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Will Ukrainian people revolt?

Some news, conspiracies and comments from different sources
The Ukraine situation, many seem to think the American NATO allies bring chaos there. Western plot: Viktoria Nuland assisting transition;Fuck the EU”!

Is Russia breaking international law; 1991 Minsk Agreement, 1994 The Budapest memo; Russia, US and UK promised to respect Ukrainian sovereignty. Putin says Russia’s actions are legal; the armed men on the Crimea are “local self-defence forces”, and the new government of Ukraine is illegitimate; “We didn’t sign any documents with this government.”

UN Charter; Ukraine has the right to defend itself if subject to an armed attack, but as force was not used, Russian mobilization might not constitute an “attack”? Someone; Under International Law it is a crime to make any official agreement with an unlawful government, such as the one Ukraine now has, 

Did you know that EU Parliament has declared in Dec 2012 that Ukrainian Svoboda is a fascist party?'. “EU Parliament is worried of increasing nationalism, which is showing up as Svoboda's rise in Ukrainian Parliament elections. His racist and anti-Semitic ideas are against EU human rights and values and thus democratic parties should not cooperate with Svopoda”.

Also US had denied Tyahinbok and fascist Svoboda to enter US last year? According International Business Times article, Svoboda is extreame right wing, fasist and neo-nazi. More here and Tyahinbok's background;

Svoboda's background: Svoboda is supported by Nazi party, Time; and its Leader Dmitry Yarosh.
According to the German Handelsblatt, Parubyi who led the Maidan sniper shootings has now been mandated by the Ukrainian government to investigate the sniper shootings.

New Fascist Government of Ukraine; Neo-Nazis in Control; More; The previous Nazis changed their parties;; extreme right-wing outlawing the Communist Party. Swedish newspapers admits Photo of Hail Nazi greeting; And Nazi Swastika-style symbol.

In video, Tymoshenko, most probable future president states; “It’s going too far! We must grab arms and go whack those damn katsaps [the Russians]. They must be killed with nuclear weapons...and shoot this bastard [Putin].”

US spreading doubts about size of Russian troops; The Russian Deputy Minister; Our venues and regions, where troops are stationed near Ukrainian borders, have twice been checked by the Ukrainian military. Besides, we have had inspectors from the US, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.”

Prediction from 2008 coming true, During Obama regime Crimea will face military conflict; told Okara, Russian political researcher, to "New Religion". Polish men in London getting military call-up papers; 7,000 reservists have been recalled. Crimea already in Russian maps;

Reporters Max Blumenthal and Rania Khalek showed that the anti-Russian campaign was organised by the Zionist Neocon PNAC (now FPI) led by husband of Victoria Nuland. And Yakimenko accused Parubiy of making a deal with the Americans. The-fascist-danger-in-ukraine-resurgence-of-neo-nazism-denied-by-western-media/53721. And; Draft-resolution-on-Ukraines-entry-into-NATO-and-EU. But Afganisthan Karzai supports Russia's takeover of Crimea. And Most Americans say U.S. should stay out of conflict: poll.

Is Ukraine a similar process as Egypt, when Muslim Brotherhood took over the country; now Egypt will execute 529 members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Moderate Islam has finally had enough and is fighting back. Starting in Ukraine; demonstrations demanding referendum and condemning the present take over of the country. Thousands of people rallies;

Russian Glazyev explained: If sanctions are applied against Russia’s state structures, we will create our own settlement system. Glazyev is talking about the BRICS: Dec 2013, Putin said: “Many Euro-Atlantic countries place on the same level the faith in God and a belief in Satan.”

Other news
Is the game starting in Venezuela; Caracas (AFP) - Three Venezuelan air force generals accused of plotting a coup against the leftist government of President Maduro were arrested Tuesday, amid a widening crackdown on the opposition.

War game;; David Cameron joined Obama, Merkel Xi Jinping and other world leaders to play a "nukes on the loose" war game to see how they would cope with a terrorist nuclear attack. The war game found that shared, collective international decisions were able to stop the terrorist network before they could actually build the dirty bomb.

Besides other disputes; Venice trying to leave Italy. Catalonia to leave Spain, and the Flemish nationalists to leave Belgium;
Prout doesn't support disarmament of weapons in present society, where the inimical forces have piled up huge loads of deadly weapons of mass destruction. If disarmament is carried out, the righteous forces will remain defenceless under the threat of the evil forces. Human beings have created atomic bombs, but human beings can also create “anti-bombs” to neutralize the effect of the destructive power of nuclear bombs.

Every child should be encouraged to speak their mother tongue. If it is suppressed, then one easily suffers from intellectual dwarfishness, and becomes victimized by psycho-economic exploitation. At the same time, a universal language is also required. Every child should learn also about nature. More
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