perjantai 4. helmikuuta 2011

Global evolution/revolution

Change is happening now fast.

There has been many strange things going on recently.
First we saw birds and fish falling from the skyes, then the sun rose two days earlier than it suppose in Greenland and showed up one day earlier also in Northern Norway and Finland.

Revolutions started from Tunis and continue and probably will spread into different parts of the world because people has got enough from poverty, injustice and enormous cap between rich and poor.

Soaring oil prices are adding to the food cost, which is already under pressure due to all sorts of climate damages, manipulation, politics and even GMO causing problems.

There are many reasons, which some cause cooling off and some heating up effects, that’s why the climate is fluctuating, storming and having abnormalities; the inflow of new energies, same time weakening of magnetic field and North Pole moving towards Siberia, lots of volcanoes and earthquakes, weakening Gulf Stream (?) and weak sunspot cycle amongst some.

Also until now the scientists have not explained any common sense reason for sun rising too early in Greenland – there might be some understandable reason, but could also speculate how many days earlier it came in North Pole and how many days later it will go down to sleep in late Autumn and what is its impact to the climate?

Anyhow change has to happen and bring some pain with it, but there are so many signs also how fast humanity is developing due to these crises and also otherwise while spiritual vibration is floating into earth.

I attended at University Science Days. While some years back the professors were so ignorant of any alternative thoughts that I used to express there, now they seems to speak themselves about alternative, ethical economics, advantages of organic food, importance of social participation and unity for age gaining, homeopathic medicines etc. (Some big drug companies are now doing research on homeopathic medicines for wider use). Besides Nano technologies are reaching already to touch the spirit of everything.

What it will be next time - could guess; spirituality, microvita, sadvipras etc.

Didi Annapurna

Sarkar: Among the common people a new awakening will come, a keen intellect and wisdom will emerge, and a new pattern of history will be the result. In fact, a new pattern of history has already started to emerge, and in the future this development will undergo further change…In the future, changes in society will take place with accelerating speed.