lauantai 11. joulukuuta 2010

Galloping jump into future

So called New World Order Masters (Old World Order), the global elites, are desperately struggling to upkeep their secrets and questionable plans for controlling the world and its population. Economic crises are expected to deepen due to manipulation and rampant exploitation. Ability to produce and distribute food is threatened, energy and heating prizes soaring. Besides climate volatility is affecting the whole earth.

But at same time the righteous folks are rising up. Secrets are pouring out. Besides there are claims of aliens (ETs) helping to prevent further destruction…(i.e David Wilcock, The doomsday is not going to come - such as nuclear war -as aliens clearly have shown of being able to prevent man made nuclear devices going off. But the struggle between positive and negative forces is not yet over.

China is said to be in the fronts of revolution spreading in the world. And we are starting to see some results. Some headlines:…Missile Went Off in California…Most US Missiles Went Offline for Some Time…Secrets Pouring Out (Wikileaks). Stuxnet Virus Almost Impossibly Sophisticated…UK Nuclear Submarine Loses Power, Runs Aground. “Coincidence?”; Two Different Nuclear Plants Shut Down Within One Hour – New York and Vermont. Chinese Sub Appears in US Navy Exercise. Many Oil Refineries Has Equipment Failures.

After some more crises all round development on the earth will be rapid; the free energy and other alien technologies will come into use. Sooner of later some country will get into practical manufacturing. Tremendous changes will start to happen. The day when we see even flying saucers daily is not far away. No more roads! It might take just 20 minutes to fly to the other side of the world. New treatments for diseases, food can be made artificially…etc - my imagination is not enough for this.

Many are expecting some kind of 'galloping jump' in 2012, 'Fourth Density' or Golden Age. Sarkar never spoke about Fourth Density, but he spoke about earth becoming more psychic. He expected also human beings to start looking more like aliens, with big head and lean limbs in the future. This 'quantum leap' is also connected to Solar System travelling into a more highly-charged region of the galaxy.

Sarkar says also; “The earth may one day become extinct but humanity can’t cease to exist…human beings will then set out for other planets and satellites.”
Sarkar thinks many people will become sick and die due to calamities and because some people’s minds are not able to stand the more subtle vibrations of the earth (also radiation coming from cosmos). But anyhow their sole will continue to new body perhaps even in some other planet. Sarkar: “Association by proper adjustment and parallelism between the psychic and physical bodies causes life, and dissociation under adverse conditions results in death. Death is nothing but a change.

Death is necessary. Assuming that unit consciousness could continue in one body as its shelter till it gets eventually merged in Cosmic Consciousness, we are faced with the possibility of one body continuing for millions of years, as the chain of actions and reactions (karma) may not free the unit consciousness earlier than that. This would result in a total stoppage of the evolution of factors in a body for millions of years.

After death …mind will have to experience the reactions (karmaphala) of previous actions. In fact…because of its inability to experience these reactions without the brain the mind has to take shelter in a new body in a subsequent birth. Hence the concept of hell or heaven where human beings are supposed to proceed after death is entirely incorrect.

On other planets and stars as well, the bodies of human-like beings have evolved in accordance with the particular amounts and ratios of the five fundamental factors (solid, liguid, aerial, ethereal, luminous) in those places.” (NASA; "Researchers in the harsh environment in California discovered microorganism on Earth able to reproduce on the toxic chemical arsenic. Ed Weiler, NASA. "As we seek signs of life in the solar system, we have to consider life as we do not know it.")

Time is not independent of matter…but time is dependent on objects. If we say ‘a hundred thousand years ago’ we think indirectly within ourselves that this incident occurred after an object like the earth rotated around an object like the sun a hundred thousand times. Time is not a fixed concept because it is dependent on changing entities. The news of the world of yesterday is ‘past’ to us, ‘present’ to some other planet, and ‘future’ to yet another planet.

Due to the movement of these numerous celestial bodies – a multitude of various types of visible and invisible rays are emanated. As a result, macrocosmic rays – cosmic rays, X-rays, Z-rays, etc. – travel throughout the vast cosmic void. Human beings will have to remain unaffected by undesirable microvita.

The struggle between the good and the evil forces terminates in the latter’s rout – this you have seen, are seeing and will see in future. Only remain vigilant that the evil forces under no circumstances receive any indulgence from your side.
In the long history of humanity periods of degeneration have come and gone. When the number of ‘animals’ in human form increases, rational people become more active to save society. Although different types of calamities may confront humanity, doomsday will never happen.

You should always remember that Kali Yuga, when people are continually obsessed by food, is also a transitional phase and will be followed by a new Satya Yuga when people will be more soul-orientated, Satya Yuga will start as soon as you implement the socio-economic ideology.

Unless one develops oneself…ideal human being, one will not be able to solve any problem, no matter how madly one beats one’s chest or how loudly one shouts slogans. A Sadvipra is stronger than a political leader. The days of political democracy are numbered.

Maintaining proper relations with different sorts of people is part of propriety. If balance is maintained and propriety is properly measured, then the world will be an abode of pramá [dynamic adjustment] – heaven will be established on the earth.
The day when the entire living world – dashing through a transitory phase of psychic – will become spiritual, will not be in the distant future.

Almost all people will wear glasses and have false teeth… Human intellect will become sharper, the cranium will become larger and the nerve fibres will become more complex. This change will come soon and fast.

It may be that in 1,000 years monkeys will reach the stage of evolution that human beings have achieved at present. The minimum requirements and maximum amenities should also be given to animals.”
The future of humanity is going to be bright - lets not forget it while struggling the last more or less disastrous years.

Didi Annapurna