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Find yourself on Google earth

Google earth Youtube screennames return Location + Mobile #; So if you are lost, google yourself!!! Or eat organic; Swedish family doesn’t eat organic food, because it costs more. They took part in an experiment during which they ate only organic food for the duration of two weeks. Watch to see what happens to the levels of pesticides present in their bodies after this fascinating 2-week organic food experiment.

The SSP Intuitive Empaths are among the most dangerous and scary groups, trained to be sociopaths, highly efficient and cruel with little regard for manipulating others. Corey met Sphere being “Tear-Eir” on May 9-10 to discuss ab upcoming meetings and Tsunami Waves of High Energy entering into the Sol System. 
Those of lower vibration will begin to behave like "Mad" and will self-destruct (unable to adjust to the energetic changes and karma). Beings that are Higher Vibrational (“Positive/Loving”) will have those qualities enhanced, guided by beings that have gone through this process. [More]. Now is a time to become more Loving, Forgiving and Focus on Raising Your Vibration/Consciousness. GoodETxSG.

Besides of changes on human behavior, there are some deep sea Super Volcanoes (kept top secret), which could cause mega-tsunamis and rain fire and rocks across the planet. Thousands of spheres diffuse the “Energetic Tsunami Waves”, having effect on the Sun, other Heavenly Bodies, The Volcanism, Weather and Life Forms; Comment; Soho probe has photographed some spaceships that interact with the solar emissions. 
Dutchsinse predicts accurately quakes; And; 40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now. The number is well above the 20th century’s average for an entire calendar year; more.

Salla Questions Corey, GoodETxSG; The SSP Alliance wants Humans to know true history of the planet and suppressed techs that would enhance their lives, and collapse the world Debt Slave Systems. Unfortunately some of the “Earth Alliance” wants to put into place another Debt Slave System to replace the old one. The “East” has stated that “The West has had its 100 years, now the East deserves its 100 years”. 
The SSP Alliance using non violent means has taken out many “Star Wars”/SDI space weapons. Obama is subservient to some “Alien Groups”. His joking on Jimmy Kimmel on UFOs and Putin’s “Missing Time” happened same time as the SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance had Conferences on moon. Coincidence? 
Lockheed Martin, Boeing etc are allegedly developing anti-gravity space vehicles. Some cells of their Board Members in ICC, SSP Super Boards, have broken away and defected to the SSP Alliance. 
2016 President Elections will not lead to disclosure. The Vatican have been participating in the Human-like ET Federation. Obama and Pope Francis will meet on Sept 23, and may decide about partial disclosure (without their crimes and scandals). White Hats in NSA with I.e Snowden work also for disclosure. Interview by Salla;
Lots of speculations about 24-29 Sept; Obama and Pope will meet... great shaking...historical event...FBI and CIA will be busy...ET 9/23; The Illuminati know what is coming Sept 22-28; Some movies, TV shows and other signs pointing esp Sept 23. “False flag” event to start NWO; An asteroid will hit the earth on Sept 24 !!! No one knows; And Ken's Blog.
Psychic Focus; Nepal Earthquake was a man-made weather event. When you alter temperature in the deeper depths of the earth, and combine it with temperature / pressure compressions in the higher atmosphere, it creates an earthquake. I see a team of scientists trying their best to gauge the amount of damage. The US couldn't not cause this kind of destruction in China without causing a battle, BUT they could cause it near China and then come in to "save the day." Passive warfare going on with several countries and military drills (style US Jade Helm), like World War without the media.

Missing US Marine helicopter...flew into pocket of fluctuating air pressures due to the man made weather attack. It lost control, and was shifted like a bubble blowing in the wind. Debris is to north / northwest where they are searching. (Has been found). And Jeff Rense ; He is very direct, outspoken, cares ab people, and wants them to "just be aware". His guide protected him to survive that horrible car accident. He is on a path that involves spreading truth, and not allowed to pass until his message is complete;
Souls, Spirits and Incarnation. Every person has several spiritual guides. When one has died, can chose if wants to roam around as a spirit and learn, or go straight to the source/ light and incarnate again in physical existence. You can go almost wherever you want in spirit, earth (and beyond).You can see relatives, serve as a guide... You make your place.

Attraction draws solemates together. Souls will reside with the one they are most similar (regarding vibrations), "like attracts like. Due to this Christians believe in paradise, their soul will be united with others who share similar beliefs. Some older souls advance to the ET level. 
Reptiles suppose to watch over and help to rebuild earth… The definition of workers changed to creating slaves, to keep us from ascending. They trapped us in an incarnation loop, wiping memories... I see Russia surprising us with something.. like they are going to come out when it is least expected. Psychic Focus.
Killing alt media; Alexa confirms there are only 8 % hits from US after the FCC took over Jimstone web page. He is warning; FCC imposed web traffic spoofing will kill the alternative media. Permalink. Ebay has been rigged to favor privileged sellers...Mexican news reported that the vaccine damaged babies in Mexico all had vaccine induced neurological problems, 75 % died or hospitalized.

And House of Reps passed the USA Freedom Act, to end the NSA's collection of metadata, but; it is a Big Win for the NSA- Not Civil Liberties, The Daily Beast. The bill simply requires phone companies to hold onto records rather than the NSA. Additionally NSA will now get cell phone records also;; almost 20,000 signatures on a petition. People miss the sun, the sky. Their children have breathing problems. For me, its like I am in a place of natural beauty and the rocks are sprayed with graffiti; “Disrespectful man was here.” Wild traffic in the skies, no transponders;

Fulford sources; Israel and their US stooges, will have to be removed through war and engineered collapse of cabal financial companies. This will result in wars notably in the Korean peninsula, M-East and the US. EU might be the first to blow up by Greek default. 
Unusual indicator; EU Junker and Greek PM calling for higher pensions and wages for Greeks – against bank imposed austerity!; Greek FM, proposed to put all of Greek bad debts into garbage bank; Greece staved off bankruptcy by using IMF money to pay money it owed to the IMF – delaying tactic. 
If the Greeks defaults on all $300 billion (July), this will create a domino effect over $500 tr EU derivatives. The Greeks are working with the Russians and Chinese to get new financing after default. The Chinese are offering to back German Dmark and the Greek Drachma with gold, if they dump cabal Euro. A hint; US is also headed possibly to civil war; explosions of oil trains, nuclear power plants, factories;, and

Khazarian mafia threatens to “blow up” emerging markets; Dismantling; lawsuit to force the Bank of Canada to cut its ties with overseas financial oligarchs; BIS is broke and is jacking up stock prices to camouflage this. The Israelis and Saudis used nuclear weapons against Syria and Yemen, payback is inevitable. S-Korea refused reunification of the Korean peninsula, means war... US military will force the reunification (???), Kim Jon Un’s older brother to be ruler. 
Japan, Abe has been poisoned. TV shows exposed 311 nuclear tsunami attack. Then Zionazi 311 submarine base in New Guinea was hit 4 times... reported as 4 quakes in the news. Japanese Meps are now allowed to read TPP, also mentioned in media, so forget TPP. Rockefeller's sold J Citibank and their oil companies left Japan.

Russia had victory parade (of defeating Nazies) on May 9th with Asian soldiers - message against attempt to provoke Russia in the Ukraine; And China told US to leave Ukraine, and thus started buying US bonds. 
More from Fulford sources: Khazarian mafia (G7) try to buy amnesty for certain Jewish bankers. Russia involved in this plan. Reuters got documents: Large law firms getting ready against US Fed. When we see Jeb Bush and H Clinton being dragged away in handcuffs, then we will know it is over. 
Suggestions for big law firms; go after GE and Westinghouse for their role in 3/11 against Japan. They sold their nuclear power divisions to Japan’s Hitachi and Toshiba - big insider deal to dump these businesses before the sabotage took place. The other is DuPont, its patent on the Freon gas used for refrigeration were about to expire. Freon destroying the ozone layer was created. Conveniently, DuPont had a fresh patent on HFC, to replace Freon. More revelation are going to come out soon.

US Kerry in Russia supported the Minsk peace agreements: 180 degree change in in; “Poroshenko says there is no alternative to complete fulfilment of Minsk agreements”. But (Western agency) continue war-mongering; “Poroshenko says Minsk deal ‘pseudo-peace’, vows to fight to the last drop of blood”; Severe cabal infighting. (Lehman shock of 2008 was fight between David Rockefeller and J. Rockefeller.) US economy cliff worse than 2008;

Right to print US dollars is now by US Treasury. The international US dollar is now controlled by Chinese government, Asian and EU royal families. Obama invited Gulf Council in the US. Only two of the heads of state bothered to show up: The message was clear, “no oil money for you.”; Greece borrowed most of the money (€650 million) from its IMF SDR reserves. And there is no Plan B Reuters. And Greece introduces tax on bank withdrawals. And JP Morgan Accumulating Max Physical Silver. And And Organizations Funded Directly by Soros tax deadline for 6,7 billion is 2017, just after the next US election or... The weight of Wall Street influence will be enormous in the 2016 Presidential coronation; 
US DoD admits that Pentagon has been Preparing For Mass Civil Breakdown; funding universities to create models of the dynamics, risks and tipping points of civil unrest in the US. In Sept it will hit the fan?; Massive purchase by the US government of ammunition, for AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. A Released JH Document Reveals, the JH Drill - seems is not against midle-east, but against mid americans; N-California coast - odds of two dead whales in same place?' And –Japan News and
Weird things happening; Polish farmers city camp; And strange things about US Amrtak accident;; Stuxnet virus. Australian press; no rational reason. Expert; accident was just waiting to happen as more digital train controls. NASA, JPL's 23 spacecraft hacked..and Hacker told F.B.I he made plane fly sideways

A School District Decided To Get Troubled Kids Meditating Everyday – The Results Were Amazing. Meditation is known to have a profoundly positive impact on your emotional and mental gain clarity and insight in your daily life. 
The San Francisco school district was looking for a way to help some of the troubled teens. They decided to implement “quiet time,” where students practiced transcendental meditation twice daily for 15 minutes. Four years after, the school saw a 79% decrease in suspensions, a 98.3% increase in attendance, and an increase to students’ GPAs by 4. Wow! Empowering Kids through Meditation.
Sarkar; Striving ahead together with the entire universe along the path of divinity is truly the greatest task for humanity... Spirituality provides humanity with that subtle and tremendous power with which no other power can be compared... Encourage everyone to build up their career in a nice way. Let none get the scope to think that their life has become useless.
You may see also how to prepare for possible financial crises; Prepping for Golden Age
And Love and light!
Didi Annapurna

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