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Keshe in Malta, Poland - and succussion

Keshe explains, that Polish scientist build most beautiful reactor so far for energy creation. 10.May you This reactor is built by one man, brings in one move Poland to Keshe's spaceship program...what you see is a complete starsystem, not only the physical structure...We have advised how to bring the reactor in easy operation. With this nation of Poland in one swift has joined K F spacefhip program. Needs eight or six weeks to fully test the system. We welcome nation Poland to this special program, This is absolutely perfect. And I'm sure the scientist has fully understood the whole concept...I have checked

Jake Schneider comment; One thing I found interesting about the Polish Space Program, with a simple google search, was that they have a recognizable Plasma Physics Laboratory. Also... Space Research Centre...

Keshe explains; Light comes when plasmatic magnetic field of electron react with plasmatic magnetic field of proton. Sun and earth - both having plasmatic magnetic fields - collide and create light...We have done reactors spherical like earth. The magnetic field created around these reactors interact with the plasmatic magnetic field of earth and collide, thus light comes. ..Reactors are similar like earth they collide and create light. He also writes; These reactors can create matters like air, water, food .... (By the way Sarkar explained that water can be created by using hydrogen...)

Keshe's papers; 

Homeopathic medicines are made by tapping the liquid in container, succussion. Scientists know how to magnetize iron by succussion, which realign the iron molecules... Similarly succussion of oxygen molecules in water trigger the process of realignment. By using succussion any liquid can be made magnetic and to interact with similar elements - including human body which is mostly water. Hence the cells in the body gets realigned to original. Airports security, may cause homeopathic medicine to lose their realignment or change potency. This is best method of healing as that's how human body works... Succussion of the blood by heart and sustainability of life on this planet is homeopathic. Tapping of human body can be healing too. Get your PDF; (Sarkar also explained how homeopathy works - but forgotten. He said that higher potencies work better on psychic level, and lower potencies more near physical level. By the way so called Grander water is made by magnetizing the water some way. DA)  

M T Keshe believes that centre core of earth is made of hydrogen, other gases and a mixture of liquid and solid Matters which were in the vicinity of the centre of the core of the Earth at the time of its inception in the solar system...The centre of the Earth possesses a semi- fusion atomic reactor and not a fission reactor as has been assumed by other scientists. And the physical reality in the solar system also is that the lightest of all these gasses, the Hydrogen, has taken its place right in the centre of the solar system in its star, the Sun. It has to be recognised that the centre of all planets in possession of gravity due to the centre cores heating, are always in possession of two Magnetic Field Forces in their inner sanctum...there is an inner core in the inner core...The interaction between these two field forces in the centre of the planet leads to the creation of the gravity and the magnetic forces of the planet.

Magnetosphere; "The shape and the strength of the magnetosphere of a planet is exactly what a fingerprint is to a man. It is unique to each planet, star and galaxy. It is a tell tale of all its attributes, and it reveals the hidden mysteries of the internal materials’ structure".

The creation of gravity; "The source and the creator of the magnetic forces and the gravitational forces are due to the interaction between the same materials in the same region of the planet... The gravity in reality is the effect of the interaction of two plasmatic magnetic energy fields of any two object in respect to each other."

Reactor Start-up for the creation of gravitational field forces and the production of energy are set out. The start up of these systems are totally different then the prior arts known in the nuclear industry.

Direct absorption of carbon dioxide CO2 and methane CH4 gases from the environment and their conversion into nano solution and nano solid matters and production of energy and oxygen by the use of nano compound at ambient temperature and pressure.

Keshe reactor shortly;
a. Inner body is material that can pass the ultraviolet ray particles, there is being placed Hydrogen and nano-potassium.
b. Outer core is non magnetic metal, there is placed Hydrogen.
c. A part of the outer inner core is winded up outside with copper coil...There is no neutron in the nucleus, only one proton and one outer electron...
1. In inner core...Ionization of hydrogen will started by the potassium mag-rav fields and dynamic plasma will be produced.
2. The ionized hydrogen will release electrons and protons. They will form a torus plasma current rolled up by the magnetic field.
3. The hydrogen in outer core will be ionized from the inner core ultraviolet radiation. The free particles will be restored in Hydrogen atoms.
4. A torus current flow will be formed too due to the interaction of the free particles from the inner core and the Hydrogen from the outer core. It's magnetic field will prevent the leakage of particles to the metal body.
5. The inner core will start rotate counter after start the system. The gravitational and the magnetic fields will be formed like those of the Earth. The inner core rotation will make the electrons in the coil move directionally, and when the winding pass by the magnetic fields – the electricity will be produced...That is something from our ancestors; The hydrogen with 0 number of neutron plus the elements with the number of neutron is more than 0, the forces of Yin and Yang can push the core rotate endless and make it leave the core of materials, producing the sky, ground, mountains, rivers, wind, fire, etc on the surface of the earth... the generation of us which inherited the most intelligent civilizations on earth, should wake up !!!
Area 51 UFO Sightings Area 51 Disclosure Shocking Insight on J-Rod Whistle Blower;

Another researcher about J-rod; Escape From Area 51 J-Rod Incredible Testimony from Michael Schratt, military aerospace historian. Michael Schratt provides specifics regarding Dr Dan Burisch's alleged interaction with an extraterrestrial known as "J-Rod".

And here J-rod source Dan Burisch;

The movement and the path, the means and the chariot are all inseparably linked. The path is not always easily accessible, smooth and littered with flower petals; nor is it always inaccessible, thorny and covered with stones. One must keep one's eye fixed on the Goal. This Goal provides inspiration, supplies the means for forward movement and makes the little lamps of life infinitely effulgent. Since eternity this very Goal has provided and is providing inspiration to all and will continue to do so in future; and by revitalising the life-force as if with a flow of water, it will make the earth ever full of sweetness, and at the same time it will keep the triumphant flag of humanity flying on top of the golden mountain peak. So let one's vision be fixed on the goal. There is no necessity to think of anything else. 1987
You could perhaps google also Proutscandinavia, Keshe flyes faster than NASA

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