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The Human Martians?

There are many whistleblowers out now from SSP and ICC about Mars. They are better-than-science-fiction -stories, so readers can decide what they want to believe. Seems like human colonies and military stations have been in Mars since 60s. The native inhabitants reptoids and mantis have been fighting against the intruders, greys, dracos – and human supersoldiers. These guys are age regressed and memory suppressed when they return to earth after 20 years.

Mars Colony Corporation seems to be formed by bankers, technical and government agencies - to trade, protect earth and to be a secure place for elites and perhaps for the future human civilization. Humans are also kept there as slaves for many purposes among threatening bugs and even bigger animals. The air is breathable in some areas, the gravity is weak and the sky is purple or bluish. 

Sixteen years old Tony Rodriques was taken by elites to work as a psychic in Peru. In 1990 he was taken by SSP to moon and then to Mars for suicide mission against insectoids. He had once a battle with telepathic insectoid and lost his arm, which was then regenerated. The project was finished due to warning from the insectoid. After that Tony was taken to base called Aries Prime to be re-educated by Grays. Then he was taken to German Dark Fleet Base on Ceres, and also in trading ships to many planets. In Ceres there were trains, shops, ETs, rich civilians, police, sex clubs etc. 

See the funny manti, and on the video more from Tony Rodrigues


Corey Goode delegate for the Blue Avian ETs; Germans set up first colonies on Mars. ICC corporation bankers and the aerospace companies came along. They build up unitedly military SSP to battle the other inhabitants out. Then engineers came to build bases with the help of Draco alliance. 

Then they brought in thousands of highly educated people, saying, the Earth is about to undergo destructive changes. They would be shown super advanced bases on Mars, and convinced to join in saving the human race. These people were then taken to Mars, and the guys with weapons would give them a job, as slaves.

Corey Goode visited ICC Mars couple of years ago. Conzales had selected there a colony for inspection, but the ICC tried to take them first to a colony selected by them. They were shown a presentation about advanced technical equipments produced by the colony for 900 interplanetary customers. Eventually Corey and Conzales had to escape by orb, see the exiting story,

You may see also what the Body Language expert says about Corey, Planet x and Greer: According her Corey is reliable, except he didn't admit he disliked vegetarian food in the beginning. Steven Greer claims that Corey and others are mind controlled and fed with disinfo. Greer believes there are only positive ETs - who would believe. (What comes to body language analyses, I think it shows what the analyzed person believes himself to be true, not always necessarily what is the truth, but I don't know much about it, DA).

Update 20.2. SSP whistleblowers Penny, Elena and Lindsey have been taken as children into SSP Mars projects and age regressed back to earth life at some point. They all have experienced and seen very similar things on their Mars mission, related to healing, battles, psychic abilities. They have been traumatized to become psychics by drowning methods. Lindsey and Penny were trained also to function as weapons. Penny could burn electrics with power of her mind, besides she was 25 years a pilot killing reptilians and mantis in Mars defense force. While coming now forward to exposing SSP, they have experienced constant threats and even murder attempts. 
James and Penny both has been altered as cyborgs for years, their human consciousness has been transferred into robot in order to function in unison in the battles. Slaves and cyborgs seem to be a big trade deal, sold mostly to ETs. 
Penny worked also as a navigator in her second 25 year mission on Dark Fleet. During Montauk project many kids were lost on time travels. She says those who are authorized to tell are protected by their handlers, so they are not allowed to tell all the truths.

Corey has made comments about Ukrainian Elena that she has nothing to do with SSP and Mars missions. Lindsey thinks that although Corey pretends to demand full disclosure, he has signed with G 20 to do partial disclosure within ten years, so that they have still time to continue their slave trade, etc. Thus according Lindsey, Corey is not exposing everything that he should be doing for full disclosure. Anyhow she appreciates that Corey came forward in big way.
So there seems to be contradictions going on between the 'Human Martians'.

Randy Kramer and Elena Kapulnik; Human Mars bases and colonies are mostly underground, protected from winds. There is active defense system against meteors, and cloaking devices in use. Elena has worked over 50 years in the SSP. She was helping to build medical beds, which can fix everything in the body. Even Randy’s head was transplanted few times. Temporary and permanent age regressions was done on Elena. Psychological balancing can be done and languages printed in the mind. 
ICC has solar energy harvesting and huge space stations in many other planets. NASA is just cover up agency. Native ETs on Mars, mantis and reptoids, fight for truth, territorial reasons while humans sometimes just testing military weapons. Eventually piece agreement has been made between ETs and humans.

Dracos infest victims with nanobots in order to take over. Clones are stupid, have behavior problems, and no soul. Greys are very hooked up on technology, with no emotions except fear of death. Elena is now spying ICC and reporting their human rights violence. SSP has negative and positive groups. More

Randy was 17 years in Mars with 500 other soldiers on military stations. Helmet was mentally interactive, but had no AI. Military was using localized portals to move troops underground. Insectoids there create clones, speak telepathically and are intellectual. Difficult to kill reptoids because they have two hearts. They can space travel, but are not interested. Randy left Mars 2007, but return year on earth was 1987, as he was age regressed. Randy’s body was rebuild many times, while thousand others lost their life on battles, due to consciousness having already left the body. 

Randy went also for diplomat missions, in Jupiter he was in meeting with 10 different species. Randy thinks Andrew Basiago has really been in Mars. After returning to earth Randy’s yoga teacher advised him to meditate and take control over his implants - telling that ‘according universal law the implants in your body belongs to you’. Implants were no more threat. Superiors want Randy to tell out. NWO is not able to take over. (Michael Relfe was also from 1976 to 1996 on a military operation to protect Mars colonies). See more,
Andrew Basiago; Went through CIA Jumproom program to Mars. Tesla teleportation through portal was used by government in 1970. Obama was fellow teleporter. Basiago learnt about time travel and remote viewing on Project Pegasos. Mars station was formed to protect earth from possible space events and ET threat. US was claiming territory on Mars from Martians. There was frightening animals.

Selected by ETs, William Tompkins; Germans had alliance with Reptilians and Dracos in 1940. US Navy worked with Nordics and companies like Douglas, Lockheed, Northrop, Boeing. Tompkins was developing “Solar Warden,” kilometers long spacecrafts and bases on other planets. Thousands of people in the Navy got sent to Mars facilities and further. Corporations formed ICC, then went into the galaxy for mining and trading.

Jeminii, recently exposed an independent ‘Dark Fleet’, which has similarities to Mars missions. She seems to be a starchild with night vision and many psychic abilities. As a teenager, ETs started to visit her, even battling with other ETs above her home farm. The ‘Dark Fleet’ guys-in-black came to protect and educate her. She went with her handler to human rescue missions, where she got shot several times, but was revived even from death. Daytime at school she seem to be like memory suppressed.  

Her official graduation into ‘Dark Fleet was about demonstrating psychic abilities to an elite group, and getting the black uniform. She became a commander of fleet, which did scientific engineering, using electromagnetics, frequencies and portals. Once they set up devices on the upper atmosphere to prevent a future asteroid impact. Now she is in administrative position on ‘Dark fleet’, nothing to do with SSP.

Indian P. R Sarkar; According to old astronomy and also astrology, Mars also came out of this Earth, but it did not move around the Earth as its satellite. And that is why a name for Mars is Kuja. Ku means earth and Kuja means born out of ku. Earth relationship with Mars varied many times. Mars moves with its satellites, Deimos and Phobos. 1986

When going to the moon or Mars, people should be sufficiently cautious. The body and mind should be properly adjusted. Yogic postures and breathing etc helps in this adjustment’. - 1969. Sarkar was visiting Switzerland in 1979. While sitting high on the Alps, he told ‘life to earth came from Mars’, and interestingly - there ‘happen to be’ secret service agents walking around with some listening equipments - according his disciples!

Ivan Teller has been channeling sometimes Martian ETs, who claim ‘your elites has stolen our planet’. Martians left Mars when its atmosphere became toxic due to wars. Now they live on ships. Mars is a project build by elites fearing the earth to collapse, and the top elites needing to move hiding. They have there extremely expensive satellite. They now allow whistle blowers to expose it, because they feel high, as humans can’t do anything about it, and most will not even believe. There are many videos of the projects on Mars. Elon Musk is going into elites area! Only elite companions, Nordics, can go there. Humans will shoot any other ETs.

Someone channeling Mars itself; Humans can not breath on Mars, it is polluted, less gravity which weaken human bones, but there are secret societies. Openly humans will be there on 2017. Martian natives are strange little beings, live simple life, grow food, have sophisticated technology, but no desire to mix,
Whitleblowing, Lecture about Hybrid Space Program,

The Secret Mars Colony evidence, Russian research on Nazi and Byrd in Antarctica,
More SSP Mars, whistleblowers, 

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Speculation on Partial Magnetic or Axial Pole Shift

The so called scientists, hobbyist researchers, spiritual intuitionists and common sense dwellers all know something, but nobody enough about possible/ongoing pole shift. I have tried to make this article at least maximum colourful, as I have used the colors to represent each source. I have no scientific education, but perhaps some common sense to comment, but let’s see first what a Pleiadian, channeled Ratesh tells.

Nibiru/Brown Dwarf system will potentially have magnetic, gravitational and electromagnetic effects – both on a planetary and solar system scale. These forces have already activated several of the buried alien devices in Antarctica, that’s why many politicians have visited there.

The earth will very soon “flip” over on it’s axis and all kind of chaos will reign, including climatic, power grid, cell phones, satellites etc. Physical bodies will be most affected by the gravitational forces, mental bodies by the magnetic forces and spiritual bodies by the electromagnetic forces. Some humans will “go insane’, while more spiritually balanced will have less trouble.

The most important seems to be now to work hard on spiritual growth. This will lead to a new era of consciousness upon earth.

You may see some similarities and differences on what Indian researcher and spiritual scientist P R Sarkar mentioned already in 1986-90 about possible partial pole shift. He expected the future of humanity to be bright, so not all of this might need to happen, although we could also mess up and bring havoc upon us with our free will.

The Poles Shift Their Respective Positions

If the poles change their positions... the magnetic structure of this Earth will also change. And if the magnetic order is disrupted, then certain remarkable metamorphoses in the electromagnetic vibrations of this Earth will occur and thus human thought waves will certainly be affected.

In such case the change is sure to take place in the realm of spirituality... from matter to consciousness, from extroversion to introversion. Humanity will be more spiritual-minded and meditative, and will accept the Cosmic Cognitive Faculty, as its object of ideation in more scientific way. (Besides he mentions also zombies).

The poles have already started shifting their respective positions. The North Pole is moving in the eastern hemisphere closer to the tropical regions, and the South Pole is coming closer to the western hemisphere on the opposite side of the tropical area, and it cannot be assured that their relative distance will remain unchanged. The polar ice will melt and the ocean levels will rise.

Our progress in the arena of science depends much on the progress of our knowledge in electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic emanations. Be ready for the coming changes. They are something natural. They are not an unprecedented calamity or catastrophe, or a great adversity. 

After the pole shift another ice-age may occur on this Earth, but the pre-age and the post-age will have a long gap between them. The human intellect will be then able arrange for shifting the population to some other planet.

Sarkar didn’t expect full pole shift, so the effects might not be that devastating. The partial pole shift would look something like this; Earth's Equator after 40 degree Axis Shift, new North Pole in upper Mongolia.

Bhaktiviirya Tousey comments (ab 1990): Pole shift has a necessary role in planetary evolution. Sarkar notes that as a result of pole shift day length, year length and seasonal order all change. How these could change without intervention of an outside agency, and by a shifting of Earth’s orbit closer to or further from the sun (or Gravitational Constant)?

If the pole shift would happen fast the new pole would get snow quickly, but the previous would melt slowly which would mean cooler world climate (also as cooling volcano eruptions). Sarkar also mentioned about the days in a solar year changing from 365 to 366. (Would the seasons be moving forward due to this???).

Channeled aliens commonly don’t seem to talk so much about Nibiru, or predict any pole shift. They rather say many changes are coming, but they are preventing many calamities, and - nothing too much to worry. 

Pleiadian message from last July; Not sure what Nibiru will cause, likely just earth systems will change. Also, the moon is hit by countless meteors, but earth is not bombarded same way, because of the protecting shield.
Axischange web page which has been observing sunrise positions claims, the earth axis have already tilted, and eventually it will shift the Earth onto its side. On 23 June 2016; The sun rise during this solstice is still 850 miles north from 1999 records.

ESA, European Space Agency Swarm project, simulation video; Speeding up of changes in earth’s magnetic field from 2000 to mid 2016. On blue areas field changes slowed and on red area speeded up. (Constant changes in different areas on earth, but commonly Canada is loosing its magnetic field strength fast, and Siberia/Asia is gaining strength fast)

The strong magnetic field areas in 1999 - mid 2016. Siberia and Canada has still strong field, although reducing fast. The weakest area in South Atlantic is widening rapidly over South-America.

Scientist explains how before the pole reversal the magnetic field is weakening, or “neutralized” by appearance of small reversed magnetic spots on both southern and northern hemisphere. These reversed areas will eventually end up splitting of the magnetic poles into many, and then only two stronger poles will be left. Simulation at 39.20, scientist explains the reversal of magnetic fields,

Scientists say, our magnetosphere has lost 30% of its strength, and it is decreasing 10-20 times faster than before. Some psychis claim that Earth is reaching into center areas of galaxy which has electromagnetic or energetic effect on earth poles.

Related to magnetic field; ESAs Swarm Mission found ‘jet stream’ below Earth's crust. There is pattern of ‘flux patches’ under Alaska and Siberia. Underground jet stream is moving faster than 40 km a year. It is result of changes within the core.

In Nov Maverickstar was even speculating that the north magnetic pole have split into two. The two northern magnetic poles being in coldest areas, in Alaska and Siberia. In southern hemisphere the temperature map is not equal to the magnetic map, because these are much more warmer regions (Did I get it right?

Now the question comes if the magnetic poles have split into two, doesn’t it show up in compass and navigation? According him the compass shows the ‘average area’ which would be quite the same place where the others believe magnetic north pole is now - shifting towards England. Would the split into two poles explain why it is nowadays so warm on the assumed magnetic north pole area? Just my speculation!

Then Maverickstar asks, ‘if both the arctic climate and the magnetic pole moves during a reversal then why should only the rotational axis remain?’ He also says, when the strong magnetic pole migrate into the weak magnetic field the speed will suddenly begin to accelerate. I think that’s why he already expected maximum tilt to happen in 40 days!

Maverickstar still confirms cover up, ‘Two Scientist’s at NASA mailed me some time ago... and both virtually said the same thing, “we are aware of the situation but we are not going to make a formal announcement one way or the other as we are not sure whether it will be a cataclysmic event or a minor event”’. Maverickstar is seeing also ice age possible,   ...........................

Few excepts from discussion by David Wilcock with Corey Goode and Heather, whose father worked on top secret projects. David says, ‘the Earth's rotation changes are based on weak or strong solar activity and that ancient civilizations were expecting some kind of huge solar event. Obama signed recently Executive Order how to prepare for a major catastrophic solar event’. Corey thinks, the Sun might give off flash of energy, which could take out electronics and mutate genetics.

Heather asks, ‘will we have a stronger magnetic field when this happens? Will someone manipulate it? According his father, the pyramids on Mars and Earth have technology designed to manipulate the Earth's inner liquid core which transmits the magnetic field. It can be controlled by good or bad guys, making the field weak or strong. Magnetic field can cause also changes in human DNA. Buzz Aldrin ab Mars

Heather also mentions if earth population was gathered in one continent they could change mentally the rotation of earth, or clean up the planet. When people are close, electromagnetic change can be manipulated., and

The SSP whistle blowers Tompkins, Corey Goode etc are expecting some kind of “solar sneeze”. The entire sun's corona mass ejecting, that would knock out our electronics, including AI, and hit the Earth and cause arthquakes, volcanoes, and hard winter. There wouldn’t just be dark spots on sun like now, but the whole sun being a dark spot.

Keshe expects again huge earthquakes, 6.5M to 9M on the coast of Japan. They have advised their staff to leave Tokio and Tehran. California EQs from 7.9M up to 10M. The continents have loosened in a very big way... In northern Africa and around France and Spain, volcanic eruptions and EQs, also in Italy and in Greece. If we pass the 21st of Febr without a major EQ, then latter part of this year. If EQ hits before Jan 20th Obama will stay. ‘We hope we are wrong’.

Canadan observatory - The Earth is Tilting, Sun's effect on earth's core. Rapid Changes in Earth's Core/Pole Flip?

Ongoing cover up just now; Huge Electron Storm. Many Instruments Taken Down. Birds behaving strange ways. Magnetosphere, all mess, brown dwarf, Brown dwarf brought increase in lithium cosmic rays, censored, Cosmic rays increase, NASA takes magnetosphere simulator off-line, Electron Storm Continues, heats stratosphere, affects humans, Nova misleading,

New evidence, Febr 27, 2016. Humanity is facing the most important geological event in history. Six Things That Might Prove A Coming PoleShift, Airport runways need adjusting, migrating animals get lost. Magnetic field weakening 5 % in decade. Countries around the world has spent billions urgently on SWARM project.

Earth Tilting/Mini Ice Age/Asteroid Update/Cosmic Ray Rise; . 2.2.2016; NASA and ESA quite similar info, not observed since 2013...The Earth is Tilting North, a physical and magnetic polar shift,

Linda Moulton Howe Pole Shift Coming Faster than Expected, magnetic field alterating. Last flip happened within hundred years, the situation is similar today, Berkeley scientists say poles could flip in our life time,

Strange pulse appears on seismograms near top of world! Magnetic Reversal News, SuspicousObservers, Pole wobble affecting plates, causing earthquakes,

The SSP whistleblowers and ET channelers say any pole shift will be prevented or at least reduced its effects, so nothing too much to worry about, but you may be prepared!

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Barter Trade is Common in Other Planets

The magic of money has controlled the world and humans in big ways. It has made the rich to accumulate money up to the point of greediness becoming a mental disease. The less fortunate poor struggle with loans, shopping mania, slavery and hunger. With the words of Indian scientist P.R. Sarkar, “the intrinsic demonic greed of banks has been allowed to jeopardize the life of common people.” Humanity can’t be free unless the spell of money has lost its glimmering in the eyes of human beings.
In many other planets sharing and bartering is common, and use of money rare. Barter trade means that one can offer something else than money in exchange, such as goods and services. It can be done between nations as well as individually. Those more developed ET beings are no more prisoners of material wealth. For example as they have free energy everybody gets what they need, and telepathy reduces even need for physical communication.
Not all of them though, as well as humans, are positive beings, some use their technologies for disturbing and conquering other planets too. The most highly developed beings use neither technology nor any material things. They have capacity to move and act in astral.
These things are becoming more known due to increasing disclosure, although many whistle blowers, secret space program workers, channelers, contactees etc (few of them to mention Simon Parkes, Michael Salla, Steven Greer, Corey Goode, Ivan Teller etc) have already decades spoken about how life goes in other planets.
Humanity will progress into the same direction. Also due to economic crises people move naturally more into bartering. They will cooperate more and start collective firms, farms and projects. At the present time there is already increasing trend for bartering not only among individuals like in Greece and Island, but also between nations, for example in Latin America. Soon many more people may end up into bartering in USA, where dollar might loose its value, and in India due to demonetization.
Humans are advancing towards unity and Universalism. Jobs can be arranged for everyone while working hours have and will decrease tremendously due to automation and free energy solutions. Local economies will prosper. Governmental service centers and prisons will become education, therapy and meditation centers
Sarkar has said that PROUT system is common in other planets. The membership of cosmic brotherhood and barter trade by humans with ET races will not be possible until some basic factors are achieved in the earth: a common philosophy of life, a global constitutional structure and the fulfillment of basic necessities for all humans. 
PROUT (The Progressive Utilization Theory) doesn’t abandon money, but bartering often serves people’s needs better than the use of money. Money has to be backed on gold or something valuable, which doesn’t allow fiat “paper printing”. In order to remove black money the abolition of income tax is also recommended and extra tax laid on luxury, polluting and scarce products. 
The value of money increases with its mobility. Banks should keep money rolling by serving their community and local endeavors. Non-profit based cooperative banks should be created for needs of money saving and borrowing. For the currency needs there should be governmental central bank with gold standard. It would prevent speculative bubbles and large-scale inflation. Stock market is only for gaming, thus it doesn’t belong to Prout system at all. At present countries are subject to the whims of international currency speculators which now represents most of the foreign currency transactions. 
Ordinary bartering is less flexible than money use especially in services. One may not want countless car washings while renting a car. Multilateral barter among three or more people is more flexible. Bilateral and multilateral barter trade should be encouraged between countries, in the international economy. Barter trade is not subject to fluctuations in currency exchange rates and also not subject to economic recessions. 
Countries should have self-sufficiency in the essentials of life. Barter between poor countries with raw materials might be needed in order to procure minimum necessities. Raw materials and essentials should not anyhow be the main trade articles with rich countries, at first hand this barter should include rather surplus, speciality and luxury goods. 

Only that kind of socio-economic system, which guarantees people’s basic necessities, and thus makes it possible for them to grow mentally and spiritually, can be termed as truly progressive. - PROUT in a Nutshell, P R Sarkar. A Few Problems Solved, P.R. Sarkar.

The Five Fundamentals of PROUT full Movie

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pioneered barter trade, signing bilateral barter agreements with developing countries, swapping Venezuelan oil for other products or services the country needed, including 50,000 Cuban doctors and dentists who provide free medical care in city slums and remote rural villages of Venezuela.
On June 1, 2003, Proutist Acarya Maheshvarananda was invited to give his book to Chavez on his weekly television show. Ac Maheshvarananda told Chavez about the words of PR Sarkar in his 1979 visit to Caracas, in which he said, “Venezuela needs good spiritual political leaders. If Venezuela can produce spiritual political leaders, it will not only be the leader of Latin America, it will also be the leader of the planet. Venezuela is a blessed country.”
President Chavez replied to Ac Maheshvarananda, “Your visit has come at such an opportune moment…. Thank you very much, brother, and let’s continue with spirituality, spirit, good faith, morality, and the mystical force that moves the world... This (Bolivarian revolution) has attracted the attention of the whole world, especially those that struggle and dream of a better world, just as it says in After Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World (book by Ac Maheshvarananda)”.

Here Chavez discussing with Ac Maheshvarananda

Ac Maheshvarananda states; Of course there are problems in Venezuela; a couple of them are very serious. Corruption and crime hurt everyone. Their causes are many; to solve these problems requires the help of all the people – for this a major consciousness-raising campaign is required in every level of education, through the mass media and in every government office.
Whether present president Maduro fits into Sarkar’s description of spiritual leader... He just reshuffled his cabinet amid a deepening recession, naming new vice president and his sixth new economy minister in three years.
Lets see if Venezuela will ever rise up.
Dr Shambhushivananda Advocates Prout, Economics of Prout: Economic Democracy in Practice, Short Prout's economic principles,
Barter and Trade in A Post Colonial Scenario;

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