keskiviikko 19. maaliskuuta 2014

Links to Keshe USB stick for downloading

I got it downloaded during last night 1.65 GB, some links are quickly disappairing, but try some of these links;

Go down the page quite middle there is; The Keshe Foundation USB stick, click and download.

 Or here; 
Easiest to download;

NEW LINK provided by Taiwanese Keshe Foundation to replace the old one; The data can be open by WinRAR or Win ZIP.

Also sometimes works
Alternate link with .rar files:,.rar&authkey=!AFAmO1xmRy2YY2Y

Keshe has given this link;!143&authkey=!AGRPC-Y6xyui0YI&ithint=folder%2c.rar
One more;!zIQDRaIS!Ep0gUiCPx7kZ9HUTPW3nvCSzjnXx4N4rQUDvAiAyfQQ
If you don't know what is this USB stick about, see my earlier articles; Getting interesting

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