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ET Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

ETs say that humans have free will and nobody knows what they are going to do next, but ETs can predict probabilities better than humans themselves. Sometimes it seems though they predict only for the reason that we could avoid some possible negative outcome, or that we could call in a positive timeline. In any case use your own discernment as also some channelers skills might not be enough developed to forward accurate ET messages.

Men in Black (ET) predictions for 2017; AI (artificial intelligence) is going to increase to your benefit, will make you lazier. Bumpy economics next year, but no economic crash. Pleiadians are allowed to influence humans, but you will see them only, when you learn to love each other. The more you connect to ETs, the more quickly disclosure will happen. Spiritual guides will help your awakening. Sceptics have to eat their own a…s. You will become more happy and less angry. You are excellent…other worlds they don’t need to go through all this s..t – screwed up, sprayed by chemtrails, on and on…due to that – and reptilian influence – stress level is high. Ivan Teller,

Kryon ET – 2015/16/17. Profound changes in main stream news. You push now against energy, family and religion, but during new paradigm you don’t need to push. While you still have tendency to push, if there is resistance stop pushing, and try again different way next week. The door will open as you will get help and succeed. You will gain tolerance, compassion. You may not want to shift – and you have right for that, but why would you do that? You want to see whole message


World Predictions by Brad Johnson; 2017 is year of discussion and changing governments. US and Russia smoothing relations. No any war allowed by ETs, or they will sow up more. ESA declassifying UFO documents. World wide tribunals of shadow elites, datadumps from EU and Asia.
Mass sighting, spring time possibly like fenix lights, by Yahuel ETs. New education and energy solutions esp in India, UK, Holland, Spain, Russia. Fluctuations in global economics, and weather. Haarp expose possible. Sun energy increasing. Better understanding; plasma, consciousness, levitation. Channeling and contacts with ETs increase. Moving to 4 th density. June – July, telepathic broadcasts with ETs. Energetic change 2016-2024,

More from Sirian by Brad for 2016 – 2024. Lies of corrupt leaders can’t anymore hold people. New world currency, but corruption has to be weeded. Vegetarianism increase. Grassroot organizations will change the world. No WWIII, because vibration increased by Russia leadership. Develop yourself in order to overcome the shake up, ETs will help. More

Sirian ETs for 2017 by Ivan Teller; Power shift strugle in USA, opposition disrupting long time. Meditation is becoming a culture and entertainment. Global alliance based on friendship, Russia bringing lots of positive energy on planning globally. Syria no solution any time soon. USA health care reorganisation into better. Earth changes. No global disclosure. Connecting to quides and ETs bring happiness. Much love, be good to yourself! More


2017 is year of scandals, one can’t hide anything. Indigos will end the old paradigm, religions, bad schooling, and Crystal kids will rebuild a new system. Technology development faster than humans can follow. More charity, communities coming together. Guides, angels love you, you are not alone. See more from Cheryl Lynn,

World Revolution 2017. Fall out of old paradigms, including religious and dogmatic beliefs. People will suddenly realize they have destroyed themselves with GMO foods, as rats have tipping point in 3rd generation, can’t reproduce. Humans will learn the power of mind. People are afraid of economic crash, but awakened people are able to change things rapidly. Predictions made on 03/22/15, Media scandals, big lies, world religions credibility greatly reduced. Putin or pope might do disclosure. From Barbara Marciniak, and

From Pleaidian & Reptilian - ET Whisperer. Trump not in the dark old paradigm politics, people had desire for change. Huge shift, world will see that people’s word matter,

Pleiadian council, The New Law of Karma. Much collective karma of humanity will be burned in next few years. This release allows to raise human frequency collectively. Act unitedly. From Micheila Sheldan For the U.S; The change will happen only from bottom up, so it will not matter who is the president, From Wendy Kennedy,

Pleaidian Prophecy to The New Golden Age. Global economic collapse 50 % chance, then stability and equality will be reached between 2024-2028. Robot revolution in 2022 similar than earlier industrial revolution. Peaceful solution to war is to disarm enemy. 2027 no more wars and terrorism. Animals are now more psychic, but human intuition/instinct will increase, then all creatures same level with mother earth. Amazon link:

Pleadians for 2017 by Ivan Teller. Pumpy ride next year. Around June lots of disruptions in Middle-East. ISIS gearing up due to fear of being wiped out. Jerusalem and Jewish cities targeted – Sirians, Reptilians involved and also USA transitioning reason for skirmishes, but not in USA itself, except political system shaking. Peace efforts by Russian alliance, but Russia is forced to participate on military confrontations. No world war, although shadow elites try, nothing to worry.

Shake ups as younger generation taking over Bilderberg etc round table groups. Retailers go to net. More digital money, but no chips, humans are protected. People are tired to chaos, hostilities, so they go into inner healing, awakening, spirituality during 4 years, but some go more down into “black Friday”. ETs are not going to land anytime soon, but spiritual people coming more in contact with ET energies. On video 1.04.50,


11th Dimensional Beings. 2018 new systems implemented on to the human energetic force. 2019 ET&UFO first contact summit, and bureaucrats wrong doings exposed. 2020 everything will be restored. 2021 Massive contact operation, and free energy etc – new ET technology revealed to humanity. From Marina Jacobi,

Alien attack is not possible as it will be stopped in five minutes by good ETs. Different ETs councils will meet earth governments on 21 Dec 2016. Trump is expected to participate, but has fear of aliens. Clinton will be there. Discussion topics: first contact and governments dealing with ETs. Trump had humbling meeting with Obama, heard many frightening things related to presidency. Trump will be nominated the president. When light energy increases on earth the evils can no more control. From Hucolo,

Lyran ET for year 2017; shift to more positivity. Many therapists are becoming aware that some patients has connection to ETs or get healing. Some hostilities by Annunnaki, but nothing to worry about. New technologies will make people depressed (materialism, loosing jobs etc), but due to that many are going into meditation. Connecting to moon and sun energies makes you more universal. AI is nothing to worry about, it will eventually become part of your life. Much protection around you. Positive secret government bringing new ET technologies. Many people worry economics, but economics are becoming better although going up and down. When your society heals, the politicians will also become more positive and friendly. Unexpected surprises in USA also regarding ETs. Ivan Teller,

Arcturian ET predictions for 2017; Economy unstable, but next year this time economics better. People awakening into spiritual, getting to know oneself, see higher vibrations, more joy, less fears. Humans become more conscious of their guides helping them, because of turmoil and depression. Media will take more positive outlook, and also acknowledge ETs, as they see that nobody believes them anymore. Ivan Teller

Trump wants NASA to find aliens, not to spend money to going Mars. Trump to NASA: ‘Stop looking at Mars, I want you to find ALIENS’ and

Darryl Anka; Bashar – World Predictions 2016 – 2017. Global economic collapse will likely began in Greece and China. A new economic system will allow greater abundance for all. Likely new environmental ways of thinking. The Phoenix lights will reappear. Official governmental disclosure of ETs from an unexpected source, (once he said by NASA 98 % probability?). 

Ashtar Command Future Predictions 2017 2018 2019, (notice there are so many fake Ashtars, DA)

Lars “the future ET”. The shift will be completed by 2021. People who have reached fifth dimension can leave body and astral travel. Wars no more as vibration so high, people overwhelmed with love. Those who don’t ascend to 5D, after they die, they move to other 3D planets. Natural reduction of population due to lost interest for reproduction. Hank Jones session.


Trump has previous Playadian and Reptilian life times, and is having both sides; negativity and positivity. He brings people together, but indulge women and riches too. Father helping Trump from other side to change the world. Wars will eventually cease, but some try to bring destruction. EU, Russia and people commonly don’t want war anymore. Many living longer, not knowing what to do with it. Humanity is trying now hard to find oneself, and to be more united, happy. Meditation brings transformation of life – into family and society. Ask assistance from guides, angels. Prime Creator by Ivan Teller, ET channeler,

According Mr. chase, (book of revelation and Nostradamus), the alien attack will be in 2017. Jesus-Led Aliens to Invade Earth on 2017, Conspiracy Theorist …Steven Greer thinks Trump may disclose ETs. You may want to see also Meaning of The Economist 2017 Cover, Web bot, and

Cosmic brotherhood, Ever since the beginning of civilization, human beings have been struggling for unity and expansion. Individualism was prevailing in stone age, but later on human beings formed clans and tribal villages. At present, countries are bonding with each other. Due to technological advancement our search for unity is culminating towards friendship with interplanetary beings, bringing us eventually into the age of cosmic brotherhood. But according to P. R Sarkar our full participation on cosmic brotherhood is not possible until some basic factors are achieved: common philosophy of life, global constitutional structure, common penal code and the fulfillment of basic necessities for all.

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Predictions about the Bright Future of Humanity
Me too, I looked at the Crystal Ball for 2016, otherwise ok, but H Clinton deceived me! Heh heh!
ETs, Animals and Psychics – All predict for 2016

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