom on the basket of karmic reasons. Anyhow don't worry, you won't necessarily see those things, it seems to depend on how deeply you are in that kind of state that requires certain medicine. 

What kind of effect the shaking on the preparation phase has on the homeopathic medicine? Nobody really knows, but nuclear scientist Keshe thinks that by using succussion any liquid can be made magnetic, which will interact with water in the human body. Hence the cells in the body get realigned to original healthy state. This is similar how iron is magnetized by succussion in order to realign the iron molecules.

When researchers were shaking diluted water with a medicinal substance in it, an ice crystal which had electrical field, was created. Some people assume that homeopathic medicines are energy medicines” that act on the chi, or “life energy” of the person. 
Nano products carry more and more bodies of information in smaller and smaller chips. Should we call hoemopathy as “nanopathy”?

We really need more subtle methods of scientific exploration in order to explain everything about homeopathy.
I have studied homeopathy in England and India. I used to sit and observe the doctors treating the patients in a homeopathic clinic in Calcutta about 5 months, almost every evening some hours. The founder of the clinic treated about 80 -100 patients every day, while the other doctor used to get much less cases. Interestingly there was also a conventional doctor, who was having even less patients. Mostly he treated those patients whom the homeopath doctors sent to him. 

Money was not the main reason for the lack of patients, as both kind of medicines were very cheap and on request patients could get their medicines even free. In 2007 survey in India found that 62 % of current homeopathy users have never tried conventional medicines and 82 % of them would not change to conventional.

I observed with amazement how the homeopaths could treat almost anything. Most of the patients were women, often pregnant or having small children – with fever, injuries, serious skin problems, smelly infections etc. Male patients were very few, the reason probably was that they had to wait often longer time as the doctors prefered to take children and their mothers first.

The founder of the clinic used to teach me not only by lecturing, but also in a very practical way – he put me to test the medicines. Once, when as I was questioning, how it would affect if one would take too much homeopathic medicine, he immediately gave me a bottle full of some medicine and ordered me to take it all. I took it all nervously, but nothing happened, except the usual slight feelings in the body when the medicine starts to have some effect. The amount of medicine is not important in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicine begins its function in the body already in seconds, although the deeper action takes hours, days or even months.

Often the homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on the overall symptoms of the body and the mind of the person. In some cases though the homeopaths give quite the same medicine to everyone in the same disease. There is even tested evidence of the method's efficiency by famous Indian homeopath in The Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation. Banerji states; 'We give a basic set of medicines to treat each cancer type and thereafter considering the accessory symptoms, have first, second and third line medicines. Patients from 70 countries follow the Banerji Protocol.'

Similar ways of treatment I also saw in Calcutta clinic – many of their treatments were based on principle; certain disease needs particular medicines, but besides they were also good in observing moods of each person and giving medicines accordingly. They used to give few, usually 2-3 medicines at same time. Only exceptionally they gave just one medicine at a time.

Human being is not only physical or psychic being, but combination of both. Homeopathy treats both sides of the person, thus being wholistic and often even permanent way of cure. When using lower potencies (less diluted) those are treating the symptoms closer to physical level, but often the disease has also counterpart on human psyche that needs higher potencies in order to be cured. Acute cases are exceptions, like broken finger which lower potency can cure alone. Anyhow if the person has tendency to get injured, then one might need to take higher potency too. It seems like in order to burn ones karma higher potencies are needed.

Homeopathic medicines commonly are not dangerous. Nothing will happen if the patient is given a homeopathic medicine that is not suitable for his/her symptoms, but if the medicine is correct, people get relief immediately or experience first aggravation of symptoms and then improvement and not only of the disease, but in their overall health. 

Anyhow I would still warn about certain medicines, such as homeopathic Digitalis. If you take it several times for your hearth problems, you may get severe aggravation. There are as well some other cases to be concerned, and if the patient is not responding to homeopathic treatment, changing to another type of treatment should be arranged. Doctors should actually run kind of healthcare cooperatives.

Indian scientist and spiritual leader Sarkar has stated that the science of homeopathy is based on the psychic existence of human beings... 'There is no doubt that the medicine prepared in a sentient environment by sentient people, will have a much greater effect in curing a patient’. Also Sarkar admits that the confident attitude of a doctor can add to the effect of any medicine.

Didi Annapurna 

Myths about Homeopathy

Homeopathy is such a great healing method, which can benefit all kind of creatures and even save lives, but it is misunderstood, opposed and ridiculed by many skeptics and healthcare providers. Somewhat I understand it, because in order to see how homeopathy works in the body and subtle mind, one needs to be sensitive enough, open minded for a new mysterious science and have curiosity to experiment. Besides some of the homeopaths are themselves a bit ignorant and dogmatic, as the science of homeopathy is not yet enough well known or developed. 

Once in nineties in Helsinki, I was collecting funds for homeopathic clinics in India. I arrived to open city square and saw lots of people talking there. I started my can collection, but almost immediately I realized that people were very negative and not giving me any donations, although usually it had not been that difficult. For my great surprise I came to know that most of the people, if not all, were doctors. They had finished some program there and after that were still standing and talking. I took it as a challenge and continued my collection and even started to feel fun while having to hear so many incredible remarks and negative claims about homeopathy. Though I still remember with great gratitude one doctor who became really interested and gave me huge donation, as if on behalf of the whole physician crowd.

In Finland the conventional doctors has found out that food allergies are best cured by giving minimal quantities of the food that the person is allergic for, and gradually increasing the amount of the food item. This is a bit similar way to cure allergies than in homeopathy, but homeopathic medicines are also still shaken up to increase their effect. 

Otherwise in Finland homeopathy is even still quite unknown comparing to India were people tend to go rather to homeopath than to conventional doctor. For 100 million people there, homeopathy is the only form of treatment. In some European countries homeopathic medicines are used quite commonly. Western homeopaths treat only few patients in a day, while in India the best homeopaths have always long queues of people and thus they have more practical experience.

I feel, although homeopaths are well educated in the West, they tend to be more conservative and dogmatic in their beliefs - i.e having commonly the policy of “only one remedy at a time” - and thus being also more inefficient. Giving only one medicine sometimes just aggravates symptoms and then there is need anyhow to give second and even third medicine when the first doesn't work enough. This takes just more time and causes unnecessary suffering. In some cases though one medicine is enough.

Logically thinking if we take Pulsatilla plant, which is made up of many constituents; sugar, gum, resin, acids, sulphate of potassium, chlorate of potassium, carbonate of lime, magnesium, and iron - as well the homeopathic Pulsatilla has those constituents and thus the patient will get many incredients at once. Homeopathic Hepar Sulph, is made out of oyster shell, which contain mainly suphur and calcium. There is no problem of taking homeopathic Sulphur or Calcarea Carb simultaneously.

I have been experimenting myself with treating my heart problems, which easily tend to get aggravated by any homeopathic medicine - and noticed that until I started to take 3-5 medicines at once, only then I got immediate relief. Before I used to experiment with “one medicine at a time” -method in order to find the right one for my heart, but I never found it. Each they just caused aggravations and partial or not even partial relief.

When I lived and studied homeopathy in London, I requested three homeopaths to give me so called constitutional remedy, which the classical homeopaths use even for curing acute problems, but they all gave me very different medicine. One gave Baryta Carbonica, the other Ignatia and third one Pulsatilla.

The other dogma is to recommend treatment for prolonged time. I faced it earlier when I didn’t know yet anything about homeopathy. I was given Sepia for half year and became almost like Sepia described in Materia Medica. That is actually how the remedies are proved. Most of the new remedies have been given first to healthy provers to be tested. They must keep taking the medicine until they develop symptoms, which are then published in Materia Medica. Anyone may observe own given medicine by writing up all changes in bodily sensations and mental feelings and comparing to symptoms described in Materia Medica. 

Besides observations by patients, there are more scientific studies, such as study at Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital, which shows that over 70% of patients with chronic diseases reported positive health changes after homeopathic treatment.

Many people believe that Homeopathy has only placebo effect. I am myself treating my dogs with homeopathic medicines, so it can’t be just placebo effect. One dog has had twice salivary gland inflammation on her jaw, which both times was cured with homeopathic medicines. The other dog has tendency to get eye inflammations, which also homeopathy takes care. 

At least six million people use complementary treatments each year in the United Kingdom. Homeopathy is getting more popular, thus the “Big Pharma” with the supportive media outlets is busy with discrediting homeopathy and other alternative treatments. However the huge number of insurance claims against conventional medicine practitioners - while there are not many claims filed against homepaths -proves also that “Big Pharma” itself should be discouraged.

During Helsinki University Science Days some years back, one professor answered my question about the future of homeopathy. He said that the “Big Pharma” is taking steps and making research on homeopathy in order to bring some of the medicines on the market. I got a bit scared what would the outcome be, if they would patent them and start selling for maximum profit?

Treatment by similars is not new. It is as old as civilization’s records are available from the time of Sushruta, 19 th to 18 th century B.C, who proclaimed ‘Samah samam shamayati’, similar cures similar. Aristotle and Von Hohenheim Paracelsus also mentioned it. Basil Valentine, a Benedictine monk, (1410 B.C) wrote: ‘Likes must be cured by means of their likes, as heat by heat’.

Later physicians like Boulduc, Detharding, Bertholon, Thoury, Von Stoerk and Stahl have also confirmed the homoeopathic method of cure. Hahnemann was the first to establish system of treatment based on the law “similia similibus curentur”. Source:

Furthermore source; Ancient Tamil Siddhas (spiritually elevated souls) lived long lives by using Ayervedic and homeopathic herbs and metals. Dr. Sun Mukh in his book entitled Kaya Kalpa: the Science of Rejuvenation, seem to imply that bhasmas are homeopathic;

And Hippocrates stated; ‘the disease condition is removed through remedies which produce similar symptoms to the disease. Tadarthikari or vipareetharthakari chikitsa is treatment by similars. Chinese medicine is the first system of medicine that bears many direct co-relations with the concepts used in Homoeopathy.

Indian scientist and spiritual leader P.R Sarkar states that homeopathic principle “Samah samam shamayati” (like cures like) has been known in India already for thousands of years, besides of Ayervedic and other natural treatments. 

According Sarkar homoeopathy incorporated the viśa cikitsá (poison treatment) about 3500 years ago. For instance, when Bhiima was poisoned by the Kaoravas - the experts gave injections of the same poison to Bhiima, by which he was cured. This proves that people had the knowledge of the principle “Samah samam shamayati” - homoeopathy in an elementary form. “The original inventor of viśa cikitsá is Lord Krśńa. Homoeopathy was not started by Mahatma Hahnemann”.

Sarkar also explains how homeopathy, ayerveda as well as surgical operations in India had their downfall: some time after Buddha, there was internal religious restrictions and simultaneously an invasion from outside India, due to which the unani (hakimii) system of medicine was rooted in India. (Sarkar, 1959-1979). 

Modi government contends that Indian systems of medicine were suppressed during colonial times. India has only now begun giving significant impetus to traditional medicine. China integrated traditional Chinese medicine into health-care system immediately after the Communist Revolution of 1949.

You may want to read more myths about homeopathy;


Didi Annapurna

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Keshe flying by car?

Keshe already told in 2011, that he was planning to show the flying car, but according to him he was not allowed, because he didn't have driving license! Then in 2013 a video appeared claiming Keshe is already flying by car?; Now Oct 16 th 2015 Keshe told in few weeks he will introduce the flying car. 

Keshe ab the Second sun; He says we have 2-30 years time to exist in this planet, then we have to move out. Luckily Keshe has the flying car ready then so we can fly to other planets! If you want to know more in 31.40;  

Recently Keshe also predicted that North and South America will "split" by mega quake and mega tsunamis could kill 40 million people Oct or after in 2015. Interestingly before that date millions of people across US and Canada took part in "the Great Shake Out" emergency response drill to a major quake. 

Dutchince takes his earthquake warnings with a bit of scepticism. 'Keshe might be right on the location, but if he's right on the magnitude, the whole planet would be shaking, like "end times" scenario. Tsunami waves would swamp every coastline around the world, cut cables, and cause hundred nuclear meltdowns'. Dutchsinse thinks there would be quake swarms, but not catastrophic activity. Let's hope Keshe's wrong! But be prepared!

Here is video where Keshe introduces his devices for ambassadors in exchange for peace, you may want to see whether you take it or not; 3rd Ambassador Meeting, Rome Oct 16 th; His Magrav-Power System for home, produces also electricity for the grid! Keshe says 10% of the world will no longer need gas by the end of October 2015. One sceptic scientist is rather debunking it, but not all agree; #421 Keshe Plasma Reactors up & running!

Keshe may have tendency to exaggerate, advertise and promise faster than he can produce things, so wait and see. Besides he doesn't follow much what others are doing, he came to know about Tesla only few years ago. Keshe has also mentioned that Iran has already crafts that fly in about half hour to US and that we can fly soon to other planets before NASA.

According to Wired Mr Keshe told an online forum that Iran used his “advanced space technology” and also Iran made claims about their flying saucers. While Corey Goode, Randy Cramer and others from Secret Space Program claim that NASA is already flying throughout the Solar System and beyond with their crafts. Insider Jesse claims that the U.S. has had an advanced space station in orbit since 1980's. An antigravity spacecraft Nautilus in Utah, makes trips to the space station.

All these claims by Keshe and others makes to really wander how the world could be soon different. Besides of the Magrav power systems, Keshe's nano inventions can make nutrients just by absorbing the energy from food items and he has also pain pads, pens etc. Growing food also would become easy. From the poorest African dwellers to the richest elites we would become healthy and comfortable? The governments will then loose control over us.

Yes, but what is there in the other side of the coin? It is somewhat great idea that those who buy the power units has to “donate” hundreds Euros to their government and with the rest of the money African countries get free systems, but surely in Europe and some other regions the poorest countries and people don't have 800 Euro for the Magrav power system. Also many people's electricity bill is often just 10-20 euro/month, so it would take really many years to start to feel it is free energy, and before already there might be better systems existing. Now the rich and middle income people in developed countries would benefit most from it, but Keshe might solve that problem somehow.

Chinese are already making cheap power units by their own. The electricity, oil etc companies and oil producing countries would suffer most. Money could soon loose its importance and exploitation would reduce greatly.

I feel Keshe's inventions could speed up the on going polarization. There are those who are “great” people, called STO, and then those “naughty” ones, STS. Some people will use Keshe's nano coated systems to get into constant free drunken state, and some will get caught in free drugs. I wander what more crazy ideas people might experiment.

Some fellows might use those systems even for criminal activities, poisoning others etc. Few more light headed people might just stop totally eating and get their nutrition from the magrav system. I doubt if that would be healthy situation. In Africa many would likely become lazy, useless eaters, if they suddenly got everything free; power, food, medicines.

The good people will get most benefit out of Keshe's inventions, by healing themselves, using them for helping others and exploring unknown physical and spiritual realities. Anyhow if one is using the health products and systems, which miraculously cure all the ailments, one is not then able to burn her/his karma. What might follow then who knows. 

Keshe's life treatened; Keshe's releases likely caused the attack, and no wander; Keshe catches US drone in Iran; ... d-us-drone. And ... craft.html.

SSP whistle blower Corey Goode told Blue Avian extraterrestials didn't heal his arm with sophisticated methods due to karmic reasons. And Corey about the polarization; negative people are becoming more so. Positive people are becoming more so and Mentally ill people are becoming more so. Corey GoodETxSG. Someone introduces Keshe Health Bottle, but one has to study first basics before making it;
Interstingly I made myself Keshe nano coating according Keshe health bottle instructions, but when I happen to leave the extra caustic thing in an emal pot with metal bar on it, the pot started filling in with liguid (just the bottom wet). It was scary, where the water came, may be absorbed from the air, the room was cold and damp? I might have come accords the Keshe rain catcher or something!!!
The free USB Memory Stick:; Release of the USB stick which was given to governments of the world in 2012. The knowledge for production of free food, health systems, materials, energy and motion is fully given to human race, said Keshe. Many Links to Keshe USB stick for downloading.
Sarkar about the structure of atom: By splitting up the atom immense energy is released. To claim that energy is obtained due to the destruction of matter is theoretical and not physically proven. In fact, the energy comes out from within the store of the atom. Energy always requires a material shelter – a container. After the destruction of the container, the immense released energy moves very fast with tremendous speed in all directions in search of some or other material shelter. Finally, it finds a way in some country, in some human physical body, in structures and other material objects scattered around, or in the ocean, etc. Matter needs a shelter, and the shelter of matter is the earth. This is the secret.

Didi Annapurna