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Blue Avians, the Sphere Beings?

Blue Avian ETs appeared some years ago into our solar system and became of great interest for UFO researchers, channellers and common folks. There are claims that either they are higher dimensional beings ready to help humanity with ascension – or opportunists to utilize earth on its transition phase for their own interests. The truth might be somewhere between as it often is. They have their own needs, but they might combine it with our interests.

The source who has made Blue Avians mostly known is Corey Goode. According to him the Blue Avians are high dimensional beings. They are slowing down the excessive, harmful energy flows from galactic centre to earth. They also have set up a boundary around solar system in order to stop the “evils” of escaping, due to approaching disclosure. Besides the Blue Avians help humanity in negotiation with different Alliances, and Corey is acting as a delegate.

Corey has told better-than-science-fiction stories about “honeycomb earth” species and reptilian White Royal Draco on Gaiam Disclosure TV with David Wilcock. Royal Dracos are 4.26 m tall, naked and weight 1,360 kg. They use AI prophets. Corey says Blue Avians can’t be channeled, but many people seem to do it. Video of Dracos seems have been deleted from Youtube, but here something

Alba Weinman, a quantum hypnosis practitioner  (QHHT), regressed a man back to his past life, where this man saw himself as a Blue Avian. Interestingly this guy has a bit Blue Avian type of hair style in his present life too. Alba states; Blue Avians are beings that live on a higher dimension and have important message for human beings. Enlightening video of the session;


What others say about Blue Avians and Corey (Mostly people support Corey’s sayings, but I have put here some also who has expressed a bit negative opinions, use your own discern, says also Corey. Personally I feel some doubts, he may be genuine and most info correct, but I feel he might be implanted with some false experiences and memories).

Hank Jones is another QHHT practitioner. His “patients” have spoken about Blue Avians in many of his quantum sessions. According hypnotized Lars the Spheres and Blue Avians do exist, and are highly spiritual service minded beings. But he says that Corey’s meeting with White Royal Draco and AI treat are misconceptions, due to fear. Dracos are no more here.

US military psy-ops can't enter channellers, or anyone's mind without using drugs or electronic shocks (may be ETs can, DA), but they can enter computers etc devices. Many species tried to take over earth, but all are now gone. 

Earth and the whole solar system is traveling trough high energetic area of galactic center 18-20 years, that’s why quakes, volcanoes. Sun’s vibration is increasing. Earth is expanding, tectonic plates on move. The Avians are higher beings, not in direct contact with anyone. Humans, earth and other planets are protected, helped and monitored by Blue Avians, they are preventing too strong energy flows, as Corey also says. Lars says; Why should I discredit when someone is trying to do good work?

ETs can change their frequency so quarantine can’t stop them. 6000 Positive ETs are helping earth and humans with transition and stopping any nuclear weapons. ETs don’t have bases on earth except they stay temporarily for negotiations etc.

'If you listen too much from outside, your mind starts to compute. It stops your development, listen inside out and not opposite. You are here to spread love, love even your enemy, everything else is in vain. Your biggest fear would be I’m not able to love anyone. We ETs are grateful to help you'. .........................

Here latest 1-4, April 22, 0004 Hank & Lars; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLHJo8eH5Ok. Clarifications;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT3Mq4_c1lk. Here Hank is visited by Blue Avian blue orbs; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgslriVXgPk. And short video statement by Hank, April 9, 0004 about Wilcock & Goode; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIwQeCsCTq8.

William Tompkins says that already four years ago, he has spoken extensively about the 12 Andromeda Council biospheres in and around the solar system. Beings have appeared from the spheres and they are directly working to stop negative reptilian ETs… the Draco’s “DarkFleet.” Andromeda_Council_-_Biospheres.pdf

One Corey’s critics is Bill Ryan from the Project Avalon. Corey used to write in the Projetavalon forum. Bill came to conclusion that Corey was a disinfo agent. Many in the forum seem to doubt Corey’s stories. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?83133-The-Corey-Goode-affair-various-updates-from-David-Wilcock/page3 ………………………

Space Federation Visit in Person; ‘Blue Avians are here to help. Te’ir started scanning my health during a video. The light in the room turned a different colour, you can see it by comparing two videos on 19.1.2016’, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZpcx9UCOfI

Psychic Focus about Blue Avians; Sister solar system (Niburu) is causing their planet to become inhabitable. They are looking to come to this solar system to set up a base. The spheres are shielding the crafts that are carrying the necessary material (genetic and physical) to create life within our solar system. They are same as the Law of One, Ra. They want to help in upgrading earth to a 4D or 5D planet.

But lately Psychic Focus has lost a bit of her faith to them. ‘They’re smart and are waiting to see who wins, here on earth. Cobra and Corey are just credible enough to get attention, but incorporate some disinfo in their work. Some pretty scary people have forcefully guided them to reveal this type of info’.

PF gives also some advice; We can allow our minds to reach ET potential… we can heal ourselves with our own mental thoughts. We have to do our best to change things, but we can ask help from ETs. The cabal are trying to keep the vibration low, more fear based things will take place… Just detach from it. http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2016/03/five-for-friday-29.html ……………………….

The Council of Light; Blue Avians are now making themselves known. Quarantine is now uplifted, so they can help. They are not in physical form, but they can take some form. There are people who can connect with Blue Avians, especially human hybrids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnpjNTAI6wg.

Excerpts from inspiring Blue Avian Messages

Blue Avian Wisdom; ‘We have come, because there is a great need right now on your planet earth for an uprising to take place. We are so saddened by the deception, lies and amount of hiding knowledge. We all have to come together in order to achieve the 4th stage. It is happening and we’re here to help’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vmb1xgoeGrw.

Ivan Teller channeling Blue Avians; ‘Those your controllers, Illuminati, have poisoned earth, mind, body, humanity, and we are reversing that. Is this what you want, money, cars… You have brainwashed yourself, but the karma will awaken you eventually. We are working with those that have pure soul. Be close with nature, disconnect from TV, in order more easily connect to us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esahMKmXkAs.

A Blue Avian; ‘Lots of people are awakening. When you know the real truth, then you become the creator of everything. We are sharing unconditional love to earth, which will spread like wild fire. Don’t put any energy into negative things that you don’t want. You are the creators of your own future’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqc6_o9RcaE

The Blue Avians; ‘Take Your Destiny Into Your Own Hands. You are no more allowed to be captivated separate from whole’. Video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeWBO9nEZfs. Learn Blue Avian language, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCpU6YOrilk. Ute praises Blue Avians as positive loving and spiritual. May we celebrate the liberation of earth soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIcAwqZEV-s.

One more Blue Avian, Sun God Ammon Ra says that there was an enlightenment movement in Egyptian time. He showed up in animal form, usually as bird—hawk. After Christianity moved in, connection to star people was shut down. ‘I am now assisting the growth on Earth. The reason you’re winning is that you’re starting to understand to embrace the harshness. No more judgment, but love and appreciation. Belief in the afterlife will not go away, but solidify’. More; http://channelingerik.com/channeling-sun-god-tanning-bed-ra-part-one/                ………………….

Related; Excerpt from Pleyadian message for Illuminati; ‘Planet Earth has been in a state of physical quarantine, but not in spiritual quarantine! Starseeds and Lightbringers have altered the consciousness upon the planet’. More; http://zingdad.com/video/adamu-speaks/208-the-disclosure-issue-clarification.

Vatican insiders are awaiting for the arrival of an important ET guest, say Preston James. The Guardian: According to a survey, around 12 million people in the US believe that interstellar lizards in people suits rule US. Read more               ………………

So according all these psychics, channellers and ET contact persons there are now huge crowds of different ETs helping humanity, when the negative forces try to hamper our ascension process. If we are personally in trouble, we can always ask help from divine or our helpers in astral, loved ones that have passed over, “angels” and even ETs. Anyhow one has to be careful – the request for help should be always with the ideation that we accept help only if it is for our greater good and for the welfare of humanity as a whole. ………………….

Update July 2017, more and more claims of Corey giving some disinfo;

Christopher S Jacobs: Corey is double agent, speaking mostly truth, but set up to scare with some details, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMXrDwLMLo4. Hucolo channeled source, Wilcock and Corey are many times very good, but some of their claims are ridiculous, like the war underground, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_821gseP_A
Elena Kapulnik thinks Corey is manipulated by someone, and Corey has said that Elena is danger to kids! etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6anMTyM6uEM 
Ivan Teller; Corey Goode is good person, but he is influenced by AI, scientology type of thing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pesxgoLcavc
Dark Journalist, Corey is linked to satan worship, drug abuse and cult marketing campaign – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHKXaVOMGd0 
Clif High, there is manipulated data related to Corey’s disclosure – https://youtu.be/fcORP2nN-es 
Alfred Webre – https://www.facebook.com/alfred.webre/posts/10158722754190524 
Shane The Ruiner – tested Corey and found him to tell lies, https://youtu.be/kI8ogW9136k 
Randy Maugans on Vinny Eastwood show, Corey is scripting and marketing UFO business. Blue Avian Cult Dividing UFO Community, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhxc447o6bs 
Christine Anderson about cult, personalities are created, players on stage of deception.https://youtu.be/mEvUey6kqOw 
Brett threatened due to his group remote viewing Blue Avians and Corey, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS8CKx-qRgM
Sarkar (before 90s) was asking person A to take his mind to planet of the star Asvin. SSA: Does life exist there? A: Yes. SSA: Does this life bear any resemblance of human life on earth? A: No they have different physical structure. SSA: What is the standard of the spiritual civilization there? A: They are far more advanced than human beings on earth. Their young children are initiated into advanced process of meditation. …………………

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God is One, Names are Many, Whom to follow?

I feel overwhelmed with tranquillity, when I concentrate on describing God, the Divine Father! How could I fathom His greatness? The words; ‘God’,‘He’ and ‘His’ here doesn’t mean, that He is any human-kind, or any object. I rather feel I’m His object, inside His sphere of Cosmos. The most difficult thing for me to understand about God is that He is infinite, eternal. He has no beginning, no end. However I think His creation, the universe, is not infinite.
Lotus, symbol of Divine, and oneness; http://wingsforall.com/manjit/photo/view/god-is-one/

Talking to God is very nice habit, as it increases closeness and love for God. Kiirtan (mantra singing) is practised widely in Indian oriented groups. It is very helpful way to arise devotion and to feel oneness with God. While doing it for some time, emotional tension disappears, some problems find solutions and negative thinking has auto-shifted into positive. After that also meditation becomes easier.

You may have noticed that when you love someone very dearly, you have tendency more easily to love others also. Similarly the love aroused through kiirtan and meditation makes one more loving also towards others in daily life.

People singing and dancing Kiirtan in Taiwan and creating tremendous vibration, can you feel it? Universal Mantra – Baba Nam Kevalam Kiirtan; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXt33YSAiLU


How to get closer to God with kiirtan and modesty

Whom will human beings share their deepest feelings with? They will share them only with the Supreme Being. However the One who knows what goes on in your heart, the One who lives in your heart; what is the need to share feelings with Him, He already knows everything.

The best thing would be to sing Lord’s kiirtan. Why, because by doing kiirtan, only feelings and thoughts towards the Supreme Being will remain in the mind. Human beings will come closer to the Supreme entity himself and what can be more beneficial to humanity than this? Kiirtan purifies the mind. ‘Where my devotees are engaged in kiirtan, I reside there’.

And along with this what does one need? One need to be modest as well. Modesty like the blade of grass, you should develop such modesty. You should have tolerance like that of a tree. Those, whom others do not respect, you should respect them.

In some places in India, when an elderly guest comes, they are received with respect by both hands. When people of lower class come, they are welcomed with only one hand. And if untouchable comes the welcome is without any hands. But your behaviour should be equal towards everybody. If you want to do action with both hands, then do it to everybody. And if you want to do action without hands, then do it to everyone. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x83qt3qiGA

Hare Krshna Kiirtan Flash mob

Nice Kiirtan from Umoja; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOcXYVCZYMQ. Mega Kiirtan in India; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9ahUjgPwSo

We all have the same God. We may use different names and pray / meditate Him different ways, but there can be only one creator / source / cosmic consciousness. In that sense when so many claim that only their god is the only true God, I just feel like what is the use to fight about names. A song is also echoing in my mind; We all come from God and onto God we will return – something like that.

So whom to follow? What about if we have tendency to find our Gods according our needs and state of consciousness? Can we then say to anyone; your god is not right God. I think human beings need still different Gods, but eventually all human beings will come to know the only-one God, the Source, the Cosmic Consciousness, the Divine.               …………………

When I was in Nairobi - as people there are more outspoken to show their love towards Jesus – almost every day someone came to enlighten me, that I should believe only in Jesus Christ as my savior. I used to answer; ‘I will follow Jesus, if God wants me to’. I never ended up in believing Jesus as my savior, although I have lots of respect for him; how he was doing service for others.

I think better than to blindly follow any human persuasion would be to question Him directly; who is the real God for myself and for the entire universe? To ask something just for oneself sounds to me a bit selfish. We are here not only for ourselves. It is good to widen our perspective to include service for the humanity. ………………………….

Many people claim also nowadays that they are getting answers and messages straight from God. However I would assume that God kindly delegates some of His devotees to answer on behalf of Himself.

Ivan Teller messaging from God, shortly; Don’t forget, you are all God. Many are here to try to mislead you, but those spiritually connected can see who they really are. If you wish to know the truth, it will find you. Slowly your time is coming, the time of awekening. So much hostilities that even I can’t handle, even God gets tired. More than ever before angels and other loving beings are there for you. You are loved, you can connect to my energy. You will become more intellectual, because vast knowledge is reaching earth that is supreme over other planets. (?) You are powerful. Blessings! Video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rvr65mUvG4  
Hank Jones II, a quantum hypnosis healer, has many awesome poetic descriptions about God – the Prime Creator – as he calls Him. Here some excerpts from one of his verses as an answer from God to his question; When did you decide to create the physical universe?’ The Prime Creator answers; ‘I sat there forever, no-one to talk to, with no-one to lie to. I was so all alone, no-one to respond to. That’s when I knew, there’s something I must do…’ And at the end of the same verse He states; The great cycle is coming to an end. Prime creator calls us home again, lifting the veil and setting us free to remember we are one, as can only be’. (Sorry if any mistakes). You may see more beautiful, beautiful messages, that Hank gets from “God” on the video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8EiArvpeLs

A bit similar, understandable way for humankind, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti explains the creation. The devotee says: ‘My Lord was utterly alone before the creation. A person becomes mad if he or she is alone. He could neither love, nor feel angry with anyone. He had the power to see, but there were no objects to be seen. Now that He has started the creation, He sees whatever He thinks. If we feel a little restlessness in His creation, we are blessed, for we are saving our Lord from the restlessness of utter loneliness.’   ……….……

Recently I read a book written by a religious business man. Although I couldn’t agree some things about his religion, I was however very impressed about His strong faith. Before every decision he asked God; ‘is this what you want me to do?’ Thus he had constant guidance from God and experienced many gracious moments. I think this is a good question for anyone to ask. We yogis have a special practise to help us to remember divine guidance constantly.

Some simple questions comes to my mind. Who can still believe God as an angry, vengeful judge? Would any father put his naughty child to the eternal hell? If there would be Satan and God, wouldn’t there be a duality leadership? Satan throwing some people to hell, and God uplifting some people to Heaven. Wouldn’t Satan and God fight amongst each other where will go the one, who has done equally good and bad things?

Could the hell and heaven be meant to describe sufferings in this physical world only, as after death, the mind – which doesn’t have any sensations – can’t experience hell or heaven? Why there is so much crises and destruction on earth, is it because the old has to go before new can be created? Does the intellectuality, which is not guided by spirituality and which is unwilling to serve, cause all the crises in the society? ……………………..

Many people now seems to predict some kind of end times or destruction of the earth while looking in a negative way, but if you see with positive mind, although the negative forces are fighting their last deathly battle, the arising spiritual power is much more stronger than any physical or psychic force, and it will eventually win. For me it seems like the negative karma of humanity is ending and the earth is also ascending into more psychic form (4 or 5 D or so). There is a silent meditation and awareness revolution going on, which will change human beings totally, and bring up more psychics, activists and starseeds to make difference. ………………………..

Here a bit advices, how to keep the mind positive and win the battle

The persons who can dedicate their all to the thought of the Great and the inspiration of the Supreme, are verily the greatest heroes. Such heroes alone are capable of taking human history from darkness to light. You have the right to ask for more power from God if you have already utilized your existing power. So difficulties can never be greater than your capacity to solve them.

Spirituality is universal, transcendental, all-embracing, divine gift to all of His children. It is the birth-right of all people. If a salt doll goes to fathom the sea, it will certainly melt and become the sea itself. Similarly, if the knower of the Supreme Consciousness goes to fathom the Supreme, he merges in the sea of Consciousness and becomes Supreme himself. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Channeling Erik conclusions: God is bright, white silvery light. God is a collective consciousness of all souls. We are all part of God, so we are connected also with each other. http://channelingerik.com/?s=god&post_type=post&search_button=Search

Alpha Blondy, God is One; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ghl9aSBAfFM
Video God is One shapeless, beyond Hinduism; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TbkrIseO8Y
My God is Number One, children singing; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuh6M78WW4E
What If God Was One of Us; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYZKZfdr3ac
Joan Osborne sings – What If God Was One Of Us; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gx1Pv02w3Q 
Touching story about death; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh4hVXacjxo

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No One World Religion – but Global Spiritual Awakening

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TV programs, news, stranded ETs

I had a bit chance to watch TV in Finland after so so many years, ab 10 that I have not really watched anything. Biggest surprise for me was the Astraltv channel, which was open day and night, that people could ask about their future - money matters, relations, health etc from ab 20 psychics.

Part of those were shown for TV watchers, which made me convinced they seem to know something about each case. Psychic abilities are clearly increasing. Their advices gave wider perspective for understanding human nature, karma, past lives etc, which is good, but future can't be predicted often as we have free will.

The other surprise was that people were analysing often their feelings - why they had done something, what did they do wrong, what could be the solution. That was nice, but it went then also into programs where they chose couples in front of TV cameras and even tried people with temptations if their marriage will last or not. 

I hope those people will recover from the image that they certainly get during these programs as it is not all that nice. Here their pictures;

Here is also one Finnish artist's painting beautiful ascension pictures (after some texts). https://www.flickr.com/photos/tuomasvalo2/19433655986/. Here is his bush on the beach;


After returning to Poland I notice again how this place is really a paradise for ticks. Every day I end up killing 5-10, of my tick friends sorry to say. Nowadays they even bite me frequently, as I don't care to check up so often. Needs to take then homeopathics, they seem to work - hopefully forever. DA

In Poland women march out of church during the worship, due to sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests etc, while before some years back; http://ncronline.org/news/accountability/polish-bishops-apologize-clergy-sexual-abuse-children. And now http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-3521496/Poles-protest-possible-tightening-abortion-law.html. Hangers symbolize illegal abortion;

Some alien filed a report to MUFON, claiming to be a body-snatching ET stranded on Earth. These aliens were forced to leave their planet due to disaster to seek refuge on Earth. The being introduced itself to MUFON as Mogay from Matif. They are in the form of electromagnetic waves and use replaceable bodies to work, now they are forced to use human bodies. A celestial body knocked out of its orbit, hit the Matif and made most of their equipment dysfuntional. The being said: "We're extraterrestrial beings without enough protection on the Earth... I hope to get help from this platform." http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/642184/First-contact-Stranded-alien-being-pleads-with-UFO-investigators-for-help. And Channelled Interview with this Stranded Alien; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiXgEXv9KtI 

Coming False Flag Events?; Awareness did suggest that an alien invasions might happen on the 15th of March and included in this was the aproach of Planet Niburu and Second Messiah, but this was stopped. The-powers-that-were plan with the Anunnaki, Orion and the Reptilian races, was to convince humanity to become followers of their Messiah. The benevolents have halted Nibiru in its tracks. Alex Collier has recently exposed the footage of explosion that occurred in front of Niburu. 

Astronomers and amateurs are able to see this planet now and have recently identified it as the ninth planet. Nibiru suppose to come close to Earth, and create tremendous destruction. Niburu will be released after one, two years, but then there is no harm to planet Earth or the inhabitants. 

Around 15th of March Spring Equinox, the Fall Equinox and the Lunar Eclipse will trigger intense energies, that could be used both for good or ill. The PTWere have still several other plans to carry out false flag events. The leaders may speak up that a unified force is needed against a common enemy, but this is just their agenda. 

This time brings also a great opportunity to grow individually. Unfortunately it is also a time where one can be drawn deep into the deception and con. This critical period will last over the next several months. Rainbow phoenix; http://rainbowphoenixcom.ipage.com/blog.html 

Simon Parkes, Win Keech, Jim Nichols, Alex Collier & Tolec; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSvYbVIjz5I&feature=youtu.be. Alien visitors 2017 & 2018 – Human awakening by Abbey Normal.

The recently called media attention to the discovery of what is being called Planet 9 (http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr/issue487.htm) is a gradual announcement process. Since the ZetaTalk saga began 20 years ago, the cover-up over the existence of Nibiru, has moved from a denial that planets can roam far from their suns, or that denial that the mythical Nibiru exists...to admission.

Ivan Teller channeling ETs: In Russia much going on, targeted, terrorists, expect movement in Russia. There are many open minded, and some try to take them down, but can't. Mother Theresa admits she rather helped only Catholics due to narrow mindedness and was against abortion, but she has now realised her mistakes. 

Alex Jones is on the right track, but he is not saying everything what he should. He is aware of alien connection, afraid of it. He knows he is protected, but he gets lost, paranoid. He has been in reptilian facilities... in public he feels he has to rage. He tries to wake up human race. He is good person. Psychic Focus said recently Alex Jones is compromised, so you decide for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvEuy8PMBxM.

David Wilcock and Corey Goode are repeating nowadays just the old stories mostly, but let's see a bit. David; Mars was a watery planet that was actually a captured moon around Super Earth (which exploded and smakller earth was left). Cosmic Disclosure: Who Built the Moon?
David; The technically advanced race that was on the Super Earth, their height was 70 feet. They were playing around with transhumanism, which is the idea of integrating their giant human form – into some kind of computer. Also the space program insider, Jacob, validitated that they developed some type of Internet, Wi-Fi-type of method of communication, microfluctuations with light on their faces. 
Corey: They would have micro-facial auric light show. Some communicate telepathically and have auric play of light as well.

David: they had a baseball size technology to build bases inside moons and they could send this ball into the past, and it would build out with little nanite robots. And they would then send it to the right time so that the base would be ready when they wanted it in their time.
One of sources say that moon was a hollowed-out. Jacob said, that these elites on the Super Earth portalled moon in, and then they portalled themselves into the moon before the Super Earth blew up. And they programmed the moon orbit around the Earth to make the Earth into a much more habitable place to live. Cosmic Disclosure”.... and Government Troll Data Center

Rockefellers and other groups are getting out of energy commodities, oil and coal. Maybe they know that some new energy technologies are about to unroll. Recently they cut a deal that holds off any economic collapse until some disclosure announcement is made.

Corey; No flat earth, but you have get to about 160,000 feet . . . pretty far up to start really to see the curvature of the Earth. http://spherebeingalliance.com/blog/transcript-of-fade-to-black-ep-428-corey-goode-the-breakaway-civilizations.html

David; my number was literally blocked from making a call to Hoagland phone. A close friend of mine was hit with all sorts of unexpected disasters. Almost all of the money was removed from my bank account by hacker kids. I get fraud attempts at least once a month and have to get new card numbers every 2-3 months. Twice in one day, a military helicopter flew over Corey's house and the perpetrators flooded his phone with distractions to try to prevent him from filming the incident. Recent Cosmic Disclosure episode

Update from David; The Panama Papers are not what they appear to be. "A quarter of Iceland's cabinet members held offshore companies - even the current prime minister. Gunnlaugsson was the most effective enemy (to defeat the mega-banks etc) of the Cabal in the visible media world. According to popular site Digg.com Putin is the other. So who is behind the shoot-down of Gunnlaugsson and the targeting of Putin? Panama Papers are funded by Soros, Rockefeller fund, Ford Foundation, Goldman Sacks...

The Alliance have a massive series of "data dumps" ready to go. The "Panama Papers" are a very obvious attempt for elites to slam the Alliance with at least some of the damaging intel in the full disclosure data dumps. We are probably just now seeing the very beginning of a bare-knuckle "Disclosure War" that could get really violent. The "leaking" of the personal data of 50 million Turks. The hack appears to have come out of Iceland! http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1198-panama-ascension

Mr. Keshe declared a change point for humanity and new technologies that everyone can use to free themselves from pharmaceuticals - how to easily purify contaminated water, how to neutralize viruses and radioactive materials in your body. 
A declaration of an end to all religions. All religions create differences in the human race. Religions are all done! If you stay the same, you are destroying yourself. Better become ONE, here [on Earth] before we go out into space.
Fighting [wars] is financed by the Christians and supported by the Jews. We are finished with state of Israel. We claim, that we (Keshe fans) are the messiah and return of Christ, Allah. The state of Palestine does not exist. Now, millions support Keshe foundation.

We need to refocus to give/use energies and monies to develop new technologies of peace that are going to help everyone. We can take our families with us into space. Our future is bright.  
Using only the copper oxide GANS directly into the water and letting the mixture sit and settle for a period of time, it neutralizes the pollutants and clears up the brownish water in Africa. Car exhaust pipe can run directly into the liquid CO2 GANS. 

The mice that were infected with influenza and drinking radioactive water were treated with CO2 GANS and all lived. GMO seeds can be returned to original by Gans, and without herbicides and pesticides can get multiple times harvest; https://www.youtube.com/c/KeshefoundationOrg/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTGbId—LJE. and  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TrkMcTU--g

Fulford; Hillary Clinton's email proves; sacrificing chicken to Molok; https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/14333. Merkel taking selfie in Bryssel airport in front of terrorists; http://sputniknews.com/europe/20160326/1037012661/merkel-selfie-bomber.html. Mossad was in charge of security. US canditate Cruz, no desire to copulate with Trump, so he copulates with rats.

Khazarian Mafia is looking for trigger like WW3 in order to stop US economic collapse. Khazarians now under attack in Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, US, Japan. No US government officials met with NATO ally Turkey’s Erdogan, while he visited the US. http://www.veteranstoday...egypt-asks-israel-to-keep-turkey-away-from-gaza/. Gnostic illuminati warning...

Dunford told Silicon Valley is under White Hats. So the chips that are put on all computers for spying our data will be stopped. Vote rigging in US is no more possible, so Hilary is loosing. Pope Francis is planning to make a major announcement, possibly in May, and then retire. http://benjaminfulford.net 
(Remember Fulford was the only one who knew when the previous pope retired.) 
Jimstone proves vote rigging; And The New York Times has turned election theft into an April fool's joke. 
The prime minister of Iceland resigned on Tuesday after an enormous leak of documents from a secretive Panamanian law firm about offshore tax shelters, confirmed by RUV. Nazi-reptilian connection; https://youtu.be/Ve3W35RjNGo
SOZT; The Panama Papers have been in the hands of the media for over a year, so why the media focus now? Why did 100 media partners agree to WAIT? Now UK papers rush to make Putin as the headline. In fact, it is not Putin, Russia nor China...The documents show 12 current or former heads of state and 61 people linked to world leaders in the data. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-35918844

Dutchsinse Facebook page restored, but he lost 80,000+ subscribers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xjAqUIYDMU; pril 5, 2016 : Los Angeles was struck by an earthquake. His earlier earthquake forecast specifically mentioned the pumping operations in Los Angeles as a place to watch for quake to strike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zLuxw5Rsjg
Business on refugees. First Turkey and Greece/EU trade refugees, now the Maltan opposition leader claim that Malta and Italy cut a secret deal, according which Malta would surrender oil exploration rights, while Italy would return the favor by picking up Malta’s migrant rescues at sea.

Sarkar; Mars also came out of this Earth, but it did not move around the Earth as its satellite. And that is why a name for Mars is Kuja. Ku means earth and Kuja means born out of ku.

It was the opinion of ancient astrologers that the moon was formed, when a certain portion of the earth broke away and went into orbit around it. There was a great pit left on earth, and that pit was the Pacific Ocean. The old Sanskrit name for the Pacific Ocean was kssiirodarnava. Thus we even find it in the ancient moon's worship; The divine, snow-coloured conch born of the (ksiirodarnava) Pacific Ocean. I salute the moon with devotion, the one who adorns the crown of Shiva. 

People must remain aloof from dogmatic religious ideas. Some people – after sighting the moon, start their religious penance. But what will happen to those who will live on the moon itself?

When going to the moon or Mars, people should be sufficiently cautious. The body and mind should be properly adjusted. This is called environmental adjustment. Asanas, pranayama [yogic postures and breathing], etc., help us in this adjustment.

Didi Annapurna