keskiviikko 1. helmikuuta 2012

A bit news or gossips and speculations

Because The Baltic dry index (the shippings of goods) is collapsing, many think that huge downturn in economics is expected couple of months later. But Chair of Fed might explain it away while planning to have many lectures in March! Credit exposure from derivatives increased sharply in the Quarter 3. The Economic Collapse page asks: Did you know that the US federal government is giving out free cell phones and calling minutes to welfare recipients? Poland still selling raw milk:

Sleep researcher: Sleepless people were apparently awake psychologically but clearly asleep physiologically. The research on people on mushrooms etc drugs; their brain activity is slowed
down while they see visions, hallucinations etc (and not functioning faster as believed before).

AFP: Kind of good news; A 16 kilo cocaine that Mexican gangs lost was found in the UN quarters. Delivered by accident, though had the UN symbol printed on them! Judge Has Ruled, Obama Off Ballot In Georgia! Obama will get ZERO vote from Georgia...

In Hungary 1956 there was intellectual´s revolution against Russian rule with slogan 'no communism, no capitalism! They failed, as since then mostly the local ex-communists and foreign capitalists took over, while moral people fell into apathy. Resent efforts show some possibility for better while government reformed the legal system and constitution which say; “we have an eminent need of spiritual and intellectual renewal”: There are efforts: to withstand the dictates of the global financial oligarchy and IMF concerning loans; To promote local food production (PM Orbán; the era of consumerism has ended). The health and social care and education were reformed into more humanitarian. But the EU and the US are throwing mud on Hungarian government: Petition: .

Russia-China new world order, the leaders of two of the world's biggest and fastest-growing emerging economies meet in Moscow, political analysts predict the strategic co-operation between the two nations could shift the balance of power in the world. US are jealous of Russian-Chinese ties – political analyst. Russia, India and China are getting closer and closer, and now South Africa is part of BRIC. See also;

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120130 short cut: Why top Fed crime crooks have not been arrested yet, is that the old system needs to be kept going until final preparations for a new system are completed. For example; being negotiated call for US$125,000 to be budgeted for each and every human being on earth. The Pentagon is making similar radical proposals.

Fukushima the latest speculations: The Japanese government feared that millions of people of Tokio might have to be evacuated during the worst nuclear crisis, but kept the scenario secret to avoid panic. But Fulford claims he have measured radiation even close to Fukushima and have found just normal background radiation…There is fear mongering campaign by J. Rockefeller and Peter Kolvenbach. Also he says that Chernobyl is not a nuclear wasteland and unnecessary worrying is far worse for the health than tiny background radiation. White Hats exposed three key names: Rep president candidate; Mitt Romney, Dr. Michael Herzog and Paul Guenette, are challenged to publicly explain why they ruthlessly cheated an American National (Mr. Ed Falcone), While Obama is not allowed to get votes in Georgia and Ron Paul is suppressed by Media, who is going to be the president of US?

Scary talks on Police control and FEMA Camps, the concentration camps, that are said to be existing all over US. I understand this could possibly be true as the former Nazi scientist from Germany were accepted to US and perhaps thought to continue similar way. While social unrest and crises deepen and all prisons are more than full, they might think of needing them also. But I think before some change will happen and nobody is going to die in those camps.

And lots, lots of speculations and news all over the world recently about internet censorship; Portable DNA Sequencer Demonstrated at World Economic Forum. Is this also just fear mongering or is there really going to be “data cap” as Ure in suggests? But reason for that could be also sun flares taking down satellites etc. Also Iran is daily in news; now threatening to answer to Western oil trade ban similar way; by halting some oil exports to EU. And no problem WSJ; the RBank of India to keep buying oil from Iran by gold? (Gold Prices Soar) .Russia; EU ban on Iranian oil is counterproductive.

More from Ure and Cliff, who has made new web bot prediction drive called; Future Recent History 2020. Clif went through March to mid summer crap, to far/distant future. Ure thinks that the Mysterious Cosmic Hum - just the planet moving into new position relative to the sun. (also….Clif don´t believe the March be the "war case", although lots of deaths, people could die also due to flu, financial failure, demarcation line, and food/famine impacts? But Project Camelot and Montauk researchers say there is more than one possible future to choose!!! Someone on sun flare: The black disc drifted below Hawaii (NOAA). Next morning a 5.2 quake struck that place (rare quake for the area).

CNBC. The Pentagon doesn’t still know what happened to $100 million in cash in Irak during the war but also $1.7 billion funds held for Iraq by the New York Fed. writes; according UN Report NATO’s Libya War Armed Al-Qaeda. When Gadhafi opened up his weapon storages it provided huge stocks of heavy weapons to terrorist groups and criminal organizations.

Sumerians are not the beginning of the civilized men, but another cycle of humanity. Original pyramids were made by advanced builders who knew energy, astronomy and construction better than we do. I.e. the properties of the concrete in the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has extreme hardness (up to 133 MPs) and low water absorption (around 1%) - according to the scientific institutions in Bosnia, Italy and France - far superior to modern concrete materials and covered by soil approx 12,000 years old. Also the terrace is 10,350 years old. Team of physicists detected continuous energy beam coming through the top, its strength grows above the pyramid. This “energy machine” is still working. In three chambers the ionization level is 43 times higher than the average outside, making them “healing rooms”. Soviet spacecraft back in the 1980s took pictures on Venus. Well, last week, Russian scientists reported that they have been studying those pictures and have determined that there is life on Venus! UFOs! CNN, YouTube. Russian base on Lake Vostok. According info from South Africa and England, the alignment of planets and stars just prior to the London Olympics of 2012, are almost identical to the alignments just prior to 9-11. Scientists warning; huge quake to Jamaica. In Austria this week, neo-Nazis had a grand gala party on the anniversary of Holocaust. They were dressed in ornate gowns and danced on the graves of victims. Simultaneously, CNN and other news services posted “newly revealed” in color pictures of Hitler!

Algae biofuel is one of the most promising alternative fuels on the market – so far we’ve seen cars and even planes adapted to run on it. According to lead professor Will Zimmerman, at lower costs. NASA “working on producing energy with efficient nuclear power.” NASA Langley Research Center. LENR nuclear device in your home by the end of 2012 to provide all the power of your home, producing no ionizing radiation or waste.

Whistleblower: Monsanto planned to kill off bee colonies in order to introduce a “new and improved” species of bee that will only pollinate Monsanto crops.

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