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Trump Attends Meetings about SSP and ETs - on space ship?

This surely sounds more than strange, but lets consider at least. There seems to be many kind of claims that Trump is participating some meetings with earth alliance on space. 

Anthony is a commander of Kruger super soldier ‘runners’, claiming to be a member of positive Illuminati. He is telling incredible stories about his participation in about 5000 Secret Space Program missions. He tells also that he has been in 160 planets. However everything seems to be very unclear what he has really experienced, what he remembers and what has been told, so nothing seems to be so sure, probably he is heavily memory suppressed.

He says; ‘I was in ship with Trump for security during briefing of SSP in February 2017. Another super soldier who was present was working with communications. She has made video about it. She mentions high government official, but doesn’t mention Donald Trump by name’. When Anthony was asked if Trump was surprised about being in space? He answers; ‘Trump was all Trump, like normally. He wants to bring out ET technologies, but not allow ETs on earth. If Hillary would be president there would be no disclosure.‘ Super Soldier Talk - Anthony Zender – Kruger Super Soldier,

Elena Kapulnik was probably the who made the video that Anthony is talking about. Anthony even mentioned at some point her name and told that he has met Elena. Here about Elena's video; 'In the beginning of Febr 2017 when Elena was in SSP mission, a high government ranking US official boarded earth alliance carrier ship to space. The mission was to brief this government official about SSP, earth alliance world assets, space stations, planets, ships and about maintaining secrecy of ET existence. This earth alliance briefing was for different earth governments. The official persons boarding to carrier ship on earth orbit was guarded by huge team of security guards on crafts with assault rifles.

Elena was in this ship monitoring the communications that nobody can spy. She was encrypting all messages, scanning everyone for listening devices and weapons etc. There were concerns about security, because devices can be teleported, so she had to scan before and after. She doesn’t want to mention any names.

Elena Kapulnik is amazing super soldier. She has many stories from Mars, meeting with ETs, advanced healing experiments, visiting Antarctica etc. When I look her body language, I don’t see much signs of deception, though I have to admit, I don’t know much about these analyses. Here she is remote viewing Dulce Base Underground Secret Facility (April, 2017),

Elena Kapulnik is ready to take polygraph test and her body language to be analyzed. For channeling session with Christopher S. Jacobs, she prepared eight questions about her SSP experiences to be verified. Christopher with his co-host Joanna went to figure out if the memories were real. Most seem to be true, except one story was about planted false memory by reptilians.The Lifting Interviews Star Traveler and the Secret Space Program,

Recently Elena verify also with psychic medium Karl Mollison the same things, through her higher self (?).

Tekkrr through Jim talks also about Trump participating in meeting of governments. Trump didn’t speak anything there, as according Tekkrr, Trump is afraid of loosing power to ETs. He wants to trade with ETs, but not them to come to earth. Trump is aware and using secret advanced technology for his own benefit.

In last governments' meeting only 15, now 33 nations want first contact. Some of the largest countries don’t want disclosure because ‘chaos will follow etc’. They claim ETs would benefit from hybridization, but Tekkrr says humans also would benefit. Healing of humans is done from astral, from distance, ETs are not allowed to heal humans here on physical level earth. In that meeting was 8 hours discussion about Antarctica. Next Sunday something negative might happen. Those in charge, cabal, are questioned.

In these meetings the government representatives are in physical form in some place on earth, but the common people and Lyran ETS are participating in holographic form. After the meeting these humans don't usually remember of being there. It is very common claim nowadays that many of the humans unknowingly are communicating or working with ETs in astral during their sleep. 

Corey Goode has also stated; 'Conzales has confirmed that President Trump is backed by Earth Alliance. Trump Hold Listening Session On Human Trafficking - Corey Goode Comments, (obviously Corey is also relating it to human trafficking on space)'.

According Corey Trump declassified in January patents concerning anti-aging and health, along with free energy technologies used already long time in SSP. The declassification will not be accessible to major media. Corey's information comes from a senior official in the MIC-SSP, 

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