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Disclosure of UFOs

Developments of disclosure. Some US president has been questioned about UFOs, http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc845.htm. Also it has been claimed, that JF Kennedy plan for disclosure, just before being shot. http://www.rense.com/general10/jfkufo.htm. Some years back tens of Whistleblowers, former NASA, NSA etc officials were briefing US congress with their own experiences in secret projects concerning UFOs. http://www.disclosureproject.org/congress.shtml. FBI and CIA opened last year some of their secret files, i.e Roswell case. Although there are very contradictory revelations ab President Obama, he has supported indirectly UFO whistleblowers. He also spoke something related while looking at the skies with Indian PM Singh... Hoagland, previous worker in NASA secret projects, spoke recently about Obama´s “divine mission”…http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2228340498938753446. And David Wilcock expects Obama to play important role in disclosure eventually. http://astrology.about.com/b/2009/10/11/david-wilcock-predictions.htm.
How much we really know about Obama and his life? There has not been not really anyone or groups come forward and tell about friendship with him, nor any colleague or family member, but here comes something to think about; short cut of recent article about Obama attending Mars mission, (sorry the net page of this article got lost):

Two former participants in the CIA’s Mars program have confirmed that U.S. President Obama was enrolled in their Mars training, and reached Mars via “jump room.” Andrew Basiago, DARPA’s time travel Project Pegasus, and fellow chrononaut William Stillings, have publicly confirmed that Obama was enrolled in Mars training class along them and that both later encountered Obama in Mars during visits to rudimentary U.S. facilities there, that took place from 1981 to 1983.

Mars training class was to prepare 10 teenagers for trips to Mars via teleportation. Classes were conducted by remote viewing pioneer Major Dames, U.S. Army intelligence, at The College of the Siskiyous, in California. Basiago and Stillings can today identify two teenagers in Major Dames’ class; Barack Obama, then “Barry Soetoro,” and Regina Dugan, who Mr. Obama appointed the director of the DARPA in 2009. Seven parents of the ten students, all with ties to the CIA, audited the class including Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, a CIA official for Kenya and Indonesia.

On August 21, 2011, Mr. Basiago stated it being something highly significant, that two individuals from the same Mars training class in 1980 (Basiago and Stillings) met and were able to corroborate Obama and director of DARPA, Dugan. Sept 20, 2011, Basiago confirmed also that two years after Mars, when Obama was attending Columbia University, their paths crossed again in Los Angeles and he didn't recognize Obama, because their memories concerning Mars visit had been blocked (by NASA).

Basiago remembers that during one of his trips to Mars via “jump room”, he watched. Obama walk back to the jump room from across the Martian terrain. Obama stated, with some sense of fatalism: “Now we’re here!” Stillings states that he encountered Obama standing beside the “jump room” facility by himself staring vacantly into a ravine located adjacent to the facility.
Basiago believes Ms. Dugan also went to Mars, because he once encountered her at the building in El Segundo, near “jump room”.

According Basiago in the early 1980’s, the U.S. facilities on Mars were rudimentary and resembled the construction phase of a rural mining project. (The U.S. base on Mars first revealed publicly by Command Sgt. Major Dean at the European Exopolitics Summit in Spain in 2009). The primitive conditions that they encountered on Mars might explain the high level of danger involved. Mr. Hunt, CIA officer, provided Mr. Basiago with a weapon and took him to training targeted for avoiding predators on the Martian surface.

The Mars program was launched for protecting the Earth, to assert US claim of territorial sovereignty over Mars and to acclimate Martian humanoids and animals to their presence, as Major Dames stated in 1980: “Simply put, your task is to be seen and not eaten”. “Jump room” technology and bases in Mars by three other Mars whistle blowers: (1) Former Michael Relfe, permanent security staff on Mars (20 years); (2) Former DoD scientist Arthur Neumann teleported for project meetings in Mars. (3) Laura Eisenhower, gr-granddaughter of President Eisenhower. Mars researchers, including physicist David Wilcock.

Coast to Coast. Nov 10, 2011. Basiago, Stillings and Laura Eisenhower first time in a mainstream media…Special Program: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2011/11/10. The cover-up of the U.S. presence on Mars and Mr. Obama’s involvement will soon become matters of great public interest? Reading; http://bit.ly/l5nNof. http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-seattle/mars-visitors-basiago-and-stillings-confirm-barack-obama-traveled-to-mars#ixzz1dPbGzLcm

Interesting at least...

Short cuts of Sarkar´s texts: According to old astronomy and also astrology, Mars also came out of this Earth, but it did not move around the Earth as its satellite. And that is why a name for Mars is Kuja: Ku means earth and Kuja means born out of ku.

In the past, such a shifting [poles] took place several times – in the annals of this planet and also in the history of so many other planets. As a result of this shifting, as a result of this changing, the people say that `satellites´moved in and out of this earth when its outer crust, its lithospherical body, was not as solid as it is now.

When going to the moon or Mars, people should be sufficiently cautious. The body and mind should be properly adjusted. This is called environmental adjustment. Ásana, práńáyáma [yogic postures and breathing], etc, help us in this adjustment.

Humans will remain on this planet for a little while longer, and they will undergo further change. History shows that so many animals roamed this earth with great prowess, but their strength gradually waned and they have become totally extinct. One day human beings will also be extinct on this planet. But this does not mean that they will become extinct on all other planets also… If the atmosphere gets too polluted, or if the release of energy from the sun decreases, this world may become unfit for human habitation. But in the universe as a whole there will never be lack of space for human habitation…Sadvipras will never lag behind in making scientific experiments. When the earth will become uninhabitable for human beings they will shift them to other planets… by means of developed conveyances… to a greater glory, a greater victory, a far greater enlightenment…

On other planets also…there are creatures like human beings. Not only on other planets [of this solar system], but on other celestial bodies, there are creatures like human beings, in some cases slightly more developed, in some cases slightly less developed…Some people are of the opinion that the people of ancient times used to address as deva those beings who had arrived from other planets. The truth of their opinion should be carefully verified.

We must move ahead, looking upon this solar system as one integral entity. But in the future, human beings from other planets and satellites will join our movement; we will have to build our society together with all. We will have to look upon this whole world as an integral entity.

When inter-planetary conflict begins, then internationalism will assume the same role as nationalism does today. The only way to establish universalism is to bring about mental expansion through spiritual practice. The inculcation of the spiritual outlook …will lead to the establishment of a universal state, a global nation, with a common thread of unity and aspiration. That nation will be known as the human nation.

Sadhakas [spiritual aspirants]…You people will complete your mission here and in this life, so that we may all take up another mission on some other planets!

Human civilization now faces the final moment of a critical juncture. The dawn of a glorious new era is on the one side, and the worn-out skeleton of the past on the other. Humanity has to adopt either one or the other. You are the spiritual soldiers, you are the worshippers of life divine. Hence I call upon you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with glorious light. Victory is surely yours.

(Ánanda Vánii, January 1, 1967)
Didi Annapurna