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And who is then Sarkar by the way

He - the most simplest looking Indian family person - could speak countless languages, compose thousands of songs, write hundreds of books in different topics and give Prout for the future generations - amongst many other mysterious things. But I think, we - those who met him personally - were more impressed on his loving care and guidance, that we will never forget...

Sarkar was sure about Prout going to be established in the future. So sure that he demonstrated to doubtful person in one occasion without words, how the glass (Prout) was unbroken, but the rock broke, when he threw the glass on it.

Sarkar gave not only the theory of Prout, but he also put us to study Prout and made us to function according Proutist principles. He inspired us to start projects called Master Units, which are one important part of Prout in practice. And here I am running one of those eco-places although not fully equipped, staffed and functional as service centers yet.

Sarkar could see into future and the need of projects, that would unite humanity for serving each other rather than exploiting, wasting and destroying. Sarkar said that when there will be enough spiritually minded people, then eventually they would be chosen to lead and establish Proutist society with the help of intellectuals and moralists.

We are going into that direction for sure, but how soon Prout will be the ideology of the day, let it go according his plans...

In 1975 Sarkar said; Despite its advent onto this earth many thousands of years ago, humanity is not yet capable of building a well-integrated and universal human society. This is in no way indicative of the glory of human intellect and erudition. You, who have understood the predicament, realized the urgency, seen the naked dance of evil and heard the hypocritical and raucous laughter of the divisive forces should throw yourselves into this noble task without further delay. When the ends are just and noble, success is inevitable.

1979; Since the very dawn of civilization, numerous isms have emerged before the humanity. Various rhythms of mobility have appeared but none of these has taught to look upon the entire humanity as an integral and indivisible entity. Hence, there is so much infighting so much intolerance amongst human beings...The human society of today has advanced considerably in the intellectual sphere. It must no longer sit inert. By applying all its might, the march of universal humanism must be made smooth by hook or by crook.

With the progress of science, the globe has become smaller to the human eye. No place on the earth is now inaccessible, and this is why it is the most opportune moment for building a universal human society. Set yourselves to task without any further delay. Remember, a human society based on ideology must be built with the help of all the moralists and progressive people of the universe. This is the only way for the survival of human civilization.

Clouds cannot overcast the sun for a long time. The creatures of darkness never want the expansive exaltation of human society. Even then, human beings shall march ahead. No one can arrest the speed of their progress. You must be the harbingers, you must be the pioneers of this victorious march. See that not a single individual lags behind.

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