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The nuclear war, Iran speculation

Many worries going on about Iran/Israel war: Conflict is seen as inevitable as long as the regime (Iran) pursue their nuclear ambitions,” The Sun, senior Whitehall official. Israel working with Terrorist groups like MEK, which also US politicians support openly. Fulford: Netanyahu had insane plans to work with Mossad to start WWIII. But seems now the Navy seals don´t want war:

DEBKAfile: The White House invited PM Netanyahu for talks with Obama on March 5, topic; No Iran strike? And Obama´s 80 Percent Disarmament of Nuclear Arsenal.; John Kettler, whistlebower: Last Nov Iran delivered 40 ballistic missiles to Venezuela; Bay of Pigs potential to be the start of WWIII…

On Febr 2, Fajr Film Festival in Tehran, President Ahmadinejad inaugurated an international conference, on Hollywoodism; US-Zionist glorify “the Holocaust”. May be one reason for waging war against Iran and the other according; Voice of the White House ( is that Iran has got too sophisticated target system; could hit any building in Israel., then, for Sept 18, 2009:].

Rumors the cabals are meeting for world government agenda in China, while China is having border disputes with India: And there are secret underground bases in China: And; US State Dept Seeks “Special Fund” for Arab Spring. Congress passed bill to make it easier for the gov to fly drones in U.S. Egypt Fight Against NGO Agitators, a real revolution could follow.
Putin plans to increase his arsenal 585 billion € to defend Christians in other countries who are persecuted for their faith?

Magnetometers show HAARP activity, UFOs and strange metal boxes appear and disappear …and tide high, during 6.0 quake - all this going on in Oregon!!! US own UFO landing in airbase: And the astronauts tell about aliens:

Thousands of chaplains refusing: US Senate passed S 1867 to repeal of Article 125, which suppose to make it illegal to engage in sodomy with humans or sex with animals. Shockingly, the Senate voted it down 93-7! Rome military became corrupted with rampant homosexuality and fell off from power. Berlusconi and US Treasury Geithner have been detained for questioning about the high level corruption, both have been very cooperative and have been released since. There have been productive meetings between White Dragon Society and South Korean government officials in Seoul.

So what is that thing, which cause Web bot to title end of the world scenario? It seems to be actually more like `either or not thing´ and transition to new. Also as their predictions are always exaggerated, if at all becoming true. New soviet union; Putin as president, but depends if WWIII? Secrets out by China and Russia ab their high tech weapons. Dec 21 starts the 3,5 years period - the beginning of the end. Antichrist appears 2012, but only later known as such. Pope die and black pope is the last pope. Japan people get sick. Sun spots become stripes. March 2-10 take your breath - never seen before. ETs watching after us, lots crazy stuff in the sky. The Zionists, CIA, banksters cheating, murdering and war: will sink US naval ship, as false flag event. They intend to provoke the US, Russia and China into killing 1 billion people.

Last year Nov Web bot expected huge things to happen, did it? Actually Wilcock wrote about ETs emptying underground bases, stopping warships, nuclear weapon storages etc. It was profound take down of might from OWO. And actually ETs have watched after our nuclear use already for centuries.

Radiation levels on rise: After Fukushima quake the readings were normal, but has increased now. And kids eat the snow: Yearly radiation equals spending over an hour at Chernobyl ! Someone: Radioactive steel can be rendered less contaminated with HydrOx plasma torch processing…simple and inexpensive. Bacterias orbiting high above the Earth found in a British river – a new power source for the world, using microbial fuel cell? www.dailymail.c

Wilcock says; `first everything seem to collapse - and something might also happen - but (whether ETs interfere or not) eventually things will turn into better´…

I am also hearing more stories ab Sarkar saying; the 1962 alignment calamity was avoided because people were praying so much. He wrote in his book also ab it, where he convinces: “The destruction of the earth is still long way off.” He has told many times not to fear the coming crises, but prepare – also to help others and do spiritual practices in order to avoid or lessen the crises.

So we see above that human beings are causing destruction to earth with so many means, chemtrailing, causing earthquakes with Haarp, eating animals into extinction, waging wars, polluting with fossil fuels, burning wood in oven, cutting all trees without planting new, spreading dangerous bacterias purposely etc. Now we have to think are the inventions, even how innocent, to be banned in order to avoid destruction of health, nature or earth - and go back into Stone Age – and should we do something to human beings who are abusing the power, wasting unnecessarily and destroying?

Most of the people are not fighting against their own wasteful habits or the destructive people, but against the innocent inventions. The nuclear energy is the most blackmailed thing, although it has brought tremendous possibilities for development in the earth. I don´t say we should use it carelessly, nor we can play with anti-gravity, or free energy sources - when we get into them. Although they can make the earth like paradise without causing pollution, but they can be probably very dangerous in wrong hands, could imagine star wars etc…

But there is no permanent progress in material level, says Sarkar and what else he says: Within an atomic structure there is a nucleus around which so many electrons are moving in a particular flow. If there is the slightest variation, the balance of the atomic structure is jeopardized, and the equipoise is lost. The fusion and fission of atomic structures releases a tremendous amount of force - for the greater welfare of humanity, we can bring about imbalance in the atomic structure and amass a certain amount of energy thereby.

Some people fear that atom or megaton bombs may one day cause the extinction of the human race…It is human intellect which is responsible for their production.... It may one day invent such weapons which may render ineffective even atom or megaton bombs…

It is a fact that in the past human beings discovered many destructive weapons and those weapons have killed human beings. The operation of many gigantic machines by human beings can kill many lives. This fear of atom bombs is of course there, but that is not the appropriate reply to the question. The reply is that human beings are the creators of atom bombs – the physical strength that a person has is definitely much less than the physical strength or the crude strength that atom bombs have.… (But atom bombs) they do not have the power to destroy the minds of those who created them. The human beings who invented atom bombs will also be able to provide safeguards against them.

But in the future, human beings may manufacture something about which I have already hinted which may possess a mind also, but in that case the mind of that object will be weaker than the mind of its creator, the human being…So there is no reason to be restless and to cry about the impending dangers from atom bombs. There is only one thing for human beings to be afraid of. What is that? Human beings have to be alert against those who are demons in human form, those who posses immense psychic power and yet behave like demons, causing harm to humanity. Collective efforts have to be made to protect humanity from these demons. That is the only fear.

The pitiable destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bears witness to the uncivilized action of the so-called civilized nations. Though they are culturally advanced, they are most backward in civilization. They should sit at the feet of the Indian Adivasis and learn about civilization. Those who possess atom and hydrogen bombs have to be taught the lesson that this universe is for human beings and not for demons...

That is why I say that there is no fault in the development of science. Time is also not to blame. The fault rests with us. Science does not tell us to use nuclear energy in destructive ways. To do so is to use science to establish our animality. Those who have invented destructive weapons with the help of science are not sages.

It is an age of science. Science should be utilized for service and blessedness. There should be rationalization of industry that is; an old machine should be replaced by a new and more scientific one. It is no use continuing with old and worn-out methods such as the carká [spinning wheel] in the age of radioactivity [nuclear energy] and rockets.

You should not be afraid of any power in the universe. Atom bombs are so insignificant…No one really knows how much potentiality this or that object has. One can get an exact idea of the potentiality of something only after a thorough investigation. In this world everything comes to fulfill a historical necessity.

Protoplasmic cells are molecular ones of heterogeneous nature. If the nuclei of protoplasmic cells are split up, they release innumerable times more energy than a nuclear explosion does. Obviously, living bodies, being composed of countless protoplasmic cells, possess huge proportions of energy – something which is beyond ordinary comprehension.

The small system is the atomic system, and bigger than the atomic system is this ethereal system of ours. In the atomic system there is a small nucleus, and electrons are moving round it. And in our ethereal system, the earth is the nucleus and the moon is moving round it.
It is commonly known that seaweed can alleviate the suffering from radiation as well as iodium can help with the thyroid, by inventing why those things help may be could create means to counteract the radiation harm totally, as well more simple preventive measures could be found.

Didi Annapurna

The universe is finite

Sarkar said that the destruction of the earth is still faraway,so these speculations might not lead to the doomsday, but something may happen:

Weathers: Finnish researchers have kept so far saying in every occasion “it is normal” whether it has been increased lightnings, storms or earthquakes etc (except warming), while nothing has been normal for long time already, but still there is no reason for panic and doomsday. Some of the scientist seems to expect Super volcano doomsday this year.
And what is this about NASA finds super volcano under sea: Rumours constantly; New Madrid fault purposely being activated - now with "ShakeOuts" (drills). There was actually one small Quake 12.3 miles from New Madrid, not in any reports. Global earthquake swarm of large proportions!

20 times more earthquakes after March 2011 than in previous 9 years in Fukushima area, AFP. HAARP epicentre in Nashville, caused tornadoes:

Research on geomagnetic reversals at Earth. 5 Ways the World Will Change. Moonquakes on valleys of moon, UK's Register. Wynn: Astronauts who left the magnetic field of the earth, had some kind of spiritual awakening? Where the magnetics are very low, tremendous change appear to occur. Scientists discovered finally, that it actually does exist - dark rift in the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy - a black hole. The Sun and the Earth is in Direct Alignment with the Black Hole in 2012. Scientists speculate magnetic pole shift happening as a result. Merlin magician predicted that the planet’s rotation will "run riot". The Mayan had talking crystal skulls which gave them information. "Talking stones" could mean Quartz (stone) technology in cell phones and computers. Quartz stores information. Quartz crystal technology. Hewlett Packard studied results. And supercomputers; breakthrough in nano-transistors could make computers billion times faster.

Ure:; Web bot predictions and end of the world speculations…Data cap on 2012 to 2013 possibly by solar flares. Could be massive destruction in some parts of US (earthquakes?) and area of Chile-Australia-Japan-Alaska. Europe could change in a blink of eye; Island /Ice Sea and area of Mediterranean Sea. March 2-10 gloom…The 3,5 years period of beginning of the end of the (finite) world starts from Dec 2012. See insider; chemtrails - scary stuff, any truth on it?:

Short cut… Watchman, 18-Feb-2012. From Fema workers: A big quagmire might happen. They've been training for many months on the fault zone of New Madrid. If big earthquake "breaks loose" like they've predicted, it will bring massive casualties to big cities in the Midwest. Natural gas pipelines will rupture causing fires, along with several nuke plants!!! Could bring Marshal Law. Some of the communications and power grid will be down, and the panic will cause widespread looting and disorder. "Vinny5036; of", FEMA Friends Will Be Gone "For Some Time"; URL:

Schedule 2012: May 20 annular solar eclipse. June 6 the second solar transit of Venus of the century. Nov 6, US elections. Nov 13 total solar eclipse and 28 lunar eclipse. Dec Jupiter oppositions. Dec 21 the sun reverse its magnetic poles and end of the 11 year cycle, winter solstice of Northern hemisphere, summer solstice on southern hemisphere. .
Sarkar: According to some persons, this universe is infinite, but this is not true. As this universe also is a created manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness, due to the influence of the static principle of Prakrti it is bound to have a particular shape and form. And since it is under the static principle, it must be under bondage and limitations. Hence the universe is certainly finite, although it is very vast; it is not infinite or ananta.

I have already said that this world is a relative truth: jagadapi satyamápekśikam [“the universe is also truth, but relative”]. The world always undergoes metamorphosis; this is how it maintains its existence – through evolution, through transformation…The Sanskrit word jagat means that which is always moving, always changing. Gam (the root verb) plus kvip (the suffix) [i.e., jagat] means “that whose nature is to move”; sam – sr (the root) + ghaiṋ = saḿsára, or “that which is always changing its position”. Jagat and saḿsára are synonymous. So those who deny the mobility of the world and declare it as false are only practising self-deception.

It is not possible for anyone to remain inert. Take the case of a dead body where neither the mind nor the soul is operating; but as the physical is within this universe, so it too is moving along with this revolving universe…No one in this universe has come to stay. Like the cosmological order itself, all the microcosms will have to move unceasingly, and not only the living world but also all objects and entities, animate and inanimate, will have to move around the nucleus of the cosmological order, for movement is the bounden duty of each and every microcosm.

Likewise the cosmological order has a rotational movement, and it too is neither round nor oval: it also has a particular irregular shape. It is somewhat like the solar system, but very vast in comparison. Whenever there is a nucleus in any structure, two belligerent forces become operative; one is the centrifugal force, and the other is the centripetal force. Similarly in the cosmological system, two mutually contradictory forces are working: one is the vidyá shakti and the other is the avidyá shakti.

The cruder the object, the less its capacity of expansion and vice versa. Thus the degree of expansion and subtlety of liquid is greater than that of solid. The aerial factor is even subtler than liquid. The ethereal factor is the most expansive and subtlest of all the five fundamental factors. That’s why it is not perceptible to the indriyas (sense organ).

Take the case of this planet earth which is composed of the five fundamental factors. The living beings of this earth are presently able to select the path of salvation or liberation. But when, due to the crudifying influence of Saiṋcara, the earth’s environment will become uncongenial for habitation, unit beings will not get any further scope to advance along the path of liberation. Under these circumstances the planet and its atmosphere will gradually get condensed. It will become so small that it will become unrecognizable as a planet. When its internal factor reaches the nadir point of crudity it will appear to be non-existent outwardly. At this stage it will experience jad́asphota causing an immense explosion. That tremendous energy release converts the solid body into the ethereal factor. The celestial bodies of the universe which are unfit for human habitation are all moving through the process of jad́asphota and are hurtling towards a catastrophic explosion. This is the inevitable fate of each and every celestial body. But it is possible to increase longevity of a particular planet with the assistance of a highly powerful celestial body such as a comet or nebula.

If the atmosphere gets too polluted, or if the release of energy from the sun decreases, this world may become unfit for human habitation. But in the universe as a whole there will never be lack of space for human habitation. People of this earth may settle on other planets which may not be included in our present solar system.

The Economic war waging

Vice-president of EU commission Rehn seems to be torturing Hungary because of tiny trading deficit: as a consequence Hungary would loose 495 million EU-support next year, which means 0,5 % of Hungary´s GDP.

Fulford: There will be controlled implosion of the Fed and the EU Central Bank, before a new financial system can go online. Resignation of dozen bankers on $15 tr fraud case in the UK… and $6 tr in Italy. Meeting of White Dragon with dragon family to discuss a meritocratic economic planning agency. (While in China the cabals are meeting for world gov agenda?) According Fulford told ab $6 tr bonds in Nov 2011 - stolen from Japan - on Wilcock blog 12. Dec 2011. Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain not going to pay their debts to banks.

White Hats: We have worked hard to make sure…it would be heard like a shot. Over the next months we will report on the investigations in the UK, EU, Hong Kong… the magnitude of coming events will be catastrophic to the world markets. The $15 Tr stolen from the people of the US by and through the Fed and the Dep of Treasury is deplorable. Right now, they all want to go to their estates in Paraguay. Not this time. They need to be held accountable.

Transcript of Lord James -
White Hats and Ed Falcone have been meeting House of Lords, Lord Blackheath and UK Agencies at the highest levels. The White Hats are using the U.K. arena to commence their work due to the total control of the Dark Cabal...Bushes, Clintons, Obamas etc, including the US Main Stream Media.

Lord James urging the House of Lords to conduct an investigation into a possible bank heist to the tune of US$ 15 Tr. Ben Fulford confirming that a March 31st deadline has been set by the Gnostic Illuminati against the Khazarian Cabal to transfer power over to Prince Harry to effect Global Settlements. 15 tr case is separate from US $16 tr being doled out by Obama adm: “Source linked to the late Marcos” verified to be authentic, and signed by Queen Elizabeth…

Really many bank managers, heads of the different gov officers etc leaving their jobs… either caught in fraud or fearing more clean up times. The war is really going on underground and heads falling, but what will be the new order, new financial system, difficult to know as it is also secretive so far – BRIC countries heading it, with Putin making their coins (acc Wilcock) and Gnostics (who are they by the way) are handling the 300 cabals, marshal artists with fighting spirit etc - lets hope for the best - they are really doing something to make things better… DA.

Fulford blog mentions also Finnish Economist Jukka Davidsson/Stakes: The stock market rise is artificial; the real downfall is just ahead. A plan set for EU: The economic war games will replace the real wars. Democracy will be used to kill the nations. Agenda 21; each citizen is guilty, if not proved innocent. World gov is the goal. Finland was under control of the oligarchs in millennium, whether the economists and politicians knew it or not, believing into NWO. The economic depression was staged - to get Finland into EU and euro. The fair trial was removed. Banks were entitled to transfer any customer to arsenal or force the company in bankruptcy.

But is Finland getting more though now? First Finnish politicians demanded backing of the Greek loans. Finnish mayors of the communities and cities resist the EU Nuts agenda; forced unification of the communities,DA. Ville Iivarinen, money matters:

As Wilcock told there are faked real US bonds, but are these 6 tr faked-real or real-faked bonds - getting confused??? asks; How can $6 trillion in glaringly fake bombs be a "threat to international financial stability?" Bloomberg: Phony U.S. securities, cases previously in 2009: $116 billion in Aug and $134 billion in June. (Reuters): In 2009, Italian police seized $742 billion of fake U.S. bonds. Rocky Montana: Recently in Italy, found a briefcase containing $20 billion in fake bonds.

Ure, The Baltic Dry index is hovering midway between grim and disastrous! Ron Paul continues to tell it like it really is...which ensures he won't make it. Moody's Investor Services putting 100-top tier banks on credit watch could start to trigger a financial avalanche. Obama’s CFR Economic Council Director Calls for Global Tax. Canadian oil to China: While Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Output.

Obama donates 7 oil rich Alaskan islands to Russia: The Department of Interior estimates billions of barrels of oil are at stake. The agreement was negotiated in total secrecy. This is despite the fact the Alaska Legislature has passed opposite resolutions: Joe Miller, former judge, economist, University of Alaska. Miller reports for WorldNetDaily.

Activist Post: The DNSChanger, FBI malware haunt; 3 million computers possibly infected -could leave them without access to the Web. But Krebs on Security, the FBI's DNSChanger Working Group trying to extend the March 8 deadline? Why the US would not apply a rapid fix as suggested by Russian experts - Kremlin puzzled and concerned.

RT, Anonymous attacking: CIA. Boston Police Dep, the FBI, the DOJ, the U.S. Copyright Office and two of Brazil’s largest banks, conference calls between the FBI and Scotland Yard. [via AFP]. NSA Propaganda: Anonymous Cyberattack Will Take Down Power Grid. and; Occupy Greece -style threatening to delete an Inland Revenue debts of Greek citizens. ( Business Insider: confidential 10-page memo distributed to senior officials in Europe. Leaked Memo Blows The Lid Off Of The Entire Greek Bailout. EURUSD: Greek Deal -Same Deal As July 2011.

Rome military became corrupted with rampant homosexuality and fell off from power.
Sarkar: The Christian or Roman civilization was also considerably higher on the ladder of development. Yet they were lacking in social outlook. There were no feelings of fraternity and equality. The slave system was rampant and human feelings were on the wane. Furthermore, the lack of a proper socio-economic theory generated a kind of fascist mentality in them. Those rolling in luxury and adverse to labour became indolent. Naturally they were defeated by a stronger and more strenuous force.

Those who shudder at the sight of various social vices and lament: “Everything is lost; righteousness is gone; morality has vanished” should realize that among all the causes behind this so-called all-round degeneration, the principal one is the social injustice.

The voracious may overeat and be attacked with diseases; the seekers of luxury may overspend on their luxuries and incur debt. That is why it will be easier for an individual to be established in aparigraha (simple lifestyle)…To unify society we must first remove social and economic disparities. In a society where one person wallows in luxury while another gradually starves to death, the bondage of friendship is inconceivable.

This also changes according to time, person and place. For example, one person may easily bear certain physical hardships, while another person under the same circumstances may possibly die. Under these circumstances the latter requires greater comforts of life than the former to remove his or her difficulty and this will not be against aparigraha.

We must not forget even for a single moment, that the entire animate world is a vast joint family. Nature has not assigned any portion of this property to any particular individual. Private ownership has been created by selfish opportunists, as the loopholes in this system provide them with ample scope for self-aggrandizement through exploitation. When the entire wealth of the universe is the common patrimony of all living beings, can the system in which some roll in luxury, while others, deprived of a morsel of food, shrivel up and starve to death bit by bit, be said to have the support of dharma?

In all human actions the tender touch of humanity should be present. Those with the tendency to not deprive others cannot, on the grounds of justice and equity, accept the principle of private ownership… Those who want to promote public welfare without antagonizing capitalism will have to oppose mechanization… With the double increase in the productivity of machines, the working hours of labourers will be reduced by half.

Not always being preoccupied with the problems of acquiring food, clothing, etc., people’s psychic and spiritual potentialities will no longer be wasted. They will be able to devote ample time to such activities as sports, literary pursuits and spiritual practices.

The necessity of the trade union movement, to safeguard the interests of workers, cannot be denied. To guide this movement along the proper path, appropriate steps must be taken… to clearly accept the right of workers to participate in the management of industrial, trade and commercial enterprises… Political leaders with party interests tend to dominate trade unions. Their primary objective is to promote the selfish interests of the party, not the welfare of the workers.

Instead of rectifying themselves, politicians want to accomplish everything through their grandiloquence. By identifying the weaknesses in others and by resorting to bombastic language, they incite one section of people against another so that they can usurp the seat of power and cling to it. Human beings will have to remain vigilant against persons of this type. People should cast their votes for deserving human beings – not for the lamppost holding the party ticket.

The banking system must be vigilant about two important points. First, the intrinsic demonic greed of the banks must not be allowed to jeopardize the life of the common people… Secondly, the banks must not allow unwise administrators or governments to print monetary notes indiscriminately without reserving the proportionate amount of bullion in their treasuries.

The banking system must continue, otherwise the mobility of money will be hindered. If people oppose the banking system because they are guided by selfish whims or any other sentiment, then their economy will stay in the dark ages. The banking system will have to be managed by cooperatives. The central or federal bank will be controlled by the immediate or local government.

The fundamental aim of the banking system is, “Keep money rolling.” Let governments be active. Let people purchase as much rice, pulses, vegetables, oil, salt, sugar, etc., as they can with money. Let money go to the grocers, the sugar cane vendors, the confectioners, the factory workers, the labourers and the weavers. And let the colourful saris of the weavers be purchased and worn by the newly married brides, adding to the beauty and prosperity of society.

Human longings are infinite. If these infinite human longings are allowed to run after objects of worldly enjoyment, conflict among human beings is bound to take place. As material wealth is limited, over-abundance for one leads to crippling scarcity for others. These infinite human longings can be fulfilled only through psychic and spiritual wealth.
Didi Annapurna

tiistai 21. helmikuuta 2012

The Sands of Sarasvati and Civilization

Graham Hancock; It is a well established fact that during the Last Glacial Maxima (ice-age) the seas all over the world have shrunk and the sea level around 18000 years BP was about 130 m below the present day sea level. So, it is logical to look for such submerged civilization near areas surrounding the present day Indian coastal areas. ‘Harappan’ civilization lasted between 5300 and 2800 years BP. The cities had well lined streets, proper drainage, sanitary arrangements and excellent water conveying systems including check dams for storing water. Obviously there was a major missing link between the ancient hunter gatherer group of people and ‘Harappan’ civilization.

Biblical flood to date would have been 15,000 BC. Enoch mentions the earth tilting on its axis (I Enoch LXIV. 1-3) Two of the most surprising (mistranslated) verses in the Old Testament probably concerns Atlantis. Egyptian mythology; Age of the Gods ended around 10,000 BC because of flood. The large statues of ‘deities’ similar themes to India, Egypt and Greece.

Indicators of a catastrophy at Pleistocene 12,000 years ago; ten million frozen mammoths etc animals lay buried along the rivers of northern Siberia, North America, China. 35000 BC; first Cro-Magnon man in W-Africa and W-Europe, called “Paleo-Atlantic”. The last stage 10,000 BC, people migrating from Atlantis? 10,000 BC is also the end of the last Ice Age, with earthquakes, flooding and the poles moving according to geologists.
Sarkar writes between 1964-85: The Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Cambay are all in the Indian Ocean. (Arabian Sea was a land link between the mass that was to become India and the mass that was to become Africa - the translator.)

Rarh and Gondwanaland:
Gondwanaland is the name given by geologists to a super-continent, which existed hundreds of millions, even billions, of years ago. And the very oldest part of that continent that has remained above water came to be called, Ráŕh. When Gondwanaland broke up and gradually metamorphosed into a number of our modern land masses, that ancient land of Ráŕh was to be found within the Indian sub-continent, occupying an area that is now mostly coextensive with the western part of West Bengal. Then came the geological birth of eastern Ráŕh, the appearance of human beings in Ráŕh. (Book: Rahr, The Cradle of Civilization, Sarkar).

The word ráŕh originated in the ancient Austric language and means a land of red (laterite) soil. The northern part of the Arabian Sea did not exist either; what existed was its southern part, which linked the Deccan peninsula with Africa, the Andamans, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. They were linked by [land] that lay sometimes a little above the water level, sometimes a little below.(4) In that world uninhabited by human beings, the Ráŕh of those days was older than any other land. The snow-covered mountains of Ráŕh gave birth to numerous rivers.

The Himalayas were born many crores of years after the birth of Ráŕh. The bed of the sea that was to the east of Ráŕh rose higher and higher thanks to that sand and silt, and many lakhs of years after – formed a vast plain (samatal). The people of western Ráŕh migrated to eastern Ráŕh and set up habitation. They removed the forest cover and dwelt in Samatat-Vaunga-D́abák. Forests appeared on earth…over the hard [e.g., granitic] rock of Ráŕh. This very forest of that time provided vital nectar to Ráŕh as a human habitation...invited rain clouds to Ráŕh.

Human beings appeared on the soil of Ráŕh after the ice age had retreated from its heart. The mammoths had been frozen in ice and fossilized, leaving behind elephants as their descendants. The forest-dwellers of Ráŕh, clad in leaves, bark and animal skins, lived by hunting. Thus Ráŕh became the cradle of civilization. (Sarkar's book Rahr, the cradle of civilization.)

Ráŕh was not only the starting-point of civilization, Ráŕh represented the first-ever steps towards cultural progress. People of many lands started converging on Ráŕh to hear the páincajanya, the clarion call, of humanity, and to join in singing the paean of humanity. This civilization and culture of Ráŕh were not confined to Ráŕh alone – they sailed by sea from its port of Támralipta [modern Tamluk], responding to the call of its far-off nameless and unknown friends. The superiority of Ráŕh did not lie, as a hidden agenda, in the conquest of those lands; it lay in devoting themselves to the service of those new places.

Elsewhere it was extremely cold and full of snowstorms. Rarh had the living touch of warmth so humans came there first. They founded the world’s most ancient civilization and culture, which we can call the original Rarh culture. Burdwan is the most ancient of all towns not only in Ráŕh, but it will not be unjust to assume that Burdwan is the oldest town in the world. Himalayan mountain range was formed as a result of a tremendous earthquake resulting from a volcanic eruption. Many rivers started to flow down the Himalayas.

On that long-ago morning in the remote past the golden light of civilization fell on the bosom of Ráŕh and diffused in all directions, the simple, open faces of the young men of Ráŕh in that bright dawn broke out in smiles; the flower-bedecked hair buns of the young women of Ráŕh tossed to the rhythm of a dance; and the rhythm of that dance spread amid the intoxicating fragrance of the mahul-tree groves…

The civilization of Samatat started about 8,000 years ago. About 700 years ago, during the early part of the Pathan rule, there was a devastating cyclone which submerged Samatat. After some time new grass, shrubs, plants and trees began to grow. The people of Ráŕh went to Samatat with their implements, established settlements, and began farming the vast tracts of uninhabited land. At one time there was one vast expanse of land which stretched from old Gondwanaland to Australia. The original inhabitants of this vast region were the ancient Austrics.

In India and Central Asia people learned the use of the wheel in very ancient times, but no matter how long ago they learned it, they learned it after they learned the use of iron. That is, first they invented the chariot wheel, and then afterwards turned the wheel into a weapon. The boomerang is also a type of discus used by the Maoris of Australia. (Aborigines came from South India to Australia due to Aryan exploitation).

Hence agriculture started, people learnt how to grow straw, and they began to build straw houses on the ground. They were able to travel and settle wherever they chose, and they achieved a measure of stability and security in social life. This development led human beings to contemplate something higher than the physical or psychic spheres, and they began to think about spirituality.

So, we can say that human civilization started about 15,000 years ago, and that the Vedic civilization is the oldest civilization in the world. However, a full-fledged civilization, with the four symbols of advancement – agriculture, the wheel, dress and script – start ed only about 7,000 years ago. Pictorial letters were invented less than 7,000 years ago. People knew how to make steel in the time of the Mahábharata 3,500 years ago.

Hence we find that in the Mahábhárata age,(Ab 4000 years bc…) there was surgery, ayurveda, vaedyaka shástra, viśa cikitsá, and homoeopathy; and people were not unacquainted with mesmeric treatment either. (But after Buddha touching the dead body was considered to be most undesirable. There was simultaneously an invasion from outside India.

Austrics: Austric population were almost equal to the Aryans intellectually, but in the practical and spiritual spheres they gradually lagged behind due to the comparative lack of dynamism of their society. They introduced Chat Puja, the worship of the sun goddess. Gańesha Pújá was also prevalent in the non-Aryan Mayan civilization of America. There was contact between America and India before Columbus’s discovery of America. And the aborigines and Maoris of Australia and New Zealand all belong to the Austric branch.

Beginning of Civilization: From ancient times many groups of people came into existence. Some of them somehow managed to drag on, some became extinct and some continued to exist in a metamorphosed form. A civilization starts in the hill stage, develops in the plain stage, and matures in the delta stage. Rárh was rich in forest resources, and most of its rivers, in those days were full of water all throughout the year

The radiant literature of Ráŕh was born. Kapil wrote in the classical language of that time, Sanskrit. The literature of Ráŕh was handed down verbally, and did not attain the status of book form. The composition of the Rgveda [began] about fifteen thousand years ago: Scripts were totally unknown in those days. It would not be incorrect to say that although the human race came onto the earth about a million years ago, its civilization started only about fifteen thousand years ago.

The Vedic civilization began around fifteen thousand years ago but its written records date back only five thousand years. The Aryans invaded India before Shiva´s time. Prior to the Aryan migration to India, the ideas of the common people were based on the science of Tantra.

The original home of the Aryans was in the northern part of Central Asia. By descent they were a fair, tall and healthy race…But the merciless nature of Central Asia made their lives unbearable: snowstorms diminished the numbers both of their people and of their animals, and there was a chronic shortage of animal fodder. Just to survive, they had to spend almost all their time collecting food. It also led to perpetual inter-group skirmishes and even slaughter. Aryans They believed that the innovative rśis and intellectual munis were not men of ordinary stuff, but superior beings who heard the words of wisdom directly from the mouths of the gods.

The non-Aryans were, on the whole, divided into three populations. Of these, the Negro-Austric Dravidians were the most developed intellectually and spiritually. The proof that the non-Aryans, particularly the Dravidians, were a highly developed community in regard to knowledge, learning, intellect, city and town building, cultivation of science, and social order and discipline, is traceable in every line of the Rámáyańa.

From the non-Aryans the Aryans acquired a well-knit social system, a subtle insight, spiritual philosophy and Tantra sádhaná…individual sádhaná ranked very high. The Austric society was content to practise the extroversial aspects of Tantra (witchcraft, invultuation, magic, magical incantation for evil purposes, hypnotism, etc.) It was the Tantrics, and not the Vedics, who invented script and acoustic science.

Shiva developes and brings a new life for tantra ab 7000 bc: After the Aryan settlement in India a great man was born into the non-Aryan society. He was a great Tantric - a great yogi Shiva. As the result of His Tantra sádhaná He attained extraordinary powers, which He employed for the good of humanity. We can still observe today that Shiva is the god of all, regardless of caste or colour, high or low, learned or ignorant, Brahman or pariah.

Not only in India, but in quite a large part of the world, in every sphere of life, the laws and injunctions of Shiva alone prevailed for a long time. (Sarkar told also that Shiva used to travel with yak. He went also to Alps. The Alps was the place where the seed of life actually came from Mars, said Sarkar).

A major change took place during the days of Lord Shiva (7000 bc) towards the end of the Rk Vedian period (which lasted 10,000 years). Sadashiva wanted to systematise all those expressions of human life – dance, music, medicine, civilization (social life, family), in fact, every aspect of life. Is it not a fact that present intellectual currents originated from the fountain of their wisdom?

Today’s civilization is not a civilization in the true sense of the term. It is this very split personality: the inner personality and the outer personality differ, and that difference is gradually increasing. Such a split personality is rarely found among the rural masses…

The Aryans tried to establish the Vedic religion by destroying the Austric religion. In the Buddhist period, particularly during the reign of King Binbisai of Magadh, Buddhism was imposed upon non-Buddhists. Later, the Hindus forcibly converted Buddhists and Jains to Hinduism.

In Saḿskrta, Sara means “large pond or lake of white effulgence.” The reference to Sarasvatii in the Vedas is the river Sarasvati (Gaunga, Jamuna and Sarasvati): “Oh, mother Sarasvatii, the greatest of all rivers.”

Phallic worship was common in India, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia, and also widely prevalent in Central America. Some think that this phallic worship was brought to America... The worship of Shiva-liunga was introduced about 2500 years ago.The phallus worshippers of Central America belonged to the Mayan civilization; thus America is called Máyádviipa in Sanskrit (Mayan Island).
Here ab possible Lemuria between Australia and India;, also called as Kumari Nadu is the name of a legendary sunken continent mentioned in early Tamil literature and some Sanskrit literature. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Tamil nationalists identify Kumari Kandam with Lemuria, a hypothetical "lost continent". The Tamil literary work Manimekhalai, mentions about multiple Tsunamis in the ancient city of Poompuhar and was swallowed up by the sea. This event is supported by archeological finds of submerged ruins off the coast of modern Poompuhar.[13][14

Atlantis. According the book; Who is afraid of Tantric Guru: Sarkar told 1979, that Old Atlantis is underwater, except some parts of it can be seen in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland. Sarkar advised that there should be cultural, geological, zoological etc surveys around the coast of Iberia - some new clues to be found…but Iberia needs to get economic support for survey. Spain is poor country. For Iberia the past was bright, the present is cloudy and the future will be sunshine. If the EU common market will take place then the Spain and Portugal would benefit.

Anyhow there are many speculations that Atlantis would be somewhere in Indian Ocean. It might be rather Lemuria, but anyhow lets see.

Atlantis in Indian scriptures situated around India, The ancient Sanskrit writings contain several descriptions of Atlantis, and assert that Atlantis was destroyed as the result of a war between the gods and Asuras (Titans). The Vishnu Purana, speaks of "Atala, the White Island". (Wilford, 1808). 
The terms "Atala" and "White Island" are mentioned also by the Bhavishya Purana; Samba made a journey to Saka Dwipa, located "beyond the salt water" looking for the Magas (magicians), worshippers of the Sun. The Mahabharata also refers to "Atala, the White Island", an "island of great splendour." (Santi Parva, Section CCCXXXVII). 
The Santi Parva describes Atala as being inhabited by white men who never have to sleep or eat (Ibid.) Herodotus (450 B.C.) also describes Atlanteans who "never dream and eat no living thing". (History, Book IV). Indian city Tripura, called "the Triple City" was like Atlantis triple city. Hastinapura was called the "City of the Pillars". In the Surya Siddhanta, an ancient Sanskrit text on astronomy, (W. D. Whitney, 1860) mentions an "island" (dwipa), Jambu Dwipa, surrounded by rings of alternating land and water.

Atlantis was destroyed around 9650 BC, according to Plato. Plato described Atlantis as being ruled by ten kings before its demise. The Phoenician Sanchuniathon (1193 BC) calls the same kings "Aleteans", 600 years before Plato.

The Gulf of Cambay in Indian sea - the mysterious Atlantis? At the present in Finnish cinema´s there is science fiction movie: Sands of Sarasvati, (Sarasvatin hiekkaa), which author Risto Isomäki believes ancient Atlantis to be found in Gulf of Gambay.

Laura Mäkelä explains on 2007: On 2001 the Indian National Institute of Ocean Technology, Niot, informed ab their findings by sonars; two big under water cities on the bottom of Gulf of Cambay. When the Niot-team uplifted different artifacts - some of them were 9500 years old, and even 16 800 years old broken clay pots was found. All this was perhaps too much for the global main stream media as they refuse to report.

The sea level rose hundred meters due to melting of the ice cap. The area of Sarasvati river civilization was saved only due to the sake that the Sarasvati river had already dried long ago. This area could be the one Platon wrote down ab 2 500 years ago. According Platon the Atlantis was huge delta-area, where several rivers flowed through – just like in the Gulf of Cambay. Besides Platon described coconuts, canals and elephants. Although Platon heard Atlantis to be on west - west from where? 

Video remote viewing Atlantis; This could also possibly explain why there are two kind of stories ab where Atlantis was. Courtney Brown explains that in time of Atlantis, they made a hole on the other side of planet, near Australia, but it caused effect to other side of world where Atlantis was???   
Didi Annapurna

More Speculations about Lemuria
Was Shri Krishna of Dwarka, Butter Thief and Chari... 

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Interesting times ahead ?

I have forgotten to post this previously on 14.2, so here it comes:

Powerful Energy Release From The Earth’s Core: The Geodynamic Monitoring, GNFE (UK), registered on Nov 15.2011 a powerful energy release…by all ATROPATENA stations: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Indonesia. Atropatena stations record particular three-dimensional gravitational anomalies that occur 3-7 days before strong earthquakes; when the tectonic stresses reach critical point. Now all Atropatena stations registered, almost simultaneously a very powerful gravitational impulse…which led to the conclusion that this might be possible only if the source of the stress waves was in the Earth’s core…a powerful energy burst in the Earth’s interior. This may result in the accelerated movement of lithospheric plates and consequently, strong earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc geological cataclysms. WOSCO International Scientific Information Agency.

Space dust/interstellar cloud that we have entered into and the Superwave interview; Chad Adams: interstellar mass of electromagnetic energy. Susan Rennison "Tuning the Diamonds" on electromagnetism. And Jake Simpson. INTERSTELLAR FLUFFY CLOUD will be streaming out this week. Last week: TIMEWAVE ZERO Before It's News: NASA hiding cloud:

According Web bot predictions Ure is expecting something profound to happen on beg of March, some of his suggestions:(-if not only fearful headlines): An economic collapse, solar CME, like Carrington Event. False flag - war in Syria, Iran. Climate - polar shift. Bird flu, internet off, censored. OR Disclosure of ETs and the Free Energy. The 'white hats' (military patriots) round up the TPTW, (Old World Order). BUT after last report, Clif continued to run the data - and named it: The Last 26 Days of life...???? Ure says hopefully just some (computer/google) code gone wonky!

(But may be web bot just is not able to tune to the subtle spiritual timeline of golden age!!! According the looking glass watchers the other timeline is only gloom and doom, but interestingly, they claim that those both timelines will converge on 2012. Which according them means, that there would be only one future – (the middle path?) even which ever way humanity would try to procede, DA). Web bot hit "ski the 7 hills of Rome" coming true: For the global warming enthusiasts; snowing in Rome and in Algiers in Africa! And the snow cover of Himalayas has not decreased - left scientists stunned: NASA have found a second possibly habitable planet, and named it the “Holy Grail”! In Scorpio Constellation! Yikes–they found my people!

'Old engineer' Coast to Coast AM radio: "anti-gravity is easy. You take two flat cylindrical expensive ($7,000 each) magnets with a hole in each center. Turn them so they repel. 3. Bolt them tight together. 4. Twirl high voltage wires thru the center. 5 pass a high voltage current thru the wire: (I wouldn't try this inside. Someone said he created a hole in his home.) Another: Try monatomic gold, heat gold to 8,000F for 70 seconds, anti-grav effect is pretty damned remarkable. using both pulses magnetics; first with one magnet fixed and operation with one pulsed, and if that works, then to multiple pulsed magnets... London city’s mayor cycling enthusiast, hydrogen fuel taxis(zero emission) for the 2012 Olympics! Mayor Johnson’s fest:

Anonymous reveal: 2005 Haditha Massacre left 24 Iraqi civilians dead (info by leaked phone call). Wuterich got no prison time. Acta: Europe protests over anti-piracy treaty. BBC, Further protests 100 expected to happen in EU. Helsinki 400 people. New protest on 25.2.

NaturalNews: Gates funds the chemtrail research: I.e. Keith owner of Carbon Engineering, in which both Gates and Edwards have stakes – over $10m. Besides Keith receives funding from Bill Gates each year. Apt worked with Keith and Aurora Flight Sciences: drone aircraft technology for the US military. The study of costs of 1m tonnes of sulphate particles. Keith admits: "It's changing as countries like India and China become involved. The era when my voice…was dominant is over. We need a very broad debate."

Rianovosti > After decades of drilling, Russian scientists have managed to reach the mysterious lake, Vostok, sealed for the past 20 million years. It is thought that end of the Second World War, the Nazis moved to the South Pole . In 1943 Karl Dönitz was quoted saying “Germany's submarine fleet is proud that it created an unassailable fortress for the Fuehrer on the other end of the world,” in Antarctica. According to German naval archives, months after Germany surrendered to the Allies in April, 1945, the German submarine U-530 arrived at the South Pole. Crewmembers constructed an ice cave and supposedly stored Hitler’s secret files. Hitler was obsessed with New Swabia name given to the area of Antarctica, which he believed would one day be the world capital of his “master race.” Movie from Finland; Iron Sky. Ab Natzies who escaped to the dark side of the moon after WWII. It is now on Berlinale-moviefestival. And another remarkable movie on cinemas in Finland: The sands of Saraswati ("Sarasvatin hiekkaa" by Risto Isomäki, which also claims that Atlantis was in India coast. According Sarkar; "At one time there was one vast expanse of land which stretched from old Gondwanaland to Australia. The original inhabitants of this vast region were the ancient Austrics". Verbally he mentioned that Atlantis was somewhere there, but it was not that advanced as has been claimed.

UK Daily Mail, Merging human brain with computers. Each experienced what other felt, thought, knew and saw. Star Trek, the Vulcan mind meld. By Professor Jan Morris. And ‘Thought-controlled’ weapons operated by thought control and helmets that stimulate soldier’s brains for more accuracy. Supersoldiers, Project camelot - similar claims??? or
The US National Science Foundation predicted ‘internet- telepathy’ by the 2020s,

Tony Ring, interesting decline in small earthquakes since 2006 - but more big ones. All over earthquakes expected; Yellowstone. Between Baja, Mexico and Washington… Europe; north of the Alps from the Canaries to Poland. Iceland through the sea of Norway. Central and S-America — S-Mexico and Chile/Peru. New Zealand, Indonesia, India to Afghanistan. Philippines — large . U.S. Obama embraced controversial hydraulic fracturing, while Bulgaria's 240 parliamentarians voted to impose an indefinite ban on it. Dutchsinse checks out daily the earthquakes by HAARP:

The Great Central US Shakeout drill being run by FEMA in New Madrid Fault Zone on Febr 7, 2012. The drill is on same day, month, and year and two centuries after 1812 earthquakes - which brought a lot of speculation on forums: And Activist Post: 20,000 troops from eight countries take part in North Carolina and Virginia:

Weekly Fulford: The takedown (of Washington controllers) is proceeding smoothly. Despite widespread pessimism, the cabalists are... approaching truth and reconciliation committee by Panetta, Pentagon etc. Fed needs to be dismantled and the cabalists jailed. One sign of ´dismantling´ was the stoppage of the Fed owned Clearing House Interbank Payments System on Febr 3rd and another sign; the 65% drop in the Baltic Dry Index (the price of shipping) this year, related to growing global boycott of the G5, and refusal of US dollars or Euros for trade.

Fulford suggests US Pentagon, Russian and Chinese Military to form global peace-keeping force. Microsoft (MSFT) and Western media to be fragmented. High-status public arrests imminent. Fulford interview: He thinks Polish leaders might have been killed in order to force Poland to give up the Zloty and financial independence, and join the Euro. Fascist P2 Masonic Lodge and the Khazarian (not Jews), BIS behind it. In order to get Polish into debt and privatize everything. Donald Tusk is a traitor.
He has been previously writing about the bonds that were previously sized in Italy and you might hear more from him soon as there is now new case of: This is very closely related what Wilcock wrote about these bonds, that US made them looking fakes that nobody can ever cash them: This giga-debt disclosure (Fed, G5 bank cartel) will end the management of five major American banks and will be replaced. In London, the rats are fighting; Bumi Resources coup against Rothschild, here. the UK and Indonesia are at opposing ends of the Monaco Colloquium. The Rothschilds control the US Fed cashflows. 30th Jan 2012, $4.7 tr fiat fumes laundered from the Fed …to EU commercial banks.

Illuminati show of Madonna: And Madonna’s Illuminati Worship Ritual Super Bowl show exercise in Illuminati symbolism. Homeland Security’s See Something, Say Something campaign: the hot dog sellers at the Super Bowl were trained by the TSA to spot terrorists. Super bowl event; there is huge interest in the ads, and YouTube.

Gucciardi: According to fluoride expert Jeff Green there can be much more fluoride in non-organic food than fluoridated tap water! “Cryolite is actually sodium aluminum fluoride… effective at killing bugs,” Green says; “when they spray it, it stick on produce.” Agent Orange Maker Monsanto Seeks Return to Vietnam for GMO Crops, And Pharmaceutical waste runoff causing shrimp suicides . First humans, then dogs, now shrimp?

(NaturalNews) Keith Heller, M.D, a surgeon, shocker: "I do not believe that this epidemic of (thyroid cancer) is real. It is due to ultrasound biopsy of thyroid nodules (partly removal) which makes patients cancer-phobic and lifelong dependent on thyroid medication.... In Finland tiny nodules are considered normal. So they get to keep their thyroid glands. Cancer is fungus and it is curable. Rene Caisse, cancer clinic in Ontario, cures "terminal" cancer patients. Sodium_bicarbonate and molasses.

Newsmax Health report: on prayer? Startling, FREE video presentation. Prayer changes your brain, 47 benefits: pain relief, reduced risk of heart attack, lessened depression. . .prevent memory loss, but can also make you sick… Brain Science Behind Prayer! Omega-3 fat (DHA)…easily digested nutrients from seafood into the human diet coincided with the rapid expansion of grey matter in the cerebral cortex -- deficiency may lead to brain degeneration. Journal Nutrients1.

Hoagland:. NASA brought actual samples of the ancient technologies from moon - for highly classified efforts at “back engineering.” 1963, the President Kennedy suddenly issued a public invitation to the Soviets an offer of a “cooperative, joint U.S./USSR lunar expedition.” After two months Kennedy was dead. America’s achievements in space science and rocket engineering done by men with secret pasts - Germans, Egyptians, Englishmen and Americans… the “Magicians”, the “Masons”, the “Nazis”.

Wayne Madsen: In 1965. Obama’s stepfather Soetoro was assisting Suharto and CIA to overthrow President Sukarno in Indonesia. CFR members:

Didi Annapurna

Welfare state with work for all !

No citizen´s salary or social benefits without employment

The Welfare states Finland and Sweden have good social security – or at least used to be. More and more people are not getting any income or even benefits. Often the reason is simply that it is humiliating and complicated to apply benefits. While the economics is heading down more and more people are also just left out by authorities because of reduced funding and tightened system.

Sarkar said that minimum necessities of life should be guaranteed for all, but there should not be benefits for everyone without work. The old people and other incapable to work would have their social security, but he said that purchasing power should be guaranteed for all others through work organized by government.

Now as the science has advanced with big leaps and more and more products are made with less human labour, then naturally it should show up with shorter working time, but that is not the case. Most of the people work 8 hours if not 10 or 12. The working time of individuals should be reduced to 5-6 hours. Even for the reason that people should have more time to develop themselves socially, mentally and especially spiritually. We are approaching the spiritual time, time of arising consciousness; it should show up also in the time we spend for spiritual practises and learning spirituality.

Ancient times human being was struggling with survival - we developed physically: agriculture, wheel etc were invented. Next we had time of psychic and intellectual development; science, religions and art. Now we are on the era of spiritual development. We should tune into that as soon as possible to become divine beings. The psychic and physical evolution will no doubt proceed among spirituality.

By reducing working time, more people could be employed. Although that would cost a bit more to the employers, still the increased production would make it possible and it is not healthy for the bosses to get that much profit and options anyhow as they are getting now. Sarkar also said that there should be some ceiling on salaries and wealth. It is question of willingness to share the wealth and build the systems accordingly.

Why not to give benefits or citizen´s salary to all? People become lazy; they feel internally guilty if they don’t work and participate on building the society with others. Still although feeling guilty many will not take the struggle of work - especially if it is 8 hours. At the same time many who work long hours feel internally angry having to take care of lazy people. As human beings we need rules and regulations and collective decisions. Even at present in Finland while getting benefits, the people don’t seem happy while being unemployed, as well as the employed when commenting about the lazy outcastes.

With this simple way - sharing working time – it would make the working lighter and leave more time for the nearest, family and study, which would make the whole society much happier – and more spiritual. It would also lessen the burden of government and bureaucracy to run the social security system.

Why to live in the past – as physical, psychic or intellectual slaves, when that is not bringing the greatest happiness - nor does it fulfil the dharma of the human being as spiritual being. Now we have possibility for higher development.

Spiritual minded, selfless leaders with moral courage are needed to lead the society, but before we get there, the present leaders should understand the importance to reduce unemployment – at least before bringing Guggenheims etc for the amusement of the wealthy class.

Chavez was badly blamed of feeding his people with oil money - at least he was trying to fulfil the basic task of government – as arranging jobs might not happen that fast, so better first to distribute food and education at least. Since lately I can’t say has he done enough for creating jobs though.

Let’s not also forget that without purchasing power of people the need for production goes down and thus diminishing purchasing power will provide less production. We have seen also that even how much we support rich industry and corporations that will not bring much purchasing power nowadays as when the economy go down they just lay off the workers and profit maximum with those left behind.

Sarkar: No matter how much we deny the existence of the world, we cannot make it non-existent… “The world is a relative truth,” and thus your physical body which exists in this relative world is also a relative truth. To exist in this relative world one requires food, clothing, shelter, education, medical treatment and other necessities of life. One cannot completely ignore these basic necessities. Ironically, those exponents of philosophy who have declared that this world is mere illusion or Máyá….then where is the necessity of all these temples and monasteries?

Special amenities are to be guaranteed to capable people…If the maximum amenities of meritorious people become excessively high, then the minimum requirements of common people should be immediately increased. Thus, both the minimum requirements and the maximum amenities will vary from age to age, and both will be ever increasing. If this were not so, there would be no economic progress in society. Nothing is stationary; everything is moving. So the minimum requirements and special amenities will also undergo changes with the changes in time, space and person

In order that these basic necessities might be provided to all, I was forced to formulate the theory of PROUT under pressure of circumstances. Before everything else, one must first provide physical food to a hungry person.... Yes, we will certainly not provide food to antisocial people who jump from tree to tree like monkeys…

PROUT’s view is that people should be guaranteed the provision of sufficient purchasing power to meet these requirements… in exchange for their work according to their physical, psychic or spiritual capacity. Without fulfilling these basic necessities it will be impossible to promote the collective welfare of the human race.

Society had not yet realized the need or significance of beautiful collective living. It was an imperative necessity for people to feel, to realize, that they needed to build a society which guaranteed the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, education and medical treatment to all its members. It was essential for those advancing along the paths of their individual lives to realize that others should have equal opportunities to follow the same broad highway of morality and spirituality in collective life. Otherwise, with the degeneration of the collectivity, the degeneration of the individual is inevitable.

The rule is that if an honest person leading an honest life solves the mundane problems of procuring the basic necessities of life while moving towards the divine goal, he or she will never become downfallen. But all too often people remain enslaved to their stomachs and creature comforts. And if the social order is defective, even good people go astray and meet their demise.

Mass education is one of the basic necessities for the successful and effective running of democracy…People cast their votes at the insistence and inducement of misguided local leaders. To approach a polling booth like a herd of cattle to cast votes in ballot boxes is meaningless. Is this not a farce in the name of democracy? In my opinion, real education means proper, adequate knowledge and the power of understanding. In other words, education should impart an awareness of who I am and what I ought to do.

All natural resources are meant to be used for collective welfare. No one has a monopoly over these resources… I will only say that by dint of intellect you may acquire as much of the boundless wealth in the intellectual or psychic realms as you like. Nobody can object to this. But if the intellect is used to appropriate limited mundane resources…will this not deprive hundreds of thousands of people of their basic necessities?

In the physical sphere, the rights of all should be protected…“I won’t exploit anyone, and I won’t allow others to exploit me.” This is the spirit of proper objective adjustment…To the extent that you keep money idle and valueless, you become responsible for the injustices done to ragged, hungry people… The desire to accumulate money is actually a mental disease.

The availability of the minimum essentials of life plays a vital part not only in achieving a world family but also in the development of the personality… If there is lack of physical necessities... a person’s discrimination is easily disturbed - with a little anger - even an intellectual utters crude words…people become restless, lose their discrimination, and become brutal. It is because of this that communism has tended toward brutality.

This problem should be tackled on a world-wide basis. Every human being must be guaranteed certain minimum requirements….so that human beings may be able to utilize their surplus energy in subtler pursuits – energy which until now has been engaged in procuring the essentials of life.

When the people who are responsible for the fulfilment of mundane needs are not moralists…
Selfish thoughts will certainly hover in their minds, and they will live in constant fear that others might snatch power from their hands or take revenge for their deliberate misdeeds. Thus the materialists will not even be able to fulfil the physical necessities of the people; rather by sowing the seeds of doubt, distrust and violence in people’s minds, they will pollute the earth’s atmosphere and people will suffocate in this poisonous smoke.

Nature has been bountiful to each and every region of the world, and has endowed us with enormous wealth both on and under the surface of the earth. In fact, different areas of the world are full of agricultural, mineral, aquatic, medicinal and forest resources, yet in many economic regions of the world there is utmost poverty, a low standard of living, and cultural and industrial backwardness.
In Proutist system the worker will not search for jobs, rather the jobs will search workers. Everyone would have the minimum necessities and nobody would suffer without food, education and shelter… and that is attainable with very little sacrifice from the minority of rich - and besides even they would be happier!

Didi Annapurna

lauantai 18. helmikuuta 2012

Sarkar, Indira Gandhi and Olof Palme

Prout is opposing communism due to its inhuman suppression of spirituality and the dictatorial authorities fooling the people. Sarkar also predicted how communism will die. When the Proutists covered all the walls over India with slogans against communism and on favor of Prout, Indian government jailed Sarkar with false charges by the demand of Russian intelligence, due to fearing Prout would replace communism. Dec 1971 Sarkar was taken to Patna jail for seven years. 1973 he was given poison by jail authorities. He survived, although almost lost his sight and teeth. He started fasting with curd water and horlicks.

Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the coming prime minister, and three other prominent members of parliament came to visit and requested Sarkar to stop fasting. They also told that the communist intelligence was behind the government decisions, planned in Moscow and executed through Delhi. They gave statement in a press conference: “We requested him to give up his fast, which he declined by saying that he considers his ideals of dharma, morality and humanity more important than his life. These ideals he considers to be the basic principles of democracy.” The Russian intelligence was training police officers to kill Sarkar, but after all he survived miraculously all attempts. Many people self-immolated due to protest for the inhuman and criminal torture of Sarkar. All the members of AM were either put in jail or they went underground for years.

Indira Gandhi´s declared state of emergency after she lost the elections 1975. She even went so far that she banned, together with opposition leaders, members of Aanda Marga and Proutists. But for the Proutists it was not that bad, as most of the opposition leaders who came to power after, came to know Prout and were inspired by it and the sincere spiritual practises of our members. Sarkar also spread his mission throughout the world during his prison years. He never lost his faith to final justice and was sure about winning the case. When they attempted to give him death sentence, he avoided it, due to his wise advices to his lawyer.

DS was also sent by Sarkar abroad. He couldn’t get Indian passport, due to his previous jail time and perhaps partly due to his family background - his relatives being government officials and opposing very much his missionary life. DS had been jailed with false accusations and treated unlawfully in the past. DS applied finally world citizen passport, which some individual in Switzerland was printing. It was totally useless and even considered unlawful document by some countries, but without knowing it he managed, by the grace of his Guru, to travel with it to Taiwan and Laos, where he even got permanent residence, while coming in contact with the son of the president.

Finally DS flew to Sweden where he requested for political asylum. He had written already in Laos a long explanation about the harassment that he and Sarkar had experienced from Indian authorities. He was allowed to enter to Sweden. But he was worried, if he would get political asylum, because India and Sweden had close relationship.

DS contacted many officials to help the Sarkar´s case in India. He collected 10 000 signatures which then required action by the Swedish government. Swedish officers took the matter up in United Nations Human Rights Floor, condemning India government of violating human rights while torturing Mr Sarkar in jail without any relevant reason. The Indian government was unpleasantly surprised. mentions: United States Congress House Committee on International Relations: Human Rights in India: Hearings before the Subcommittee on International Organizations, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1976
Sheppard MC: Report on the trial of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar Ananda Marga leaders in Patna, India THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF prepared for JURISTS THE INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE FOR Geneva and THE RIGHTS OF MAN New York, Montreal, Canada, August 9, 1976.

DS contacted also Prime Minister Olof Palme and requested him to grant asylum for Sarkar in Sweden. Palme gave him letter to be taken to Swedish Immigration department. The immigration officer spoke with DS more than five hours and arranged first asylum for him. Officer also told that if Mr Sarkar would come to Sweden he would be given all respect. The officer left DS the task to arrange Sarkar to Sweden. When DS went next week to get his asylum papers, he was given Swedish passport.

DS got also to see the letter that Indian government had sent to Swedish and other embassies, in which it was claimed that AM was a criminal organization, and they were requesting all countries to ban AM. Anyhow those countries didn’t seem to take it seriously.

Indira Gandhi herself wrote once a letter as an answer for Swedish sister: The declaration of emergency and the people´s spontaneous response to it by showing me discipline had been widely welcomed by India and by people in other parts of the world…For they realize that I have acted not only to save democrazy in India but very existence as a free nation. If this cost me my life, I shall give it cheerfully. Your sincerely Gandhi… This letter clearly shows how serious treat she felt AM and Prout…

Many organizations and lawyers came to support Sarkar´s case with letters to Indian officers. One was Mr William T Wells, the British Queen’s council, former member of Parliament and member of the Magistrates Courts Rules committee. He assisted and attended the court cases of Sarkar. Mr Jaya Prakash Narayan was a famous leader of India and Mr Abdul Bhukhari was a leader of Muslins in India. They were supporting Sarkar and condemned Indira Gandhi. They helped to mobilize the masses against the declaration of emergency in India. Many UK parliament members and US senate members wrote letters demanding release of Sarkar.

Indira Gandhi organized new elections in 1077, but Indian people revolted against her. A new coalition ministry took over. Stuff of many embassies all over the world left their postings as they didn´t want to face the members of AM complaints and protests. New court case was opened and all concocted charges by Gandhi were quashed in 1978. During the time of Sarkar´s imprisonment AM had spread to ab hundred countries! Thousands of his supporters were receiving him out from jail. He said to them and people on audience: “You have heard of the victory of dharma in the past, you are seeing the victory of dharma in the present and you are going to see the victory of dharma in the future also.” (Meaning that the spiritual nature of human being and righteousness is victorious).

While in India the government confiscated all AM properties in 1975 (later opposition leaders claimed back for AM), outside India schools and projects were growing, and there was need to create more volunteer workers; monks and nuns to run the activities. So DS requested that time Sarkar, if he could start a training centre in Sweden for creating dedicated workers for the mission all over the world. Sarkar sent his blessing for the training centre while still in jail. That´s how the Swedish training centre was started, and is still today functioning and creating new volunteer workers for the projects and missionary work.

Today Prout is still waiting the right moment when India and the world are truly ready for Prout, righteousness, spirituality and welfare for all.
PS: I also dedicated my life for the service of humanity in TC, Sweden, Didi Annapurna

keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

Gurukula education, Ramayana and Atlantis

Gurukula used to be the centre for education in India. After Mahabharata time (Chrisna´s time ab 3500 ago) almost all the children from 5-25 were sent to Ashrams for 20 years with Guru - detached from their families. They became spiritual and disciplined. After that they became householders. And after 50 years old they went to forests and caves and dedicated their life totally to spirituality. Spirituality was highly regarded in the society and daily life. Even the thief went to Ashram for prayer before going for stealing.

Interesting story; one man suppose to go for stealing. But first he went to Ashram. He heard there that one should always talk truth. After that someone asked were he was going? He said that he was going for stealing. Nobody believed and when he stole and confessed even then nobody would believe him. Then one day he thought why to steal, as nobody even believes it.

When one and each is engaged constantly with spirituality, then the culture is different. That time people were humble and noble. Everything changed when the Muslims, English and the capitalists destroyed the Indian spiritual culture. British took over Gurukul. Cleverly they changed the education and used it for creating first class civil servants for their own purposes. They educated Indians, but the manners and education was English. When exploitation reached the momentum, as a consequence, there started to be beggars in the streets. In Simla school they educated new rulers for India and later they educated the children of the leaders and rulers. England destroyed also the Chinese culture by giving Opium to them and the rest went during communist rule.

The Muslims didn’t succeed well, because the vitality of Islam is not that strong. Muslim´s identity was weakened and they became similar with Hindus, as if only the Burka makes difference. Today the Indian schooling is defective and makes people materialists and cynical.

We should inspire people each and everyone to become spiritual and radical - then automatically the life and the world will change better. Nobody should be forced to die without food. Not even the worst enemies.

Sarkar used to say: Respect with love the seniors, and love affectionately the juniors.
When communism collapsed, Sarkar said were not ready, but when the collapse will happen next time Prout will take over. But it will not happen before we are ready, and it will happen quickly. (Finland was one country he mentioned Prout will be established first in Europa, Australia being the first country in the world, but we will see). Mainz, Germany 10.2-12.Dada Shubhatmananda´s speech, part of it.

Sarkar ab Gurukul: If human beings think seriously, they can perform small and big tasks unitedly in a beautiful manner…the welfare of a maximum number of persons can be affected…Institutions with 5000 – 500 000 students were called Gurukul.

In later times, when in ancient Greece, the system of Academies progressed, they were upgraded and during the Roman Empire, they were reconstituted as “Universities”. The Universities represented a grand educational scheme. During the tenure of the British Empire, the institution of universities were also initiated in India. We have lost the tradition of over a thousand years.

Sádhu – the detailed meaning is, he who uplifts others in all the strata of life. That is, he who helps others in their physical, psychic and spiritual development is a sádhu. Whoever has got more points than you, more resultant points in favour of merit, is a sádhu for you…Utilize each and every moment of your life in enjoying the company of sádhus.

When the Western system of education was introduced in India, some pandits…refused to send their children to English-medium schools. Did this decision benefit them? Two generations later circumstances compelled them to accept English education, but in the interim their social progress had lagged somewhat behind. In that same period a group of obstinate mullahs issued a fatwa against the English language… (fearing) they would lose their religious identity and become Christians. This attitude of the Muslim vipras had a very harmful effect on Indian Muslims. Later they had to found the Muslim University in Aligarh to repair the damage.

PROUT does not reject the western educational system. But at the same time, the western education system utterly failed to inculcate a sense of morality, reverence and a high standard of behaviour among the students of India during the time of the British Raj.

People in many countries throughout the world are painfully experiencing the detrimental effects of education through the medium of fear…A thirst for knowledge must be awakened, and, to quench that thirst, proper education must be given. Only then will education be worthwhile and develop the body, mind and ideals of the student….Through stories children can easily be taught the history and geography of various countries, and they may also be taught the initial lessons of how to practise universalism in their lives. Children love play and stories almost equally, so in their case the two should be equally utilized… In order to educate young adults, a harmonious blend of idealism and realism is required.

The Rámáyańa has great educative value, yet it is not history or itikathá. Rather, it is a purańá, a myth... The puspak chariot, the imaginary flying vehicle in the Rámáyańa, may mislead someone to believe that during the Rámáyańa period the people of India knew how to manufacture planes. By reading such written records of our ancestors, many people today may misunderstand history and be misled into believing that the unreal is real, and thus indulge in superstition. (I heard also Sarkar has said that the Atlantis people were not that advanced, as it is claimed nowadays, and that they used to live somewhere between India and Australia, where there was land mass, the other people claim he said that Sarkar told Old Atlantis is now underwater, except some parts of it in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland. There should be surveys around the coast of Iberia, some new clues to be found…)

Song No. 5018, composed by Shrii P.R. Sarkar on 20th Oct. 1990 at 11 p.m. This was his last song, in last day of his life: We will establish the Gurukul. We will dye each and every bud with the light of knowledge. No one will stay away. We will bind everybody with the thread of love and create a garland of incomparable beauty. No one will stay behind; none will be thrown at the bottom. All will exist with kith and kin with their minds full of sweetness and tenderness for all.
Didi Annapurna