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Bipolarity of the Mind

Anyone having bipolar disorder has divided mind, being by turns high and low – perhaps better described as manic-depressive. It is a condition were person has alternating states of elevated activity with enthusiasm, and low animalistic staticity with fears and depression. For some the active state is as high as feeling of being one with Jesus or God, kind of spiritual state with joy, magic and creativity.

The bipolar mind tends to go too high, similarly as if one has taken ayesha psychedelic. It may feel great, but the drop to opposite depressive state can happen at any trifle. Things are seen then on a negative point of view. There is no hope, one may want to hide under the table due to fears, or sleep constantly.

Not everyone go to the highest spiritual states, they might just end up on some stage of elevated consciousness with overestimated efforts, paranoia, suicidal thoughts etc. The obsessions drive the direction of interests and make frustrated.

Video about 80 FAMOUS bipolar cases, for example; Beethoven, Russell Brand, Churchill, Kurt Cobain, Diggens, Emerson, Fitzgerald, Newton, Hemingway, Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Mostly they are people who have artistic talents; actors, musicians, singers and writers, but only few politicians, you may see all 80

What is the difference between true spirituality compared to high manic state, or ayesha condition? When doing meditation, one is rising gradually during years to a higher state of mind. Her understanding of spiritual realm is increasing, and she doesn’t fluctuate between lower and higher states of mind, rather the mind becomes more stable. Manic person or druct addict jumps suddenly to a high spiritual state, which she is not able to understand or control. One negative thought can bring her down to an opposite state.
What to do about it?

One of the best ways to uplift oneself when being depressed or suicidal – bipolars are often suicidal – is to do service. It might sound strange or even crude to suggest that to sick person, but in reality when one starts helping, those being helped will start to show sympathy for her. Sometimes it is better to do it unknowingly, as then there is no danger of becoming slave for anyone. Karma will pay it back in that case, with interest. Help will start coming from somewhere, even miracles will happen as the Cosmic consciousness is showering his grace. Everyone can help according capacity, even just share sympathy for others in the net, or make something and give to old people, feed animals etc.

She ended up helping others; bipolar disorder, anorexia and bulimia

Doctors don’t seem to have much understanding of higher states of mind. When explained to a patient the spiritual nature of ones condition, it already helps to understand more the sickness and how to scope with it. Also while knowing that in spiritual realm there are helpers, guides and teachers, it will lessen the feeling of helplessness. Suicide is not any option as the same problems might be waiting in the next life.
In bipolar condition one may not be able to do calming meditation, in that case singing mantra and dancing kiirtan is very helpful. The zone therapy and acupuncture points are activated by touching the big toes on the floor during dancing, which calms the mind down. Besides the singing of mantra is also helpful. The brain activity seen in EEG is fluctuating, while mantra’s vibration is a straight line, which will straighten a bit also ones brain wave. Mind can be kept on positive flow just by repeating mantras or aphorisms in mind constantly, as the negative, depressive state is more debilitating in longer run.

Bipolar Disorder & Consciousness

I used to take care of mentally sick people while they were staying occasionally in our course center in Finland. Once one bipolar patient was asking advice how she could avoid of doing crazy things that made her life hell and other people to avoid her. As bipolar people seem to be good actors – if you watched the video above about famous people, you could see that many Hollywood actors are bipolars – I suggested to her, ‘why not you start acting how normal person would do things?’ It actually helped her quite a lot as she enjoyed acting. After that it was quite difficult anymore even notice that she had serious problems and her relationships with people got better.

There are many herbs, homeopathic medicines, special foods – without forgetting exercise, including yoga posters – which are helpful. So called half baths several times a day by wetting the face, neck, top of head, arms and feet will calm the nerves. Drinking 3-4 litre of water daily is essential. Lithium orotate, John’s wort, ginkgo, ginseng, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, flax seed and grape seed oil etc may help when combined with other means.

Spiritual company is relaxing. Normally relationships are difficult as other people tend to go into feelings of the patient, and end up helpless, but those who practise meditation, although sympathetic, will not get trapped so easily on patient’s emotions.

Sadhguru: ‘If you align the physical, mental and the energy body in proper balance there will be no physical or psychological ailments within you, and blissfulness becomes a natural process. Dis-aligned state causes all kinds of health problems.’

You need to take care of food, activity and rest. Eat what fits for you (he recommends usually vegetarian food). Between meals have gap of five hours for cleansing process to happen. After the evening meal (not immediately) there must be some physical activity. Hatha yoga is the best way to do it, also morning stretching.’ Full Transcript:…, video

Sadhguru has also yogic hospital in India. ‘We give treatments to the patients, but they are also working in the garden bare foot. Your body is piece of the planet and you forget that. If you loose the connection to your source you will get disorganized.’

Erik shot himself at the age of 16 due to bipolar disorder. Since he has been helping and advising people through several mediums from the other side. He says about bipolar disorder: ‘You need to have it in order to learn’. One way you may get it: ‘let’s say my grandma is bipolar, and I’m around her everyday for 10 years and I love her a lot. And all of a sudden, I have bipolar disease. What you believe in is what you manifest’.

Bipolar people keep other foot in different dimension, beyond. It allows one to see and to observe human life in a disconnected way. Some people choose to be bipolar to stay distant from emotional relations. Someone can be so disassociated from his body that other entities will invite themselves to come in and share his body. Have your doctor, therapist, energetic healer, and regressive hypnotist’.

Erik’s personal experience: ‘Well, the manic spells were awesome. That’s when you’re most connected to Source and more euphoric and creative. It is a spiritual experience. This state may last for a week, a month, then you disconnect. That feels terrible, so of course you get depressed’.

But only those bipolars who are more evolved are able to connect to Source. Society stuff them full of pills. There are some folks who, when manic, become aggressive. Eating processed food, breathing polluted air – and dirty water is a huge culprit. Deficiency in omega -3 fatty acid plays a role in our nervous system.’

Psychic Focus about sociopathy and bipolar disorder. ‘The life a person lives is a combination of past karma and lessons you are to learn. We have roles that vary, sometimes you are to help others to grow, sometimes they help you to grow. The experiences all serve as a balancing act. We all incarnate and are all things (good and bad) in order to ascend’.

Indian scientist P.R Sarkar says, that people commonly tend to identify themselves with mental objects. People who in their objectivated minds repeatedly form the same image out of weakness or fear, suffer from a mental disease called mania. And when one thinks that everyone deliberately avoids him or dislikes him, he becomes dejected and dispirited. Life loses all its charm, and he may even commit suicide. This type of mania is called melancholia. If one is alert, the defective control over the objectivated mind can be avoided. Those who regularly practise meditation can remain free from these diseases, as their minds will remain in a balanced state’.

Sarkar has also mentioned that division of the mind causes mental problems and that only where, along with psychological treatment, guidance concerning diet, bathing and behaviour is given, and to normalize the possibly diseased glands of the body by yoga or medicines, can the disease be permanently cured. 1980, Calcutta.

All humans tend to be bipolars more or less, but not Sadhguru? The scientists declared his brain dead when he did meditation during gamma wave testing!

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