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The world magnetics

Doomsayers report that the next planet alignment will occur on Dec 21, 2012. There is no such… but astrologers consider anything within 30 degrees an alignment, that’s their alignment for 2012??? Mr Plait at http://www.badastronomy.com/bad/misc/planets.html. (I attended one lecture by Finnish astrologer and he told that he expects the 21.12.2012 to be OK, but couple of weeks before he thinks something to happen. As well some crises on March 2012.)

The Sun contains 99.8% of the mass of the solar system. Even mighty Jupiter, only pulls about 0.01 as hard as the Moon does (tides)because Jupiter is so far… Gravitational effects from the Moon is more than 10 times greater than all the other planets combined! And the magnetic field of the Earth is not dictated by the magnetic field of the Sun, Jupiter, or Saturn, but by the magnetic geodynamo in the Earth’s core.

During the new moon of Febr 4–5, 1962, an extremely rare conjunction of planets, sun and moon occurred within 16° on the ecliptic including total solar eclipse. By Lerner; Planet Earth magazine; Near the end of 1961, some astrologers in India began predicting "the end of the world". They pointed to a rare conjunction of 7 solar systemic bodies in Aquarius that would occur Feb. 3-5, 1962. Well, the world did not end… but political, social, religious, economic, scientific, cultural and educational changes and revolutions staggered our planet. Science: http://www.ehow.com/about_6301105_planetary-alignment-history.html#ixzz1kwP8JXsp.

Sarkar´s disciple tells in his book: Year 1962 all 8 planets of this solar system suppose to align. Astrologers predicted that the effect of the gravitational pull would have terrible effect on earth. In India this received wide publicity. Many people were afraid of possible earthquakes happening due to alignment. Many slept outside and performed rituals hoping to prevent the calamity.

Sarkar brought up the issue of alignment and explained that amongst the eight planets Jupiter has the most powerful effect. He pointed out, that Jupiter´s bottom was slightly above the planetary line. Its powerful pull was attracting the other planets out of the line. So no harm would happen to the earth. He concluded that students should inform the public; tell not to worry and those spending money for rituals could instead feed the poor. His students made leaflets and distributed locally and some newspapers published Sarkar´s optimistic prediction. When nothing happened in the earth, many people came to express their thanks to Sarkar. (Though Sarkar has advised to do fasting on certain days every month to prevent the negative impact of gravitational pull of the moon, which creates tidal waves, and as human body is mostly water, it would pack upwards to brain, so it would affect not only body but mind too.)

What ab some kind of alignment of Dec 21 2012? (If we call it some kind of alignment on 2012). Will Jupiter attract now also other planets (and the moon) stronger than they would the earth??? Thus Jupiter lessening other planets gravitation on earth?

Lets still once see what Sarkar said in his article of effects of celestial bodies on earth, see previous Microvita discourse: When there is the sudden appearance of powerful celestial bodies (meteors, comets etc) or a sudden change in their angle of rotation, their gravitational pull may disturb the seasons and the natural order of creation (on earth). He takes as example that clouds may not be formed. He says this is because a huge number of positive or negative microvita which also affect human mind…. He also tells that human beings attract either positive or negative microvita - so depends also of our thinking what kind of things we draw upon our planet… So no panic, but to be aware, and to do service.

Dutchsinse; While magnetic North Pole is moving towards Siberia, also the latitudes are moving (with huge currents, storms), so that warmer latitudes are taking over N-America (i.e N-California weather towards New York, with storms). Eventually Siberia will be the center of a NEW arctic circle and the rest of the planet will adjust: More tropical in the summer time in North-US. What about N-EU? Finnish scientist also told that the warm currencies (from Pacific?) are blowing to North Pole area, which is one reason why it is warming up. He said they don´t know why blowing. So is the warm flow coming even beforehand with the movement of Magnetic N-Pole to the actual N-Pole?

http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/1112012-north-pole-shifts-towards-siberia-warmer-latitudes-have-shifted-nw/. “Warm / mild winter” in the US. Reports of the magnetic “pole shift” towards Siberia accelerating: http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/182012-german-swarm-satellites-to-study-pole-shift-launching-early-2012/. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSBfxx_q63k.

This would mean by the way; more, clatrates breaking up, and sea risings on the coasts of Northern Hemisphere etc. And what is happening to the South-Magnetic-Pole? And the next scientist expect cooling: Dr Abdussamatov;"The sun dictates the Climate", so climate change natural. It is the two century grand solar cycle that plays a dominating role in the solar physics. Sunspot activity predicts future climate variation. Earth is heading for a cooling similar to the Maunder Minimum of 1645-1715 – this time to the end of the 21st century and will be more devastating than a global warming. http://earth.com/mars-melts-with-earth/. http://www.iceagenow.com/New_Little_Ice_Age_to_Begin_in_2014.htm.

Dutchsinse and US Today: new planting quidelines due to warming up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNotXysihuc

So one says the North Magnetic pole movement is bringing warmer weather to North, but the others; that Sun spots and delayed solar cycle are cooling the North??? So warming up first as Sarkar say, and then possibly ending up to some degree of ice age? Also some claims of Gulf stream slowing down? And still more claims: The earth is enlarging, and the other that there is huge energy flow from galactic centre which is heating the poles (while other planets heating up too).

Now Sarkar says: Many problems occur with the disappearance of trees. First, the carbon dioxide content in the air rises as there are fewer plants to absorb the carbon dioxide which is constantly being expired into the atmosphere. This results in changes in the atmosphere and the environment, causing climatic warming. If there is a rise of only a few feet in the level of the oceans, many major cities in the world…could be flooded.

And ab poles shifting; That is why sometimes we see the seasonal orders are not maintaining proper adjustment with the months: this shows that the shifting (magnetic ? poles) is taking place fast. Now as a result of this change, not only the adjustment between the months and the seasons will be lost, but the environmental order as well as the ecological order of the Earth will be disrupted ….And you see as a result of such a change, especially if the change takes place very fast, then another ice-age may occur here on this Earth. Between the pre-condition and post-condition of the ice-age there may be a long gap.

Towsey ab 1988: (commenting on Sarkar´s thoughts of pole shift and year length to change). A change in year length can be accounted only by a shifting of Earth’s orbit closer to or further from the sun. Changes in the seasonal order would require the Earth’s rotation to tilt more or less to elliptic. This would place tremendous stresses on the underlying mantle and the tectonic plates. The law of conservation of rotational momentum would require any change in the Earth’s rotation to be absorbed by some other rotation body. Sarkar: “As a result of this change the magnetic structure of this Earth will change, as a result of which other planets and satellites of the solar system will also undergo certain remarkable metamorphosis”. Sarkar mentioned reasons for possible pole shift; nuclear experiments, angular movement of some object, (near or striking the earth), huge volcanic movement.

By the way, couple of days ago 25.1, Dutchsinse predicted that there will be tornadoes and storms in N-Carolina, South Richmond caused by HAARP!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvAWEeYXoaY.
And you see at least it happened, in this video he shows that those tornado storms really attacked South Richmond area. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_bZJS8-lLQ. Finnish Larsen, Lasse Päiväranta was spying to Stasi, DDR, 1982–89; Eiscat, Norwegian HAARP.

NASA giving very contradictory statements about Magnetic Poles and sun flares, but they are also claiming, that there are even false Nasa pages.

NEO Program Office website: The next solar maximum will occur in the 2012-2014, to be an average solar cycle, no extreme effects. (Lets not forget solar cycle was late at least, thus having more cooling down.)

Doom: The Magnetic Poles shift: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-pole-shift.htm. Changing the orbit of a planet is a tall order. An impact big enough to have even a tiny effect on the Earth's orbit or rotation would almost certainly destroy all life on Earth as well.http://www.uwgb.edu/dutchs/pseudosc/flipaxis.htm.

Apparent Polar Wander; When rocks cool from the molten state, magnetic minerals in them become magnetized by the Earth's magnetic field. The north magnetic pole is now in northern Canada, the southern in Antarctica, the poles appear to have wandered widely across the Earth. The magnetic poles are always close to the geographic poles. The continents, rather than the poles, have wandered, and the accepted term now for the apparent motion of the magnetic poles is "apparent polar wander."

So let’s see what will happen at the end. If you expect doom the gloomy times might come onto you, but if you expect light, the enlightened times may be ahead… independent what the planets might do.

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