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ET intervention not invasion

Short cut Wilcock: ETs are performing blatantly physical interventions to stop the war wagings of "Powers that Were". Every aspect of the war machine is being systematically blocked; guns, bombs, communication systems, airplanes and tanks. The guardians and protectors - ETs have emptied out already dozens of underground bases and cabal has been told to stand down and protect the life on Earth. 

Humans on Earth are a hybridized race - during the last 200,000 years. Ancient civilizations were aware of the 25,920-years cycle of quantum evolution on Earth. ET Intervention is to insure that we will go through this process without total chaos. This was great secret of ancient mystery schools - humans on Earth go through a spontaneous energetic evolution. (Portion of energetic mind, starts moving faster?) Source Field Investigation -book has 1000 academic references of "quantum leap" in human evolution. For example, human IQ scores have been increasing by 3 points per decade - for over a century - in illiterate countries as well. Dr. John Hawks say human DNA evolution is 100 times faster in the last 5000 years. 

50,000 years ago, people of the world experienced a quantum leap in their level -anthropologist John Fleagle. After this time, creativity, art and spirituality suddenly flourished. Everyone got remarkable boost in their IQ and spiritual awareness. Ab 25,000 years ago, the Neanderthals and giant animals disappeared [and new appeared] – on transition period. And now again [human beings will be transformed by new energy flow]. Scientific experiments have demonstrated that species can be transformed into another species - by energetic influences (defeats Darwin). 
Fossils since 542 million years ago, shows two key cycles that repeat again and again. Suddenly - worldwide changes occur, and new species appear galactic cycles must be responsible. Ancient prophecies identified 2012 as the next shift-point. Although NASA is blaming "seasons" etc as reason for climate change their info is proving that it is occurring on every planet and on the Sun, which are becoming brighter, hotter and more magnetic. 

We might now soon have mass disclosure of extraterrestrial ancient archeology and advanced technology, which also levitated the gigantic blocks of stone into pyramids etc, found worldwide… and myths of 25,920-year cycle. Giant skulls with functioning "third eye" receiving impressions from the astral through pineal gland in brain…which we will also strengthen as we go through the Great Shift -- into the Golden Age.
I received personal contact with a source speaking in The Law of One series, through deep meditation and remote viewing. The source identified itself as "sixth density being," and said it was intimately involved in "the management and transfer of planetary populations." The Earth is a school for spiritual growth.
A balance will be preserved on Earth, that any one can seek the positive, and see the world as a beautiful and loving place - or negative; terrifying place. This is the "illusion". It is your choice as to which path you will take…This is Universal Law.
The teachings became an intimate part of my life. It was extremely difficult for me to "go public" but failing to do it "would be equivalent to a felony in the spiritual realms"….I also developed connections to high-level insiders who had worked within classified projects where the existence of extraterrestrial human life is an accepted fact. Everything lined up for me -- the dreams, the contact experiences and of clients, the research data, and the insider testimony. Nonetheless, synchronicity ”intrudes" more and more.   

The higher forces are to reach those who are ready for the Great Invitation, an opportunity…to evolve into the next level of human evolution. If we do take this "invitation", we will be able to travel throughout the Galaxy, visit and help other cultures, develop intuition and communicate telepathically. And as soon as the ETs appear on mass level, it will be much easier for any person to make that "leap of faith". If we do not choose to do it now, we will continue as before – in next lifetimes. However, at some point we will inevitably take this evolutionary leap. 
I have been urged, from the highest intuitive levels to assist the process of Mass Arrests. However, I cannot decide whether, when or how it will be done. The window in which I was told this would happen has already passed - but I do still believe it will take place.

It is important that we solve these problems ourselves. Nonetheless, the Earth is not here to be overrun and destroyed by corrupt, evil bankers, so the ETs assist. The "illusion" is that things are totally falling apart; this fear creates the greatest incentive for spiritual growth. (Sarkar said that WWI and II developed human beings most.) Finding trust that All is Well, and choosing love - is the greatest spiritual attainment you can ever make.
Music can create incredibly powerful visionary and spiritual experiences… Invisible Light ensemble will take this concept into an entirely new level - dreams are telling me it will reach many people on a very profound level.,     

My testimony of the present Divine interventions as we head into Greatest Moment of All Time will be broadcasted in "Coast to Coast AM with George Noory" and in text here coming soon.
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Didi Annapurna

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