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How JFKennedy died?

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy according Gregory Douglas who got the classified reports from CIA Crowley (who code-named the assassination: “Operation ZIPPER).”

Fraudulent voting in Chicago in 1960 gave President Kennedy and his associates a victory. CIA hired Corsican Mafia, Marseille-based, 4 professional assassins with the cost of hundred thousand dollars per man. FBI was collaborating with the CIA. Vice President Lyndon B Johnson (following president), came along the plan after hearing that Kennedy had been planning to replace him. Angleton from the Armed Forces of the US joined also as military wanted to get a weaker, more easily controllable president. Angleton sought an Israeli agent Manor who would oversee the entire operation…and make sure that the Corsican assassins were removed as soon as possible after their work was done. J F. K was unpopular in Israel because he tried to prevent Israel from developing atomic weaponry.

French intelligence sources came to know about assassins and informed U.S. authorities in the US Embassy on two occasions about the assassins as threat in the US. President was killed mainly by mercury bullet, which exploded in his body. This type of projectile is used by European assassination teams. Photographic evidence indicates that the driver, SA Greer, slowed down the vehicle when shots were heard, in direct contravention of standing Secret Service regulations.

Evidence for plan to accuse Lee Harvey Oswald with connections to Russia was prepared in advance. The Warren Report included a number of issues intended to bolster their case against Oswald. The murder of Oswald two days later in a heavily guarded police facility raised doubts.

Besides the three Corsicans, who vanished after the operation many witnesses disappeared or died in strange circumstances. One of the assassins apparently escaped and nobody seem to know what happened to him.

There were several reasons why JFK was killed. First of all Kennedy stood on CIA toes by leaking their classified reports to Russia. He circumvented planned removal of Fidel Castro of Cuba by CIA and he threatened to close down CIA itself. JFK had planned to reduce also US involvement in Viet-Nam. Besides Kennedy used LSD and had sex parties. According Douglas the Kennedy brothers also betrayed their wives, associates and their supporters.

President Johnson, Kennedy’s successor, surrendered under the control of the military and CIA and permitted the escalation in Southeast Asia. Press (especially New York Times), which is fully under CIA directives, gave full coverage to Warren Report as well as was purposely spreading countless conspiracy theories to mix up the case.

Wilcock has told still few reasons for JFK´s assassination; UFO disclosure planned by him, and the bonds and Kennedy coins, that JFK got into bill to replace the Fed dollar. Besides JFK was engaged to materialize the plan to raise the third world nations from poverty with Suharto as a signatory for alliance of nations, who opposed the robbery of world gold and BIS funds by Fed, CIA and related factions. 
Lets see if this is the final story, Didi Annapurna 

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