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Latest interviews and news seems to be talking about some kind of revolution going on, who knows what until it all comes into light, but good to consider and be prepared:

Fulford interview. Comments by DWilcock, and Didi making more clear and shortcutting, sorry! : Some previous info;

Overthrow of the OWO, The Old World Order (NWO, Illuminati, Bilderburgers) by China, BRICS countries and the "non-aligned nations". Underground facilities were wiped empty - mortal blow to OWO Majestic. The big underground explosion in Texas last week (earthquake with “boom” sound) was a part of this process. The last really big underground facility is still under fascist control in Norway.

Fulford´s new interview: as text: and original:

There is a vacuum at the very top of the international financial system: The Bretton Woods expired in 1994, 77 `non-aligned nations´ treasures and gold was stolen by OWO. The NWO (OWO) taken up by Fascists factions, who lost WWII, made plan to start a war between Israel and Iran and to set up a military regime in the G7 countries, ready for full global war. [DW: this plan for Middle East and Southeast Asia war has by no means been abandoned - with environmentally friendly neutron bombs. Apparently, US warfare has already been positioned for attack with paranoia of “religious extremist” countries…. Karma is real. Their control of outcome is over.]

By not giving up control of the US dollar, they are pushing the economy into a disastrous tailspin. 1968 US was 50 % of the world’s economy, now only 17 or 16 %. When the Fed cabal wanted to devalue the dollar and put out the Amero, other countries said: `We don’t want our earned dollars to become worthless.´ After 2008, they stopped accepting new dollars from the US - Lehman shock. But some places they still accept these dollars.

I think now OWO control only ab 30 countries, when they used to control almost the whole world. Now the CIA, NSA, Pentagon will arrest these people (in November?), waiting for a certain lawsuit (concerning 371 trillion of non-aligned nations money). Good guys seem to be also the Russians, Putin. And Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Fox Fallon. He stopped six different false flag events of Dick Cheney and George Bush trying to get a war with the Iran. And also military [through] “Alice in the Sky”, Sept 2008 stopped many false flags in US. There have always been two CIAs, the other is with us, the patriots. The Nazi faction does all the drug dealing, headed by G Bush. About white hats or black hats, I’m not sure who are the good guys anymore.

Most members of Congress have had accounts in the Vatican Bank with huge bribes in them. So, almost every politician in Washington has to be changed. [DW: The majority of Congress (other than Tea Party) are currently on very short notice to escape]. The coalition wants to stop the destruction of the environment – not the global warming fraud - but the ecosystems and wiping out species. [DW: The Federation of American Scientists has 6000 suppressed patents. We want to bring this technology out.]

We know that people were going out into space with Apollo flights, and plan was to have colonies on Mars. Then everything stopped dead in the 1970s. And then you have all these underground bases and all these "crazy" stories come out. Those bases should be opened. They’re trying to drag the whole US down with them - to set off the Canary Island - earthquakes, but I believe that has been stopped now. That would have caused a 500-foot tidal wave [to destroy East Coast of the US.]

So many people want to be slaves. When it’s announced to them that it’s going to be different - if you give them the truth - people generally make good decisions. Democracy was subverted into a hidden fascist system. I’m not talking about Jews here, but central Asian Khazars. There are going to be a lot of angry people out there when they find out – how they turned you war-mongering nation. The UN, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank has to be changed.

Soros, also Bushes, Clintons and Obama are in trouble, their stolen money will be taken away. Soros (Obama, Gorbatchev?) has been trying to take over OWS protest movement. If there’s a bunch of arrests before the end of the year, that will be a sign for everybody to see. I’m hearing that Rupert Murdoch is ready to change side. Part of the reason he’s been under a lot of attack is because he wants to start providing truths - waiting still to see the military act. (Murdoch’s Fox TV etc have already begun expose, such as the legal actions against attorney general Holder. Now CBS is interviewing a White Dragon Society member).

The new system, joined by 100 countries, is going to be implemented in four stages. The US military and agencies will be involved in this process right from the beginning: lawsuit will be filed before Nov15 against the Fed Board. This will lead to liens being placed against many of the largest financial institutions in the world and mass arrests. Their derivative fraud money will be eliminated from the books, even if that means bankrupting many of them. Major historical injustices will be addressed and stolen monies and assets will be returned to their rightful owners. The international banking and settlements systems will remain in place. This will mean the minimum possible disruption to legitimate business. [DW: When you stress economy to a point of peak instability, it reorganizes into a higher level of order. There will be an avalanche, yes – but as Fulford says….]

DW: Before reading Fulford´s interview, I had a dream: There was a McDonald’s. It seemed to have radically changed its menu…A middle-aged man came in. He seemed to have broken down and admitted he had worked for the Rothschilds at a high level. He admitted he hadn´t done good and was openly revealing secrets of the banking network to the people. People were simply stunned.

Latest: Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20111031: Is the Rothschild banking monopoly finally about to be dismantled? The situation in Europe is making it clear to all that something historical is taking place. The top criminal elements have been cut off from their money printing machine. As a result, the IMF and the major EU and US center banks are insolvent. No amount of lying, paper shuffling or propaganda is going to hide this truth. The governments of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy etc. know that the debts they supposedly owe to bankers were created through fraudulent book entries and thus do not have to be repaid (Greece referendum???). That is why the banks suddenly aggreed Greece only had to pay back 50% of their debt even that would destroy them. They are hoping for a tax payer bail-out that is just not going to happen. And radio show: with Eastwood. Tokyo, no radiation:

Related: Will Greece do same as Iceland? Washington’s Blog: Iceland Told the Banks to Pound Sand … And Thereby Saved Its Economy. And Van der Knaap, UBS AG who was adviser for Iceland: “It wouldn’t upset the financial system”. Even the IMF praises Iceland’s strategy. Papandreou turned into democracy by referendum… in US Americans weren’t consulted; 2008 Paulson threatened... if no bailout. Inside job!

Loyds of London didn't just withdraw its money from Greek banks; but from banks all over Europe! A firm that for 323 years has been accurately calculating the future disasters ... This is a MASSIVE red flag for investors, a clear sign that the end is near! Bloomberg: Norway's $570 billion sovereign wealth fund sold all its holdings in U.S. mortgage-backed securities.

Russia BRICS, Russia, China, India, Brasil, S-A going to help EU, but with conditions. "If we (China) inject money, we must have certain controls. We cannot say that we give you money and you spend the money at will. You are the rich, you borrow money from the poor. It's not right for you to continue to lead a luxurious life," Li told reporters. Li is also an economics professor at Tsinghua University, sits on the 15-member monetary policy committee of the central.

(But Gorbatchev (OWO)reminded just few days back; the reason for global OWS is lack of NWO, OWO!!!)- And Just few days ago China said, UK Daily Mail: Beijing is not Europe’s ‘saviour’ - after EU officials begged China for bailout funds. Shift money power from West to East? Greeks resort to bartering. Russia today. Chossudovsky: A new area of potential confrontation is developing between China and the U.S ab oil in the South China Sea. Only 3 countries left without ROTHSCHILD Central Bank! The Rothschild family will surely have their Central banks established in every country of this world. (???). But not yet in Cuba, North Korea, Iran – so attacked by the West and its media?

Nov 19-22, 2011, trial against George W Bush and Tony Blair will be held in an open court, in Kuala Lumpur. Charges brought by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC). The judges. From Ure page: MF Global, major player in the Commodities Markets went bankrupt this morning, the feds were in his office all day. Regulators wondering where hundreds of millions have gone from MF Global.

Ure: How can Japan has a strong Yen although Fukushima and shutting down industry? And BOJ loses $281 million from buying ETF's... Holappa said 1.11 in lecture, that although Japan has lots debt, it can’t collapse, because the debt is in its own currency. Investors know that and the trust keeps yen high. Same with US, the debt is in their own currency !!! (anyhow we´ll see). Finland collapsed due to debt in foreign currency in -90s. Euro is as if foreign currency for EU countries such as Greece, that´s why EU countries can collapse. He sees the solution would be federation of EU with finance ministry, dissolving EU, or total bail out of Greece (now too late obviously). So just because Greece lost its trust the interest rate started rising (2008 crises, manipulations etc???).

Libya: New York Times, Gaddafi´s time polygamy was rare; first wife had to give approval for other wives, but new regime support polygamy. The Voice of the White House: “I sat next to a table with three known CIA top people. They were talking about Libya and Ghadaffi’s rather unpleasant killing. One said, very clearly: ‘Well, the raghead had to die. If they ever put him on trial, he could talk about his deals with us.’ The Asia Times: The catalyst for the end of Gaddafi’s rule began 15 years ago with the unclear massacre of 1,200 inmates at Tripoli’s prison.

Gangs Have Infiltrated Military, FBI etc. Business Insider: The report: members from 53 gangs in the U.S. in every branch of the armed forces. London Guardian: Since 2005, ministers have sought the Prince Charles consent to draft bills on everything from road safety to gambling etc. Secretive loophole gives Charles the right to veto legislation, which is against his interests.

In a recent California court case, Nobel Price Laureate Elie Wiesel, eyewitness of “Holocaust”, stated UNDER OATH that in Auschwitz tattooed on his left arm number: A7713. Auschwitz Museum in 2003 affirmed that the number belong to Lazar Wiesel. Elie Wiesel also has referred to a photo as proof. Already in 1986 Gruner met Elie Wiesel and said afterward: `I didn’t recognize him at all and he spoke English with French accent, no Hungary at all, even he grew up there´.

Steward: there was 6.0 earthquake in Amchitka, US government did nuclear explosions in Amchitka Island in 1971. The Pacific Wave II test coming on 9 and 10 Nov, to exercise tsunami event. Aleutians quake and Weekend off Chile. And International Tsunami Information Center. A Voice of America. The Hindu, Vietnam Laaska News. Anything to do with asteroid 2005 YU55, very close to earth on November 9? FEMA/FCC takeover drill? Godlike Productions:11/11/11 or 09/11/11? US Navy tsunami exercise! Finnish astrologer said nothing special in the maps on 11.11.11, but he saw big things some days before 21.12. 2012. . The Wall Street Journal cover We the People Petition to the White House to acknowledge an ET presence. The first mainstream media attempt to expose the US gov’s secrecy around the UFO/ET issue. Stephen Bassett – sponsor of the ET petition said: “Couple of hundred government witnesses have come forward in the last two years.” The ET petition is 20th in all petitions. Sign the ET Petition: and

Abolish Credit Defaut Swaps. The EU is doomed to fail, Greenspan in CNBC; Eventually, southern Europe will not be able to import N-E goods. Bloomberg: Nobelist Stiglitz: Euro could dissolve any time now and crises likely spread around the world, austerity is a global “suicide pact”.
Naomi Wolf arrested while advising Occupy Wall Street protesters of their rights to continue demonstration. Guardsman In Uniform Supports. Washington’s Blog; Occupy Vatican? RT.

Chicago Board of Trade: “We Are The 1%“. President candidate Cain; Unemployed to blame themselves: “Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.” The New York Times: “There’s class warfare,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Average U.S. Senator in 2009 own $2.38 million.

Recent study in University of Zurich, the elite really control almost the entire global economy; 147 gigantic corporations - core of it all. The study show it is quite true when OWS protestors call themselves the 99 per cent. BoA, Morgan St, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and JP Morgan were among the global top 25.

Energy store battery research team, led by Dr Ning, used organic waste sandwiched between and charged by two graphite plates to store at 0.2 farads per square cm. And Dawn: Chinese plan joint venture with Pakistani for isolar-powered bikes. President of ICCI appreciated Chinese manufacturing battery-powered bikes as promising extremely low-cost, environment-friendly transportation.

North Carolina court ruled; “Police” are working for private companies…warned to put all of their personal property into someone else’s name since it might be lost if he is sued. If the police is private so are most of the judges, prosecutors etc. If this is true, that means the whole “state” is on the verge of a collapse., For Immediate Release: Judge Ridgeway 1.17.11 ruling.

White Hats: Criminal Bush Senior's Dark Cabal destroy not only US, but the entire World's financial system. Wall Street big banks ready to fall…Obama, Bushes, Soros etc have been flying their equipment and assets to 100,000 acre Paraguay Ranches, old Nazi Safe Haven. The Paraguayan newspapers have already announced their future arrival. Merkel and Sarkozy now realize their own survival being threatened. Due to Bush Senior´s dementia there is review of Geo Political loyalties. Obama could release the GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS to avoid taking on the major part of the fall! The next few days may be the most important events in the history.

Casper (though often disinfo like Sorcha Faal: We see no sign of “Trading Platforms been taken down” or the “Computer Rigging Programs turned off”(Fulford). Three of the top five U.S. Banks intend to ‘lay off’ on the Americans 50 T to 80 T each in derivatives exposure and liabilities. And Politicians say nothing. Obama adm now using $70,000 tax money for his ‘Dreams of My Father’ -book Christmas distribution to libraries globally. Now by his ‘executive orders’ we have the ‘Committee of Twelve’, the unconstitutional castration of the Congress. Each week new funding disclosure; Obama spending Taxpayer Dollars in EU: guaranteed Russian Company $750M U.S. loan. Banks taking 50% haircut on their Greek Bonds ‘reimbursed’ by the FED... Western Gov all belong to the same International Criminal Org (illuminati). At least 5 countries will be scenes of war of US and international troops??? Sheriff Joe's promised Obama case.

Chemtrails: . Journal Icarus: Life in Venus? It has ozone layer. Web bot: Headlines on upper Midwest an extra snowy and cold winter ahead. "Alien in the jungle", getting atraction on YouTube.

Money making:
US Plans To Issue $846 Billion In Treasurys In 6 Months, 35% increase from last year . Zero Hedge. And U.S. Lawmakers Propose Transaction Tax for Financial Firms Modeled on EU, Bloomberg. London Guardian: Governments from around the world gathered to discuss surveillance technology. Hacking techniques for surveillance of citizens.
Sarkar mentioned that the evil forces will start fighting amongst themselves and we shouldn´t take sides in this battle. So better just to observe. He also said that humanity move from the physical into the intellectual era and soon thereafter to the spiritual era. I think we are soon, if not already, reaching to the spiritual era.

There is also going to be ksattriya era in EU and world; “the warriors”, the activists with intellectuals taking over the systems. This means that probably in this revolution there is no need of bloodletting. And if spirituality, as it seems, comes along, then eventually this could turn for the best of all.

These activists should develop qualities of each varnas; labour, warrior, intelligence and money control. This way the society would become more classless and the domination of one era over the others will be less strong, although still changeable. This will make it possible that the future is better.

Didi Annapurna