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Waiting for US elections!

Many conspiracy theorists seem to be expecting all sorts of weird things to occur during, before or after the US presidential election day 8.11, which also happens (?) to be the same day with Chinese elections. See and something here also: One of them is that the huge storm aproaching US could take down communication networks and rigger the election results or even cancell (purposely or not) the election. In the worst expected storm area there are also many nuclear plants...

Berlusconi is again in troubles, whether he will come up again without charge...

There seems to be also more and more groups coming up and claiming to take over the world finances, leadership or just target to "save the earth". Sarkar said not to take side in this last battle of capitalism, but try to bring Proutist alternative for consideration.

And anyhow things might seem to become unstable and critical, but lets not forget that eventually everyting will turn for the better.

Now in Finland. The day I arrived was raining water, the next morning I woke up and it was snowing. I went to my garden and was surprised to see still big parsnips there with snow covering their leaves. Beautiful, but I don´t know if the plants feel OK, so better I pick them up.

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sunnuntai 14. lokakuuta 2012

From bottom to light

Wilcock explains his dreams (which many have been very accurate in the past): "I was quite clearly being asked to abandon everything I was already working on --including LIBOR, mass shootings – to stop "fighting" the negative elite". This is one part of David´s dream; David was attacking the one dying negative elite – a person from India or Southeast Asia was watching – and begged David to stop pounding on the “skeleton”: "He's almost gone now. If you attack him it will only make him stronger!"
If given "negative elite" more publicity:… “I would have created fear – and thus actually been making them stronger”. Dozens of his dreams are predicting ´an imminent global event - where Financial Tyranny is fully rooted out and exposed on a mass level. Imminently.... before the end of this year. No more mainstream media lies or mass denial´.

´It will look like very scary economic collapse -- but that we will come through it miraculously unscathed'. David predicted BP oil spill and Fukushima in advance and that we would be OK, while many other people were expecting the worst.

He says that the urgency and strength of the dreams since the beginning of Sept are higher than before any other major event. He expects the outcome to be `ridiculously positive´. Disclosure about all the other humans (ETs) out there -  will heal our planet, and throw us straight into the Star Trek age.

Apparently there are no timelines left in which the negative elite can prevail. Things could get a little crazy for a few days, but it will all work out beautifully. Law of One passage: "In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma." Forgiving others IS forgiving yourself.
The economic collapse might not be that bad, seems. I think humanity need to learn a lesson to surrender. Human beings need to get "panicky" in order to change their lives and habits. This is now happening perhaps…but due to new technologies things will recover fast. DA

Fulford asks: Turkish "war" against Syria is part of a secret plan to restore M-Eastern peace by placing Turkey in charge of the region: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and may be Irak. (???) This would mean the Rothschild plan for region would blow up. 

In the US key leaders of the Sabbatean sect or Khazarian mob are being cut off from outside world. Unknown parties acted to prevent funds from falling into the hands of the usual bunch of old world, as secret horse-trading continues around as the attempt to create a fascist world government collapses.

China’s long term plan is to take over Japan. China has 10 times the population of Japan and that they could best accomplish their goals through peaceful means like immigration, purchases of Japanese corporations, student exchanges etc. Chinese immigrants in the Japanese workforce was also to flood Japan with 100 million boat people. 

WDS suggested to speed up the Asian integration process by moving some of the capital city functions of Beijing to Japan as part of the international economic planning agency, with services of the Pentagon. 

There were also parallel secret negotations about gold, oil and replacing the US dollar. In the US, the Pentagon with the US militia coordinate the dismantling of the US Corporation and to restore the Republic of the US. Thus key cabal members have already started vanishing one by one from public view.

Pope and Queen funneling billions to get Obama re-elected - against the Bush crime family who want Romney in power. In either case it will be decided behind closed doors and Mossad companies, who count US votes. The pentagon and the agency guys say they will make sure the election does not go ahead until democracy is restored. They are working with one militia group linked to Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul and “Drake.” But only believe it when you see it.

Some articles: Europeans did not inherit pale skins from Neanderthals:

Beeswax Filling Dentistry; Prehistoric builders reveal trade secrets:

Ex-butler 'abused Pope's trust':
Massive German War Plane Wreck Found:

Pyramids Found in Italy: Nazi-acquired Buddha statue came from space: Alien Planets Found Around Cluster of Stars:

NASA turns to 3-D printing for self-building spacecraft:

Britain spent nuclear fuel to power deep space craft:
Space surgery possible with zero-gravity tool:

The ultimate fabric of the universe:

"We can't tell you how we're going to stop crude oil". Two quantum physics guys Nobelated today. Something to worry about; USGS data... large earthquakes - continuing to increase. Executive order 13528 of Jan 11, 2010".  6.4 off New Zealand Meningitis Ourbreak may involve upwards of 13,000 is the latest guestimate.

Ure, urbansurvival: This will keep you warm on this cool fall nights...graphical mapping of US (and other) nuclear tests. Louisiana sinkhole has enough methane in it to be harmful.  Cliff’s “coastal event” is obvious. Courtney Brown’s Farsight confirmation of webbot prediction regarding global coastal event. Multiple parallel timelines to consider.

OK, meningitis in nine states now.  Patrick Geryl: CME hit today... possible earthquakes. In Sept  we had an unexplained earthquake while the Earth was hit by a proton storm...   If we don't have a 7 plus quake today or tomorrow, then it is possible Oct 12-13."…. the 6.0 down south

S- Korea this weekend, the gas was poisonous. "National Bank of Canada foreclosing Americans' homes ". Pope Benedict named 12th Century mystic, Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) a Doctor of the Church. Why?   Wikipedia: Hildegard apocalyptic visions.  The Catholic Encyclopedia . Pope could be the next to last…  By the way:  Chavez may be effectively president for life since his health issues....

CIA’s Free Syria Army Vows to Carry Out Attacks in Lebanon. Effort to ignite a wider and more consequential war in the Middle East well underway
Obama No Different Than Chavez: Hugo Chavez’s re-election in Venezuela.
Lockheed Martin to Control Pentagon’s Global Information Grid .They already do.

Sarkar:  Only dreaming of a bright future will not suffice. One must remember that all the potentialities of the future lie embedded as seeds in the womb of the present, just as the blossoms of the present were sown in the past. 

Human beings want to channelize their whole range of vision towards the bright future – a future which will transcend all individual or group interests, all territorial limits of countries and states, and transform the fates of many people into one destiny. Human beings no longer want to rely on so-called providential favour.

Forget the past. Be the [vanguard of] a bright future; and the crimson light of that future breaks on the eastern horizon. We should welcome it – we must welcome it. There is no alternative but to welcome it.

Living beings are more physical than psychic, but in the future they will become more psychic than physical.

Those who predict the future by scrutinizing a particular individual’s mode of living, conversation, the letters of their name, certain solar or lunar dates, traditional ideas, etc. based on certain processes, or else those who are able to give some hint of the future after having visualized it by dint of a little concentration of mind, are called iikśańaka or iikśańika. This science of iikśańa has yet to become a fully developed science. 


And lets remember that we should not take any side in the battle between evil forces, which eventually will destroy themselves. We should concentrate now on establishing Prout. There seems to be anyhow more and more positive forces coming up, so the day when they will accept Prout, to stand for the welfare of entire humanity  - might not be that far anymore.

Google also; Proutscandinavia, Galloping jump into future

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lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2012

Scientist confirms Sarkar´s date of Mahabharata

Sarkar has said in several speeches starting on 1967 that Lord Krsna came 3500 years ago and Mahabharata was going on. Scientific calculation by Prof Iyengar confirms that the time period Sarkar had given about Mahabharata is the correct one. This confirmation comes shortly after a world renowned Archeologist Shri S. Chakravarthy’s findings, which got archeologist concerned all over the world:

Our people contacted Shri Chakravarthy and gave him Sarkar´s book. When he heard that long ago Sarkar has written about the things which he discovered through excavation, and that Sarkar has many fossils in His museum in Lake Gardens, Kolkata. Chakravarty became extremely interested in seeing the museum and visited in Lake Gardens. He was thrilled by what he read in the book and what he saw in the museum.

The Telegraph, 3rd Nov 2003: The Great Mahabharata War was fought in 1478 BC…according Iyengar, a scientist from the Indian Institute of Science. (IISC), Bangalore. In a report in the Indian Journal of the History of Science, published by the Indian National Science Academy: Iyengar used sky simulation software to look for three solar eclipses that would have been visible across northern and western India between 500 and 3000 BC. Prof. Iyengar specializes in building engineering and earthquake mechanics, but he’s also an avid reader of Sanskrit texts.

The Mahabharata contains descriptions of some 150 astronomical observations. Computer software available today allows scientists to recreate the look of the night sky at any time and place on earth…Iyengar focused on three solar eclipses and the positions of Saturn and Mars associated with key events in the epic. One solar eclipse is supposed to have occurred around the time that the Pandava brothers lost in the game of dice against Duryodhana. Another such eclipse occurred about 15 years later, just before the Kurukshetra battle, this one occurring within a fortnight of a lunar eclipse. The third solar eclipse occurred 35 years after the battle, around the time of the demise of Krishna.

October 27 2003 08:42 IST: His research was based on interpreting six different versions of the epic, including in Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada and English... The software has been used to validate eclipse observations made by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Sarkar: It was Krśńa Dvaepayana Vyasa who properly edited the Vedas and reintroduced them to the people at large. Therefore he became popularly known as “Veda Vyasa.” So the author of the Mahábhárata is Krśńa Dvaepayana Vyasa or “Veda Vyasa.”

In ancient England there were so many countries, named Sussex, Essex, Yorkshire, etc. Along with these there were Wales and Scotland. At last all combined and made Great Britain...Similar were Amga, Bamga, Kalimga, Saorastra and Magadha in India. Lord Krśńa wanted to combine them and make Mahábhárata (Great India)…Therefore the book is known as Mahábhárata (Great India). There was no unity among the different kingdoms, and in the absence of unity, the development of the common people was not possible.

The event of the Mahábhárata took place some 3500 years ago, in the days of Lord Krśńa, and it was written down at the same time or a little later. But some people are as obstinate as oxen. For them the application of force is needed. And when that fails, then even sterner measures are required. That explains why the battle of the Mahábhárata had to be orchestrated…. Mahápuruśa Shrii Krśńa had insisted to the Pandavas to take up arms against the Kaoravas, because the Kaoravas were aggressors (átatáyii) who had taken possession of the land by force.

Lord Shiva, Lord Krśńa were expressions of the same entity, but there was a time difference of 3500 years. His ávirbháva (advent) was just at a crucial time – humanity was suffering then. He removed the suffering of humanity by creating Mahábhárata. He gave an assurance to the entire world that there would not be degradation of dharma, that He would come and save it.

Even today village people, sitting around a kerosene lamp in the evening, read and discuss the Mahábhárata, each one cherishing a universal attitude of love for the book. The propagation of the Mahábhárata will have a beneficial influence on people’s minds… You may still find some old people who do not know how to read or write, but they know the Rámáyańa and the Mahábhárata very well.

Balaram was the elder brother of Krśńa and one of the main chieftains of the Jadu dynasty, but he was also an alcoholic. In the scriptures it is written that things which are harmful to the general mass should not be done in public, thus to take any kind of nasa or intoxication in public is not proper. Common people followed Balaram in all respects, so when they saw him taking alcohol in public they also started taking increasing amounts of alcohol. The resulting drunkenness caused people to quarrel amongst themselves. Eventually they killed each other at Prabhash Tiirtha and the Jadu dynasty was destroyed.

Suppose the light-waves of the Mahábhárata age will take another eight hundred years to reach a certain star. At this period if you look at the earth with the help of a telescope what will you see?
You will see that the Mahábhárata has not yet been fought there and that it will not take place for another eight hundred years……

Lord Krśńa was the first to attempt to build a strong and healthy society, but due to the Mahábhárata war, much of His time was lost. As He did not find enough time to build a society, a human society could not come into existence. Similarly, Lord Sadáshiva, the original provider of Tantra, had to devote much of His time to building a strong foundation for spirituality, and despite His immense desire, He could not build a strong social order. Today, the combined power of both will help in building a healthy human society.
In 1969 Sarkar gave a series of talks, published as Discourses on the Mahábhárata, concerning the society and some of the key figures of the Mahábhárata era…And in 1981 the author gave the talks published as Namámi Krśńasundaram devoted exclusively to the personality and roles of Krśńa, and the unwritten philosophy embodied by Krśńa.

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perjantai 5. lokakuuta 2012

But eventually getting better

News from Russia: Russia has decentralized, self-sustaining, independent "eco-villages" that produce more than enough food to feed the entire country. Millions of small-scale, family-owned and -operated, organically-cultivated farms:

The Voice of Russia: Speaking at a conference of scientific and expert centers, in China, Russian economist Mr. Lisovolik said that the BRICS Bank of Development “will make BRICS more competitive among other similar alliances (IMF type), the number of which is constantly growing”.

High ranking Russian scientists and military personnel´s testimony: For the first time, the legendary 2006 Russian documentary ‘Third Reich – Operation UFO’ in its entirety, translated into English and available for free. The film explores the historical mysteries and rumours of a Nazi secret base in Antarctica.

New comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)  found by the International Scientific Optical Network (ISON) in Russia on 21 Sept. The comet is predicted to blaze incredibly brilliantly in the skies during late 2013.

TASS: An extraordinary number of earthquakes of M4.5 and greater were triggered worldwide in the six days after the M 8.6 East Indian Ocean earthquake in April 2012. These quakes were occurring as far away as Mexico and Japan. Sumatra quake affected faults up to 250 miles away…the earthquakes that happen on a spreading center - increased by 800 percent, according USGS. Earthquake in April triggers large aftershocks all over the globe.

The Chinese Navy apparently sight seeing in San Francisco today… U.S. Navy vessel "Fleet Week" starts Oct 4th and China may be participating. "California gas stations shut as oil refinders ration supplies."  Refinery outages, and fire at one of the refineries? "What's Next? Gas lines in California?" AND scary rumours: All the East Coast military bases are being evacuated under the cover of darkness in the middle of the night using secondary roads. And, second confirmation when we wake up one morning and there’s Canadian and Mexican troops in the US to help us in our ‘time of need’, then we’ll know that we’re real close to everything falling apart.” Also “the second most important story in 2000 years, confirmed by US Navy sources… the Gulf Stream stopped… this one event changes everything…”

A Lieutenant of federal police agency: “let me give you a tip, and take this seriously. Do not go anywhere far from home between now and November. You will not be able to get back home if you do.” It may be complete nonsense, but better to be prepared than unprepared:

A Swedish green party politician Hagberg has expressed concern in  Swedish Katrineholms Courier that the CIA and the U.S. NSA are working together with the Swedish government to cover the skies with Chemtrails, which contain dangerous mix of chemicals, viruses, and heavy metals. The excuse that has been put forward in the mainstream by the UN and research groups funded by Bill Gates; that these programs are to save us from global warming. Hagberg believes that this is a weather modification scheme, designed to control markets and prices, or even put other countries at a disadvantage.  If you have not seen chemtrails see this: And

CBS News) Modern wheat is a "perfect, chronic poison," according to Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist who has published a book all about the world's most popular grain.

Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy (JCIT) took a group of men working on the Fukushima site and administered 25,000 mg (milligrams) or 25 grams of vitamin C as a pretreatment prior to half of the men entering the area. C-vit protection from nuclear radiation effects. Sinkhole in US: before the people in the area fully wake up to just how serious it is…because anyone not having already left, will be in flames, or 4,000 ft below sea level. When the truth comes out it will be the end of Fracking in America.

Why are ‘both deep-space astronomical observatory telescopes’ shrouded in secrecy (by intelligence in Antarctica)? Kerry Cassidy:  The legendary 2006 Russian documentary ‘Third Reich – Operation UFO, translated into English:  Nazi secret base in Antarctica, ‘Operation Highjump’ expedition and the occult origins of Third Reich anti-gravity engines, flying discs and ancient Atlantean technologies and German organisations ‘Thule and ‘Vril Society’ and the ‘Ahnenerbe’...Exopolitics

Keshe: Advanced technology available to humanity. By utilizing the basic forces of nature, man will be able to construct new systems for flight in space, free of manmade fuels and the shackles of Earth’s gravity. The strength of the magnetic field and gravity of planets depends more on the composition of the material(s) and the speed of motion in the central core of the planet than on the size, heat or any other factors. Universal laws of physics have to be followed... Planets and stars are using the natural laws of physics and materials, without separate machinery and control rooms and fuels…as one fully integrated system.

Plasma reactor prototypes for medical use are based on the specific magnetic field configuration of the organ(s).  In our view an illness or chronic sickness is related to imbalances in the body's SEPMAF's. (plasma-magnetic field). The plasma reactor imparts specific electromagnetic frequencies to a quantity of water, which are transferred to the patient's body when they drink it. 65% of water. And specific electromagnetic frequencies to air. The patient inhales this at regular intervals. A plasma reactor with its magnetic fields specially tuned according to the state of the patient is placed close to certain points on their body.

Moving 35-40 times the speed of sound is possible… China, Iran, Belgium, Holland and Russia now have this technology. Mach 35-40 with wheel-less cars is possible on Earth. Magnets can be bi polar or single north polar at all sides These Mono-polar elements create permanent oscillation i.e. free energy…Plasma is a cell and we use the energy inside, and replace it in the atom and have damaged nothing, this is clean energy, and Fukushima could be cleaned out.

No need for physical body for space travel, just energy only. It is not possible to be alone in this galaxy. Our body can a-tune to different dimensions with light as portable plasma. The Big Bang theory is nonsense. And

Sarkar: And if the magnetic order is disrupted, then certain remarkable changes, certain remarkable metamorphoses in the electromagnetic vibrations of this Earth and also of the entire solar system, will occur. As a result of this type of change in the electromagnetic vibrations, human thought waves will certainly be affected.
Our progress in the arena of science depends much on the progress of our knowledge in electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic emanations… We should be prepared for such change, and that change may take place in the very near future.

Doesn´t sound so good the news

Zero Hedge: I published the assets/liabilities of the ECB as provided by them. I was shocked by the implications…a huge wake-up call for anyone investing in Europe. The ECB lists, as of the end of the 1st quarter of 2012, 16.304 trill € assets and 17.334 trill in liabilities. However the numbers they gave in public to be a ledger of 3.240 trillion €. This variance would be impossible and yet here it is. Some large institutions also looked at the numbers and were stunned.

Who is responsible for these assets and liabilities and where are they counted? We can surmise that the ECB does not count these loans, securitizations and collateral as they belong to a given nation or a bank guaranteed by the nation or the securitization is guaranteed by some country but the rub is the country doesn’t count them either. Think of it; twenty-two trillion dollars worth of assets and liabilities and accounted for nowhere...These are real assets and real liabilities that have been turned into cash by the ECB and it causes me to wonder just how accurate the Money Supply numbers are for Europe.

Lindsey Williams: Now The FED Can Repossess Your Home anytime. Now we can tell everybody what the federal reserve is really up to and they'll be able to see it for themselves. After QE3 or QE to infinity. The Fed announced that it will start a Mortgage-Backed Securities Purchase Program… and will become the majority owner of all of these assets.

The Spanish government is expected to present new austerity measures tomorrow for 2013, while police clashed with thousands of protesters today in “Occupy Congress” demonstrations. And student demonstrations in Italy against austerity… Berlusconi’s party is in crises due to misuse of government money. Party member Fiorito has stolen 1,3 million.

Nobelist Krugman advices that the saving campaigns in Spain, italy, Greece etc is not helping the economy to recover and will lead only to deepening crises and radicalization of population...60% possibility to save euro. ECP and Merkel caused too much pain by austerity? EU bank union is good idea. Economic implosion in Spain driving citizens to ‘dumpster diving’ survival food scavenging. Natural News: Scavenging has become so pervasive in one Spanish city that officials have taken to installing locks on trash bins outside supermarkets, to avoid a public health outbreak that the government could ill-afford. American Dream: The Last Housing Crash Is Not Even Over But Bernanke Is Already Setting The Stage For The Next One. He is determined to push mortgage rates to record low levels and is encouraging the banks to make home loans more easily. Al Qaeda Set Europe’s Forests on Fire – FSB Chief . RIA Novosti, Russian security service chief Alexander Bortnikov claimed.

According to Mike Rivero we are on the verge of a virtual 911 attack , cyber attack on the banking system. It may accomplish several objectives; rally cry for war, new electronic currency security (chips) and government takeover of the internet for national security reasons.

Jewish leaders in NYC warmly greet Ahmadinejad . Iran rial has lost two thirds of its value!!! It took 39,000 rials to buy one dollar on October 2. That's good for a 59 percent drop in just a week. This kind of currency cliff-diving is basically a bank run on the rial -- a bank run U.S.-led sanctions set off. A gang of 16 shady individuals have been arrested by Iranian officials for allegedly smuggling currencies outside the banking network in order to increase the value of foreign currencies and to disturb the public. and CNN. In a press briefing yesterday with State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland, asked about the morality of the US-led sanctions regime on Iran, which is primarily hurting the population. Jordan McYoung: Pay attention to Jordan . Over 50,000 Jews live in Teheran. 

Casper fighting with Drake, Crayford, Keenan and anyone else who lays claim to our funds which do not belong to them… REF: For example, the Chinese Families who bailed the U.S. out of various situations and now claim, sometimes through Keenan, that they own all or most of the funds. These fights between the ‘major players’ have been ongoing and are unresolved our sources say.

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20121001: US Corporation looting individual bank accounts to postpone bankruptcy. US owned by Fed, has resorted to stealing private funds and blaming it on “Iranian cyber-attacks,” in order to stave off bankruptcy, according to CIA etc. David Rockefeller, George Bush Senior, Queen Elizabeth, Evelyn de Rothschild and the Pope all argue amongst each other over what to do next. Queen and the Pope are funneling money to Obama and pushing for his re-election, while the Rockefellers and Bushes are looking towards Asia. This leaves the Rothschild’s plan to start war and mayhem in the Middle-East.

BBC: The US government propaganda; according to “highly classified” documents provided by the Join Chiefs of Staff’…confirm that Iranian hackers are committing cyber-attacks against US financial institutions. Senator and  Zionist  Lieberman explains. This fake hacker group is threatening other Zionist controlled countries such as France, Germany and Britain. According to the false flag …While Radware, a security firm, concluded that the alleged Iranian faceless cyber army, accused to attacking BoA and JPMorgan Chase, did not conduct the attack. CIA-Sponsored Cyber Attacks to Legitimize DHS Big Brother Control Grid.

Wells Fargo & Co upped their cybersecurity measures after being attacked by group called Cyber Fighters of Izz ad-din Al Qassam. House Repr Mike Rogers claims anti-Muslim film was released to cover (the  new 9/11) US involvement in the bombing and death of US Ambassador Stevens.
Occupy: False flag bomb threats . SPIC and FDIC announced bank run. JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley insolvent. Framing Iran for the American banking system’s computer failure kills two birds with one stone. Not only would the banking cartels be able to shut down all banking computers , but Mega-banks due to contingency plans , (called resolution plans) could use custom secured funds to repay debts and loans and transfer all customer funds out to off-shore banks. The Americans, being told that Iran was to blame, might not riot.

The World Is Waking Up to The New World Order . The mainstream consciousness is becoming aware of the New World Order. Street artist MEAR ONE´s provocative murals strike strong public reaction. National Journal: I Don’t Use E-mail At All says Homeland SS Napolitano, a key player in national cybersecurity efforts. Just 1 in 4 UK adults aged16-74 has a full-time job.

All Guantanamo Bay detainees, including David Hicks, were drugged involuntarily with a truth serum. Recently declassified US documents revealing that scopolamine was administered to all detainees taken to the Cuban detention centre. The US government has not responded to questions by The Sun-Herald:

Iran has unveiled a new unmanned drone capable of flying over Middle East, state media report. Last year, the Iranian authorities claimed to have brought down US drone 170 Sentinel electronically. Later, the head of the IRGC’s aerospace programme, Hajizadeh, said it was trying to build a copy of the drone. Major naval exercise in the Gulf by the US and its allies. Thirty countries participated to test the international community’s capacity to deal with mines that could hamper shipping in the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. BBC.

US; six in 10 expressing little or no trust in the mass media's ability to report the news accurately and fairly.

And - The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), representing the unelected supranational corporate-financier interests that fund it, has issued a Contingency Planning Memorandum ” directed to Venezuela: In the coming months, Venezuela could experience significant political unrest and violence that lead to the further curtailment of democracy in the country.  The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) recipients receiving cash to “advance U.S. interests and values” within VenezuelaThe NED. An identical operation was recently carried out by the US against Russia. US-engineered unrest that characterized the “Arab Spring.” And Election Sunday cause fears… Marin supporter of President Chavez worries that opposition candidate Capriles will launch a violent purge of Chavez supporters if he wins. Capriles supporter Nessi says the same: "If Chavez wins I'll either have to live with the tension or I can pack two suitcases…and leave."And But see the incredible red sea:

Monsanto enters pharmaceutical business, acquires key ‘gene silencing’ technology for use in humans Monsanto wants to turn food crops into gene-altering ‘drugs’.In Sweden many government net sites down due to hackers; central bank, army and intelligence. US unemployment numbers good, who would believe…Finland floodings…Finnish politicians division in tax matter.

An explosive investigative report was quietly released by the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations - of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Identified no reports that “…uncovered a terrorist threat, nor could [investigators] identify a contribution…to disrupt an active terrorist plot.” The DHS lacked accountability for the federal funds budgeted, even to the point of lying about the existence of some fusion centers; DHS leaders deliberately hid their internal assessment reports from congressional oversight. DHS is mismanaged... Texas Students with Mandatory RFID Tags. Students and parents at two San Antonio schools are in revolt over a program that forces kids to wear RFID tracking name tags.  ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ as Terrorists: A leaked U.S. Army document obtained by Wired Magazine characterizes people “frustrated with mainstream ideologies”, as potential terrorists.

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