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Putin, the hero of Ukraine?

Fulford; The fighting between American Academi (formerly Blackwater) mercenaries and Russian special forces in the Ukraine and the downing of a Malaysian airline are but a background to ongoing high stakes negotiations. Purge of Nazi/Zionist zealots has now extended to S-Arabia and other gulf oil kingdoms after banned Nazi Muslim Brotherhood. Their last base is in the Middle East, and last source of oil money is Qatar, (home for Al Jazeera). The threats to cause terrorist attacks around China which “sky rocketed” before the Malaysian air disaster, came from same source that “predicted” the turmoil in the Ukraine - Philadelphia Fethullah Gulen, the cabal’s planned “one world religion.” Gulen is sending Tartar activists to Ukraine. Nazi submarine base in New Guinea disguised as a gold mine; It may well be where the attack on the Malaysian airlines flight originated.

Military industrial complex contacted the WDS and laid out several conditions including to wage wars if oil is made obsolete by free energy and NSA types were told they should at least stay out of people’s bedrooms. The WDS said that free energy technology would be first used for projects the current oil business cannot do, such as turning deserts green with desalinated sea water and heating up the arctic and Antarctic (??? DA). Their hydrocarbon business using natural gas was considered a viable option. Gradually the oil industry will be shifted to the business of creating new eco-systems. The Nazis insisted to continue eugenics policies, but not going to be allowed. However ban of genetic engineering to remove hereditary diseases would be lifted.

Cabalists have lost control of most of the Middle East oil and may be in Libya; N- Korean tanker loading up with oil in Libya are a clear indication of this loss of control;

Germany, France and the UK... any sanctions would hurt them far more than they would Russia. And democratically-elected regime was ousted by violent foreign mercenaries with Nazi ideology, breaking international law. US no longer has many friends and is hit hard by sanctions. The Russians, Chinese and others have been selling US government bonds, banning the import of US agricultural goods and threatening to dump all of their US dollar holdings.

One good sign; According to Gordon Duff of the Adamus group: the Bush family is tied to Dominionism, a heretical Judeo-Christian death cult that eventually took over America’s nuclear command structure. It is the removal of these ‘Dominionists’ due to ‘discipline failures’ among America’s nuclear forces.”

However, the gnostic illuminati is threatening to annihilate London and Jerusalem by nukes. Events planned for the rest of this month, never know. Fed team will meet with the WDS in April for talks... Help and not just spectate!

The Libyan parliament has ousted PM Ali Zeidan, after military forces failed to prevent the escape of a N-Korea-flagged tanker laden with crude oil. PressTV: Libyan lawmakers oust PM Zeidan. And US punishes Erdogan with Turkey unrest. And ‘Anti-Erdogan protests close to uprising’.

PressTV: US gave Israel $429 million for its missile system.The pentagon says the agreement was signed last week. American taxpayers’ money “will be transferred immediately to Israel”. Veterans Today;“The US is now on the hook for Israeli defense spending10 years out in advance,” Dean told Press TV. My Goodness; Dave Schmidt: The RV is Happening! 
DA: I wander a bit why everyone seems to have so negative feeling towards Russia. It is true Soviet Union had tendency to attack other countries, but nowadays not much comparing to US. I'm from Finland and heard many sad stories ab the wars with Russians. Also recently I have been struggling with legal matters in Russia. So I could blame Putin and Russia badly, but past is past and bureaucracy is not problem only in Russia... Also we have to remember from where we hear all our news nowadays? From the Western media, so no wander.

Russia “had” to interfere to Georgia matters. Now similar situation with Ukraine. In both cases if we ask who started the battle it seems US, and even EU encouraged the riots in Ukraine. It is true that Ukrainian people were very ready to rush to barricades due to their own internal crises, but have they done it such a way without Western help and support?

I feel Russia is just offering helping hand to their neighbor Russians and at the same time understandably making effort to secure their oil rote, although Ukraine has neglected their payments. What else could Putin do? Besides I think Putin is the only leader, who has spoken openly against the NWO, and he was the only one to oppose strongly the Libyan intervention by Western leaders. If you also listen to what he said in recent interview about Ukraine, there is common sense;

Putin, short cut from interview; President Yanukovych, through the mediation of the Foreign Ministers of three European countries – Poland, Germany and France – on Febr 21;handed over power. He agreed to all the opposition’s demands: to withdraw all police forces from the capital, and they complied. He went to Kharkov to attend an event, and as soon as he left, instead of releasing the occupied administrative buildings, they immediately occupied the President’s residence and the Government building. I ask myself, what was the purpose of all this? Their actions have significantly destabilized the east and southeast of Ukraine. The ordinary Ukrainian citizen suffered during the rule of Nicholas II, Kuchma, Yushchenko, and Yanukovych. Nothing or almost nothing has changed for the better. They began appointing all sorts of oligarchs and billionaires to govern the eastern regions of the country. Incidentally, I understand those people on Maidan, though I do not support this kind of turnover. Yanukovych is the only undoubtedly legitimate President. There are three ways of removing a President under Ukrainian law: one is his death, the other is when he personally steps down, and the third is impeachment.

We have decided to organise work in the Russian regions to aid Crimea, which has turned to us for humanitarian support. Legitimate President of Ukraine, Mr Yanukovych is asking us to use the Armed Forces to protect the lives, freedom and health of the citizens of Ukraine. We retain the right to use all available means to protect those people. I am certain that the Ukrainian military and the Russian military will not be facing each other, they will be on the same side in a fight. You should note that, thanks God, not a single gunshot has been fired there.

However, when a few days ago a group of armed men tried to occupy the building of the Crimean Supreme Soviet. It seemed as though someone wanted to apply the Kiev scenario in Crimea and to launch a series of terrorist attacks and cause chaos. Naturally, this causes grave concern among the local residents. That is why they set up self-defence committees and took control over all the armed forces.

We are often told our actions are illegitimate, but when I ask, “Do you think everything you do is legitimate?” They say “yes”. Then, I have to recall the actions of the US in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Then, using the principle “You’re either with us or against us” they draw the whole world in. And those who do not join in get ‘beaten’ until they do.

I have personally always been an advocate of acting in compliance with international law, if I do decide to use the Armed Forces, this will be a legitimate decision in full compliance with both general norms of international law, since we have the appeal of the legitimate President, and with our commitments, which in this case coincide with our interests to protect the people. This is a humanitarian mission. Regarding sanctions. It is primarily those who intend to apply them that need to consider their consequences. They supported an unconstitutional armed take-over, declared these people legitimate and are trying to support them. Right of nations to self-determination, as far as I know, is fixed by several UN documents. I would like to stress that I believe only the people living in a given territory have the right to determine their own future.

Those who shot at the protestors these were provocateurs from one of the opposition parties. Mr Yanukovych told me that he did not give any orders, and moreover, he gave instructions – after signing a corresponding agreement – to even withdraw all militia units from the capital. I told him not to do it. I said, “You will have anarchy, you will have chaos in the capital. Think about the people.” But he did it anyway. And as soon as he did it, his office was seized.

Some wounded and injured are now in a hospital, not being fed and treated. But even prisoners of war are being taken care. I think that human rights organizations must pay attention to this. And we, for our part, are ready to provide them with medical care here in Russia. The formal reason was that Yanukovych did not sign the EU Association Agreement. Today, this seems like nonsense... Ukraine cannot immediately break economic ties with Russia, because our cooperation is very extensive. Just about all engineering products are exported to Russia; the West is not buying any Ukrainian products. And to take all this and break it apart? He said, “I cannot do this so suddenly, let’s discuss this further.” He did not refuse to sign it, he asked for a chance to discuss this document some more, and then all this craziness began.

But did it really need to be taken to this level of anarchy, to an unconstitutional overthrow and armed seizure of power, subsequently plunging the nation into the chaos where it finds itself today? I think this is unacceptable. And Western partners are doing this in Ukraine. I gave instructions to the Russian Government to renew contacts at the government level with their colleagues in the corresponding ministries and departments in Ukraine, in order not to disrupt economic ties, to support them in their attempts to reconstruct the economy. But, I repeat, all our trade and economic and other ties, our humanitarian ties, can be developed in full only after the situation is normalized and presidential elections are held.

Gazprom is not reverting to the old prices. It simply does not want to extend the current discount. The debt has not been repaid, regular payments are not being made in full. There was an agreement: “We give you money and reduced gas rates, and you give us regular payments.” They gave them money and reduced gas rates, but the payments are not being made. So naturally, Gazprom says, “Guys, that won’t work.”

Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk and Odessa people are raising the Russian flag over government buildings and appealing to Russia for aid and support. Did our partners in the West and those who call themselves the government in Kiev not foresee that events would take this turn? Make new constitution and put it to a referendum so that all of Ukraine’s citizens can take part in the process.

It is clear after all that this was an armed seizure of power. And it is clear too that this goes against the Constitution. An anti-constitutional coup. Yes and if this is revolution, what does this mean? And this would be a new state with which we have signed no binding agreements. But our Western partners have asked us to work together through the IMF to encourage the Ukrainian authorities to carry out the reforms needed to bring about recovery in the Ukrainian economy. There is a risk too that you’ll suddenly get some upstart nationalist or semi-fascist lot sprout up, like the genie suddenly let out of the bottle – and we see them today, people wearing armbands with something resembling swastikas, still roaming around Kiev –who do you think is behind this coup.

I think this was a well-prepared action. Their Western instructors tried hard of course. But if the Ukrainian government had been strong, confident, and had built a stable system, no nationalists would have been able to carry out those programs and achieve the results that we see now. Do you know how many people came from Ukraine to Russia last year? 3.3 million, and of that number almost 3 million people came to Russia for work. We welcome all of them. Those who call now themselves the government of Ukraine hope to be considered a civilized government, but they must ensure the safety of all of their citizens, no matter in which part of the country. March 4, 2014.

Germany’s Merkel warned that Russia risks “massive political and economic consequences” if it sticks to its position on Ukraine. On behalf of her EU and Western counterparts, she said they support imposing sanctions, which could be approved by EU foreign ministers as soon as Monday. Russia said it would retaliate with counter-sanctions.

Economic Development Minister Aleksey Ulyukayev, said Russia will fight back against any sanctions from the West. Speaking to the Russia-24 TV channel; “We need to bravely go ahead, first with our oil and gas companies.”Russia may hit the EU just as bad.“We need to increase trade volume conducted in national currencies. Why, in relation to China, India, Turkey and other countries, should we be negotiating in dollars? We should sign deals in national currencies - this applies to energy, oil, gas, and everything else.”

The Duma, Russia’s parliament, is drafting legislation to allow Moscow to freeze assets of Western companies and individuals in the event sanctions are imposed following the Crimea referendum vote on March 16.” However, China’s ambassador to Germany Shi Mingde, warns of the global economic affect sanctions against Russia could hold.

Deputy Defense Minister Antonov; The Ukrainians have asked for an unscheduled observation flight over Russian territory. Russia and Ukraine are entitled to surveillance flights over each other’s territories following the Open Skies treaty signed in 1992. “We have decided to allow such a flight. We hope that our neighbors are assured that there is no military activity that threatens them on the border.”

Economic talks with Russia on hold. The OECD announced that it had postponed all activities related to Russia’s accession to the organization. The decision came on request from its 34 members, including the US, Germany, France and Japan.

Now that Victoria Nuland got Yatz The Yid to head Kiev’s illegitimate regime, the IMF can easily loot Ukraine. The IMF is an organized arm of Jewish banking. Yatz The Yid begs and vows that Kiev will meet all the demands of IMF to enslave Ukraine with. And The Corrupt World Bank will loan Ukraine $3bn.

Oil/gas war continues; Zero Hedge, Reuters ; WTI crude prices are falling rapidly, US is set to ‘unleash’ its Petroelum Reserves in a “test-sale”…Of course, this is a direct attack at Russian oil income. Zero Hedge; Exit Polls Confirm 93% Of Voters Back Crimea Joining Russia; White House Rejects Results. The people of Crimea have spoken.

PROOF: Hacked U.S. State Dept. E-mail Show U.S. Ordering Terrorist Attacks in Ukraine to "frame-up" Russia for War. TRN -- "Anonymous" have broken into the email account of a U.S. State Department attache' and publicly released 7.98 MB of E-mails to PROVE the US government involvement and provocation, so that eventually US Military could intervene. "Ihor, Events are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network. I think it's time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor. It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act. Do not waste time, my friend. Respectfully, JP. Jason P. Gresh, U.S. Embassy, Kyiv". NGO waging war; And REPORT: Russia Downs US Drone..
According to Iskra News: March 7, that Ukraine’s gold reserves had been hastily airlifted to the US by the New York Federal Reserve. Shanghai; report from the Ukrainian government, that Ukraine’s gold reserves had been moved to the US, ordered by the acting PM Yatsenyuk with a view to safe-keeping Ukraine’s gold reserves, against a possible Russian invasion. Kingworldnews, William Kaye, hedge fund manager; Lest we forget, both Iraq and Libya had their gold reserves confiscated by the US. Prof.
People Don’t Realize How Many Jobs Will Soon Be Replaced By Software Bots. Business Insider, Bill Gates; Big changes are coming to the labor market that people and governments aren’t prepared for. About 42% of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related, Chinese Study.

Malaysian flight speculations;

The FBI and the media initially reported 15 cell phone calls from hijacked airliners on 9/11. Deena Burnett was absolutely certain that her husband, a passenger on UA93, had called her from his cell phone. The problem: The Burnett call, and the other alleged cell phone calls, could not have been placed from the airliners, which were flying too fast and far beyond the range of 2001 cell phone technology. In his article “Phone calls from the 9/11 planes: How they fooled America,” Dr. David Ray Griffin explains that the 9/11 cell phone calls – must have been faked. PressTV: Malaysian plane disappearance linked to 9/11: Barrett.; Malaysian airlines flight 370 has been provably hijacked by an AWACS plane. Like we saw on 9/11 AWACS planes on video observing if not controlling the crashes into the twin towers. These facts supports the Awacs story; Obvious fake photoshopping of “terrorists'. Cell phones still ringing, (only possible with a safe landing). Missing black boxes. A reason to electronically hijack the airplane – 20 top people from a defense semiconductor firm, with employees working for countries that are not allies... And false-flag-and-energy-wars/#comment-2239.; As all 4 Chinese members of the Patent were passengers on the missing plane. Thus, Rothschild gets 100% of Patent once Patent holders declared deceased. SO it would have been a money making patent.

theunhivedmind: If the people on board the plane were connected with free-energy or similar then you can bet this is the main reason for the planes disappearance. These scientists will either be killed outright or forced to work for black-operations. This operation will have been ordered by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers who control the energy sector and this is also why Putin and Russia are taking a hit now in the Ukraine.

Malaysia Plane Was Flown Toward India’s Andaman Islands.A Malaysian official said investigators concluded the missing flight was hijacked and steered off its original course.Asking help; Malaysia Appeals to 25 Countries...And;
You can find The Prout Handy Booklet;

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