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What Event?

When they talk about The Event, it is just aproaching disclosure, ascension, golden age, guantum jump and Niburu; Here Update to Niburu on 29 May; 
Nibiru, Noah's Ark, ETs, Mythical Creatures, Law of Three etc; So NBC announced Nibiru in sight; These people saw Nibiru (I refer to it as the Red Comet in many of my readings as I always see a red ball of fire tied to it). This video was true and genuine, and they didn't even realize what it was when they were trying to analyze which planet they were viewing. Very clear picture of the Red Comet we have been wanting to see with our own eyes. I look for the footage to be taken down soon as the questions come in... (Earlier Psychic Focus explained that Sister Sun is bigger to be seen soon with own eyes, and Niburu, Red Comet belongs to that Solar system.)
Here too;

Wilcock short cut; Greece will come down 6 th June, then Euro and dollar. Jade Helm is to inspire preppers to get ready for coming crises. S–Arabia not accepting anymore $ US. Bitcoins to replace US dollar. No need money (strange, what is wrong with money, people just needs to learn how to use it. DA). We will have quantum leap and new tech. Disclosure soon; Some witnesses are taken out of earth, that they can't be killed. "I'll be famous, needing security". 
For Dracos the earth is their fear farm, they need to feed on our negative feelings. New insider in entertainment tells having big stream TVs in stadium, but the TVs go mysteriously missing. The monitors crystalline structure picks up some of our fear/anger energy. They have budget for new monitors in every occasion. During massive genoside in Rwanda, the ET ships parked over the battle field sucking up the energy. They need wars and pollute the earth in order themself to survive. But soon we are ascending, so then they don't get enough fear porn to survive.

SSP, Parish (?) got nano injection from Dracos. Can slice hole in flesh and then be healed. 20 people in earth has this immortality tech, they can live thousands of years, but not shared with illuminati families, so they are upset. Parish are getting tired of immortality. They want to die, neck has to be cut. Movie Highlander tells ab it, why? Illuminati has to tell, then we are slaves due to own free will, and deserve it!

After WWII Germans flew their UFOs over NY to threaten, so the US agreed to take them in. When worlds collide – film tells how 6 million people has been taken into space colonies as slaves, some cloned. Ascension; people will get light body (?)... but negative elites will experience pole shift etc. Benevolent ETs will portal us to future... Normal person live normal life then incarnate to other planet. (I think we might also experience pole shift, but STO and spiritually minded people usually avoid crises by their intuition and are protected from being injured, DA).

In 2011, 26 military bases were destroyed by good ETs. The elites tried to prevent it by HAARP, but it caused birds falling down and fish dying all over the places. Elites begged; do what ever, but don't destroy our bases. In 2012, ab 100 gigantic spheres arrived. Cure for all diseases - Dr. Hulda Clark; GoodETxSG; (You may see more ab spheres;GoodETxSG shortly) While a MILAB, I was taken below ground into "Tube System". The "Trains" “fly” through the tubes like a "Rail Gun Projectile". I have visited some underground and undersea bases all across the globe. I was given indepth info about them. I was witness to crimes against Humanity in "Off World" locations. The laws are there almost nonexistent and these areas do not exist in Int Courts. 
"Physical Meetings"; I am picked up by the SSP Alliance craft in my back yard. One energetic "Sphere Being" arrive in my bedroom with a blue/purple light (per prior contact). The orb will zig-zags around my room until I mentally indicate I am ready. It then goes from the size of a golf ball to a size where I am floating inside the orb. The craft then travels so quickly that time/space seems to blur. A moment later I am on LOC Moon Base, as a "Delegate" or to meet with SSP Alliance. (Notice the sphere beings materialize in bird form in LOC, but are normally invisible or orbs. DA)

There is a “Honeycomb Earth” and not the “Hollow Earth”. The caverns around entire globe, miles below the surface are enormous. Algae like bacteria’s “eat” the rock and release soil like debris as well as light for its ecosystem. There are plants, animals and higher level life forms that have both developed below ground or moved there in the distant past, as well as some off world and break away groups that have used this network for hundreds of thousands of years. There is extremely advanced technologies, left behind by “The Ancient Builder Race”. I was brought to a “Living Energetic Crystal Cavern” as pre-teen during MILAB training. Also quite a few “Moon’s” are hollow Space Stations of “The Ancient Builder Race”.

Does sphere alliance have a second agenda for humanity? They are open and at times brutally honest. They do not violate my free will. When I was asked to be a "Delegate" for them, with the "Committee of 200" (Human Elites) and the "Draco Alliance", I was not forced to go and had 4 SSP Alliance Security Personnel. They have made their Agenda clear; "Their Responsibility" and "Our Responsibility" during this energetic change and "The Event" (disclosure). We have to take personal karmic responsibility and have spiritual evolution experience.

I have some protection, I have been "Picked Up" by a Couple Black Op's Groups and "Questioned" about the material I have been releasing. They didn't harm me. I can use my "Scattering Technique" against "Etheric Intrusion" but not against Physical Encounters.

We humans have developed an extremely "Wide Spectrum of Emotional, Spiritual and Consciousness" Abilities that other beings are "Jealous Of" (attempts to splice ours into their own genome) and afraid of us realizing our full potential. Right now Consciousness is rising faster than their take down effort. Sadly advanced technology and spiritual advancement do not go hand in hand. And The Iraqi Dinar is a CABAL Scam/Asset, to keep their heads above water financially. 
And Cobra; Some colonies and implant stations throughout the Solar System that belonged to various SSPs has been protected by Chimera. Human beings are still living there in slavery and are victims of extreme ritual abuse. A very critical part of the liberation operations will happen on May 30th. Read more » Uploading human brain for eternal life is possible – Cambridge neuroscientist. People could “live inside a machine”
Our sister sun, Nemesis, a brown dwarf star, is several times larger than Jupiter. Nemesis has 3 planets Nibiru, Helion and Arboda. All 3 planets are a few times larger than Earth, but smaller than Neptune. Comment by Psychic Focus; What you are describing is exactly what I am able to get! Comment by Da-da; the sun used to be yellow, but it's now WHITE. And its corona is 3X normal size. Other commenting; my friends paint sun white or light yellow, but in my drawings 1983-1984, sun was always yellow orange.  

Psychic Focus; I always drew it with yellow orange - and now the sun is bright white. The climate will be the big issue and being able to grow food, but its being planned out now. (?) The Watchers are real, will help to guide us - even on a subconscious level to make choices in our "greater good." Our day is lasting 30 minutes longer (how could it be, DA?). Floating City In Nigeria, 100s of villagers saw it! Same happened to Atlantis. It was saved by ETs, like Oz travelling inside a bubble. Similarly this city was saved within clear bubble.

Sistersun/niburu/planetx; Evidence;; Bob Fletcher has been researching the Planet X, Nibiru, Nemesis mystery for 25 years. He says the first sightings will likely be in Dec 2015. Serious effects over the following 4-5 months after! Science Digest Astronomers located it in 1982. NASA stated in 1992; unknown body found. In 1993 Reagan did aliens approaching speech on UN. Continuity of Government hide outs was priority for 23 years! 
Earth will pass through the debris field of meteorites twice. Tidal waves unbelievable, earth axis tilt?, floods, gravitational effect, 3-4 planets with it. Meteorites flaming, when we go through the tail, in one hour. In 1983, bad guys made survival underground bases in US. Chinese also have thousands bases with entire fleets on them. Politics will never announce it. Marshall law before hundreds astronomers see it. Most important report that I have ever done, share; bobfletcherinvestigative...

Increase of earthquakes, volcanoes, blending of seasons. NASA found some binary solar system last year. It would explain the earth’s wobble, which is still unexplained today. Newest about Nibiru-Planet X: about Nibiru: Nick Thomas: TV; Video;

N-American has found gigantic humanoid skeletons with elongated crania. I.e Kentucky: in 1841 several human skeletons. The thigh-bones were six inches longer than tall human. Teeth, arms and ribs gave evidence of a giant of a former race. In Adena; from the skull to foot; 7 feet. Rugged head high vaulted, large-faced skeleton found in1959:

The Earth is MUCH bigger than they've been telling us; And And; And Star Wars; Darpa's death ray; science fiction becoming science fact. Humans will become God-like cyborgs within 200 years. The amalgamation of man and machine will be the ‘biggest evolution in biology’, Pr Harari.

NASA covered up Men on Mars; Jackie and her NASA colleagues job in 1979, was to monitor on earth NASA’s telemetry equipment of the Viking Mission on Mars. What they saw on video monitors shocked them profoundly; two men in suits casually walked up to one of the Viking Landers on Mars, and proceeded to fix its equipment. Jackie's team saw highly classified space program on Mars with astronauts! Read more » Jackie revealed in Coast to Coast AM radio show in 2006 what they saw in 1979. Jackie: when we saw that and they cut off our video downstairs, of course we ran upstairs. We could look through the little window, because they had just locked the door and then we saw some more on their monitors, but they taped paper over the door. Others report; here and here. Transcript: © Salla, Copyright.

Some people consuming miso (fermented soybeans, rice and salt) seem to be immune to the effects of harmful radiation; Miso on Radiation. And The Macrobiotics to Prevent Cancer. In Russia; Miso is helping patients with terminal cancer. The longer the fermentation, the better it works;
When Josiah Duncan 5 and his mom saw a homeless man outside, with the help of mom Ava Faulk. WSFA 12; he took the man to restaurant, and ordered some food. Then Josiah publicly sang loudly a blessing; God our Father... we thank you, for our many blessings... Amen.” Everybody cried; And McDonald's 'refused to serve kind teen buying food for homeless man because of new policy'.

Fulford; Alt news; Greece and Ukraine threatens to default...mass arrests of cabals imminent, the new financies announced and your check is in the mail, UFO’s landed, the end of the world is nigh, Obama is a time travelling Muslim ET etc.

Collapse of the Western financial system (autumn) will be so huge that everything is done to delay it. The Red Dragon promises new types of energy - asking funding, but were told funding will come when proof their technology worked. WDS and Rothschilds met to replace Rockefeller slave PM Abe with Ichiro Ozawa. WDS set conditions; government currency, write off of Japanese debts, remove cancer and infertility causing substances from food, international economic planning with Japan’s $7 trillion.

A delegation of 3000 Japanese politicians, industrialists etc in China, greeted warmly by President; Xi Jinping showed up in Brazil with $50 billion. The US counter by mending relations with Cuba... Growing independence; Hawaii, an illegally occupied colony by US
In EU major setback for the Khazarians; Poland elected a President from faction likely killed by the Khazarians; Poland was taking stance against the Euro, and to devalue the Polish Zloty. These policies changed after the crash. Duda recalls how two days before that fateful flight the president told him that it would be Duda who would take responsibility for the future of the country; Poland to join Greece and the Ukraine in the whirlpool of headlines.

Duda's party people are true Catolics and want to get free from EU. Relation to Putin might get worse, due to Duda's NATO interest. Duda is critical to banks owned in Poland by foreigners.; Many people send reports stating the alternative media is getting blocked in US, just as I have said. I proved 100 percent... it means they have something HUGE planned and we can't warn people when the axe falls.The government has set-up Civilian Conservation Corps II and they run projects like and the and other outfits. From And Children in FEMA Camp Roundup Drills. And Largest Military Convoy Since WW 2 to Hit Colorado for War Games.

5 Major Banks (Cartel) Guilty To Market Rigging, Fined $5.7 Billion. And Economist: Government Preparing to Seize Pensions. Secret Meeting in London to “End Cash”; Central banks aim to institute“governmental approval” for all purchases and sales. And Central Banks Are Out Of Control”. And Apple and Google Spy Summit in a Remote English Mansion; spy chiefs from seven countries attended
Zero Hedge; Grexit “Disaster” Looms As Greek Hospitals Run Out Of Sheets, Painkillers... Greece now says they will run out of money on June 5th. China has establishment a new int gold fund with over 60 countries, which expects to raise $16 billion, will develop gold mining projects across the New Silk Road. 
Pravda speculating China will very soon announce their gold reserves. The article, China has 30,000 tons of gold. Jim Willie: Gold Explosion & Gold Backed Global Currency; SDR, “conspiracy theories”, cryptocurrencies...

West pulled out $3.5trn from BRICS; Western countries have withdrawn from BRICS countries $3.5 trillion over the last 10 years to suppress the group, said Russian Security Council Patrushev, half pulled out in the last 3 years. Read more » And Stocks Began Falling At same Time Of The Year, Prior To The Last Financial Crisis; “sell in May and go away”? 
US FDA Colludes with Big Pharma to Cover Up Deaths in Psychiatric Drug Trials. And; Gordon Duff, VT; The Germanwings plane may have been downed to end an investigation of massive banking fraud tied to the CIA, Mossad, Crypto AG, Siemans and the Vatican Bank. Weapon that destroys electronic systems without hurting people or buildings by US Air Force;
Sarkar; human beings may manufacture something which may possess a mind also, but in that case the mind of that object will be weaker than the mind of its creator, the human being. 1978

It is necessary to adopt a system whereby either chemical fertilizers will be used which will not decrease soil fertility, or high yields will be achieved without using chemical fertilizers at all. I am confident that this will be achieved in the very near future...Certain liquid or gaseous air purifiers invented in the future to remove water and air pollution will be beneficial.

Science has reached such a stage that it can usher in a new era. It can produce synthetic food in the form of tablets to help solve the food problems of the world. Future generations will spend more of their time and energy on subtle psychic and spiritual activities, so their demand for physical food will decrease.

Our progress in the arena of science depends much on the progress of our knowledge in electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic emanations

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