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Shootings again in Finland

The present 18 years old shooter doesn´t seem to know his motive for shootings… But he was interestid of games and guns...Why in Finland so many cases? Something can speculate: I think Finnish people are too cool, too serious and too perfectionists. Parents and teachers demand esp intellectually so much and you try to please them until you break down and do something inconsiderate, while the social and spiritual side is neglected. Could this be the prize of goody goody country… with most well educated kids and one of the happiest places (pretending and externally?) to live – as the international statistics praise?
Another thing; people here are isolating too much themselves. Then actually one starts to have some unrealistic, strange way of thinking – and the more while being influenced by net; videos, war games etc. Many specialists say that Finnish people are too engaged with mobiles and computers and have no real relationships with people.
Just one my own example; I was reading every morning for ab 5 days a book (in this case good) which was about young man in hunger strike in order to gain justice for his case. At same time in that place where I was, I felt there was some injustice done to me, so I didn´t want to eat there. Afterwards I realized that my fasting had probably something to do with the hunger strike in the book that I was reading, although consciously I was not aware of the connection at that time. What come to feeling of injustice I might have exaggerated it too due to the book I red.
Sarkar explains: Whenever any of the inferential waves emanating from any object catch your attention, instantly an identical wave also forms in your afferent nerves. Thereafter that wave, reaching your ectoplasmic body (citta), causes your mind to be identified with the similar thought.
For instance, looking at a book is an action which the mind performs with the help of the eyes. When the mind sees a book, what actually happens is that the mind… takes the shape of something we call a book. This shape which the mind takes is different from the image which is formed on the retina, as the mind can see and become like a book even when the eyes are closed.
It is with this mind that the action of seeing a book is performed, and this is termed psychic assimilation of rúpa tanmátra. Through abhyása, through prolonged and meticulous (spiritual) practice, one strives to make the citta flow with a particular wavelength permanently. This sort of spiritual practice is mostly performed by citta.
Through abhyása or repeated practice the static citta is converted into the mutative citta, the mutative citta into the sentient citta, and the sentient citta into Cognitive Faculty (Spirtitual). But when the mind is converted into crude object…the sentient citta is gradually transformed into mutative citta, and the mutative citta into the static citta. Eventually the whole mind is converted into matter...
The mind is continuously tossed between good and bad. But when the practice of sádhaná inspires one to accept shreya (path of benevolence) as one’s ideology, one attains the true state of ekágra bhúmi. Thus it has been said that the passengerlike charioteer takes the body-like chariot… The sound waves reach the citta through the medium of the acoustic nerves (afferent nerves) with the help of their vital force.
Every human being, having evolved from animals. Animals display predominantly the animality, while human beings due to a well-reflected consciousness also possess rationality. The animality in people draws them towards gratification of animal desires, but the rationality of their consciousness remains ungratified since all these are transitory and short-lived. The animal aspect pulls them towards instant earthly joys, while their consciousness, not being satisfied with these, draws them towards the Cosmic Entity – the Infinite.
If their consciousness lies dormant behind their animality, people are bound to behave like animals. They in fact become worse than animals as, even though endowed with well-reflected consciousness, they do not make use of it. This longing for the Infinite is the innate quality or dharma which characterizes the human status of people. And so people derive real happiness only when they can attain the Cosmic Entity or get into the process of attaining it.
You know, there is a particular insect in India, it is called peshaskrt. It kills cockroaches. And cockroaches are very much afraid of that insect. So when a cockroach sees that insect, that insect becomes its object of ideation; that is, its objective counterpart of the mind becomes, takes the form of – what? [The peshaskrt.]And what happens? Slowly the body of the cockroach is converted into the body of that peshaskrt.
Criminals will have to be regarded with benevolent, humanistic sentiments, and means of curing them must be suggested…Prisons are not for punishment, rather prisons are hospitals for treatment of disease.
Born criminals. Psychologists cannot treat the mental diseases which inflict born criminals all alone; the cooperation of physicians and sociologists is essential….Of course at the present time the patient may not make a complete recovery… However as long as society fails to take such humanistic measures in dealing with born criminals, it is farcical to compel them to stand trial.
It can of course be cured quite quickly through spiritual practices and in a slightly longer period through yogic methods, but for this a congenial environment is essential. Prison environments should therefore be made more pure, more humane.
Criminals out of Habit… (Lack of discipline) if …obstacles which keep people from moving along the path of evil becomes weak, people will tend to engage in antisocial activities…In this way people get accustomed to performing antisocial activities and finally turn into hardened criminals. However, habitual criminals can easily be treated if they are provided with a proper moral education, a method of acquiring moral strength and a strictly regulated social environment. Although it is extremely difficult to convince habitual criminals to follow the path of spirituality, it may be possible through psychological means.
Criminals Due to Environment…Civilized society looks down on them because they are criminals when they could have been revered as ideal human beings with impeccable characters if they had been given a proper environment. Where the parents or guardians are evil by nature, they try to infect the other members of their family with their disease. It will be the duty of the judge to remove them from that environment with the help of sociologists and psychologists. In prisons also those criminals of this type who have already turned into habitual criminals should be housed with great care, otherwise their disease will spread to others.
Criminals Due to Poverty. Most crimes throughout the world are committed due to poverty, except in countries where the minimum necessities of life have been met. Throughout history millions of people have died due to artificial famines created by other human beings.
Criminals out of Momentary Weakness. Another type of crime occurs occasionally. This is a temporary criminal urge, a special type of mental disease which suddenly appears in a certain type of environment and again subsides after a short time. If the feeling of mental agitation recurs due to the influence of temporal, spatial or personal factors, they will immediately commit a crime…After witnessing a brutal murder, sometimes such weak-minded people begin to think of themselves as criminals.
Crimes involving cruelty are generally caused by the following factors: loss of judgement due to intoxication or extreme excitement; jealousy over property or wealth; a severe blow to one’s prestige or the influence of any of the ripus; fights over women; serious differences of opinion.
The causes of these types of crime lie in the weaknesses of the human mind. However, where the thought of committing a crime gradually develops over a long period of time, where the offender deliberately becomes intoxicated in the hope of committing the crime with calm nerves, or where the offender gets others intoxicated in order for them to commit a crime, it is rare for the offender to receive clemency.
Benevolent people may wonder how much value corrective measures have for criminals who, for whatever reason, have not turned into habitual criminals but still do not show any sense of remorse after committing a crime; for first-time offenders who have not produced any type of evidence to demonstrate that circumstantial pressure was the reason for their crime; or for those who have not shown any physical or psychological symptoms which would warrant their being declared mentally ill. In such circumstances experienced judges and social well-wishers would take penal instead of corrective measures. From the moral standpoint, we cannot but support this. Yet…, is it not society’s duty to make them aware of their wrongdoing and help them to learn how to develop their higher propensities and strengthen their minds? And is it not also the duty of society to ensure that this awakening is a corrective rather than a penal process? Of course it is necessary to retain tough penal measures as a part of the corrective system. Moreover, if punishment has an important place in correcting behaviour, people will, out of fear of being punished, avoid drifting along according to the inclinations of their lower propensities. As a result of this environmental pressure, dishonest people will be compelled to live an honest life and society will be greatly benefited.
Crime and Politics. Calumny, jealousy, factionalism, indolence, grandiloquence, etc., are all social defects which, given a congenial environment, turn people into great criminals. These human defects are glaringly apparent in the modern world; the reason for this is the proclivity to indulge in politics. Politics today is concerned solely with satisfying the desire for power; all connection with selfless service has been lost. Unless the desire for power loosens its grip on the human mind, the unhealthy proclivity for politics will not be eliminated from modern society.
The Judicial System. Although the system of capital punishment is unacceptable from the moral viewpoint, people do sometimes resort to this custom under specific circumstances. It does not contain any corrective measures and has no purpose other than to instil fear into people’s minds. It is possible that although the person fails to evoke our sympathy because of the seriousness of his or her crimes, he or she may sincerely repent and be prepared to dedicate the rest of his or her life to the genuine service of society.
Some people argue that criminals…will have to be sentenced to life imprisonment, because few countries have the facilities to cure them of their mental disease… A prison should be just like a reform school, and the superintendent should be a teacher who is trained in psychology and who has genuine love for society…If a criminal is imprisoned for a serious crime, what will happen to his or her dependents? They will still have to somehow go on living. The boys of the family may join a gang of pickpockets and the girls may take to prostitution.
The Need for a Spiritual Ideal. Civilized people today should be more interested in preventing base criminal propensities from arising in human beings in the first place, than in taking corrective measures…
No penal or social code, no matter how well-planned, can liberate society. Without a spiritual ideal, no social, economic, moral, cultural or political policy or programme can bring humanity to the path of peace. The sooner humanity understands this fundamental truth, the better.
A Universal Penal Code. Finally, it is my sincere belief that, except for those social problems which are caused by geographical factors, the solution to all complex social problems may be found by implementing a universal penal code, one which is applicable to all humanity. The constitution of the world should be drafted by a global organization recognized by the people, otherwise the possibility exists that at any moment a minority in a country might be persecuted.
Didi Annapurna

Euro worries more and more

www.benjaminfulford.typepad.com: China has 3 factions: Peking, Shanghai and Canton. Hu Jintao faction is betraying Chinese and American people. The problem we are having is not with China, it is with the Peking faction and Hu Jintao who is Sokka Gakkai cultist, illuminate. Last year they gave US $295 billion dollars to support military aggression around the world. Time for China to stop supporting fascist US regime. And Prisonplanet.com: The People’s Bank of China, Chinese central bank, holds more financial assets than any other single public institution in the world.

And Fulford somewhat admits: You are right to worry that one secret group (BRICS and the 140 non-aligned group) is just trying to replace another secret group… (28 cabal nations). Insiders: End of Euro and US dollar. The BRICS alliance is preparing to offer to buy up all cash US dollars and replace them with a new currency. Before though (Rothschild source) a 5-day bank holiday in EU end the Euro and the re-introduction of D-mark and Drachma etc. The situation is volatile and signs of dangerous end-game manoeuvres by the cabal. Informal ceremony with Apache spiritual warrior Twofeather, US: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n530Z4O-NI.

Has Financial aristocracy given up the entire eurozone? Financial Times: We must break up the failing euro, former Bilderberg Sir Martin Jacomb concedes that all efforts to rescue the euro have been in vain... “five day bank holiday” should be imposed to allow financial markets to absorb the shock of the collapse of the euro…Jacomb´s advice: ”Decision to revert to national currencies, reached confidentially by all 17 governments and announced without prior notice.” And Peter G. Peterson (Bilderberg) Institute  Subramanian argued if Greece leave euro and then recover, that would torpedo dreams of a EU federation. Bilderberg leaked documents divulge: original agenda included “common currency” and “central political authority.” Now; let Euro collapse, so we need to move to global currency?

And The Harvard Crimson on beg of May: Henry Kissinger admitted that mass civil unrest is to be used as a means of merging the US into an “international system”. That is the elite’s golden rule that order is best brought about by chaos. Prison Planet.com: Expose Bilderberg 2012 on 31.5. Protesting the real power elites, not their puppets, to force the media to cover up…

Ure also worries now markets: Time to Be Afraid…a long term disaster is starting to stare out...  we wait for gold to get kicked down and markets to follow. Euro collapse sooner than later accompanied by big banks with derivatives issues.  Leading Cycle Theorist Predicts “BIG Volatility Come September/October”. And UKIP Nigel Farage – Break up the euro and restore human dignity! CNBC is quoting a wealth manager as saying Greece will leave the EU on June 18th.

Business Insider: We’ve heard at least four big names talk about gold heading to $3,000…At the moment of uncertainty it is good to have some cash in different currencies. The value of Euro might be devalued if moving into old currencies. Due to fear also people might start taking their money out from banks, and at the end banks might not have enough cash to pay out. “Bank run” search peakes all time high…in US more than in Greek, but Singapore most. And  get out of the Euro and EU now while you still can: http://www.wariscrime.com/2012/05/17/news/why-even-germany-will-leave-the-failed-euro/.

Why the markets don´t collapse? The Specialists drive down prices then buy, then drive up prices and while higher… make money. There are always enough fools to buy although prises are high due to drumming of economy recovering. And central banks need just to print more money to keep the game going on.

Finnish Taloussanomat is going to high court in search for transparency regarding Greece aid packet secrecy.  And Vatileaks continue, after pope´s assistant one cardinal arrested.

The EU is now moving to create a mandatory electronic ID system for all EU citizens to standardize business and guard access to the Internet, online data and commerce. Kroes, the EU’s Digital Agenda Commissioner (Bilderberg attendee ) is behind the scheme. Mark of the Beast.

And US Unmanned spy planes launched from 63 locations in 20 states – any near you? Natural News: Drones used by the military, police and even universities. Pentagon Contractor Admits Dirty Tricks Against Journalists, USA Today on failed Pentagon propaganda effort.

RT,The Syria; both sides were responsible for the massacre.UN: both the government and opposition are committing gross human rights violations.  Syrian rebels tried to kill Assad’s top aides.
Haaretz: Syrian President Assad’s brother-in-law, Shawkat, and other officials were poisoned, just as the Free Syrian Army claims. Not only war waging: Bloomberg.com: Iran’s navy helped a U.S.-flagged cargo ship that was attacked by pirates off the United Arab Emirates, according to the vessel’s owner, Maersk Line Ltd. RT: A powerful data-snatching virus targeting computers in Iran, Israel and other Middle Eastern countries has been discovered by Russian experts.

Reuters: The Supreme Court agreed to hear an Obama adm appeal arguing that attorneys, journalists and human rights groups have no right to sue over a law making… http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/05/21/us-usa-security-surveillance-idUSBRE84K0QP20120521. While Controversial NDAA provisions blocked, at least temporarily, by federal judge, at least formally http://www.naturalnews.com/z035939_NDAA_Constitution_terrorism.html.

The Secretary of State Arizona says he received information from Hawaii that proves President Obama’s American birth and qualifies him on the upcoming election ballot. The Arizona Republic.
Rumours of Obama setting up civil war, A goverment whistleblower informed the Canada Free Press "that the DHS is actively preparing for civil war inside the US. “…facilitating it.' And - Pamela Rae Schuffert : "Under Martial law the UN/NATO with foreign troops will do gun confiscation, arrests of uncooperative Americans and airports will be shut???….

So whether it will be the expected Drake/Pentagon plan of mass arrests or the other side cabal plan of mass arrests…or is it only fear mongering and to confuse people… But she says take this warning seriously, and precautions for July 1st, 2012. Alex Jones and infowars.com have a telephone number for his radio show, in case the internet goes down, 512-646-5000. 

 Daily Telegraph: Australia’s carbon tax law forbid business owners from criticizing it – under threat of being hit with huge fines of over $1 million dollars starting from July 1st,  Devine. Top 500 companies pay an extra $23.78 per each tonne of CO2 emitted. Small business forced to pay out more for key supplies and due to energy prices skyrocketing. U.N. Rio Summit Will Push for a More Powerful Global Environmental Agency. CNS News: The Brazilian government has signaled a new push to get the U.N.’s top environmental body upgraded – opposed by the US.

Evacuation plans for Tokyo – 40 million people. Energy News; If number 4 reactor fuel pool at Fukushima collapses, Japan will be evacuated. Nuclear expert wrote: The amount of radioactive material in the fuel pool dwarfs that of Chernobyl by 5 to 10. Operators Admit Fukushima Radiation Levels Exceed 2 1/2 Times Announced. SHTFplan.com; U.S. Army General: The Whole Northern Hemisphere Becoming Largely Uninhabitable? Cliff High explains the work of Dr. David Andersson and how to create a "time bubble" around the damaged reactors.

Lots of earthquakes globally: http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/5232012-6-1-magnitude-earthquake-i... Marmureanu, Romania's National Institute of Physics; 39 quakes in 2 days. There is no doubt that something is wrong… Surprise that cannot be scientifically explained. Normally there is  one big earthquake in certain part of Asia every 500 years. However there have been 3 quakes over 8 M within only 7 last years! Within one month (11.4-11.5) ab 30 over 6 quakes in the entire earth!
So the quakes expected by Patrick Geryl are going off although the sun flares has not been that damaging.

Huge Object Next To The Sun Today – China:

Naturalsociety.com: junk food eaters get 51 % more often depressed. The British Journal of Psychiatry; those who eat fruits, vegetables and fish mainly don’t get depressed, but ab half of those eating meat, sweets etc get somewhat depressed. Junk food  found to make infertile. High fructose corn syrup makes you ‘stupid’ due to destruction of your IQ and learning capabilities and common food chemicals are fuelling the obesity epidemic, Parkinson’s, cancers etc Barr: 99% of Breast Cancer Tissue Samples Contain Parabens, preservatives in make up products mastectomiesii. And not only us are polluted but Natural society: Oceans are heavily plasticized, according to new reports from a large research ship. 

Phys.Org: The heaviest polar ice in more than a decade could postpone the start of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean until the beginning of August, a delay of up to two weeks, Shell Alaska officials said.

Some good news also; Potato grows better without soil: Finnish company has potato leaves sticking out above box, while the roots are in dark box and fed with liquid fertilizer. The harvest is 10 times more potatoes without soil!!!

Didi Annapurna

lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2012


There should be maximum utilization of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual potentialities of the unit and collective bodies of the human society.

Different people are endowed with physical, intellectual and spiritual potentialities. They should be encouraged to serve the society with their respective capacities. In the same way the collective body should also be encouraged to serve society. For example, The Gorkhas are a fighting race, so they should be utilized for special work. Similarly, Germans have an inclination for scientific discoveries and research, so they should be encouraged in this direction.

Society must ensure the maximum development of the collective body, collective mind and collective spirit. One must not forget that collective welfare lies in individuals and individual welfare lies in collectivity. Without ensuring individual comforts through the proper provision of food, light, air, accommodation and medical treatment, the welfare of the collective body can never be achieved.

The development of the collective mind is impossible without developing proper social awareness, encouraging the spirit of social service and awakening knowledge in every individual. So, inspired with the thought of the welfare of the collective mind, one has to promote the well-being of the individual mind.

The absence of spiritual morality and spirituality in individuals will break the backbone of the collectivity. So for the sake of collective welfare one will have to awaken spirituality in individuals. The potential for infinite physical, mental and spiritual development is inherent in every human being.

PROUT we will inspire people through selfless service…There are many good people in this world who want to do good work. You should convince them, work with them and organize them to do maximum service for the suffering humanity.


This principle talks about developing and utilizing of human capacities and those of society without suppression or discrimination due to sex, race. At present Western society there is some scope for everyone to develop their potentialities, but more and more people seem to be clearly lacking behind either because lack of spirituality, inspiration, opportunities or money. On physical level: many people don’t take proper care of their health; they overeat or destroy it with alcohol. Exploitation is common, materialism and inequality prevents collective welfare and lack of morality worsens the situation.

Metaphysical means intellectual discoveries and mental skills of people, which utilization should be encouraged. People with best mental ability are often controlled with money minded - intellectuals being slaves for the rich. Intellectuality should be guided with spirituality otherwise it is easily misutilized. Psychic and creative capacities should be encouraged also etc. (In the second principle word: supramundane means subtle potentialities of universe and in the third principle metaphysical means subtle potentialities of individual, group, race or society).

Spiritual people – monks, saints, sannyasis - are often belittled, while rich and educated people are highly regarded in the society. Naturally there is lack of understanding of spiritual potentiality, that´s why it is neglected. People has got enough from religions and they have nothing to fulfil their spiritual needs, but human being is not only physical, psychic and economical being but also spiritual. That vacuum in each and every person should be filled with spirituality.

What ever people posses they get it according second principle from universe, and utilization of those human possessions and capabilities is explained in third principle.

Didi Annapurna

maanantai 21. toukokuuta 2012

Occupy, service, and Romanian beggars

Occupy Helsinki had demonstration concerning old people’s grievances, like too small pensions and worsening hospital and care house conditions, which causes also inhuman rules and systems to be adopted. The main TV news reporters and some politicians attended also, although the gathering was not that big, I think it was commonly touching for them that Occupy care about old people. It was also funny to see even healthy individuals driving with sticks and rollators (or how do you call walking support thing).

The spirit of unity is strong with the occupy movement - or how do you think they "survive" in small tent strugling together - and I hope the spirit of service will develop more and more. Even small group of people can make big difference if the spirit is right. Most of them seems to have good heart and are caring for others. Occupy seems to me as awakening movement.  

There were so many good speeches; the reality seems to be that old people suffer even without food as the nurses has no enough time to feed them. I spoke shortly there also and said that if old people’s basic needs are not taken care, then they are not able to concentrate on their spiritual needs. Sarkar said that old people’s duty is spirituality alone.

I remember my experiences while my auntie was in hospital in Helsinki. I used to go there every day for singing or feeding her etc during those two weeks that she stayed in hospital before dying to cancer. She liked christian songs so I sang those, but also mantras and folk songs etc. Many old people seem to be happy when I entered the department and some they used to sing together with us. There happened to be one opera singer and she got very inspired and started also singing and led even group choruses. Some nurses seem to appreciate the new spirit on the department, while some others kept me a trouble maker, while started the singings.

Then at the end my auntie was moved to private room and I thought to stay there over night as her condition was already very bad. I was listening her breathing pausing more and more between the gasps and finally she died. I did meditation which was something very special, like the divine spirit filling the room while taking her along. She was very religious minded person, she dedicated all her life for Good without even getting married. 

We could make hospitals like this, where old people could concentrate on leaving this world with great spirit instead of fearfully alone and struggling to get their food and basic needs.

When I grow up on a village in middle of Finland, I was centered with people that shared things amongst themselves and took good care especially of old people. The village was so called dying village on nineties and most of the people were old people. Especially autumn times we used to go around the village day after day in different houses having harvesting work gatherings. I think everyone really enjoyed those days. Older people who were not capable of working on the field used to stay inside and cook for others.

The habit was also to give the neighbours what ever was extra or what ever they were lacking. We used to give vegetables and milk. Often it was like trying to force people to take things while we knew they didn’t have enough and on their part of game they pretended like they didn’t want to take. I really would like the future of humanity is rather like this - and it will be, when people has got enough from hoarding things due to greediness or fear about their survival. One story explains this; if people have got very long shafts on their spoon, so long, that they can’t eat with it. The solution is that they start feeding each others. How happy that kind of world would be!

Bicycle library service. I saw in nineties many old people they never learned to use library, as in their earlier years they never had time to read books, and library was even more unknown thing for them. So I borrowed many bags of books, such with beautiful photos and pictures related to what I though were their interest. Then I took my bicycle and went around the village and shared the books. After two weeks I went back and collected the books and gave new books. They were very happy either it was the books or just that I visited them, because they were mostly living alone.

Yes we should be grateful that we can do service as Sarkar says: When you render service to anyone, you must mentally address Him with sincere devotion, “O Lord, o God. Oblige me by accepting my services. You are merciful to me, and for this reason you have appeared before me as a living being to offer me this very precious opportunity of rendering services to You.”

By external service the mind is purified and with the purified mind, internal service (meditation) can be done by everyone…Individual salvation is also a service to humanity. Internal service (átmamokśártham) leads to fulfilment or immortality; external service (jagaddhitáya ca) leads to universal welfare. Thus both internal and external service has equal importance. External service purifies the mind, and with a pure mind one is more capable of rendering service to one’s iśt́a. Every sádhaka should render both types of service.

Again, if someone works exclusively for the welfare of the world – jagathitá ya – one should realize that to render selfless service, an absolutely pure mind is required, with the expansiveness of the vast ocean and the serenity of the blue sky. Otherwise, while promoting the welfare of the world, one may develop a selfish desire in one’s mind in a weak moment, as a result of which one may bring harm to oneself as well as the universe. So those who do not aim at self-realisation cannot promote the welfare of the world either.

When you offer something to a person and expect to receive something in return, it is a sort of commercial transaction. But when you have no desire to receive anything in return for services rendered it is called true service, and here lies the basic difference between true service and commercial transactions. The best service is viprocita sevá [intellectual service].

The old blind beggars wait all day long at the bridge and lift their bowls as soon as someone walks past them. On the other hand, the affluence of foods kept ready in luxurious houses to entertain the big guns of society ridicules the present human civilization.

Think that the Supreme Entity has come to you in the form of needy people to test your sense of duty…Begging should not be encouraged, but arrangements will have to be made so that those who are genuinely distressed do not die of starvation. Do not give cash to a beggar, for this will encourage others to adopt the practice of begging.


Romanian beggars are troubling all EU countries. We have them also in Helsinki besides our own trouble; alcoholics asking money. Romanians might have handlers collecting the money from them and alms will courage them to stay as beggars even if there would be work available, and more would come. Alcoholics seldom use anyhow the alms for anything else than alcohol, so why to give. But always you can give food and try effect politicians in Finland, Romania and EU. When you do something it will help to keep your mind unaffected and sympathetic while seeing them daily in the streets.

Sarkar reminds that pay the gratitude towards to one’s father and mother after their death is to help every male and female member of the universe to progress on the path of highest development. This is also applicable if you have done harm to anyone like children, and not able to correct them, then help other children in their progress or financially even poor children. And Sarkar also adviced to do good things immediately and delay doing bad things - so you might forget to do bad things altogether.

And according Sarkar elders are wise and say: ‘One should act after thinking properly; act after thinking and don’t think after acting.’

Didi Annapurna

perjantai 18. toukokuuta 2012

The future of EU on stake?

The increasing threat of Greece abandoning its draconian bailout terms led  Merkel to acknowledge  that Greece could exit the euro. The globalistas will once again try and hammer out a strategy that will provide redemption for their cherished pet project - now third time. This fear today in Bilderberg-controlled newspaper the Financial Times; Greece’s exit may become the euro’s envy. “Expelled from the Eurozone, Greece might prove more dangerous to the system than it ever was inside it – by providing a model of successful recovery”. The recovery would provide a template for other countries to follow suit, threatening to torpedo the euro and the EU federal superstate. Bilderbergs elite plan to address the issue that threatens to bring their agenda for global governance crashing down – the euro crisis.www.prisonplanet.com short cut.

Minister Chrysohoidis: exit from euro could lead to civil war Daily Telegraph.- But; Greece is not going to be thrown out of the euro. We’ve been there before. There is no provision within the treaties to expel a member from the single currency. Euro Zone exit could lead Greek economic and political system rapidly into chaos, shortages of critical supplies like medicines. Romano Prodi: the EU risks instant contagion to Spain, Italy, and France if Greece leaves. “The whole house of cards will come down”.

Via Zero Hedge, Greeks line up at ATM’s across the country to withdraw cash. Then (EU and) Americans will soon hit a breaking point, panicked depositors take out as much of their money as possible. But it will be too late. Banks will have no choice but to limit withdrawals and close their doors (even to safe deposit boxes), because not enough cash. Have physical assets in your possession.

The Economic Collapse: The shocking bank runs in Greece are just the beginning. Since May 6th, nearly one billion dollars (or more) has been withdrawn from Greek banks.  For a small nation, that is an absolutely catastrophic number. Entire Greek banking system is in danger of collapsing. If Greece leaves the euro, all euros in Greek banks will be converted to drachmas… and value of savings could decline by up to 50 percent. Even the IMF admitting Greece leaving euro is a very real possibility….

And as the eurozone begins to unravel…. Same with euros in Italian banks or Spanish banks, better in German banks. But eventually bank runs happening all over Europe. Independent….“for Spanish and Italian banks the EU bailout fund €500bn, is too small. If Greece is allowed to leave the euro, other countries can leave as well.  The Spanish banking on absolute disaster zone and 26 Italian banks downgraded.

Finnish politicians arguing how much it will cost for Finland if Greece exits euro? The guessings go from 400 000 to 2 billion regarding in which position the politicians are – whether behind Greece bail out, or those in opposition. But one is party member of those behind bail out Zyskowicz in TV admits 2 billion. Euro headed to lowest level since three months. (But anyhow may be the White Dragons et all are waiting the Greece and possibly Euro to collapse before getting into action... and after they plan to reset the currencies...lets hope so, DA)

But no problem?: Living Planet Report for 2012 …WWF – endorsed by the European Space Agency – has stated that economic growth should be abandoned…they speak about “inequality adjusted human development” and “drastically shrinking the ecological footprint of high income populations”. The WWF calls for virtually all carbon emissions to be abolished by 2050. After a million years, the fires will go out,” writes Lewis Page. And Forum for the Future proposal, funded by Bank of America, Time Warner and Royal Dutch Shell, advocated the regulation of all human activity by a scientific dictatorship.

Ure, urbansurvival.com: Rates going up in EU bond sales, inflation which, increase the price of gold, silver, oil, and this them makes fractions of ownership in American companies look like they may go up, too...and a rally is what ensues. DHS whistleblower claiming  event in the planning stage for martial law in the US.

Prisonplanet.com; Seven hundred National Guard members from the Northeast and Caribbean will be in central New York this week for disaster preparedness training; chemical, biological, nuclear or high-explosive incident, Associated Press. Russia troops also on their drill.

Obama's move to embrace same-sex marriage…his downfall or victory in next elections? ”For me personally it is important to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," the  ABC News'. He opposed gay marriage in 2004. Newsweek declares: "The First Gay President". Self-described "evolution". While Mitt Romney: "marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman." North Carolina might ban same-sex marriage.

Constant speculations on possible
false flag in London this summer during the 2012 Olympics.
Prison Planet.com: Two sources within the Bilderberg Group have confirmed that the secretive cabal is meeting in Virginia from May 31st to June 3rd. The code name is “Palm Tree Conference,” The ‘Occupy Bilderberg’ gaining steam. Alex Jones will bullhorn in Bilderberg place at 6pm on Sat June 2nd… protest would be vocal but peaceful. Bilderberg attendees break their own country’s laws, such as the Logan Act in US, by meeting secretly. Washington Post admission that the Bilderberg Group grooms vice-presidential candidates before they are selected.

Information from Brazil: After the BRICS summit in India, President Dilma urge Brazilian private banks for STRONG interest rate cuts. Banco do Brasil slashed its rates by 50% on a single day, in an effort to push the private banks to do same.

Fulford: The move to cut interest rates and increase the money supply is part of an offensive against the Western financial mafia printing too many dollars and trying to use those dollars to buy assets in Brazil etc….other countries retaliate by printing more of their own currency too.  President Putin is not going to the G8 or NATO summits in the USA but to the environmental summit in Brazil. Your president is a champion of humanity. (As Ure put it: Russians snubbing the G8 meetings, Say, you don't think ex-KGB'er Vlad knows something in advance, do you?)

A CBC report notes that the Canadian Bankers Association has rolled out proposals for a mobile payment system integrated into cellphones. It seems the Federal Government's 2011 "Task Force for the Payments System Review" has offered impetus. Digital wallets would be the next Big Thing. Clif working on the new web bot run.

Fulford with gnostic illuminati "grandmaster.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHrriKgJoCQ. 8 May 2012 by poppletelevision

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120514: the Nato terrorist cut off in Japan. All “Japan handlers,” working for US mafia government are being advised to get out of Japan. The top US cabal representative in Japan, is linked to the March 11, 2011 nuclear terror attack on Japan. Edward Nye is also thought to be the author of CIA report: “In order to prevent Japanese national power from becoming any stronger and to prevent anti-American feeling in Japan it is necessary to put hand-cuffs on Japan’s energy sector. The most effective counter measure would be to neutralize… Japanese nuclear know-how, the TEPCO…. it is necessary to destroy trust in TEPCO and drastically set back Japan’s progress in nuclear power.” This CIA report was quoted in the November 2002 issue of Zaikai Tenbo, a leading Japanese business magazine. There was also a meeting between committee of 300, the White Dragon Society and an Asian secret society last week to discuss the new financial system. (The new global currencies will be backed by gold according Chinese?)

A solid case for the prosecution of Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney, their legal counsel and others, for war crimes… again??? in KUALA LUMPUR tribunal, 11 May 2012. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=30816. While Dutchsince: Australian disinformation leader Huttate1--:-- http://www.youtube.com/user/huttate1. Keep it polite and to the point... no personal attacks.

Casper. www.fourwinds10.com: Two weeks ago Hillary and Geithner were in China once again busy with their ‘SELLOUT’ of America
China is now allowed to purchase U.S. Banks. (Prison planet claims, China is buying US oil fields.) The biggest bank in the world, HSBC, is a full blown Criminal Enterprise as portrayed by more than a thousand documents provided by a whistleblowing insider… John Cruz. (Former HSBC manager's evidence now in hands of feds, DA. Law-enforcement authorities sat on a major bank’s money-laundering allegations, even denying they were handed the same information by a whistleblower, until exposed by WND.)

After Jamie Diamon(ds) JPM/CHASE announcement of a two billion or more dollar loss he then “invites” many important “guest” to his digs in Colorado over the weekend. Geithner, Paulson, Bernanke, Big time Bankers, TWO PLANE LOADS OF “GUESTS”.

Press release Marketwatch (WSJ ) via Marketwire on April 23. America’s Spire Law Group revealed a mass tort action on behalf of home owners across the US been filed in the Supreme Court of New York. The suit implicates every major bank servicer and their subsidiaries, as well as the Obama adm. The suit, filed by the Spire Law Group also alleges that Bak of America, J.P. M, Wells Fargo, Citibank, etc stole hundreds of millions of dollars from U.S. home owners through little-known offshore companies. The money was then laundered...

Several excecs are out…  whether this was a big enough spark to cause an explosion of the derivatives bubble. JPMorgan's got something around $71-trillion of notional value. True, only a small fraction of that could ever be realized 5-times the entire US Gross Domestic Product and how big a fraction needed …to cause panic in markets?

The goal of the Volcker Rule, law under the Dodd-Frank Act was to restrict speculative trading activity in risky derivatives by the Too Big To Fail Banks proposed by former Fed Paul Volcker, scheduled to be implemented by July 21, 2012. Anyhow regulators, bankers, legislators and lobbyists battle over how the rule should be implemented and what date it should become effective.
Meanwhile, the Too Big To Fail Banks in the country have built up massive speculative positions in derivatives by engaging in activities more suited to hedge funds and casinos.

Evidence on FDIC report Dec 31, 2011; the 7 largest banks in US held an astonishing $211.2 trillion in derivative contracts.  JP Morgan: $2 billion dollars was lost on speculative trading bets admits CEO Dimon. Five former employees said, that Dimon had transformed the unit to make bigger and riskier speculative trades with the bank’s money. http://problembanklist.com/banks-amass-trillion-in-derivatives-jp-morgan-loses-billion-and-volcher-rule-debates-continue-0520/. From April 13:  JPM's "Chief Investment Office" World's Largest Prop Trading Desk . The Norway sovereign wealth fund bought Greek bonds investing in "eternity." http://www.zerohedge.com/news/worlds-largest-prop-trading-desk-just-went-bust.

Wilcock claims that the ancient prophesies were "cleverly worded" by the ETs to trick the sinister "powers that be" into believing that mass disasters will befall the planet during this transition, thus distracting them and keeping them fearful. Eventually, this conflict between the benevolent ETs and the cabal will reach a crescendo as the planet shifts into a "golden age", which "requires a spiritual evolution to occur.” Since we invented nuclear missiles divine intervention has been going on. Bob Dean said that during cold war all missiles went out of order in both sides. ETs stop nuclear things because it can cause pole shift even, as it happened at time of Atantis??? Astronauts are bringing nuclear devices to moon. Recently so much ET activity dark side of the moon, like airport, thousands ships... Cabal put movies out, where ETs are terrifying creatures, although most of them looks human. Freezing trend in earth…microwaves… come from centre of galaxy…volcanism etc is not due to climate change. Wars are decreasing, not only guns disfire, but also soldiers refuse to shoot, seniors resign. Intuitive dreams, big event, mass arrest, the timeframe went already, but will happen. Classified technology includes microscopic cameras, set everywhere...No more hunger; food can be brought from other dimensions, or people migrate to other planets. (From different interviews one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dS0UXSFRIok).

Romanian government crackdown on Yoga Schools and practitioners…Radu Cinamar & Peter Moon; "Transylvanian Sunrise". http://projectcamelot.tv. Did you know that Gandhi said in Juergensmeyer, 1984: “Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would choose violence”.

UK Daily Mail, Pictured: The glittering flare of a solar storm – seven times the size of Earth – which is raging across the sun’s surface by NASA on May 9th, Luckily, short-lived, with no ‘coronal mass ejections’.

Abnormalities in your immune system, GAPS program. 85 percent of our immune system is located in the gut wall”. Your gut, your digestive wall, is the most important immune organ in your body. Nutritional program is vitally important. Gut and Physiology Syndrome related diseases: Dyslexia and dyspraxia, Obsessive-compulsive and Bipolar disorder, Epilepsy, Arthritis, Asthma and allergies, Kidney problems, Digestive and Autoimmune disorders.

While Japanese authorities now acknowledge that substantial amounts of radioactive material leaked from Fukushima reactors, recent article in the New York Times, tells the operators of 20 U.S. nuclear reactors - do not have sufficient funding for prompt dismantling. Their owners "intend to let them sit like industrial relics…. Within the next 15 years as many as 100 industry-standard 900 MW nuclear reactors…http://www.naturalnews.com/Infographic-SOS-Stop-Out-of-Control-Scienc... US Popular Mechanics – newspaper is concerned about Finnish nuclear waste to be berried underground as for final solution.

Natural News. Hundreds of Alaska Airlines flight attendants have complaint about uniforms causing skin to rash and lesions and their hair to fall out. Similar symptoms in local marine life and polar bear populations, radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster may be culprit. KING 5 Newsin Seattle, Wash: “mystery illness” affected 280 flight attendants thus far. New flight uniforms contain tributyl phosphate, a toxic organophosphorus compound. (http://www.rightdiagnosis.com). April, AlaskaPublic.org: alarming number of polar bears living in the Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska and Canada’s territories, were turning up with skin lesions and hair loss. And before ice seals and walruses having similar symptoms. (http://www.alaskapublic.org). SHTFPlan.com.

TBR news: Entertaining; the rage and detestation with which the Evangelical Christians view the gay community…and evolution… Considering the total lack of period reference to their Jesus, coupled with the indisputable fact that the New Testament gospels were written over a hundred years after the fact and subject to constant revision over the centuries, an historian realizes that the New Testament is nothing but propaganda. Dead Sea Scrolls have been in the hands of Jewish scholars for almost fifty years...These scrolls will never be published because they connect Jesus to the Essense and openly espouse a homosexual lifestyle. Who Said: ‘The Jews Are Our Misfortune? by Brother Nathanael. http://www.realzionistnews.com/?p=717. Email ID: nathacsh@cia.gov Password – Nee1zu3Ai91d4. Al-Qaeda Rebel Pictured With UN Observers In Syria. Video also shows Al Qaeda? rebels transported in UN vehicles chanting “Allahu Akbar”.

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