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Trump and Putin Met in Finland, ‘A Good Start ?’

Most common people in the world are probably happy about Putin and Trump meeting in Helsinki. The meeting started with delightful secrecy; Trump winking his eye, which made Putin smiling, while both pretending to be solemn and serious in front of public and reporters. I think any meeting with world leaders whether inimical or friendly should be appreciated by the folks.

Some leftists were demonstrating in the streets of Helsinki and I think made themselves a bit fools, as they do recommend usually discussion instead of waging war, but this time they protested while Trump and Putin were discussing i.e about how to help Syria, so that the refugees can go back home.

Better now Putin and Trump to really keep their words and start funding to settle Syrians back to home. That would be the real solution; less refugees in EU to struggle with, as many countries are unable to integrate them well on society. In this sense the right wing Finland First – movement was more sensible having demonstration on behalf of Trump, although usually they are more the cause for atrocities in Finland.

MSM in Finland, Yle and HS, Welcoming Trump

The questions presented in the press conference were mostly from the US main stream media reporters who concentrated on Russian meddling on election of Trump, which made the both leaders to have even some fun with. Besides Putin brought up a new allegation of Russians doing 400 million business without paying taxes and funding with the money Clinton campaign.

A ‘Good Start’: Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki

Finnish part in the meetings; When the meeting was announced with only a few weeks to prepare, officials cancelled or postponed their typical July holidays on a voluntary basis. The city police called in reinforcements from across the country to meet their need of up to 2,000 officers on duty.

Since World War II, Finland has remained militarily neutral, between Moscow and West. According Finnish president Niinisto; ‘Helsinki has figured out how to stand up to Russia without provoking Putin’s wrath’. Lavrov and Soini discussed building nuclear power plants together, and managing the flow of refugees across their shared border in the past. President Putin has praised Finland’s security policy. Finland has also built friendly relations with NATO, largest drill, while majority of Finns remain opposed to joining NATO,

Other leaders having met in Finland, Gerald Ford, Leonid Brezhnev, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin,

Finnish Scientist Foreign Affairs, Teija Tiilikainen, ‘This meeting is extremely meaningful, because global political situation is in the crossroads. President Niinisto is having good relationship with Putin and Trump although matters conflict.’ Other scientist Salonius-Pasternak, ‘Finnish army and police is able to upkeep good security. There has not been any leaks about previous meetings’,

President Niinisto; ‘According EU-wide poll 75 % of Finns want to defend their country militarily, compared with 18 % in Germany,’ Mr Niinisto adds; ‘EU needs a common refugee policy with tighter border controls’. And about Mr Putin. ‘He doesn’t forget his friends, if he has been dealt with respectfully,’

Finnish people express their love for Putin and Trump, ‘I love trump’, ‘Putin is the best leader’. Trumps Arrive in Helsinki 100′s of Finns Line Streets July 15, 2018,

Finnish EU chairmanship, presidency, will start on 1.7. 2019, just after new commission of EU starts. This gives unique possibility for the new EU president for directing working methods of the council.

Benjamin Fulford July 2nd 2018; The revolution continues as old regime collapses in EU. Finnish person will be the next chair in EU, so Finland is going to be used on changing the EU policies discussed by Putin and Trump summit in Finland. More from Fulford,

Finnish Body language analyser; Trump showed up more active, and Putin was acting like impassive by being late. Handshakes didn’t show power struggle. Trump defended himself by bringing up old matters about Clinton, Putin attacked press and taking care of having equal rights. The meeting went well and was productive.

Body Language Prove Trump is being truthful about election,

John Brennan, US leftist politician, tweets like demonstrators; Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors”. It was nothing short of treasonous. ‘Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin’. Anderson Cooper, MSM, ‘the most “disgraceful performances by an American president” ever’.

Russian media has praised Trump, and give impression that Russia is going to sit more in international negotiations with USA in the future. The influence of Russia will practically increase. Putin are said to have offered for Trump co-operation in many global problems, which Trump has shown interest in. The cracking rows of Trump somewhat confirms that the summit was total success for Russia, historic event, similar to meeting of Kim and Trump,

Psychic Focus about heat wave and EU situation; there is an underlying agenda to destabilize Europe by cabal. It first started with the migrant crisis. PTW (The Powers that were) make it worse by radical weather manipulation, which ultimately will hurt the EU economy. They cannot control Trump, but they can lay the framework for regaining control of the US again (to get leftist government). They will “buy Europe for pennies on the dollar”… (Please give good vibes to EU),

This year May already had record-high temperatures, in Germany, Poland and the Lapland, EU’s Nordic region.

16 June 2018, In 92 percent of Polish municipalities tell, spring cereals are in danger. Since May there has been hot, but no rain. Disaster and emergency planning going on,

July 5 th, Global supplies of the food staple will shrink in 2018/19, The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Drought reaching catastrophic proportions,

Study on June 2017; Several episodes of extreme precipitation excess and extreme precipitation deficit, with considerable economic and social impacts, have occurred in EU in the last decades.

Now, at least in Poland, has been already raining few days constantly, but I guess too late for some crops. DA

A lot of analyses from body language experts. Some of them seem to have their own agenda, but most seems to be for real. Commonly seems Putin and Trump had a productive meeting, much of it was of course secret, but we will see some results in the near future. Both seem to have good intention.

Here long list of body language analyses;

Melania pulls face after shaking Putin's hand, Melanie has fake smile when greeting Putin, smile disappears suddenly,

Putin-Trump summit frosty. Trump, Putin unspoken ‘statements’, Putin is 'playing Trump at his own game'. Putin upper hand.

Trump Backtracking in Fear, Media's Entire 'Putin Was in Charge' Narrative, Putin 'alpha posturing' shows truth of Trump relationship,

A body language expert breaks down the Trump-Putin summit, Trump's revealing body language vs. Putin's alpha posturing,

What comes to politics, I would prefer Yogis to Run the World

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Twenty Victims of 9/11 Reincarnated

Many children are remembering and expressing how they died during previous life in WTC towers, and are now reincarnated to live with their present families. Parents hesitate to make videos or write using their real names, as both the present and the past life family are affected. So, many names are just pseudonyms or IDs. In some cases both families are aware of each other.

Molly Curnutte 9/11 case. Molly says her 3 years old son Cade began to wake up screaming about planes crashing into buildings and him falling to his death. Cade remembered the full name of his former self, Mr Robert Pattison, who worked at the north tower on floor 110. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. On the day of the 9/11 attack, access to the stairwell was blocked by fallen ceiling.
Cade wanted his mother to call him "Bob". Mr Robert Pattison was also called "Bob". Cade could describe very special equipments used by firefighters including thermal-imaging camera

Cade's case shortly


Italian mother, Kristajohns was watching 9/11 on TV, Sept 11th 2007. Her son, Ryan started pointing and yelling ‘Hey that’s downtown! That’s my home!’ over and over again, then he said ‘I got to call!’ Mother Kristajohns then asked who are you going to call? Ryan said, ‘I call home. I got to call!... Oh no I’m going to fall!’ This is before the towers went down. Mother says he has never watched it before.
Next morning Kristajohns asked, ‘hey Ryan, your home downtown what happened to you baby?’ Closing his eyes he said, ‘I stuck, can't see...’ When his father asked, ‘what happened?’Ryan said, ‘I’m dying’. Few days later Ryan said his name is Nick. His father said no you are Ryan. He said, ‘no, My name Nick’. (Ryan looks like Nick Rowe in photo). Ryan calls her sister Ming. When she was born, Ryan asked "what took long?" (Ming-Hao Liu lost his life in the WTC, 41 year old engineer???). I think I have a 9/11 baby.

When Michelle was pregnant she saw in her dream herself flying over the burning twin towers. She heard a male voice say, ‘the soul that died on 9/11, is anxiously waiting to be born to you in September (in 2007).’ Michelle was told her name to be Seraphine, ‘which matches to her energy’. Also in a grocery store, when Michelle saw several pregnant women she heard a voice saying; ‘these children died in 9/11, they are coming back.’
While 9-11 remembrance show was on TV, 2 years old Seraphine said, ‘I remember that.’ Then she told to her mother that she was married and said, ‘this is a married kiss’ and kissed her mother on the lips. Seraphine said to her father in the church, ‘that's a Jesus cross, he was a martyr, and so was I.’  
At four years old Seraphine remembered her friends, and how she said goodbye to them, but then she came to conclusion, "I don't want to talk about it anymore."
Seraphine has told her name was AG, and Michelle believes now she has found AG, who has facial resemblance to Seraphine:
Alayne F Gentul 44 was the director in Fiduciary. She was on the 90th floor of 2 World Trade centre, when the first plane hit. She went up to the 97th to get everybody out. She called to her husband last greetings, when Ed Emory and her made their clothing wet and went to the stairwell. The chair of Fiduciary has told that at least 40 people survived because of Alayne. More about Alayne, Source,

Ryan claims he was Lauren during 9/11. Lauren’s previous husband, Porks, (user name Reincarnationprobs), who is still alive, was contacted by Ryan’s mother, Mary. She told how Ryan would have nightmares about plane crashes and fire. Once in department store while seeing woman’s dress, Ryan had asked her mother, ‘Didn’t I have one like this before the crash, but it was blue?’
Mary investigated clues given by Ryan and found Lauren's and Pork’s names. Mary suggested meeting for Porks and promised to offer evidence. Porks got first Ryan’s drawing, which he knew immediately, was about his wedding day. All details were painted on it; beard, glasses, bow tie, blue suit, Lauren in a pink dress, bare feet and even Porks handing Lauren a compass. Photos or wedding registry couldn’t be found online. Here’s the drawing, but Porks doesn't want to show picture of Lauren,

Porks and his new girl friend Julie went to visit Ryan’s parents. Porks shares some things, but not all personal details discovered during the meeting. Ryan has an extreme fear of birds. Porks know Lauren got a very bad bite from exotic bird that caused nerve damage in her hand. She wouldn’t go near birds for the rest of her life. 
Ryan has two small turtles, which he named Lorks and Porks. Porks used to call Lauren “Lorks,” and Lauren called him “Porks”. Ryan knew a lot about Lauren’s work, co-workers etc, which Porks thinks is strong evidence.
Julie and Porks had also brought some items to Mary which didn’t belong to Lauren in order to test Ryan. Later they got the answer from Mary, that none of the items were familiar to Ryan, but he had picked up small tin one and said “not May!”. It belonged to Julie’s grandmother, Mae.
Porks doesn’t want to meet Ryan, but he says, ‘I am definitively convinced that Ryan shares some part of Lauren’s being - her soul, atman, her spirit’. (Notice, this case I'm not sure if Lauren died in WTC, but experienced it anyhow. DA). More from Reincarnationprobs here,

Cynicalone’s 7year old son has been since small afraid of elevators, tall buildings and been obsessed over planes. He has been talking about his experience in the WTC since 2-3 years old, although he never watched 911 until 7 old, when he said, ‘It really happened! I was right about there.’  
He remembers falling, due to some type of explosion and the walls coming in. He says he watched himself hit the ground from above. Jan 2011 the boy said, ‘I need to go to NY and say good-bye to Robert.’ Mother asked who Robert was and he said it was him, and he needs to say good-bye to that life’. Robert’s parents were drunk and abused him, and he got married early in NY city.
When the boy saw twin towers photo, he pointed to a particular window and said that's where he used to work! He might be an actor from Twilight, Robert Edward Pattison,
Amazingly Cynicalone’s other son Alex used to swear that there was a young boy after 9/11 that would try to talk to him. Alex would run to mother’s room screaming about this boy at night. Mother says that the boy confirmed this recently (2011) by saying; ‘Alex, don't you remember when I used to sit on the top of the stairs and try to talk to you?’. and thecynicalone

Rachel Nolan’s son, Thomas gave details of Ford Johnson R8, the model of the truck used by the firefighters during 9/11. Rachel concluded that her son was recalling a past life, that he was the reincarnation of a firefighter who died on 9/11. (I don’t know if Rachel is same as Janet McCraken or ID baby_rn, but the story continues, lets use names Rachel and Thomas still here, DA). 
Thomas was 3 years old in 2007, when he began to insist he was a firefighter during 9/11, and also a scuba diver rescuing animals. Once Rachel took him to the fire station. As Thomas knew just everything, the staff naturally asked; ‘is your daddy a firefighter?’. He looked at them and said ‘no, I am a firefighter.’ Everyone was surprised about his practical knowledge, and Rachel says she could write even a book about all the details that Thomas has told. His room is also set up like a fire station.  
Thomas became concerned at home that family didn't have a plan for getting out of the house if there was a fire. Father told him about the fire alarm and how to get out etc. Then once father set off the fire alarm to test, Thomas ran with his real fire hat, covered his face and began yelling; ‘get out and get low’. He acted immediately as a firefighter.
Febr 2010, family was driving across the GW bridge and he said ‘mom have I been here before?’ Then he asked, ‘where are the buildings the bad men knocked down?’ In 2011, Thomas was seven years old, when a friend was talking about brave firefighters of 9/11, the boy said "I know, and I don't want to talk about it!" He seems to know about reincarnation and says, ‘when you die you pick a belly to come.’
Thomas has told his age, company number and rank, but no name. Anyhow Rachel thinks she knows who he was in past life. (Someone speculating who he could be, Captain Patrick 'Paddy' Brown died in the North Tower. He was a firefighter and a rescuer. Total 343 FDNY firefighters were lost on 9/11.

In 2012 Leslie confided online that her younger sister passed away on 9/11. She was in the south tower on the 81st floor. Leslie received a phone call from a producer at the National Geographic channel. The producer was filming a documentary about a two year old girl who recalled her previous life as a businesswoman, and identified herself specifically as a World Trade Center victim by pointing to different photographs of Leslie's sister.

Kevin was born after 9/11. When her grandmother died and her mother cried, Kevin told not to worry as ‘you will see her again’. When mother said ‘no it is over’, Kevin started telling that he was a man and had tattoos. He described how the tattoos were made by drill.  
Years later Kevin said suddenly, ‘I remember how I died. I was in building doing work and all of sudden there was explosion. I flew out of the wall and that was it. Then I came to you’. Kevin was conceived three months after 9/11,

For years Samantha’s son has told he wakes up in sweats, because he was in a plane crash. Mother didn’t take him seriously. He told her once, ‘mom I think I was on the flight on 911’. Then 6-7 yrs later he describes himself being a young white male, married and remembered also ages of his kids. He was travelling for important meeting.
He described the terrorist on the plane, who stabbed him in the stomach and he said, ‘I knew I was dying’. He pointed out to who he was on pictures. Samantha found that everything his son told was true. After looking at his picture of his past life, he became sad and requested not to speak about it. May 22, 2018.

Ukmom tells;My son has been interested in fire fighters, but more the American style as compared to our UK fireman over here. From around the age 3 he began giving us names and even gave us a surname. During role playing with his sisters he has talked lots about "pater/pata". He has no problems around fire, but he is wary of elevators’.

Several years ago, when my daughter was just over three years old, my husband and I were watching a TV show about 9/11. My daughter, who was colouring nearby, looked up when the screen showed a plane hitting one of the World Trade Center buildings, then she said to us, "I died there."
We had never discussed 9/11 with her. Now if something comes on TV about 9/11, she says, "I don't want to watch this." Mother and her husband started to believe in reincarnation.

Norwegian Olemark thinks he was in 911. At the age of 4 he had kind of ''dream'' and saw one tower. He was waiting for a meeting. He has remembered this all his life. He says he is afraid of planes, elevators and tall buildings, feeling like it is going to collapse. He is from Norway, but he likes more USA.

Her step grand daughter was born in January 2002. When she was very young (a toddler), they were discussing what their earliest memories were. Her earliest memory was, "I was in a government building, and it was on fire."

Luniara,My older sister passed away on 9/11. I received a phone call from a woman stating she is doing a spiritual documentary based upon my sister and 9/11. This woman began to explain how a 2 year old has been having dreams, or memories that do not belong to her. An investigation unfolded, testing on different photos, and the end results came up to be photos of my sister, and family.

Heidi February 8, 2017, ‘Since my niece was 2 years old she has talked about being with her “old mommy” on one of the planes that flew in to a tower on 9/11. She remembers her mom telling her to keep her head down and not look. After hitting the tower she says she was holding her mommy’s hand and they floated up and looked down from the sky and saw people falling from the buildings. She describes her mom and says that she stayed with her until it was time to find a new family. My niece was born in 2006 and is now 11. We know which child she was on the plane. Her descriptions about her life are very detailed’.

Jokimom February 9, 2017, ‘My son had night tremors and spoke aloud in his. This happened fairly regularly and it was terrifying. He would talk about fire and stairs and scream about his legs and being trapped. It was very real and he said things very mature for such a young boy, born on 09/11 in 2007. We’ve considered he is 9-11 reincarnate.’

Heather Gallegos 2017, On 10th anniversary of 9-11, the small town raised sirens to begin a moment of silence. My 3 years old son looked up at me and said that he jumped and fell down. He could see the sky through his feet. I was stunned. I tried to ask him more questions about it, but he said that time was over and now he was with me and he loves me. Say what you will, but a 3-year-old doesn’t just randomly say something like that at precisely a moment like that.

Michael channeled: I worked at the World Trade Center. I was 36 years old white guy, secretary at Merrill Lynch? I was sitting on the toilet and there were three more guys in the bathroom. And then I get hurled into a pile of smoke. You don’t feel anything, Not even the initial death. I didn’t anyway. A lot of souls crying. They needed counseling. There are some people who moved on other life already. But there are some who just won’t and they’re being forced. I’m going to come back in a man’s body. Someone will die and I’m going to take his body over. robertafterlife@gmail

Carl who died in the WTC. Carl’s comment to the channeler; ‘Oh, You’re in the live world? I would never have believed this in a million years’. Carl worked at the WTC, and after the fire he has been moving in WTC area over 1200 ghosts, who were ready to return to the light. Carl says, he heard many times, “No one ever told me I should have gone to the light”.  
Carl wonders where the military was; ‘someone could have saved us all’. Carl had a severed head by sharp things; ‘I saw my body. I felt like I could put my head back on my body.’ He thinks he was a trader, had gym and was real selfish. Carl had daughter Bethany, due to affair, and got in trouble about it.  
He explains, I see just outline of people; little paper dolls’. He had belt with initials CC on it. Robert, robertmajor thinks he was Carlos Cortes, Washington Group International:

Mother of 8 year old son who has been talking about what she believes is 9/11. In addition to nightmares of dying in a raging fire, he has named a co-worker that he was trying courageously to save, but was blocked by the ceiling caving in. Her son is certain he worked on the 54th floor of the WTC. Most of the information was from his earlier years, now he feels might be forgetting these memories. 

I was a service dog and helped a man in a wheelchair. I was kind of like his hero, I could make the elevator open. I was “Good boy”. I had a really easy life. I loved to be outside. I didn’t like to eat same food everyday and that’s something I would like to speak out for all dogs. I’ve been known to take a pee on the floor because he hadn’t said anything nice to me in a day or two...I will be a service dog again next life.

Mother Lucia says that her 4-year-old son has started describing what happened during the event on Sept 11, 2001. His son claims to be a worker who died in the tragedy. When shown a photo of the towers he is able to identify the window where he worked, “That’s where I worked, Mama”. The child says. He felt the building fall, and even says: “Mom, I’m still buried there.”

"Babyrn" son was a fireman who died on 9/11 as he tried to rescue people from one of the Towers. Babyrn doesn't want to go public with the case, because of the former family's religious beliefs… Carol, Jul 28, 2014

It is common that children start to loose their memories of their past life at the age of 6-9. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has said that most children remember something from their past life, but if they still remember at the age of 12, they are going to have serious problems while living double life.

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