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Yogis Who Lived For Centuries

Totapuri was a wandering naked monk of the Naga sannyasis. He was born in the mid-17th century and was over 250 years old when he died. Most likely he was a disciple of Totapuri Maharaj. A story goes; king had beckoned Totapuri with beautiful jewels but robbers took everything. Totapuri only stated, ”I am still the same with or without the jewels”.

Once Sri Ramakrishna asked Totapuri to initiate him into Vedanta mysteries. After initiation Ramakrishna remained completely absorbed in samadhi for three days. Totapuri was astonished. “Is it possible that he has attained in a single day what it took me forty years of strenuous practice to achieve?”
Totapuri decided to give up his body in 1960. He walked one month from Nagaland to Jamalpur to meet Shrii Anandamurti, who advised him to do first some time kiirtan, because Totapuri was lacking devotion. Totapuri had stated earlier ‘music and chanting were only nonsense’. When Acarya Sujit Kumar mentioned to that they would like to go to perform Totapuri’s funeral rites after his death, Anandamurti said that it was not needed, as Totapuri would use a yogic technique to evaporate his body.

Sources; And Disciples of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

Li Ching-Yuen who lived 256 years, died in 1933. He himself has told he was born in 1772, while according disputed records he was born in 1677. For 40 years he had a diet of only herbs which included goji berry, wild ginseng, gotu kola, rice wine and lingzhi. Li became teacher of martial arts at the age of 71 in the Chinese army. It turned out he was in better shape than his younger trainees. He had probably 180 descendants, and 14 marriages.

In 1908 Li and his disciple published a book, The Secrets of Li Qingyun’s Immortality. One of Li’s disciples has told that 130 years old Master Li encountered in the mountains about 500 years old hermit, who taught him secrets of longevity; martial arts with sounds, meditation with breathing control and a special diet. Li performed them every day for 120 years.

The New York Times article from 1930 reported that professor Wu Chung-Chieh discovered Chinese government records from 1827 congratulating Li on his 150th, and in 1877 on his 200th birthday. Several old men in Li’s neighbourhood stated that when their grandfathers were boys, they knew Li and at that time he was a grown man.

256 Years Old Man’s Secrets

Shivaram, later known as Trailanga Swami was a contemporary of fellow Benares Siddhi master Swami Vishudhananda, with both swamis said to have had lifespans around 300 years. Vishudhananda was known to have visited the mysterious hidden spiritual hermitage high in the Himalayans known as Gyanganj, Shambhala and Shangri la. Source: Swami Yogananda. Trailanga Swami movie,

The British officers complained of Trailanga Swami’s nudity to the magistrate, who finally got him arrested, but Swami simply disappeared before their very eyes! A huge search party was summoned to search for him. Trailanga Swami returned laughing hilariously.

Ramakrishna visited also Trailinga Swami. Both of them were so happy to be together, and yet few words were exchanged. Trailinga Swami spoke in his own version of sign language.

One day he announced to his disciples that he would like to leave this world and advised his devotees to make a sandalwood coffin ready. He entered into meditative samadhi and consciously exited from the body on the 11th day of the full moon.

Devraha Baba (Born before 1840 – May 1990), was a Siddha Yogi, known as “ageless Yogi”. He preached harmony between religions. Ministers, saints, yogis, priests, rich and poor all came to visit Baba, including Mrs Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. A high wooden barricade hid his semi-naked body, and he came down only to bathe in the river.

According his family records, his age was at least 250 years when he purposely left his body in 1990. Dr. Rajendra Prashad, president of India, verified Baba’s old age. Seven generations of Allahabad High Court Barrister had sat at the feet of Baba.

Swami Rama (1925-1996) met Baba many times. According him partial secret for Baba’s long age was his diet – fruits and vegetables. When enquired Baba explained other secrets, ‘happiness is the greatest wealth of all. Punctuality is essential. Practising advanced methods of breathing, a technique of pranayama’, is equally important.

Brahmrishi Shri Devraha Baba Speaking

Swami Rama continues; ‘The highly accomplished yogis can live as long as they wish with the help of yoga powers and discipline, until they decide to leave. Some do it sitting in certain posture and consciouly opening the fontanelle, thus leaving the worn out body. Another way of doing it is to meditate on solar plexus, and then internal flame of fire burns the body in a fraction of a second. It is similar to spontanious combustion. Yogis also know how to change body – to take over dead person’s body, in order to still continue their life.

Australian Dr Michael Barbato, who has seen hundreds of patients die, did research into the behaviour of the brain at death. Researchers put brain monitors to thirty voluntary patients at a Port Kembla hospital as they died. The final seconds of life bring to many a last, powerful, surge of activity in the brain. According the study in the Journal of Pain and Symptom management, 73 per cent of the patients had a spike in brain activity at the time of death. "It is contrary to what one would expect," said Dr Barbato, “but just as the heart beat and breathing cease, the brain seems to have a burst of activity."

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti; ‘Secrets for a long life: Eating as soon as one feels hungry. Going to sleep as soon as one feels sleepy. Regularity in spiritual practices. Fasting at intervals. Performing half bath before meditation, sleep and meals. Yogurt, raw foods. Getting out of bed early. Yogic discipline, including sexual control. Proper physical labour. Rather than living a long life, important is to live a dignified life, performing noble deeds.

In future biological babies will be produced in laboratories from chemical compounds. The entire body, including the brain, can be created. They can have a long life as the different parts of their body can be replaced. Nature will put a bodiless mind into the embryo of these babies, so they will not be free from samskaras (karma). The more leisure time they have the more meditation practises they will do. It may be possible for future humans to move anywhere freely with their brain only’.

The Yoga of Physical Immortality, This seemsto happen sometimes in India and Himalayas, 200-Year-Old Mummified Buddhist Monk is ‘Not Dead’ Just Meditating, bodies don’t ‘die’,

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