tiistai 29. marraskuuta 2011

Demonstration, money and economic depressions

We (people from several organizations) had yesterday demonstration in front of Nordea bank as it also laid out loads of workers while at same time getting huge profits. The demonstration was most peaceful with also meditations in the bank hall itself, as it was so cold outside. Some activists took out their savings from the bank too. I took part with speeches and reading my poem, which I also gave to some bank staff and managers: Here first in Finnish then in English.

No bail outs!
Puhelimeen saa vastata!
Ei veronkiertoa; pankit kuriin!
Kiitokset ilmaisista odottamisajoista!
Vanhuksia ei saa ryövätä pankkimaksuilla!
Palvelu on vilpitöntä antamista, ei pankkimaksuja!
Asiakkaille seiväsmatkoja tutustumaan veroparatiiseihin!
Ei saa luoda rahaa tyhjästä, koska tyhjästä on paha nyhjästä!
Ei keinottelua, rahat kultakantaan ja vaikka valtio printatkoon ne!
Työttömäksi jätetyt pankkineidit takaisin voittojen kohtuullistamiseksi!

No bail outs!
You may answer to telephone!
No tax avoidance - control for banks!
Thanks for free queuing times!
Old people should not be robbed with bank fees!
Service is just giving, not bank payments!
Customers should get free trips to research the tax heavens!
Not to create money from nothing because it is bad to take from nothingness!
No manipulation, money to be backed by gold and government should print!
The laid off bank officials back, so not so much problem with profits!

Gold bullion and depressions: When the money at present is not backed by any gold or real asset, it can be printed just like that in the mints, or even created by computer entry. The result in long run is debts, inflation and economic depression. There are some arguments whether money should be backed by gold or not? Other solution suggested is that money printing should be given into the hands of government alone. Questions come to my mind; what about if some country would still print money enormously? And in case if money has to be backed to gold etc asset, then how the inequality can be prevented between nations, if some country is poor with its assets??? Anyhow Sarkar was convinced that money should be backed to gold bullion etc, so let it be.

At present just any banks or any central banks can create money. The central banks are not necessarily government banks. Like US Federal Reserve – it is said to be owned actually by private banks, nothing much to do with government. It is advantage of such banks to print money and create rather inflation, as otherwise during recessions, deflation might come and that is not good for the banks.

It is interesting to see what else Sarkar said about worldwide economic depression etc:

Economic Depressions, 17 Jan 1988, Calcutta
In the economic sphere, you must know that two factors are very important. The first is that money will have to be kept in circulation. It must be understood that the more the purchasing capacity of money is not utilized or money is kept stagnant, the more the economic stratum is damaged. The second is that money, and indirectly its interest, can bring about disparities in wealth…. If these two fundamental factors of economics are even partially forgotten, a worldwide economic depression will result.

Even if countries or socio-economic regions which have been maintaining a stable economic standard engage in trade related to bullion with other countries, they will have to suffer such a depression partially if not totally. If countries which are prosperous in various spheres and economically unrelated to other countries undergoing a depression, invest their wealth in enterprises of a non-yielding nature such as excessive defence spending, superfluous construction of large buildings, luxury goods, etc. – investments which do not earn any income in return – these countries will also suffer from economic depression.

However, if a country discontinues trade related to direct or indirect economic transactions and commences barter trade instead with other countries, it will not suffer much from such an economic depression. In this case only a very slight economic depression, which is hardly felt, takes place at the end of every financial year due to imbalances in economic transactions.

Over-industrialized countries also find it necessary to keep industrially undeveloped countries within their control in order to use them as a market for their finished goods. If they do not get a market to sell the consumer goods produced in their countries, they will suffer from economic depression and growing unemployment.

The difference between the previous depression and the future depression will be that in the previous one there was little inflation, but the future depression will be associated with inflation. Hence, it will be more detrimental to the integrated development of human society.

An endeavour should be made to shorten the span of this economic depression. Before the final culminating point comes, it is possible to avert the disaster and accelerate the speed of social movement. Prout...

The currency should be backed by gold or other real asset

The more that money is invested in developmental programmes, the better it is… increasing the expenses of a government department at the cost of developmental programmes amounts to committing economic suicide.

If production is increased through investment in developmental programmes, the purchasing capacity of the people can be increased without increasing their salaries. When purchasing capacity is increased, both government and non-government employees will benefit…In pure economic terms developmental programmes are those programmes which directly increase national wealth and indirectly support this increase.

If the production in a country is abundant and the gold bullion reserves are in proportion to the country’s economic position, there is no possibility of inflation. However, if the circulation of the capital decreases as a result of staticity and the quantum of production also goes down, then inflation is bound to take place.

If a country has a constant deficit in foreign trade, in that case also there is the possibility of inflation. In addition, if foreign trade is not conducted according to the barter system and the country has to import foodstuffs and export raw materials, inflation will certainly occur.

On the other hand, if there is sufficient production and adequate supply, but suddenly the quantum of demand falls, then the value of money suddenly increases for the buyer. This is called “negative inflation” or “deflation”.

The banking system must be vigilant about two important points. First, the intrinsic demonic greed of the banks must not be allowed to jeopardize the life of the common people…Secondly, the banks must not allow unwise administrators or governments to print monetary notes indiscriminately without reserving the proportionate amount of bullion in their treasuries.

The first defect not only ruins low and middle income groups, but also impoverishes wealthy people. The second defect destroys the very life of society. It leads to widespread inflation, which in turn jeopardizes internal trade and commerce as well as foreign trade and barter. Even if there is abundant production in a country, the common people do not benefit. The rich become richer and get more scope to continue their merciless exploitation. In state capitalism, the exploitative rulers tighten their grip over society even more. State capitalism may call itself capitalism, socialism or communism, but ultimately it stands before the masses as more dangerous and bloodthirsty than bloodsucking ghouls and demons.

If people oppose the banking system because they are guided by selfish whims or any other sentiment, then their economy will stay in the dark ages. They are bound to lose equipoise and equilibrium in the physical sphere, remain lopsided in the psychic and spiritual spheres, and reduce themselves to objects of ridicule.

So you see, the fundamental aim of the banking system is, “Keep money rolling.” Let governments be active…And let the colourful saris of the weavers be purchased and worn by the newly married brides, adding to the beauty and prosperity of society.

It is doubtful whether the Supreme Creator, let alone humanity, has the right to punish those who commit crimes due to poverty. Still, from the moral standpoint, I cannot support criminal acts. I would suggest that before committing such crimes they should become revolutionaries. It is the duty of those with a good knowledge of morality to guide them in their revolutionary activities. Let them separate the gold from the dross in the fire of revolution.

….A unit mind which accepts gold or silver as the goal of life gradually becomes transformed into gold or silver. The psychic waves, as a result of constant ideation are first transformed into the waves of gold or silver and finally into crude gold or silver itself as a result of jad́asamádhi. Later on it is reborn as a gold or silver, and spends its days confined within the safe of a money-minded merchant. This undesirable situation is called narakavása or life in hell.
Didi Annapurna

torstai 24. marraskuuta 2011

Living library

If one wants to get out of prejudices and negative thinking about different type of people, one can attend Living library. The idea is that there are several books, who are real beings i.e. anorectic, priest, police, MS patient, lesbian, pilot, vegetarian. Then there comes the readers who can choose a book and interview for ab 20 minutes at a time usually.

It is very inspiring communication system especially in the schools. I have attended ab 10-20 living libraries as a book and enjoyed of meeting all kinds of people. It is not only that I can tell about my life style as yoga nun, but also to meet people who are really, really interested about yoga and spirituality, and not less interesting is to meet the other books - all such great and courageous personalities.

I think this type of communication is very great in the present society, where people are mainly chatting on the net and forgetting about the real coming together and sharing.

According to PROUT and Sarkar, education stands: The real meaning of education is trilateral development – simultaneous development in the physical, mental and spiritual realms of human existence. This development should enhance the integration of the human personality.

Emphasis should be given to moral education and the inculcation of idealism – not only philosophy and traditions. The sense of universalism should also be awakened. Real education leads to a pervasive sense of love and compassion for all creation.

Special importance should be attached to children’s education because today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen. The receptive capacity of a child is great…By learning the world language; students will develop a feeling of world citizenship in their minds. Students should be encouraged to involve themselves in social welfare and other constructive activities within their school or campus. After completing their education, students should be guaranteed appropriate employment.

Education must be free from all political interference. Education should be free at all levels. Grown-up students, that is, adults, may take part in the non-academic side of administration. The teaching of science must always be encouraged.

Educated are those who have learned much, remembered much and made use of their knowledge in practical life… Let everyone possess as much mental and spiritual wealth as possible… It is certainly possible to transform the craving for physical enjoyment into intellectual hunger by channelling it toward a different goal through proper education. Human society today is badly in need of such education….According to the type of education imparted; one’s psychic environment is built up. The psychic environment is more powerful in human life than the physical environment.

A kindergarten school is something basic and the mission of making human beings is accomplished here. If one has already become a thief or a criminal, in that case university education for such a person is of no avail. If one receives the fundamentals of education in the formative period of one’s life, one will keep oneself alright in the teeth of the greatest trials and tribulations in life.

We must make arrangements for the food, clothes, education, shelter and medical treatment of each and every individual, so that all can live in this world as long as possible, and become assets to the earth. PROUT does not reject the western educational system. But at the same time, the western education system utterly failed to inculcate a sense of morality, reverence and a high standard of behaviour…

Without education democracy can never be successful….So, education is a must – education is mandatory – and you should do something to spread education in each and every village throughout the world. Proper education means elevating the standard of downtrodden humanity.

We have to keep in view three fundamentals before imparting education. The first is that education must always be based on factuality. There must not be the injection of any dogma or fanaticism or any type of geographical or racial chauvinism in the education system.

The second fundamental is that education must awaken the thirst for knowledge in the students’ minds. The students themselves will create environmental pressure by persistent demands for answers to queries like: What is the answer? Is it correct? The longing, “I wish to know and… I wish to understand and assimilate the entire universe” should be created.

The third fundamental of education is that teachers and students should have a balanced mind, unaffected, unassailed by unimportant entities…Education should impart an awareness of who I am and what I ought to do… So we must start primary schools throughout the entire world to create a spiritual urge amongst the little pupils….To arouse the cooperative spirit among the people, there should be extensive training and education, but moral education must take precedence over everything else so that people do not give greater importance to individual interests at the expense of the collective interest.

When the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe – I have designated this as Neohumanism. This Neohumanism will elevate humanism to universalism, the cult of love for all created beings of this universe.

Neohumanism will give impetus and energy to PROUT to remove all disparities and artificial barriers. This Neohumanist education will impart proper training to the mind. And at the same time there should be spiritual practice for proper psychic transformation. This is what we require most…It is most undesirable for the inherent intuition in human beings to be neglected in preference to theoretical knowledge or information memorized by rote.

Now in the case of Neohumanism, we have to consider how far the individual rhythms of human beings and other living creatures and plants are maintaining adjustment with the Cosmic rhythm.

Didi Annapurna

tiistai 15. marraskuuta 2011

Occupy Prout movement!

Short cuts of Sarkar´s texts: I cannot support the attitude of those who denounce capitalism at every opportunity, because this allows capitalists to become alert and invent more scientific and devious ways to exploit the people. Those who lack a constructive ideology will never be capable of destroying capitalism… We are to fight capitalism and not the capitalists.

Our approach should be to adopt a constructive ideal, and we should wage a ceaseless and pactless struggle against all anti-human and antisocial factors. The capitalists are suffering from a sort of mental ailment, and it is our foremost duty to radically cure them by diverting their physical thirst towards psychic and spiritual pursuits.

While trying to fight against any sort of exploitation, first we must have a clear understanding of the nature of the exploitation. Capitalist exploitation is perpetuated in three spheres – the physical sphere, which we are well aware of, and the intellectual and spiritual spheres. Each of these types of capitalist exploitation is equally dangerous.

To solve the problem of capitalist exploitation in the physical sphere, we will have to ensure that the movement of money does not become restricted or immobile in the hands of a few capitalists. The present economic system should be thoroughly transformed, and a comprehensive and completely new economic system should be built in its place.

Intellectual Capitalism: In different periods there has been different forms of capitalist exploitation. In the psychic sphere there is a noticeable lack of motivation and effort on the part of intelligent and educated people at present to properly utilize their acquired knowledge for the collective welfare. They will have to assist the common people in their development and extend their support to all anti-exploitation movements.

Psycho-economic exploitation is the latest form of dangerous and all-devouring capitalist exploitation: i.e pseudo-culture; unpsychological education system with frequent political interference by vested interests; mass media in the hands of capitalists…

Spiritual Capitalism: Capitalism also exists in the spiritual realm. Because of their selfishness, they keep spiritual knowledge to themselves. Genuine spiritual practice is the birthright of all people. Today there is an urgent need for an all-round spiritual revolution in individual and collective life under the leadership of a group of accomplished and idealistic leaders.

1981, Calcutta, A Few Problems Solved Part 9

Why Prout: It is based on spirituality and we are entering spiritual age. Is our mission the only way for progressive life and society? No, certainly not, there are well developed spiritual beings in different groups and without, there are progressive thinkers, those established in activism, fighting, those having honest money sources etc. We in our mission are not enough alone to establish better world. All other spiritual minded and righteous people are needed in the mission towards better future of humanity. All moralists should unite. Together we can make it.

Anyhow Sarkar created Prout theory and practise in 1959 (with practical solutions, holistic approach, comprehensive philosophy, experienced leadership and started the movement with training of dedicated, spiritually established and self disciplined people) as a model for the spiritual age, while nobody else thought about need for that.

We see that each person needs certain mission or at least meditation method to get established herself/himself - alone is difficult to progress – but everyone has to find the mission which best fits for his or her present aspiration and needs. Thus there is no right mission or wrong mission. But honestly I feel that our spiritual practises are far better than any other methods I have seen and experienced.

If you want to get fast forward and become one of the pioneers, come along to do meditation or join our activities! But be ready for tantric experiences and struggle as the more fast you advance the more fast sequence you have to pass obstacles. Anyhow the obstacles are never greater than your capacity to solve them.

Didi Annapurna

Disclosure of UFOs

Developments of disclosure. Some US president has been questioned about UFOs, http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc845.htm. Also it has been claimed, that JF Kennedy plan for disclosure, just before being shot. http://www.rense.com/general10/jfkufo.htm. Some years back tens of Whistleblowers, former NASA, NSA etc officials were briefing US congress with their own experiences in secret projects concerning UFOs. http://www.disclosureproject.org/congress.shtml. FBI and CIA opened last year some of their secret files, i.e Roswell case. Although there are very contradictory revelations ab President Obama, he has supported indirectly UFO whistleblowers. He also spoke something related while looking at the skies with Indian PM Singh... Hoagland, previous worker in NASA secret projects, spoke recently about Obama´s “divine mission”…http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2228340498938753446. And David Wilcock expects Obama to play important role in disclosure eventually. http://astrology.about.com/b/2009/10/11/david-wilcock-predictions.htm.
How much we really know about Obama and his life? There has not been not really anyone or groups come forward and tell about friendship with him, nor any colleague or family member, but here comes something to think about; short cut of recent article about Obama attending Mars mission, (sorry the net page of this article got lost):

Two former participants in the CIA’s Mars program have confirmed that U.S. President Obama was enrolled in their Mars training, and reached Mars via “jump room.” Andrew Basiago, DARPA’s time travel Project Pegasus, and fellow chrononaut William Stillings, have publicly confirmed that Obama was enrolled in Mars training class along them and that both later encountered Obama in Mars during visits to rudimentary U.S. facilities there, that took place from 1981 to 1983.

Mars training class was to prepare 10 teenagers for trips to Mars via teleportation. Classes were conducted by remote viewing pioneer Major Dames, U.S. Army intelligence, at The College of the Siskiyous, in California. Basiago and Stillings can today identify two teenagers in Major Dames’ class; Barack Obama, then “Barry Soetoro,” and Regina Dugan, who Mr. Obama appointed the director of the DARPA in 2009. Seven parents of the ten students, all with ties to the CIA, audited the class including Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, a CIA official for Kenya and Indonesia.

On August 21, 2011, Mr. Basiago stated it being something highly significant, that two individuals from the same Mars training class in 1980 (Basiago and Stillings) met and were able to corroborate Obama and director of DARPA, Dugan. Sept 20, 2011, Basiago confirmed also that two years after Mars, when Obama was attending Columbia University, their paths crossed again in Los Angeles and he didn't recognize Obama, because their memories concerning Mars visit had been blocked (by NASA).

Basiago remembers that during one of his trips to Mars via “jump room”, he watched. Obama walk back to the jump room from across the Martian terrain. Obama stated, with some sense of fatalism: “Now we’re here!” Stillings states that he encountered Obama standing beside the “jump room” facility by himself staring vacantly into a ravine located adjacent to the facility.
Basiago believes Ms. Dugan also went to Mars, because he once encountered her at the building in El Segundo, near “jump room”.

According Basiago in the early 1980’s, the U.S. facilities on Mars were rudimentary and resembled the construction phase of a rural mining project. (The U.S. base on Mars first revealed publicly by Command Sgt. Major Dean at the European Exopolitics Summit in Spain in 2009). The primitive conditions that they encountered on Mars might explain the high level of danger involved. Mr. Hunt, CIA officer, provided Mr. Basiago with a weapon and took him to training targeted for avoiding predators on the Martian surface.

The Mars program was launched for protecting the Earth, to assert US claim of territorial sovereignty over Mars and to acclimate Martian humanoids and animals to their presence, as Major Dames stated in 1980: “Simply put, your task is to be seen and not eaten”. “Jump room” technology and bases in Mars by three other Mars whistle blowers: (1) Former Michael Relfe, permanent security staff on Mars (20 years); (2) Former DoD scientist Arthur Neumann teleported for project meetings in Mars. (3) Laura Eisenhower, gr-granddaughter of President Eisenhower. Mars researchers, including physicist David Wilcock.

Coast to Coast. Nov 10, 2011. Basiago, Stillings and Laura Eisenhower first time in a mainstream media…Special Program: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2011/11/10. The cover-up of the U.S. presence on Mars and Mr. Obama’s involvement will soon become matters of great public interest? Reading; http://bit.ly/l5nNof. http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-seattle/mars-visitors-basiago-and-stillings-confirm-barack-obama-traveled-to-mars#ixzz1dPbGzLcm

Interesting at least...

Short cuts of Sarkar´s texts: According to old astronomy and also astrology, Mars also came out of this Earth, but it did not move around the Earth as its satellite. And that is why a name for Mars is Kuja: Ku means earth and Kuja means born out of ku.

In the past, such a shifting [poles] took place several times – in the annals of this planet and also in the history of so many other planets. As a result of this shifting, as a result of this changing, the people say that `satellites´moved in and out of this earth when its outer crust, its lithospherical body, was not as solid as it is now.

When going to the moon or Mars, people should be sufficiently cautious. The body and mind should be properly adjusted. This is called environmental adjustment. Ásana, práńáyáma [yogic postures and breathing], etc, help us in this adjustment.

Humans will remain on this planet for a little while longer, and they will undergo further change. History shows that so many animals roamed this earth with great prowess, but their strength gradually waned and they have become totally extinct. One day human beings will also be extinct on this planet. But this does not mean that they will become extinct on all other planets also… If the atmosphere gets too polluted, or if the release of energy from the sun decreases, this world may become unfit for human habitation. But in the universe as a whole there will never be lack of space for human habitation…Sadvipras will never lag behind in making scientific experiments. When the earth will become uninhabitable for human beings they will shift them to other planets… by means of developed conveyances… to a greater glory, a greater victory, a far greater enlightenment…

On other planets also…there are creatures like human beings. Not only on other planets [of this solar system], but on other celestial bodies, there are creatures like human beings, in some cases slightly more developed, in some cases slightly less developed…Some people are of the opinion that the people of ancient times used to address as deva those beings who had arrived from other planets. The truth of their opinion should be carefully verified.

We must move ahead, looking upon this solar system as one integral entity. But in the future, human beings from other planets and satellites will join our movement; we will have to build our society together with all. We will have to look upon this whole world as an integral entity.

When inter-planetary conflict begins, then internationalism will assume the same role as nationalism does today. The only way to establish universalism is to bring about mental expansion through spiritual practice. The inculcation of the spiritual outlook …will lead to the establishment of a universal state, a global nation, with a common thread of unity and aspiration. That nation will be known as the human nation.

Sadhakas [spiritual aspirants]…You people will complete your mission here and in this life, so that we may all take up another mission on some other planets!

Human civilization now faces the final moment of a critical juncture. The dawn of a glorious new era is on the one side, and the worn-out skeleton of the past on the other. Humanity has to adopt either one or the other. You are the spiritual soldiers, you are the worshippers of life divine. Hence I call upon you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with glorious light. Victory is surely yours.

(Ánanda Vánii, January 1, 1967)
Didi Annapurna

maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2011

Spiritual and mental awakening

In Finnish, and some in English: Juha Aalto-Setälä luento, lyhennetty 10.11-11

Matalampi 3-ulottuvuus, [materiaalinen maailma] sisältää aina myös korkeamman [henkisemmän, tietoisemman] ulottuvuuden. Tietoisuus tulee sydämestä, Anahata cakrasta. Siksi on mentävä sisäänpäin, eikä ulospäin. Eli korkeampaan ulottuvuuteen pääsee vain työskentelemällä itsensä kanssa. Papit jää pian virattomaksi...Tapahtuu sisäinen vallankumous. Meditaation avaa portin sisinpään. Kun ihminen meditoi hän avautuu muille vastaanottavaisemmaksi, yhteisöllisemmäksi. Näin meditoija vaikuttaa muihinkin, yhdistää. Telepatian ansiosta pettäminen muuttuu vaikeaksi.

Nyt maapallo siirtyy yksilöllisyydestä yhteisöllisyyteen. Siksi kaikki diktaattorit, vahvat johtajatyypit ja valtaeliitit menettävät asemansa. (Gaddafi, [Berlusconi] etc). Tulevaisuudessa me hallitsemme yhdessä. [Occupy liikkeet yhteispäätökset]. Yhteisöllisyyden pitäisi ulottua kaikkeen elämään, koska se on luonnollinen olotila.

Ihmiskunta on ollut 12 500 vuotta 3-ulottuvuudessa, elänyt erillisyyden kautta. Tiedemiehet ovat sanoneet, että planeetan napojen siirtyminen (ei vaihtuminen) tapahtuu 13 000 vuoden välein. 3 -ulottuvuuden värähtelyt ovat hitaita, jakautuvat sähköön ja magneettisuuteen, tilaan ja aikaan. Ihminenkin on kykenevä kehittymään korkeampiin ulottuvuuksiin. ET:t eivät vättämättä tule eivätkä mene, koska ulottuvuudet ovat päällekkäin. He muuttavat vain värähtelytasoa ilmestyessään ihmisille.

Maapallon resonanssi, värähtelytaso oli 70-luvulla 7,4. Vuonna 2008 se oli kohonnut 12, nyt jo yli 13. Tutkijat tietävät että sähkö-magneettista energiaa virtaa maapallolle, mutteivat usko sillä olevan vaikutusta ihmiseen...Se vaikuttaa ihmiseen, joka on myös itse sähkö-magneettinen. Auringosta tulee lisääntyvässä määrin ultraviolettisäteilyä. Jos ihmisen värähtely on korkea, meditaation ansiosta, nämä säteilyt eivät ole vaarallisia. Tiede on huomannut myös, että galaksien välillä on järjestys. Kaikella on aina keskus, joka ylläpitää järjestelmää. Myös muilla planeetoilla on menossa suuria muutoksia. Esim Venus on kirkastunut huomattavasti.

Same in English: Lower dimension contains always also higher (spiritual, conscious) dimension. Consciousness comes from the heart from Anahata Cakra. That´s why one has to go inside, not outside. So one can reach the higher consciousness only by working with oneself. The priests will soon become jobless. There is going to be inner revolution.
Meditation opens up the gate to inside. When human being meditates one will open up to be more receivable, cooperative. So the meditator has effect also to others, unites. Telepathy makes more transparent and cheating will be difficult.

Now the planet is moving from individualistic times to unity. That´s why the dictators, strong leaders and controlling elites will loose their position. (Gaddafi, Berlusconi etc. In the future we lead together. (occupy movements; collective decision making). Unity should concern also all life, as it is the law of nature.

Humanity has been 12 500 years in 3 density, dimension, living separateness time. The scientists have said that partial shifting of the poles happens in every 13 000 years. 3 density vibrations are slow, they can be divide into electricity and magnetism, time and space. Human being is capable of developing into higher dimensions. ETs are not necessarily coming or going, but they change just their vibration into visible form while meeting human beings.

The world resonance was in seventies 7,4, at 2008 it was already 12, now more than 13. The scientists know that electro-magnetism is radiating into earth, but they don´t believe it to have any effect to human beings... It affects the human being while one is himself having electro-magnetic vibration. From the sun there is coming more ultraviolet radiation . If human being has high vibration due to meditation, these radiations don´t have negative effect, it can be positive instead. Also in other planets there are big changes. I.e Venus has become much more brighter. The science also knows that there is balance between galaxies. Everything has central point, which upkeeps the system.

Sarkar: The collectivity is not outside you – your future is inseparably connected with the collective fortune. You must take the entire collectivity with you and move towards the sweetest radiance of the new crimson dawn, beyond the veil of the darkest night.

Society must ensure the maximum development of the collective body, collective mind and collective spirit. One must not forget that collective welfare lies in individuals and individual welfare lies in collectivity. Without ensuring individual comforts through the proper provision of food, light, air, accommodation and medical treatment, the welfare of the collective body can never be achieved.

For the sake of collective welfare one will have to awaken spirituality in individuals. The potential for infinite physical, mental and spiritual development is inherent in every human being…All objects are the varying forms of Puruśa…Social service becomes more important than anything else, because service to individuals or the collectivity means service to Brahma.

Society must not impose any restriction on the psychic and spiritual elevation of its members, nor should it allow anyone to accumulate physical wealth to the point that it is harmful to the other members of society and leads to exploitation…Human civilization has now reached a critical stage of transition. Exploitation of one human being by another has assumed alarming proportions…there will be revolt against the status quo; effective struggle of the benevolent forces against the malevolent forces; and the longing for a new collective psychology among the people.

The greater the clashes in human life, the faster the speed of the human mind because of circumstantial pressures… Due to (WWI and WWII) hyper-speed, humanity’s forward march has been losing its balance: while achieving success on the one hand, it faces grim failures on the other…

Moreover, plundering the wealth of the rich does not destroy capitalism, because…it does not destroy the seed of capitalism… Hordes of demons who lose their wealth become greedy for human blood, and plot greater conspiracies in the future… It is a law of nature that something will fill a vacuum once it has been created. If this ideological vacuum is not filled by PROUT, a great catastrophe will take place in the future because other defective philosophies will come forward.

The guidance of mighty personalities with a comprehensive ideology is required to lead humanity away from the edge of disaster towards a glorious future…

Regarding those who are likely to create obstacles in your path – let them do so. You should remember that those who are the actual pioneers, the real vanguard of the society, are always a microscopic minority, but it is they who are destined to be victorious… The funny thing is this, that people do not give recognition at the time it is due. This is the natural law. In the future, the honest and virtuous people of the society will respond to your call and will unite. Whenever there a war between dharma and adharma, you are sure to be victorious. You are not alone – dharma is with you….

What are humanistic appeals, or satyágraha? They are simply a special means of using violence to create circumstantial pressure. We can, in fact, call them the intellectual’s method of using violence. They are a way to make people eager to move along the path of human welfare without resorting to actual violence, relying on legal enforcement, or becoming angry and adopting the path of bloodshed.

Seventy-five per cent of the evils in society are the result of the injustices that people commit against each other… Like any other problem, great or small, there is only one way to solve economic problems, and that is through genuine love for humanity… It is certainly possible, through proper education, to transform people’s desire for material pleasure into a desire for psychic pabula…This type of education is essential in society today. Let everybody enjoy as much of the subtle psychic world as they can – let them accumulate as many psychic and spiritual resources as they want…

As soon as administrative power passes into the hands of moralists, then exploitation will cease to exist. In the absence of exploitation the anti-exploitation sentiment will die out, and consequently a nation or a group of nations based on the anti-exploitation sentiment will not exist either. What will happen then? The sentiment of spiritual inheritance and Cosmic ideology will keep people united... Then there will be only one nation, a universal nation….

So the change in the psychic sphere brings about a corresponding change in the physical sphere as well. And thus in the process of evolution at present, living beings are more physical than psychic, but in the future they will become more psychic than physical. All the ectoplasmic and endoplasmic potentialities of the entire creation are fast being converted into psychic potentialities…And that day when the entire living world – dashing through a transitory phase of psychic – will become spiritual will not be in the distant future.

The all-knowing causal or unconscious mind… awakens visions of past, present or future…as the result of which people, even in the wakeful state with a little concentration, can know events concerning their distant near and dear ones, this is called telepathic vision. Today human beings seldom have subtle experiences, but in the future they will occur naturally and spontaneously.

Time is a relative factor dependent on space and individuality…We should be prepared for the future; we should be prepared for the resultant of changes in polar positions, in environmental order and also in ecological structure. As a result of this change the magnetic structure of this Earth will change…Our progress in the arena of science depends much on the progress of our knowledge in electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic emanations.

In the case of microcosm, if the change is neurological as a result of physical change, then certainly the cells and then nerve fibres will function some other way than at present. And it is expected that under such circumstances the progress of human beings in the realm of introversion will be more accelerated than it is at present. Humanity will be more meditative and will accept…the Cosmic Cognitive Faculty, as its object of ideation in a better and more scientific way.

Only the thought-wave which emanates from the spiritual plane will save humanity from the devastating influence of dogma, which separates humans from humans, which creates hindrances in the remoulding of human society into a single existence…So we will have to solve this problem and create a new world in all the three emanations of life – physical, psychic and spiritual. I hope you boys and girls, by your collective effort, will do something concrete in this respect. You are not insignificant beings; you are the glorified expressions of the Supreme Lord. So you will have to do something concrete immediately.
Sarkar also said that local economy and the cooperative system is necessary because they give scope to develop unity and cooperation amongst people.
Something to consider: Two former participants in the CIA’s Mars program of the early 1980’s have confirmed that U.S. President Obama was enrolled in their Mars training, and reached Mars via “jump room.” Andrew Basiago, DARPA’s time travel program Project Pegasus, and fellow chrononaut William Stillings, technical genius, have publicly confirmed that Obama was enrolled in Mars training class in 1980 along them and that both later encountered Obama in Mars during visits to rudimentary U.S. facilities there, that took place from 1981 to 1983.

Mars training class was to prepare 10 teenagers for trips to Mars via teleportation. Classes were conducted by remote viewing pioneer Major Dames, U.S. Army intelligence, at The College of the Siskiyous, in California. Basiago and Stillings can today identify two teenagers in Major Dames’ class; Barack Obama, then “Barry Soetoro,” and Regina Dugan, who Mr. Obama appointed the director of the DARPA in 2009. Seven parents of the ten students, all with ties to the CIA, audited the class including Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, a CIA official for Kenya and Indonesia.

Mr. Basiago states that during one of his trips to Mars via “jump room”, he watched Mr. Obama walk back to the jump room from across the Martian terrain. Mr. Obama stated, with some sense of fatalism: “Now we’re here!” Mr. Stillings states that he encountered Mr. Obama standing beside the “jump room” facility by himself staring vacantly into a ravine located adjacent to the facility. Mr. Basiago states that in the early 1980’s, the U.S. facilities on Mars were rudimentary and resembled the construction phase of a rural mining project. (The U.S. base on Mars first revealed publicly by Command Sgt. Major Robert Dean at the European Exopolitics Summit in Barcelona, Spain in 2009).

The Mars program was launched for protecting the Earth, to assert US claim of territorial sovereignty over Mars and to acclimate Martian humanoids and animals to their presence, as Major Dames stated in 1980: “Simply put, your task is to be seen and not eaten”. “Jump room” technology and bases in Mars has been brought open by three other Mars whistle blowers: (1) Former Michael Relfe, permanent security staff on Mars (20 years); (2) Former DoD scientist Arthur Neumann teleported for project meetings in Mars. (3) Laura Eisenhower, gr-granddaughter of President Eisenhower refused to recruit into a secret U.S. colony on Mars in 2007. Mars researchers, including physicist David Wilcock, estimate that Eisenhower was invited to join 500,000 individuals.

Basiago, Stillings and Laura Eisenhower first time in a mainstream media…Special Program: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2011/11/10. The cover-up of the U.S. presence on Mars and Mr. Obama’s involvement will soon become matters of great public interest. Reading; http://bit.ly/l5nNof. http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-seattle/mars-visitors-basiago-and-stillings-confirm-barack-obama-traveled-to-mars#ixzz1dPbGzLcm

Didi Annapurna

maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2011

Prout, Neohumanism and sentiments

There are different type of sentiments: national-, religious-, geo-, social etc sentiment. Why people fight wars? Because they are attached to their own religion, nation etc. “My religion is the right one, others have no right to exist”.”My country is the best, other nations should not touch my holy land in any way”. “Our society is ours alone, the aliens shoudn´t come here to take our jobs”.

We have to give up all these sentiments and isms; universalism is the only thing we need. What about: “We don’t need boundaries, let everyone come into my country, or let anyone go out, no need visas?” This might sound great, but wait a minute. Not so fast. Before there is proper structure, facilities, jobs etc, - the freedom can become chaos. If we allow loads of beggars in - while those who have sympathy and will take care of them are rather poor themselves - then it will only bring more pressure of creating more lower class people, while rich on the other hand has to build more boundary walls around themselves in order to stay secure.

Little by little we can open up our boundaries and take care that incoming people are integrated so that local people don’t feel they have to feed the foreigners, without them doing anything. Jobs for all have to be arranged. The rule; ceiling for the wealth and salaries - can partly be reached by sharing working time - why someone need or should work 12 hours, while someone has no job?

Sentiments are waning away when we are becoming world and cosmic citizens. Some of us realize the neohumanism through meditation, some of us especially younger generation seems to have born here with neohumanism in their hearts, from past incarnations, may be even in the other planets, where the neohumism for sure has been already practice for ages.

For learning meditation one need a teacher. One can’t learn mathematics without teacher. Teacher will give you method for meditation, so that you can progress at maximum speed, to right direction and in order not to fall. Besides a teacher, you need an organization to spread ideology, share, to have spiritual company and to function collectively and network with other progressive organizations. The biggest problem here in Finland I see is that one doesn’t want teacher, or organization, doesn’t want to be dependent anyone. Might be also just proudness, or being afraid of unknown, going ashtray…The teacher will come when one is ready to accept. Time is short, and still long way to go, there is need of pioneers for the society, the vanguards, the guides and ultimately the teachers. Moralist has to be united!
While I have been hanging on Occupy Helsinki tent village with participants from different groups, I have started to understand that this is something different than never before. People meditating in tents, sharing, donating, caring, deciding together and even giving free hugs. If this is not neohumanism, what else? How much “sisu”, strength, sacrificing spirit and determination we have? How little we care about materialistic comforts?

I criticized before a bit them not daring to the streets like me going alone around with posters: “Occupy Helsinki”. I still don’t know why they don’t do it, but I see it now rather insignificant. My ways might not be their way. The common shared spirit is more important.

With Michael Moore´s words some comments: Amazing this movement is growing so fast. In Niles, small town, there are only 10,000 people. They've got a hundred people camping out there, occupying Niles… It has lifted my spirits…This movement has inspired people all across the country. It has already changed the national debate and discourse… and removed despair from peoples' hearts.

This wasn't organized. And it's so counter-intuitive that out of disorganization came one of the best movements I've seen in my lifetime; "Sorry we're not participating in the system any longer”. And I said at the end of my last movie: "I refuse to live in a country like this. And I'm not leaving." So, I think that is shared by millions of people.

Sarkar: Narrow sentiments are gradually fading away and a universal outlook is arising in the minds of human beings. Science and technological development have exposed the blind faith and dogma that have suffocated many sections of society, and gradually humanity is advancing towards an age of rationality and common interest…The unity that grows from the collective psychology in the social, psychic and economic spheres is the first step towards a greater unity. To establish lasting unity in human society… the spiritual sentiment is indispensable…The more the human mind becomes magnanimous or expanded, the more it rises above the sentiments of tribalism, communalism [socio-religious sentiment], provincialism, etc.

Those who are able to capitalize on one of these sentiments advocate it volubly. In fact, every one of these sentiments suffers from the defect of ism, and is completely filled with narrowness, violence, envy, mean mindedness, etc…Those who want to promote the welfare of all human beings, remaining above all sorts of parochial sentiments, have no alternative but to embrace universalism with their heart and soul – there is no other way. As universalism is totally devoid of any characteristic of ism, it is not proper to depict universalism as an ism. If everyone is looked upon as one’s own, no one remains beyond the periphery of one’s kith and kin. Naturally, then, there is no scope for violence, envy, narrowness, etc.

Movements will have to be launched throughout the world to establish self-sufficient socio-economic units based on the maxim, “Know the area, prepare the plan and serve the people.” Local people are those who have merged their individual socio-economic interests with the socio-economic interests of the socio-economic unit they live in.

Mahábhárata will have a beneficial influence on people’s minds. Many of its passages may be quoted to enlighten people about their glorious past, and offer solutions to their worldly problems. Biographies of great saints, sages and personalities of the past should also be presented to the common people to foster unity in them. There is a subterranean flow of love and devotion in people’s minds for those sages and saints, as those saints rose above narrow sentiments to propagate the ideals of unity and fraternity.

There are three cardinal socio-political principles which should never be violated. First, people should not be retrenched from their occupations unless alternative employment has been arranged for them. Secondly, people should not be forcibly converted from one religion to another. Thirdly, no mother tongue should be suppressed. Occupation, spiritual practice and mother tongue are very important to human beings. If the sentiments associated with them are hurt, human beings will be deeply affected.

Now let us see what the impact of geo-sentiment is. This geo-religion, geo-economics, geo-sociology, geo-social sentiment – these “geo’s” are limited to a particular country or a particular direction…The east is sacred, while to another group the west is sacred. Thus conflicts arise between these contradictory sentiments, leading to war and bloodshed.
All these sentiments certainly hinder the inner growth of human beings. Now then, what is the most powerful weapon with which to fight this geo-sentiment? Rationalistic mentality has to be developed in two ways: First, through the study of various subjects… and…svádhyáya [“study of spiritual subjects”]).

Next comes socio-sentiment, which promotes the interest of one’s own society at the expense of other societies. Based on this sentiment are many other sentiments, such as socio-patriotism, socio-religion, socio-economics, socio-art, -architecture, -literature, and so on…A social group’s own deity “says” to the people, “Your God is the true God: all other gods are false. You are the chosen people in this universe: all others are cursed!” These are the preachings of socio-religion.

What is the way to counteract this socio-sentiment? The only way to eliminate it is to develop proto-spiritualistic mentality. The basis of this proto-spiritualistic mentality is sama-samája tattva [the principle of social equality]. Those who are inferior and neglected, who are helpless and destitute…They are mute; and so the heavy responsibility of expressing the sentiments that are hidden in their tormented minds has to be borne by the artist alone. The litterateur or the artists, has to take the responsibility of enabling them to rise up and sit in the same row with the rest of society, after dusting off the dirt from their bodies.

Regardless of whether they are rich or poor, old or young, educated or illiterate, if the local people are inspired by anti-exploitation and universal sentiments, they will be able to start powerful movements for socio-economic liberation. If an anti-exploitation sentiment is created among the poverty-stricken mass of India, not only will a strong nation or a strong group of nations be formed, but this nation or group of nations will continue with due solidarity for a long time…There is no other alternative to save India.

The feelings and sentiments of all human beings are the same; and preparation for a nobler life is the same for all. The requirements and necessities of all humanity are the same. So humanity is a singular entity, humanity is one and indivisible. And for this purpose we should always maintain equilibrium amongst different humans, and there must be one equipoise for the development of all, irrespective of caste, creed, nationality and clan isms.

Hence you will have to provide a soothing touch to the physical, physico-psychic and psycho-physical spheres of life, otherwise human existence will become meaningless. That is, through the application of Neohumanism, the existence of each and every human being of the society must be made successful… Today men should consider the needs of women and gradually restore to women the rights which women once entrusted to men out of feelings of helplessness or in response to their heartfelt sentiments.

If a person hears some sentimental talk based on dogma for a long time…and if words are used with great oratorical force or articulated in a very rhythmic or vibrant way, in that case the mind becomes heated. Then the heated mind snaps the subtle link between the nerve cells and nerve fibres, and as a result, instead of remaining calm and tranquil, people lose their judgement; with their minds temporarily disturbed, they engage in inhuman activities…Human feelings cannot check the infighting prevalent among human beings. For this purpose we should have a two-fold approach…We will have to educate the mind properly, along the lines of Neohumanism.
This Neohumanist education will impart proper training to the mind. And at the same time there should be spiritual practice for proper psychic transformation…

Modern, educated people must be liberated from all sources of dogma and petty isms. They should reject the worn out shackles of the past and welcome the new, crimson dawn with an open mind. This will prepare the way for all-round success in human life, and the attainment of the highest fulfillment. Only this Neohumanism, can save our universe, can save human existence…Be the [vanguard of] a bright future…The crimson light of that future breaks on the eastern horizon. We should welcome it – we must welcome it. There is no alternative but to welcome it.
According Sarkar Neohumanism fully unites spiritual with social idealism. It will “elevate humanism to universalism, the cult of love for all created beings of this universe”. Thus Neohumanism could also be termed spiritual or universal humanism, a concept which underlies Prout’s progressive socialism.

Didi Annapurna

torstai 3. marraskuuta 2011


Latest interviews and news seems to be talking about some kind of revolution going on, who knows what until it all comes into light, but good to consider and be prepared:

Fulford interview. Comments by DWilcock, and Didi making more clear and shortcutting, sorry! : Some previous info; http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/981-undergroundbasesnewinfo.

Overthrow of the OWO, The Old World Order (NWO, Illuminati, Bilderburgers) by China, BRICS countries and the "non-aligned nations". Underground facilities were wiped empty - mortal blow to OWO Majestic. The big underground explosion in Texas last week (earthquake with “boom” sound) was a part of this process. The last really big underground facility is still under fascist control in Norway.

Fulford´s new interview: as text: http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/988-fulford-owo-defeat and original: http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/archive/Strange-Universe-32k-101311.mp3.

There is a vacuum at the very top of the international financial system: The Bretton Woods expired in 1994, 77 `non-aligned nations´ treasures and gold was stolen by OWO. The NWO (OWO) taken up by Fascists factions, who lost WWII, made plan to start a war between Israel and Iran and to set up a military regime in the G7 countries, ready for full global war. [DW: this plan for Middle East and Southeast Asia war has by no means been abandoned - with environmentally friendly neutron bombs. Apparently, US warfare has already been positioned for attack with paranoia of “religious extremist” countries…. Karma is real. Their control of outcome is over.]

By not giving up control of the US dollar, they are pushing the economy into a disastrous tailspin. 1968 US was 50 % of the world’s economy, now only 17 or 16 %. When the Fed cabal wanted to devalue the dollar and put out the Amero, other countries said: `We don’t want our earned dollars to become worthless.´ After 2008, they stopped accepting new dollars from the US - Lehman shock. But some places they still accept these dollars.

I think now OWO control only ab 30 countries, when they used to control almost the whole world. Now the CIA, NSA, Pentagon will arrest these people (in November?), waiting for a certain lawsuit (concerning 371 trillion of non-aligned nations money). Good guys seem to be also the Russians, Putin. And Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Fox Fallon. He stopped six different false flag events of Dick Cheney and George Bush trying to get a war with the Iran. And also military [through] “Alice in the Sky”, Sept 2008 stopped many false flags in US. There have always been two CIAs, the other is with us, the patriots. The Nazi faction does all the drug dealing, headed by G Bush. About white hats or black hats, I’m not sure who are the good guys anymore.

Most members of Congress have had accounts in the Vatican Bank with huge bribes in them. So, almost every politician in Washington has to be changed. [DW: The majority of Congress (other than Tea Party) are currently on very short notice to escape]. The coalition wants to stop the destruction of the environment – not the global warming fraud - but the ecosystems and wiping out species. [DW: The Federation of American Scientists has 6000 suppressed patents. We want to bring this technology out.]

We know that people were going out into space with Apollo flights, and plan was to have colonies on Mars. Then everything stopped dead in the 1970s. And then you have all these underground bases and all these "crazy" stories come out. Those bases should be opened. They’re trying to drag the whole US down with them - to set off the Canary Island - earthquakes, but I believe that has been stopped now. That would have caused a 500-foot tidal wave [to destroy East Coast of the US.]

So many people want to be slaves. When it’s announced to them that it’s going to be different - if you give them the truth - people generally make good decisions. Democracy was subverted into a hidden fascist system. I’m not talking about Jews here, but central Asian Khazars. There are going to be a lot of angry people out there when they find out – how they turned you war-mongering nation. The UN, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank has to be changed.

Soros, also Bushes, Clintons and Obama are in trouble, their stolen money will be taken away. Soros (Obama, Gorbatchev?) has been trying to take over OWS protest movement. If there’s a bunch of arrests before the end of the year, that will be a sign for everybody to see. I’m hearing that Rupert Murdoch is ready to change side. Part of the reason he’s been under a lot of attack is because he wants to start providing truths - waiting still to see the military act. (Murdoch’s Fox TV etc have already begun expose, such as the legal actions against attorney general Holder. Now CBS is interviewing a White Dragon Society member).

The new system, joined by 100 countries, is going to be implemented in four stages. The US military and agencies will be involved in this process right from the beginning: lawsuit will be filed before Nov15 against the Fed Board. This will lead to liens being placed against many of the largest financial institutions in the world and mass arrests. Their derivative fraud money will be eliminated from the books, even if that means bankrupting many of them. Major historical injustices will be addressed and stolen monies and assets will be returned to their rightful owners. The international banking and settlements systems will remain in place. This will mean the minimum possible disruption to legitimate business. [DW: When you stress economy to a point of peak instability, it reorganizes into a higher level of order. There will be an avalanche, yes – but as Fulford says….]

DW: Before reading Fulford´s interview, I had a dream: There was a McDonald’s. It seemed to have radically changed its menu…A middle-aged man came in. He seemed to have broken down and admitted he had worked for the Rothschilds at a high level. He admitted he hadn´t done good and was openly revealing secrets of the banking network to the people. People were simply stunned.

Latest: Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20111031: Is the Rothschild banking monopoly finally about to be dismantled? The situation in Europe is making it clear to all that something historical is taking place. The top criminal elements have been cut off from their money printing machine. As a result, the IMF and the major EU and US center banks are insolvent. No amount of lying, paper shuffling or propaganda is going to hide this truth. The governments of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy etc. know that the debts they supposedly owe to bankers were created through fraudulent book entries and thus do not have to be repaid (Greece referendum???). That is why the banks suddenly aggreed Greece only had to pay back 50% of their debt even that would destroy them. They are hoping for a tax payer bail-out that is just not going to happen. And radio show: with Eastwood. Tokyo, no radiation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmMYHk1rP68.

Related: Will Greece do same as Iceland? Washington’s Blog: Iceland Told the Banks to Pound Sand … And Thereby Saved Its Economy. And Van der Knaap, UBS AG who was adviser for Iceland: “It wouldn’t upset the financial system”. Even the IMF praises Iceland’s strategy. Papandreou turned into democracy by referendum… in US Americans weren’t consulted; 2008 Paulson threatened... if no bailout. Inside job!

Loyds of London didn't just withdraw its money from Greek banks; but from banks all over Europe! A firm that for 323 years has been accurately calculating the future disasters ... This is a MASSIVE red flag for investors, a clear sign that the end is near! amberco@swbell.net. Bloomberg: Norway's $570 billion sovereign wealth fund sold all its holdings in U.S. mortgage-backed securities. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2011/10/28/bloomberg_articlesLTRWRC07SXKX.DTL#ixzz1cNiR4ppH

Russia BRICS, Russia, China, India, Brasil, S-A going to help EU, but with conditions. "If we (China) inject money, we must have certain controls. We cannot say that we give you money and you spend the money at will. You are the rich, you borrow money from the poor. It's not right for you to continue to lead a luxurious life," Li told reporters. Li is also an economics professor at Tsinghua University, sits on the 15-member monetary policy committee of the central.

(But Gorbatchev (OWO)reminded just few days back; the reason for global OWS is lack of NWO, OWO!!!)- And Just few days ago China said, UK Daily Mail: Beijing is not Europe’s ‘saviour’ - after EU officials begged China for bailout funds. Shift money power from West to East? Greeks resort to bartering. Russia today. Chossudovsky: A new area of potential confrontation is developing between China and the U.S ab oil in the South China Sea.

Prisonplanet.com: Only 3 countries left without ROTHSCHILD Central Bank! The Rothschild family will surely have their Central banks established in every country of this world. (???). But not yet in Cuba, North Korea, Iran – so attacked by the West and its media? http://bit.ly/viIFMH.

Nov 19-22, 2011, trial against George W Bush and Tony Blair will be held in an open court, in Kuala Lumpur. Charges brought by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC). The judges. http://wakeup-world.com/2011/10/26/blair-bush-to-be-tried-for-war-crimes/. From Ure page: MF Global, major player in the Commodities Markets went bankrupt this morning, the feds were in his office all day. Regulators wondering where hundreds of millions have gone from MF Global.

Ure: How can Japan has a strong Yen although Fukushima and shutting down industry? And BOJ loses $281 million from buying ETF's... Holappa said 1.11 in lecture, that although Japan has lots debt, it can’t collapse, because the debt is in its own currency. Investors know that and the trust keeps yen high. Same with US, the debt is in their own currency !!! (anyhow we´ll see). Finland collapsed due to debt in foreign currency in -90s. Euro is as if foreign currency for EU countries such as Greece, that´s why EU countries can collapse. He sees the solution would be federation of EU with finance ministry, dissolving EU, or total bail out of Greece (now too late obviously). So just because Greece lost its trust the interest rate started rising (2008 crises, manipulations etc???).

Libya: New York Times, Gaddafi´s time polygamy was rare; first wife had to give approval for other wives, but new regime support polygamy. The Voice of the White House: “I sat next to a table with three known CIA top people. They were talking about Libya and Ghadaffi’s rather unpleasant killing. One said, very clearly: ‘Well, the raghead had to die. If they ever put him on trial, he could talk about his deals with us.’ The Asia Times: The catalyst for the end of Gaddafi’s rule began 15 years ago with the unclear massacre of 1,200 inmates at Tripoli’s prison.

Gangs Have Infiltrated Military, FBI etc. Business Insider: The report: members from 53 gangs in the U.S. in every branch of the armed forces. London Guardian: Since 2005, ministers have sought the Prince Charles consent to draft bills on everything from road safety to gambling etc. Secretive loophole gives Charles the right to veto legislation, which is against his interests.

In a recent California court case, Nobel Price Laureate Elie Wiesel, eyewitness of “Holocaust”, stated UNDER OATH that in Auschwitz tattooed on his left arm number: A7713. Auschwitz Museum in 2003 affirmed that the number belong to Lazar Wiesel. Elie Wiesel also has referred to a photo as proof. Already in 1986 Gruner met Elie Wiesel and said afterward: `I didn’t recognize him at all and he spoke English with French accent, no Hungary at all, even he grew up there´. http://www.realzionistnews.com/?p=664.

Steward: there was 6.0 earthquake in Amchitka, US government did nuclear explosions in Amchitka Island in 1971. The Pacific Wave II test coming on 9 and 10 Nov, to exercise tsunami event. Aleutians quake and Weekend off Chile. And International Tsunami Information Center. A Voice of America. The Hindu, Vietnam Laaska News. Anything to do with asteroid 2005 YU55, very close to earth on November 9? FEMA/FCC takeover drill? Godlike Productions:11/11/11 or 09/11/11? US Navy tsunami exercise! Finnish astrologer said nothing special in the maps on 11.11.11, but he saw big things some days before 21.12. 2012.

http://news.exopoliticsinstitute.org/index.php/wall-street-journal-exposes-government-extraterrestrial-wall-of-secrecy/ . The Wall Street Journal cover We the People Petition to the White House to acknowledge an ET presence. The first mainstream media attempt to expose the US gov’s secrecy around the UFO/ET issue. Stephen Bassett – sponsor of the ET petition said: “Couple of hundred government witnesses have come forward in the last two years.” The ET petition is 20th in all petitions. Sign the ET Petition: https://sites.google.com/site/zlandcommunications/home and http://zlandcommunications.blogspot.com/.

Abolish Credit Defaut Swaps. The EU is doomed to fail, Greenspan in CNBC; Eventually, southern Europe will not be able to import N-E goods. Bloomberg: Nobelist Stiglitz: Euro could dissolve any time now and crises likely spread around the world, austerity is a global “suicide pact”.
Naomi Wolf arrested while advising Occupy Wall Street protesters of their rights to continue demonstration. Guardsman In Uniform Supports. Washington’s Blog; Occupy Vatican? RT.

Chicago Board of Trade: “We Are The 1%“. President candidate Cain; Unemployed to blame themselves: “Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.” The New York Times: “There’s class warfare,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Average U.S. Senator in 2009 own $2.38 million.

Recent study in University of Zurich, the elite really control almost the entire global economy; 147 gigantic corporations - core of it all. The study show it is quite true when OWS protestors call themselves the 99 per cent. BoA, Morgan St, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and JP Morgan were among the global top 25. http://www.pakalertpress.com

Energy store battery research team, led by Dr Ning, used organic waste sandwiched between and charged by two graphite plates to store at 0.2 farads per square cm. http://newshub.nus.edu.sg/headlines/0911/membrane_30Sep11.php. And Dawn: Chinese plan joint venture with Pakistani for isolar-powered bikes. President of ICCI appreciated Chinese manufacturing battery-powered bikes as promising extremely low-cost, environment-friendly transportation.

North Carolina court ruled; “Police” are working for private companies…warned to put all of their personal property into someone else’s name since it might be lost if he is sued. If the police is private so are most of the judges, prosecutors etc. If this is true, that means the whole “state” is on the verge of a collapse. postoak.pr@gmail.com, For Immediate Release: Judge Ridgeway 1.17.11 ruling.http://min.us/mbmc4SfNoQ.

White Hats: Criminal Bush Senior's Dark Cabal destroy not only US, but the entire World's financial system. Wall Street big banks ready to fall…Obama, Bushes, Soros etc have been flying their equipment and assets to 100,000 acre Paraguay Ranches, old Nazi Safe Haven. The Paraguayan newspapers have already announced their future arrival. Merkel and Sarkozy now realize their own survival being threatened. Due to Bush Senior´s dementia there is review of Geo Political loyalties. Obama could release the GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS to avoid taking on the major part of the fall! The next few days may be the most important events in the history. http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/

Casper (though often disinfo like Sorcha Faal: www.fourwinds10.com: We see no sign of “Trading Platforms been taken down” or the “Computer Rigging Programs turned off”(Fulford). Three of the top five U.S. Banks intend to ‘lay off’ on the Americans 50 T to 80 T each in derivatives exposure and liabilities. And Politicians say nothing. Obama adm now using $70,000 tax money for his ‘Dreams of My Father’ -book Christmas distribution to libraries globally. Now by his ‘executive orders’ we have the ‘Committee of Twelve’, the unconstitutional castration of the Congress. Each week new funding disclosure; Obama spending Taxpayer Dollars in EU: guaranteed Russian Company $750M U.S. loan. Banks taking 50% haircut on their Greek Bonds ‘reimbursed’ by the FED... Western Gov all belong to the same International Criminal Org (illuminati). At least 5 countries will be scenes of war of US and international troops??? Sheriff Joe's promised Obama case. http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=362625#ixzz1cYvXvsL9.

Chemtrails:http://www.youtube.com/user/roxy777lopez777?feature=mhee . Journal Icarus: Life in Venus? It has ozone layer. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15203281. Web bot: Headlines on upper Midwest an extra snowy and cold winter ahead. "Alien in the jungle", getting atraction on YouTube.

Money making:
US Plans To Issue $846 Billion In Treasurys In 6 Months, 35% increase from last year . Zero Hedge. And U.S. Lawmakers Propose Transaction Tax for Financial Firms Modeled on EU, Bloomberg. London Guardian: Governments from around the world gathered to discuss surveillance technology. Hacking techniques for surveillance of citizens.
Sarkar mentioned that the evil forces will start fighting amongst themselves and we shouldn´t take sides in this battle. So better just to observe. He also said that humanity move from the physical into the intellectual era and soon thereafter to the spiritual era. I think we are soon, if not already, reaching to the spiritual era.

There is also going to be ksattriya era in EU and world; “the warriors”, the activists with intellectuals taking over the systems. This means that probably in this revolution there is no need of bloodletting. And if spirituality, as it seems, comes along, then eventually this could turn for the best of all.

These activists should develop qualities of each varnas; labour, warrior, intelligence and money control. This way the society would become more classless and the domination of one era over the others will be less strong, although still changeable. This will make it possible that the future is better.

Didi Annapurna