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Whistleblowers, remote-controlled cars and crimson dawn

Wilcock thinks Financial tyranny is now crumbling apart...Short cut; "New" whistleblowers come out... and the public then realizes many other whistleblowers risked their lives to tell the same things, years ago -- and were ignored. 2013 is indeed the year of the "I-told-ya-so party"...Isn't it interesting that Snowden ended up in Russia...The day before Snowden identified himself as the NSA leaker, we published article revealing that Russia has been working to defeat the Cabal, since -- in 1776". Best time to release Part Two of the Russian expose' of Financial Tyranny...

As soon as the public discovers the truth, the Cabal can no longer maintain control. The NSA is only a minor player in comparison to NRO, Naval and Air Force intelligence and many other groups behind the UFO cover-up. I do believe a positive international alliance is orchestrating this ever-increasing disclosure -- behind the scenes. The public needs time to digest each new piece of information.

Cars sold in US from 2008 and up -- can be remote-controlled by certain insider groups... GM admits that all of their vehicles are equipped with extensive, remote-control automated systems -- via OnStar. It can check your e-mail hands-free, make hotel reservations, and unlock your car if you've locked your keys inside, among other things. Also in Japanese and European vehicles 2002 and 2005. The FBI has even attempted to use the system to eavesdrop on private conversations, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied them to do so.

Could these systems also be used for targeted assassinations -- making cars accelerate really fast, and then steering them into a tree while locking the driver inside? - OnStar may have been responsible for the death of journalist Michael Hastings;

Hastings was driving a 2013 Mercedes when he crashed into a tree on Highland Ave in Los Angeles at approximately 4:30 am on June 18. Video of car in flames, and one neighbor told a local news she heard a sound like an explosion. Car's engine had been thrown 50 to 60 yards from the car.
Hastings' story; 2010 ab McChrystal in Rolling Stone and Petraeus, LA Times. WikiLeaks tweeted: Hastings ab NSA – and Greenwald Tweeted after Hastings' death.

Senior Insider; Former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard Clarke told that what is known about the single-vehicle crash is "consistent with a car cyber attack. According security analyst, technology exists someone could hack his car. Some research at universities; easy to hack into the control system of a car. (What about military planes sold by US, could be easy to set control on them in order to stop some wars etc...DA)

Part Two of the Russian television series...would probably never have happened if Neil Keenan hadn't filed a lawsuit against the Cabal in Nov 2011.  Financial Tyranny was written after the Alliance began passing me hundreds of documents. Jean Haines' website tells ab latest Assassination Attempt on Keenan here (09.07.13). As Dunn's update; defense against a new round of attacks from a spokesman for the OITC, which is manipulating the massive funds of the "Global Collateral Accounts". David Crayford... is a self-appointed spokesperson for the so-called Office of International Treasury Control (OITC), a fraudulent organization claiming affiliation to the UN - currently selling phony diplomatic immunities for $20,000 apiece....

Monaco Accord - organized by Keenan and the Swiss Government - purpose was to free the non-aligned nations (esp Asian) from domination and control by the Western oligarchy. The Monaco Accords provided the basis for the BRICS alliance (though BRICS will be just a rerun of the EU as it lacks access to the Collateral Accounts), but this opposition group has humanity's best interests in mind, and can ultimately help us form a fairer and better system.

So, apparently the Cabal plundered the world of its gold reserves, but now everything is coming out in the open for everyone to see. Best of all, happy ending guaranteed...Once we grow and evolve into the next level of human evolution, we begin moving out into the galaxy to help other planets move through the same growing pains. In our next update, 15-minute clip Wisdom Teachings features human ET visitors that appeared worldwide.
And what says Fulford; According him Snowden is staged informer, to blackmail NSA, which has turned against cabal. (Veterans today has couple of articles too, which claim Snowden is just set up “whistleblower”. Chaos and panic spreading amongst cabalists; The cabal knows it has lost the war for planetary control and is US Homeland Security and their 15 top agents were fired last week...Only Eric Holder stands still. Firing of Napolitano helped derail a plot to use the Zimmerman trial to trigger race riots as an excuse to declare martial law.

Italian P2 freemasons say Berlusconi is planning to seek political refugee status, maybe in Russia. Ongoing secret negotiations with Gnostic Illuminati, martial art groups, Russia etc. Western military intelligence want to eliminate the 13 Sabbatean bloodlines and the moderates, including the White Dragon Society and various Asian groups. China, Russia, S-Korea and Japan boycotting cabal US wheat, rice, beef and other commodities.

In Japan, replacement for cancer-stricken PM Abe has been chosen by the current ruling clique. Credible threats of another nuclear terror attack against Japan, spreading radioactive cesium around Fukushima and bribed the head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority to prevent the re-opening of Japan’s nuclear power plants.

A bombing attack on a Russian naval base in Syria by Israel...Instead of being fooled into war, Russian and Gnostic Illuminati say they will be targeting Sabbatean top family members in Europe. Cabal control of the oil industry is ending. Australia discovered more oil than in Iran, Iraq and Venezuala combined; The world will no longer have to go to Middle East for oil.

The Chinese communist government bailed out Goldman Sachs in S-Korea. In return Obama informally offered Islands to China and Russia...but the new Republic of the USA will declare them null and void. Obama called Putin about Russia’s move to control European energy supplies. Weekly Geopolitical News and Analys.

And here lots of more speculations behind the curtains;
Euro-BRICS PROCESS, 4th Euro-BRICS Seminar; Towards a renovated global governance – Peace, Energy, Currencies, Trade : the Euro-BRICS partnership, non-conflictual cooperation between world blocks » Moscow May 23-24, 201.

Deutsche Bank has derivatives exposure of $72.8 trillion, twenty times total GDP of Germany itself. DeutschmarkZone in N-Europe is likely to emerge, involving also The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Finland. Greece, Spain, Italy and, yes, France, can go hang. The G7, scenting the inevitable capitalist end-game, is trying to counter the BRICS alliance initiatives by rigging the markets to keep the price of gold down, by printing trillions of new fake dollars and euros, and by accumulating quadrillions and quintillions of notional syndicate wealth such as in the Committee of 300's White Spiritual Boy and Spiritual Wonder Boy accounts. More here, here and here.
While BRICS nations are accumulating gold and beginning the process of freeing up the trillions (quadrillions) of dollars' worth of suppressed gold held outside the markets in the Global Collateral Accounts.

Putin, a Russian patriot, started to reshape covert geopolitical power structures when he and his colleagues moved to stamp out the influence of the Rothschild and Rockefeller syndicate maggots at work inside Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989-90. These parasites, mostly oligarchs and P2 Lodge mafia, were agents of the G7 Nazi continuum. Their aim was to handle Russian oil and gas to prop up the US petrodollar Ponzi nexus.

The G20 has the potential to become the main structure for building up very needed global governance in all dimensions: economy, security, energy and climate.The EU Common Energy Policy set the benchmark: aiming to create a European energy network and become resource independent the EU may gain a new status and become a relevant geopolitical player on the market. The September G20 summit in St. Petersburg could prove to be a changing point in world history. LEAP and MGIMO have been advocating a Euro-BRICS strategic alliance wishes to enable:the BRICS to find the allies they need to achieve a more balanced global governance etc.

Hastings’ friend and confidant Ssgt Biggs; “Michael Hastings’ body was returned to Vermont in an urn.” He further alleged, “Family members did not want Michael’s body cremated...This wasn’t an accident and I will continue to investigate his death. LAPD continues to ignore FOIA requests...Peter Angermeier; This happened in my neighborhood. I walked the crash scene two days later, and talked to the guy with the hose. Can someone explain to me what the LOUDLABS reporter was doing parked at Santa Monica and Highland, at 4 am, with his dashcam on? Just in time to film Michael going thru a red light at 80 MPH?


Sarkar; Those who introduce new ideas are invariably subjected to the trammels, tyranny and lure of sinful temporality. But people must not yield, people must not stop. Remember that light, not darkness is veritably the truth of life. The light of new ideas shall certainly illumine every nook and corner of human habitation, in spite of the inroads of countless forces of denunciation, denigration and contempt. However dense the cimmerian darkness may be, the crimson dawn must follow. The fiends of hell may burst out in loud laughter, but all must fade in the void with the sunrise. 1972. 
Didi Annapurna 

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And who is then Sarkar by the way

He - the most simplest looking Indian family person - could speak countless languages, compose thousands of songs, write hundreds of books in different topics and give Prout for the future generations - amongst many other mysterious things. But I think, we - those who met him personally - were more impressed on his loving care and guidance, that we will never forget...

Sarkar was sure about Prout going to be established in the future. So sure that he demonstrated to doubtful person in one occasion without words, how the glass (Prout) was unbroken, but the rock broke, when he threw the glass on it.

Sarkar gave not only the theory of Prout, but he also put us to study Prout and made us to function according Proutist principles. He inspired us to start projects called Master Units, which are one important part of Prout in practice. And here I am running one of those eco-places although not fully equipped, staffed and functional as service centers yet.

Sarkar could see into future and the need of projects, that would unite humanity for serving each other rather than exploiting, wasting and destroying. Sarkar said that when there will be enough spiritually minded people, then eventually they would be chosen to lead and establish Proutist society with the help of intellectuals and moralists.

We are going into that direction for sure, but how soon Prout will be the ideology of the day, let it go according his plans...

In 1975 Sarkar said; Despite its advent onto this earth many thousands of years ago, humanity is not yet capable of building a well-integrated and universal human society. This is in no way indicative of the glory of human intellect and erudition. You, who have understood the predicament, realized the urgency, seen the naked dance of evil and heard the hypocritical and raucous laughter of the divisive forces should throw yourselves into this noble task without further delay. When the ends are just and noble, success is inevitable.

1979; Since the very dawn of civilization, numerous isms have emerged before the humanity. Various rhythms of mobility have appeared but none of these has taught to look upon the entire humanity as an integral and indivisible entity. Hence, there is so much infighting so much intolerance amongst human beings...The human society of today has advanced considerably in the intellectual sphere. It must no longer sit inert. By applying all its might, the march of universal humanism must be made smooth by hook or by crook.

With the progress of science, the globe has become smaller to the human eye. No place on the earth is now inaccessible, and this is why it is the most opportune moment for building a universal human society. Set yourselves to task without any further delay. Remember, a human society based on ideology must be built with the help of all the moralists and progressive people of the universe. This is the only way for the survival of human civilization.

Clouds cannot overcast the sun for a long time. The creatures of darkness never want the expansive exaltation of human society. Even then, human beings shall march ahead. No one can arrest the speed of their progress. You must be the harbingers, you must be the pioneers of this victorious march. See that not a single individual lags behind.

Google more; Proutscandinavia,
Galtung and Sarkar
Not just economist
Sarkar and others predict the future
Sarkar tours India and the world 1968-90
Didi Annapurna

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Keshe in Malta, Poland - and succussion

Keshe explains, that Polish scientist build most beautiful reactor so far for energy creation. 10.May you This reactor is built by one man, brings in one move Poland to Keshe's spaceship program...what you see is a complete starsystem, not only the physical structure...We have advised how to bring the reactor in easy operation. With this nation of Poland in one swift has joined K F spacefhip program. Needs eight or six weeks to fully test the system. We welcome nation Poland to this special program, This is absolutely perfect. And I'm sure the scientist has fully understood the whole concept...I have checked

Jake Schneider comment; One thing I found interesting about the Polish Space Program, with a simple google search, was that they have a recognizable Plasma Physics Laboratory. Also... Space Research Centre...

Keshe explains; Light comes when plasmatic magnetic field of electron react with plasmatic magnetic field of proton. Sun and earth - both having plasmatic magnetic fields - collide and create light...We have done reactors spherical like earth. The magnetic field created around these reactors interact with the plasmatic magnetic field of earth and collide, thus light comes. ..Reactors are similar like earth they collide and create light. He also writes; These reactors can create matters like air, water, food .... (By the way Sarkar explained that water can be created by using hydrogen...)

Keshe's papers; 

Homeopathic medicines are made by tapping the liquid in container, succussion. Scientists know how to magnetize iron by succussion, which realign the iron molecules... Similarly succussion of oxygen molecules in water trigger the process of realignment. By using succussion any liquid can be made magnetic and to interact with similar elements - including human body which is mostly water. Hence the cells in the body gets realigned to original. Airports security, may cause homeopathic medicine to lose their realignment or change potency. This is best method of healing as that's how human body works... Succussion of the blood by heart and sustainability of life on this planet is homeopathic. Tapping of human body can be healing too. Get your PDF; (Sarkar also explained how homeopathy works - but forgotten. He said that higher potencies work better on psychic level, and lower potencies more near physical level. By the way so called Grander water is made by magnetizing the water some way. DA)  

M T Keshe believes that centre core of earth is made of hydrogen, other gases and a mixture of liquid and solid Matters which were in the vicinity of the centre of the core of the Earth at the time of its inception in the solar system...The centre of the Earth possesses a semi- fusion atomic reactor and not a fission reactor as has been assumed by other scientists. And the physical reality in the solar system also is that the lightest of all these gasses, the Hydrogen, has taken its place right in the centre of the solar system in its star, the Sun. It has to be recognised that the centre of all planets in possession of gravity due to the centre cores heating, are always in possession of two Magnetic Field Forces in their inner sanctum...there is an inner core in the inner core...The interaction between these two field forces in the centre of the planet leads to the creation of the gravity and the magnetic forces of the planet.

Magnetosphere; "The shape and the strength of the magnetosphere of a planet is exactly what a fingerprint is to a man. It is unique to each planet, star and galaxy. It is a tell tale of all its attributes, and it reveals the hidden mysteries of the internal materials’ structure".

The creation of gravity; "The source and the creator of the magnetic forces and the gravitational forces are due to the interaction between the same materials in the same region of the planet... The gravity in reality is the effect of the interaction of two plasmatic magnetic energy fields of any two object in respect to each other."

Reactor Start-up for the creation of gravitational field forces and the production of energy are set out. The start up of these systems are totally different then the prior arts known in the nuclear industry.

Direct absorption of carbon dioxide CO2 and methane CH4 gases from the environment and their conversion into nano solution and nano solid matters and production of energy and oxygen by the use of nano compound at ambient temperature and pressure.

Keshe reactor shortly;
a. Inner body is material that can pass the ultraviolet ray particles, there is being placed Hydrogen and nano-potassium.
b. Outer core is non magnetic metal, there is placed Hydrogen.
c. A part of the outer inner core is winded up outside with copper coil...There is no neutron in the nucleus, only one proton and one outer electron...
1. In inner core...Ionization of hydrogen will started by the potassium mag-rav fields and dynamic plasma will be produced.
2. The ionized hydrogen will release electrons and protons. They will form a torus plasma current rolled up by the magnetic field.
3. The hydrogen in outer core will be ionized from the inner core ultraviolet radiation. The free particles will be restored in Hydrogen atoms.
4. A torus current flow will be formed too due to the interaction of the free particles from the inner core and the Hydrogen from the outer core. It's magnetic field will prevent the leakage of particles to the metal body.
5. The inner core will start rotate counter after start the system. The gravitational and the magnetic fields will be formed like those of the Earth. The inner core rotation will make the electrons in the coil move directionally, and when the winding pass by the magnetic fields – the electricity will be produced...That is something from our ancestors; The hydrogen with 0 number of neutron plus the elements with the number of neutron is more than 0, the forces of Yin and Yang can push the core rotate endless and make it leave the core of materials, producing the sky, ground, mountains, rivers, wind, fire, etc on the surface of the earth... the generation of us which inherited the most intelligent civilizations on earth, should wake up !!!
Area 51 UFO Sightings Area 51 Disclosure Shocking Insight on J-Rod Whistle Blower;

Another researcher about J-rod; Escape From Area 51 J-Rod Incredible Testimony from Michael Schratt, military aerospace historian. Michael Schratt provides specifics regarding Dr Dan Burisch's alleged interaction with an extraterrestrial known as "J-Rod".

And here J-rod source Dan Burisch;

The movement and the path, the means and the chariot are all inseparably linked. The path is not always easily accessible, smooth and littered with flower petals; nor is it always inaccessible, thorny and covered with stones. One must keep one's eye fixed on the Goal. This Goal provides inspiration, supplies the means for forward movement and makes the little lamps of life infinitely effulgent. Since eternity this very Goal has provided and is providing inspiration to all and will continue to do so in future; and by revitalising the life-force as if with a flow of water, it will make the earth ever full of sweetness, and at the same time it will keep the triumphant flag of humanity flying on top of the golden mountain peak. So let one's vision be fixed on the goal. There is no necessity to think of anything else. 1987
You could perhaps google also Proutscandinavia, Keshe flyes faster than NASA

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Benjamin Fulford and related news

Fulford; Obama's birth certificate says his father was 25 years old when Obama was born in 1961. However, in his biography, Obama says his father was a WW2 veteran. But his father would have been 9 years old when the war ended!!! Fulford thinks good forces within the Pentagon are allied with Obama against the cabal, but Obama still needs to tell the truth about his past...and resign.
The hunt is on for the secret guy printing fraudulent Euros and dollars for the Sabbatean Mafia. Efforts by the Neil Keenan lawsuit and Five Star Trust group (“Zap” and friends of “Poof”)...

The S-Korean economy likely to implode and take down Goldman Sachs...(Rockefeller's). S-Korean financial system has been owned by the Sabbatean mafia since the financial crisis they engineered in 1997. The new regime in N-Korea is forthcoming about its previous relationship with the Bush/Nazi, CIA; there was a special door on the border between North and S-Korea that was used to deliver N-Korean amphetamines to CIA agents and Japanese gangsters.

Last week Japan refused HPV vaccines...because they were sterilizing women. This trail will lead to the WHO and to the eugenicist Rockefellers and Bushes. G8 (dominated by Putin), will go after the $32 trillion offshore tax heavens. (Only believe it when you see it). The Pentagon and the Chinese deal with the Russians; US will no longer intervene in EU; and no US troops to fight the Russians in Syria (But still headlines; Netanyahu Threatens to Invade Syria). The Europeans will not be able to end their dependence on Russian gas by importing gas from S-Arabia and Qatar via Syria. Three free energy researchers have been killed by cabalists and Dr. Steven Greer of the disclosure project has gone into hiding out of fear of assassination.

Sources predicting banking closures... Japan, Pentagon and The Asian secret society talk about banking moves soon. Turkey has stopped sending weapons to Syria. The Russians and Germans reached a secret agreement to dominate post-cabal Western Europe. What is going to happen to the rogue terrorist government in the US? The gnostic illuminati have promised a renewed offensive against the cabal at the street level.

The riots in Turkey and Brazil will be followed by major upheaval in Egypt; The Nazi Muslim brotherhood government is expected to be overthrown (is overthrown now). Neither Snowden or Assange have revealed anything truly important. Pentagon and the agencies are fighting back against the Sabbatean corporate media with their own internet outlets like Prison Planet (CIA, white hats and Br family), Tom Heneghan (?), Sorcha Faal (Naval Intelligence) and Veteran’s today (Defense Intelligence Agency). My vote is with the white hats, Pentagon and the agencies. Possibly big changes by the Fourth of July Independence Day. And In Brazil their point is to blackmail the government by fanning discontent. They do not want the Brazilian government to nationalize the Central Bank of Brazil and end the debt slavery of the Brazilian people.

$7T Funds are close to being released... Last week, representatives of Asian groups asked the White Dragon Society to help them cash trillions of dollars’ worth of historical bonds issued by the Fed. The bonds are part of vast mountain of such instruments the Feds spread around Asia without any intention of ever returning the gold and treasure they traded them for... Another group, now going by the name One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) has tried to take up the cause of the old Marion Horn Five Star Trust case to get their hands on the vast funds they believe will flow to the victors of the ongoing financial war. (Someone answers Fulford and claims that the gold that Chinese suppose to sent to US was not existing, Chinese tried to cheat them, so the bonds which were made against the gold are not also valid...) The WDS agreed on the condition the funds be partly used to finance a massive campaign to end poverty, war and environmental destruction. The Fed and the BIS have previously refused to cash these historical bonds.

While the original Five Star Trust case seems to be legitimate, the OPPT and many sources claim it is a cabal front. The OPPT is saying they will produce about 25 million millionaires if they win but they do not talk about what will happen to everybody else. A representative of De Rothschild called last week and expressed surprise that Japan was doing just fine and that there was in fact no nuclear holocaust going on here.

Yet a third group claiming vast funds is the Casper group with legitimate claims of having been ripped off by the Fed. Small farmers all over the USA were conned out of their land by fraudulent bank deals. The US military is also up to its eyeballs in Iraqi Dinars. A fourth group, the gnostic illuminati, are calling for a complete end to hereditary bloodline rule. One of their platforms is a 100% inheritance tax aimed at accomplishing this goal.  

The White Dragon Society, for its part, is proposing to carry out what it calls Operation Santa Claus, that is make everybody happy. The old Western bloodlines could, after the mass murderers are removed, also be allowed to issue money. No more money games or “trading platforms” baubles and goons. Also, under Operation Santa Claus, the bad people have to pay for their crimes meaning all the victims of Fed fraud, including US family farmers and Chinese merchants, would be compensated. The idea is to eliminate, in a one off deal, all debts public and private. If you are renting an apartment, you will no longer have to pay rent and the apartment is yours. The WDS has also long proposed creating a new meritocratically staffed agency charged with the job of ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction.

(Casper; In view of Fulford's current update about ZAP... it is a continuation of the OPPT group / Whistleblower / Five Star Trust based on counterfeit documentation. ZAP’s most recent update from June 16. The shared link Mr. Madsen is quoted; “Bushes use Five Star to move massive amounts of money around for their special projects.” )

The gnostic illuminati have also promised to intensify their campaign to completely overthrow the Western establishment.
Related news; 3 Vatican Officials Arrested in banking scam by Italian Officials:  Cobra:
There are many projects and operations taking place behind the scenes.  There are massive foreign troops on training programs on US soil;” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Clear signs of defeat will be from one major Arrest Just one big name will do it and the financial collapse is sure to be the next compromise as the sheeple will go in search for the truth. And look up the skies, the amount of  UFO sightings this year alone exceeds any thing I have been reporting on in 3 years. Disclosure is very much a part of the event. Britain Your Next: pedophilia will bring your rulers down...protesting. revolutions...David Ickes TV station opens; THE NEWS:

During the 1st Quarter of 2013 JP Morgan has INCREASED their physical silver holdings in SLV for their own account by 500%! JP Morgan waas REQUIRED to take on the silver short position by the US Treasury after the collapse of Bear Stearns. And; Investors pull $23.3 billion out of funds -- in week...

Video of Ron Paul recorded on Sept 6, 1984 and don’t ever say we weren’t warned; Then Suspicious Activist and Whistleblower Deaths on the Rise...And Theft of $1.2 million in cash, cargo discovered missing from Swiss jet at JFK. And PAYPAL wants to launch intergalactic currency...

June 6, 2013 Stew Webb was warning on Veterans Today ab possible kidnapping of new born infant for ritual sacrifices by the satan worshiping cabal between June 17-20, 2013, and so it happened. On June 17, Sammie Wallace, 37, walked into the Walmart in Oklahoma and snatched a 2-year-old girl from her mother’s shopping cart. Suspect Mentioned Satanic Cult While Holding Toddler Hostage. Police shot him. Religious writings found in Wallace’s apartment referenced Illuminati Satanic Occult June 21. Midwest City Police say June 21 is the Occults day for Human Sacrifices. And; Many Stew Webb interviews here:

According to ‘The Hawk’ from Steve Quayle’s Survive2Thrive radio, FEMA called an emergency meeting to notify the heads of all of its agencies to be ’90% battle strength’ in the next 5 weeks, 70% strength within 7 days. All agency personel are now being activated. Hawk’s sources warn to expect some type of a ‘domestic event’ around July 3rd. Anyhow Steve says; we should take this information with a grain of salt ... The Press release: CA to hold an oral argument in legal action Taitz v Obama et al...Homeland Security Conducts 'Top Secret' Drill.. The Euro-BRICS as the matrix for a new world governance, LEAP2020; Rockefeller email from 2002 outlines armageddon agenda and transition to new world. Christopher Greene; why the Internet will ultimately destroy the mainstream media.

'No traces of explosives' on Smolensk disaster wreck! Iran, Russia and China are propping up Syria’s war-ravaged economy, with President Bashar al-Assad... delivering $500m a month in oil, extending credit lines and helping with a “counter-offensive” against foreign plot to sink the Syrian pound, says Kadri Jamil, deputy PM for the economy, Financial Times. RUSSIA: 'Syria will be armed with weapons that newer been seen before in the middle east. (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that he and Lavrov had made progress on plans to hold a Syria peace conference.

The Moscow Kremlin is hosting a major summit of thirty gas exporting countries. Venezuela’s Maduro, Iran’s outgoing president Ahmadinejad and other high-flyers are also invited to attend horse race ahead of a series of talks. Iran, Russia presidents to negotiate Syria, Caspian Sea in Moscow. "Putin recalled "the discriminatory restrictions imposed by a number of consuming nations with respect to natural gas suppliers in recent years." Reuters; Venezuelan President Maduro said that Snowden deserved the “world’s protection”.

NSA Insider Reveals EU/U.S. Collusion to Silence Free Press. On Finnish-Russian border rising secret 138 m "NATO tower". Officials deny any information. Poikolainen requested HS newspaper not to write about it. And King Albert II or Belgium has abdicated the thrown. Belgian kneelers will be bowing and scraping to crown prince Phillipe next.

Obama and Bush met in Tansania, interesting as Obama suppose not to be anymore Bush's puppet.
Scientist Says Close to Human Head Transplant...And China and Russia largest military drill. Then Obama Pushing Blacks to 'Back of Bus' in Favor of Gays... the advances made by gays and lesbians mean that “we black folk are just being pushed to the back of the bus”... [and] our gay brothers and lesbian sisters more and more pushed to the center. Perhaps West is right, and identity politics really is a zero-sum game.  And Turkish PM on unrest: Jews! Amd Middle-class rage sparks protest movements in Turkey, Brazil, Bulgaria and beyond.

U.S. calls for early elections... ” The poll, CNBC, found that 41 percent of those interviewed had suspended hiring workers because of Obamacare. Individuals STILL REQUIRED TO COMPLY..Obama Ineligible; Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse regarding new findings and the media silence on the Obama Birth Certificate Issue. Obama, Chinese leader June meeting; Obama gave China permission to invade the US real estates, if US is unable to pay...Obama; US seeks for international economic order...

TPP seeks to revive the stalled expansion of the WTO. The TPP is a trade agreement under secret negotiation...Access to food is a basic human right. Instead, TPP expands the notion that food is just another commodity subject to economic speculation and exploitation solely to increase the profits of multinational corporations. TPP promotes export-oriented food production;

Dear Cropcircleconnector, Mysterious draw appeared in a crop field near Cavallo Grigio, Italy; And “The ‘image of Earth from space’ intro by Obama is lifted from Gore’s sci-fi movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ Gore may well have written much of the speech,” Monckton said. “The phrase ‘carbon pollution’... occurs 30 times in the speech.

Jucelino Nobrega da Luz predicting tsunami on Nov 2013 in Canary Iceland and volcano...da Luz sent letter also to PM of Finland Katainen as the tsunami will affect also Scandinavia. He also expects financial crises to deepen on July in Finland, lasting to the end of 2016.

Obama's Three Point Plan for addressing climate change... is the Sun... Obama to save planet...'We don't have time for meeting of Flat Earth Society'...Gore: 'Historic'...Executive Orders... Solar power, battery storage technology, micro turbines and other renewable energy technologies could allow customers to be electric grid independent. Edison Electric Institute report, industry own tale. Next post. Chemtrailing; Singapore smoke hits life-threatening levels, authorities to ‘seed’ clouds.

7/1/2013 -- Mystery Texas RADAR pulse -- Professionals vexed. Multiple systems recorded the pulse as "storms" which appeared as strong cells, hail, and damaging winds. Only problem with that was : It was a clear day. The meteorologists are though spreading false claims like; dust, birds, bugs etc... Late evening June 27th.. to 28 th-- a series of RADAR pulsed 'HAARP rings' occurred out of TX, TN, LA, IA...

DutchSince: Giant HAARP ring appears to be targeting a village called Vining... Earthquake upticks in US and Philippines and Volcanoes going off in South Central Americas and Kamchatka and Alaska are all signs of an uptick in cabalistic desperation to maintain on to power. Calgary has worst weather...Colorado fires: and Tsunami’s in Carolinas, bridge collapse... favourite tool for one fighting cabal faction. American Dream; Why So Many Wildfires? 8 of the 9 worst years for wildfires have all been since the year 2000? Natural News; Leafy green vegetables more dangerous than raw milk, data shows.

What is the Purpose of Chemtrails? There are about five or six reasons;

FBI is looking into some 40-tons of GMO crops being torched. Illegal GM wheat is not the only surprise on the market, a GM flax FP967 has reportedly been identified in at least 30 countries worldwide.
And UK government bans GMOs from its own Parliament restaurants, but public never mind. Genetic modification of humans, just approved in the UK, for the purpose of avoiding certain health issues or disabilities.

I thought it was all; wild falsehoods about vaccines creating immunity; suppressed information about toxic ingredients in the shots etc. But now Peter Doshi, PhD, writing in British Medical Journal, reveals a new monstrosity. Most “flu” is not flu.

Buzz Aldrin calls for global Moon effort, Mars base in 25 years;
Huge Earth-Passing Asteroid an 'Entirely New Beast';
NASA's Challenge: Stop Asteroids from Destroying Earth;
Nanoparticle, to clean-energy alternatives;
To Power The World With Tornadoes;
"If we could see inside other people's hearts: Egyptian Troops; Zero Hedge; Troops deployed in Suez and South Sinai “state of readiness” raised to “Maximum Alert.”
UFO testimony; from Michael Schratt, military aerospace historian;

Sarkar; This endeavour at the well-being of the human race concerns everyone – it is yours, mine and ours. We may afford to ignore our rights, but we must not forget our responsibilities. Forgetting the responsibility implies the humiliation of the human race.

In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life... physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual...Parama Puruśa has blessed you with hands to work and legs to move; has infused you with the stamina to act; has endowed you with practical intelligence, so make the best use of them in the fight against the demons. You must not sit idle relying on fate. Be vigorously active. 1977
Didi Annapurna