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Cure for Common Health Issues

Commonly acidity is one reason for almost any disease. Also meat eating is risky, ripe old banana can replace meat. Yoga and meditation helps with any diseases. Half baths - splash water; face, nasal passage, eyes, behind ears, neck, lover arms and legs and genitals. Homeopathic medicines are helpful, sometimes better than chemicals. If eating acidic or sour fruits take them always with salt. Basil prevents many diseases and increases age. Nuts keeps young! Homeopathic medicines wary according individual, here only some examples, seek homeopath.

Acidity commonly, take coconut in any form with anis. Also lemon water with salt many times a day. Orange juice with water helps when feeling constantly hungry, take food only in regular intervals. Fast in certain days, ie full moon time.

Anemia, soak fenugreek over night, drink the water in the morning. Take fresh parsley juice, molasses, beet root, sesame seeds. Stick iron nails on apple, keep over night and eat the apple for breakfast. Homeopathic Ferrum phos 6 x together with Ferrum met 30, besides take some iron products.
Astma, local sweet or sour fruits. Leafy-vegetable soup, milk or yogurt water. Mainly alkaline foods. Evening meal early. A little lemon salt water several times a day. Eat little at time, clear constipation. Asthmatic spasms cannot occur when one is hungry. Enemas help occasionally. No intoxicants, not even tea. Mix raw cane sugar and pure mustard oil, lick in the morning for 21 days on an empty stomach. Take burned peacock feather ashes with honey. You can buy from India homeopathic mother tincture, blatta, which is made from cockroaches. Do acupressure. Avoid processed foods, preservatives. Homeopathic arsenicum, spongia, sulphur, antimum tart, hepar sulph, tuberculinum etc.

Brain function, tamarind and rice starch. Externally keep brain cool - put some oil or water on head. Take big cardamom with honey. Ginseng, ginkgo, soya lecithin, flax seed oil, nuts, oats. Homeopathic baryta carb, calcarea carb.
Blood pressure high, sleep enough. Eat less fat and protein foods and more alkaline vegetables and fruits. When better do more physical work. Small spoon of cardamom with a little honey twice a day. Use natural olive etc oils. Acupressure. Homeopathic, belladonna, nux vomica, glonoinum, lachesis. Low blood pressure almonds, basil. Homeopathic carbo veg, china, gelsemium, lycopodium, bartya carb, conium, natrum mur, etc

Blood toxicity, in the morning take 1 cm raw turmeric with honey to empty stomach for two weeks. Neem and brinjal fried together. Drink lots of water. Echinacea, honey, dandelion leaves, nettle. Homeopathic lachesis, arnica, bapt etc. Gangrene secale, arsenicum, lachesis, carbo veg, cantharis, can be very effective.

Bleeding externally, first aid bandage in serious cases. Juice of calendula leaf or flower, on wounds. Cayenne pepper, john’s worth, yarrow can help. Homeopathic millefolium, phosphorus, and for deeper wounds staphisagria, ledum, all in 30 potency. 
Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, some of these homeopathic; staphysagria, stramonium, belladonna, cuprum-met, hyoscyamus, nux-vomica, tuberculinum, tarentula, syphilinum, lachesis, arsenicum, coffea, platina, anacardium, aurum met, ignatia, natrum-mur, opium.

Bones, to make stronger. Gram flour with over ripe banana. Minerals. Milk, yoghurt, kale, swiss chard, almonds, avocados, flax seeds, vitamin D and Magnesium. Homeopathic, aurum, calcarea fluorica and calcarea phosporica, silicea, symphytum.

Cancer, homeopathic conium 200 etc, calcarea fluorica. Go to bed early, yoga posters 3 times a day, no sex. Alkaline food, lemon-salt water (similar effect than soda water), clear constipation. Milk, coconut or almond milk. Pineapple, banana, tomato. Drink lots of water. Sun and mud baths. Physical work if able. Avoid mobiles, wifis etc radiation, toxins. Cannabis oil and apricot pits.

Constipation, juices such as beet root, zucchini. Eat lots of vegetables and fibrous food. Dried plums. Homeopathic nux vomica, bryonia, alumen. No urge even alumina,  mother tincture chelidonium.

Colds, mustard oil, old molasses, raw papaya. Drink ginger, big cardamom and black pepper tea. Drink a lot lemon salt water. Homeopathic Aconite 30-200, if fever together with belladonna or gelsemium. Breath steam, gurgle with salt water. Take vitamin C and D. Boiled elderberries (sambucus nigra), echinacea, yarrow, peppermint.

Cough persistent, soak orange in hot water, take juice evening before sleep for 15 days. Take in the morning clove, thyme tea, lemon and honey. Homeopathy, bryonia, belladonna, phosphorus, Kali-bi, sulphur, hepar sulphur.

Dandruff or lice, grind raw turmeric and yoghurt mixed, put on scalp every 4 days before bath. Tea tree oil and olive oil to hair. Homeopathic staphysagria, apis, sulph, lycopodium. Falling hair, raw turmeric paste before bath. Eat pumpkin seeds, zink. Homeopathic for hair condition medorhinum, thuja, lycopodium, phosphorus, baryta carbonica.

Diabetes, do physical exercises and fast. Neem and little honey to empty stomach in the morning. Half baths many times a day. Alkaline food. Ripe bananas, coconut, peanut extract, squash, figs, coriander seeds. Take care of indigestion and constipation. Homeopathic, aurum, causticum, phosphoric acid, syzygium mother tincture.

Diarrhea, banana, white rice, lemonade, soft drinks. China and Carbo veg 30 alternating, if not helping or severe case arsenicum. Air colic in stomach, china 30.

Depression or suicidal, do service, help others. Meditation, yoga. John’s worth, pumpkin seeds, vitamin B, D, magnesium. Light therapy. Homeopathic combination medicines aurum, ignatia, natrum mur, pulsatilla, sepia, kali phos, many more for suicidal case. 
Ear problems, heat mustard oil and only that which drops put on ear. Acupressure. For pain, external hot bandage with salt, or basil, tea tree oil. Homeopathic if inflammation chamomilla, pulsatilla, belladonna, aconitum, mercurius, hepar sulph. If ear wax clean with salt water, olive oil, sesam oil or almond oil. Or 1 tsp salt on 1 dl warm water on ear, keep 3-5 minutes, remove and clean the ear. 
Epilepsy, eat half boiled cabbage without spices. No garlic, caffeine. Take mistletoe, scullcap, mugwort, vitamin B, E, magnesium. Homeopathic, cicuta, stramonium, cuprum, argentum nitr.

Eye decease, put drops of honey in eyes. Eat blue berries, black current, eyebright tea. Vitamin A, E, zink, omega. Homeopathic ruta, euphrasia, apis, arnica, calcarea fluor, cina, gelsemium, natrum mur

Fever low, wipe body with boiled potato water. Massage lightly head etc. Homeopathic aconite 30. High fever, belladonna.

Hernia, diet same as for indigestion. Eat only little several times, maintain a slight feeling of hunger. Avoid constipation, lifting, jumping and sex.

Heart, acute state; only fruits and milk or yoghurt with water, no asanas. Also otherwise only basic asanas. Sleep early. No any exertion, avoid anger. Spoonful of cinnamon with honey, take twice a day. Eat light food several times. Acupressure. Don’t sing or talk. Homeopathic medicines easily aggravate so avoid, except mother tinctures, terminalia arjuna, crataegus, camphora.

Indigestion, probiotics, natural enzymes, lemon water with salt several times a day. Chew the food well. Take only vegetarian food, not much grains, some boiled old rice grains with green vegetables and yoghurt water. Do physical work outside, eat only when hungry. Keep only right nostril open after meal. Coconut flakes with anis seed.

Kidney problems, juicy fruits, tomato. No fried foods or oil. Fast on plenty of water and lemon, never without water. Boil the silken husk of corn, drink the water. Kidney stones, homeopathic china 200 and berberis vulgaris mother tincture 5-10 drops in water alternating may help, if not soon go to doctor.

Leprosy, see that no food is rotten, decomposed, old. Malnourished poor get this disease. Neem bark tea. Cow’s urine with turmeric at dawn for one month. 
Liver, gall bladder, no grains except barley. Bitter leaves such as dandelion. Papaya. Ripe tomatoes with salt and pepper, morning and evening. Burn raw mango on fire, take 3-4 times a month. Flax seed oil, probiotics, yoghurt, radish, enzymes, detox, lots of water. One has to do physical work. Tapping with hand the area of liver. Homeopathic medicines, lycopodium, bryonia, nux vomica, mercury, podo, suphur, phosphorus, mother tinctures, chelidonium, carduus marianus. Gall stones, homeopathic china 200 and berberis vulgaris mother tincture 5-10 drops in water alternating until pain disappears, if not soon go to doctor. 
Lung cancer, preventive sugar cane molasses, grape seed, pineapple juice. Stop smoking or working on dusty place. Homeopathic, carbo anim, lycopodium, carcinosin, calcarea fluor, con.

Malaria to prevent, one spoon of neem leaf juice, heat in iron spoon to oxidise it. (how many times to take?) Gives immunity for five years. Grape fruit, cinnamom. Homeopathic, chininum sulph, nux vomica, china, eupatorium per, arsenicum, natrum mur.

Memory loss, keep body erect as much as possible, walk bare foot outside, delays also ageing. Take ginkgo and ginseng tinctures or mother tinctures. Rosemary, sage, blue berries. Brain exercises. Homeopathic, ambra grisea, anacardium, baryta carb, kalium phos, lycopodium.

Menstruation problems, reasons; liver defects, lack of physical work, constipation, excessive sex, anaemia, over-acidity. All types of fruit juice, milk, leafy vegetables. Little, asafoetida and clove, No warming oneself by the fire. During excessive bleeding, lie in bed with the legs raised. Relax, meditate. Homeopathy pain etc, magnesium phos, belladonna, colocynthis, pulsatilla, sepia, lachesis.

Obesity, instead of eating do service. Asanas, acupressure, chromium. Cook and eat only simple, healthy foods, which are not attractive. Homeopathic calcarea carb, aurum met, natrum mur, lycopodium, nux vomica etc. 
Paralyses, avoid high blood pressure, acidity, constipation, lust and anger. Half baths and sun baths. Ayurvedic aswagandha and bala. Preventive; bromelain, gingko, flax seed oil, vitamin C, millet, beet root, asparagus, nuts, radish. Avoid bitter, acidic foods. Camphor on facial paralyses, or black pepper, ginger, honey mixture to face. Heat big cardamom with olive oil, put to face morning or evening for one month. Keep the affected part often in slight motion. Homeopathic medicines, causticum, plumbum met, conium, nux vomica, phosphorus, natrum sulph and arnica. 
Piles, clear constipation, avoid sex. Food similar as in liver disease. Some whole grains, yoghurt-water, soups, figs, tomato, spinach, unripe pumpkin, squash psyllium husk, aloe vera olive or tea tree oil. Avoid salt, spices, excessive alkaline food. Fasting with citrus water. Neem ghee externally, or apple cider vinegar. Half baths. Homeopathic medicines, aesculus, aloe, arsenicum, nux vomica, nitric acid, sulphur, phosphorus.

Psoriasis, (etc skin problems), raw turmeric and neem leaves with honey. Lunchtime vegetables with neem leaves, evening drink; basil soaked in warm water. Sun baths. Seaweeds, iodium, aloe vera, vitamin D, Z, probiotics, milk thistle. Take care of digestion. Ginger for sore, itching skin externally. Coconut oil boiled with neem leaves, keep in bottle and use for skin daily. Tea tree oil. Homeopathic arsenicum and ars iod, borax, calcarea sulph, graphites, lycopodium, petroleum, psorinum, sulph.

Rheumatism, same as acidity. Drink plenty of water, sun and half baths. Beginning state take purgatives. Willow bark, ginger, nettles. Externally castor oil, mashed cabbage, tiger palm. Not much salt. Homeopathic medicines, rhus tox, bryonia etc.

Sciatica, lumbago, kaoshiki 20 minutes daily, hanging on something, chiropractor treatment, asanas, acupuncture. Bind small hot water bottle on back. Homeopathic medicines calcarea carbonica, rhus tox, bryonia, colocynthis, magnesia phos, nux vomica, lycopodium, causticum etc

Syphilis, gonorrhoea, raw turmeric and honey in the morning. Vegetarian food. Avoid onion, spices, sweets, milk products, intoxicants and staying awake at night. Take alkaline foods. Sun-bath of diseased parts. Continuous fast 4 days on lemon salt water. Lime for chancroid and then honey on top of it. Wash the sores with neem juice, put neem oil, but not in first stage. No sex for 2 years although healed. Homeopathic, mercurius, arsenicum, kali bi, hepar sulph, nitr acid, aurum, suphur, sepia.

Small box, soak methi in water, smell it many times in the mornings. Aconitum, bryonia, antimum tart. Sneezing, big cardamom and honey.
Thyroid, hypothyroidism, gluten free diet, eat seaweed, kelp, coconut and flax seed oil, nettles, selenium, avoid any cabbage plants. Asanas. Homeopathic iodium, thyroidinum, calcarea carbonica and for hyperthyroidism iodium, natrum mur, phosphorus, conium, lachesis

Ulcer, eat cooked papaya. Take vegetarian alkaline food, no constipation, no poisonous medicines. In a severe state, only plenty of water and sweet or sour fruit juice. Later small quantity of diluted milk with honey. Filtered juice of ripe tomatoes. Well-boiled mass potatoes with milk. Should never eat much, but several times a day. No sweet, spicy and salty foods, no fibres. Homeopachic medicines, first reduce acidity; lycop, carbo veg, nux vomica, then mercury, in some case calcarea and pulsatilla.

Urinary problems, soak fenugreek over night, drink corn silk drinks and diuretic herb teas. Specific asanas, vitamin D, pumpkin seed extract. Acupuncture or -pressure. Homeopathic cantharis for inflammation, involuntary urination causticum and some others, avoid coffee.

Weakness, eat tomatoes, do kaoshiki. Bananas, almonds, ginseng, licorice may help. Avoid coffee, its effect is addictive. Homeopathic, gels, ferrum met, china, conium, kali phos.

Many of these advises are answers from P R Sarkar for health inquiries and some from his book below, while some are my own and others beneficial experiences with natural and homeopathic treatments.

Didi Annapurna
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